No Panty Lines at Sickles High School

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Author Else Waters ( ago)
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Author furiousmat ( ago)
"is it a shadow or is it not a shadow"

I don,t know? when a woman sits on her fucking ass with her two knees
together are you supposed to be able to see her pussy which is supposed to
be UNDER her fucking pelvis?

fucking morons.

Author herpos derpos ( ago)
Oh um...nowhere in the video does it say pantylines aren't allowed at the
school. Nice false advertising but anyways onto my point...

...and this is why people need to stop getting their panties in a bunch
about panty lines.
Yeah it's gonna follow her, dumbass mom, ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU'RE NOW GIVING

Author sweetaaron6969 ( ago)
Went to this school , nothing but hillbillys haha

Author Pork William ( ago)
God Bless all types of panty

Author bobby gray ( ago)
See when I was in high school the gals did there bad but no where as bad as
that girls stupid choice

Author Courtney Harrington ( ago)
i feel bad for the girl and she didnt deserve the humiliation, but in the
same sense, if you know you are not going to wear underwear that day, you
should be aware of what can happen. Shouldn't it dawn on you, "Oh, im
wearing a dress. And i am also not wearing underwear. Maybe i should cross
my legs or be very aware of how i am sitting." i mean, i understand shit
happens sometimes,but shit. Lol.

Author John Robbins ( ago)
Typical Americans, probably sent the kid to school like that so they could
sue! America the suing capital of the Universe!

Author Aaron Lennon ( ago)
Ahhhh dumb bitch.....!!

Author Silentpariah ( ago)
i say that the girls parents should have to pay for the reprinting of all
those yearbooks and their daughter should be sterilized before she spawns

Author 890gg90 ( ago)
they stole it from her at gym!

Author Amy Jo Torbett ( ago)
why the fuck would you wear a dress without underwear.?

Author 86dilley ( ago)
Prostitutes have feelings? Since when?!

Author Carlos Palino ( ago)
Lol I go to this school And she changed schools 

Author LOUIS11233333 ( ago)
I'm amazed this hasn't been leaked onto the internet :-S. She's lucky I
guess that it wasn't worse?

Author verdero13 ( ago)
Umm so why not have your legs closed when taking the pic? Im sure u knew it
was picture day? Umm i cam keep going and going.

Author Leon Kennedy ( ago)
Get thong it show no panty line.

Author culturaldissident ( ago)
the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. modesty is a learned virtue. Mom
is letting her dress like a hussy so the next logical step is lewd dress 

Author Celedorr ( ago)
LOL haha she better charge everyone who looked 

Author Croswell Plantz ( ago)
lmfao too funny get over it it's just a vagina

Author Peter LongJohnson ( ago)
Id fuck her twic

Author Xorro1 ( ago)
Jaja wow!!! Why she worry ? Is she had sex with guys in her school jaja so
they already saw her "private part" so why she worry ?

Author brent eason ( ago)
That was fucking stupid

Author Pedro crooks ( ago)
Stupid bitch didn't wear underwear.... That's her damn fault fuckin puta

Author wagner alberto ferreira alberto ( ago)
Mother n daughter are whores, you can see in the interview both biches in
shorts showing their legs. Obvios they want to attention again. Anymay, I
would like to fuck mother n daughter, make them swallowmy cum n licking
their juice pussies

Author David Palmer ( ago)
Just a thought -- you knew it was picture day! Just be like Paris Hilton
and make a career out of it!

Author gregl268 ( ago)
an episode of 'Leave it to Beaver'?

Author jarvis fields ( ago)
She is hot but that school is sick thats why they call it sickles

Author wagner alberto ferreira alberto ( ago)
i like this girl.

Its noones fault she didnt cross her damn legs, look at both girls on left
and right of her.. Both have legs crossed.. If ur gonna b a slut do it the
right way..

Author jack lee ( ago)
nothing to be ashamed of.we all know what a beaver looks like .the girl or
any woman should know that if they wear a short dress with no panties ,it
will be seen by someone,sooner or later. most want it to be seen ,while
they pretend they dont know.

Author jasonn9000 ( ago)
Yes her crotch is fully viewable on google its no shadow or glipse its a
plain beaver peeking out. But I think its not the schools fault, they cant
recreate or republish that, that girl knows right from wrong she's
responsible for her actions, dress up if you dont want to be exposed plain
and simple.

Author kledder2 (365 years ago)
That fat pig of a mother should have raised her daughter better. What a
slut. serves her right. 

Author calibell101 ( ago)
Everyone knows that when you don't wear underwear, you risk showing your
"goodies" to everyone. She was just asking for it. Plus, that dress looks
loose-fitting. You wouldn't have seen any "panty lines" anyway. She did it
purposely for attention. *rolls eyes* teenagers...

Author rang3r34 (1805 years ago)
Are girls getting DUMBER and more disgusting? Honestly, she probably was
trying to get the attention of some guy by not wearing underwear. Now it's
been exposed (no pun) she has made a LAME excuse and wants to sue!??
Society caters FAR too much to stupid girls and women! Women, you aren't
doing much in the past decades to make us respect you as a gender....

Author IMaDEM0N ( ago)
@SOCCERCHIX99 She probably has a frigid, uptight mother who probably won't
let her buy or wear a thong because it's too whorish or something...& that
kind of parenting's really paid off for her...

Author waretafai ( ago)
@barbarajayne She has no right to sue you fucking cunt. The court would
laugh at her.

Author Alysha Moncada ( ago)
That stinks!!!

Author Adrian Inot ( ago)
In the picture you can hardly tell lol

Author bleeborg ( ago)
and the darwin award goes too her.

Author andysmackdown64 ( ago)
HER DAMN FAULT! what kinda girl besides a WHORE comes to school in a SCURT
and then decides not to wear panties because she's didn't want the lines

Author eX Snow ( ago)
i don't think people realize that I talked with the yearbook staff there
and they zoomed in totally on the picture and it really is just a shadow.
Add in the fact that she was the one who went to the them saying that she
didn't wear panties that day I'd say this is all her fault

Author eX Snow ( ago)
@LetsGoBlue21 there's actually nothing you can see -___-

Author eX Snow ( ago)
@barbarajayne are you dumb?

Author beejay ( ago)
This is horrifying for this poor girl. The moron that compiled the photos
for this yearbook should be horse whipped. This is a 16 year old you
idiots! She didn't know this was showing. I hope she sues the hell out of
that school.

Author ish a ( ago)
It's Rebecca black

Author Hoodywood Records ( ago)
This girl needs to get over her self (really )

Author Paul Smenis ( ago)
it was her damn fault. stupid bitch 

Author leadiceman22 ( ago)
Why not just mark it with a marker, if they don" t they have summerschool

Author MrTrykster ( ago)
probably selling those yearbooks for their weight in gold today :p

Author Felderos ( ago)
Wow. I think women who wear skirts with no underwear are STUPID. I saw a
girl in school TODAY with the smallest miniskirt imaginable on, and with no
underwear. Her ass was in plain view and I even thought to myself
"alright.. you asked for it.. ima follow that ass around with eyes glued."

Author CousinlT ( ago)
LOL. Owned.

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