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  • Road Bike Crashes 2017 & MOTO FAILS - CLOSE CALLS
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    CRASH Z750 Motorouf
    00:03 - Motorouf -
    00:30 - Gilberto nino ramirez -
    00:47 - Kowa88 -
    01:16 - Helite Moto -
    01:24 - MiniMike -
    01:50 - TheBlasterMan -
    02:10 - Axel Bike Sensation -
    02:50 - KTM maniac -
    03:17 - KTM maniac -
    03:34 - MotoBraaper -
    03:58 - theYARC -
    04:35 - Maedon Guts -
    05:24 - KTM Laranjinha -
    05:52 - Yzf 881 -
    06:50 - MightyMidget -
    MightyMidget -
    MightyMidget -
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  • Runtime: 10:17
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Comments: 168

  • Dallas Nyberg
    Dallas Nyberg 11 hours ago

    A lot of these crashes are the result of rider steer where you look. If you focus on a crash barrier, then it is highly likely that you will hit it.

  • Tim Leppin
    Tim Leppin 2 days ago

    8:40 i hate the character of this boy with this gay pics and sounds all the time

  • Drifter
    Drifter 3 days ago

    I hope no bikes were seriously injured in making of these videos

  • Down Bike
    Down Bike 3 days ago

    At 5.52 ,wath's music its not in the orriginal video

  • DimeZakon
    DimeZakon 3 days ago

    5:58 song name?

  • Greeni HD
    Greeni HD 3 days ago

    The 3rd clip is AT my City

  • muhammad iqbal
    muhammad iqbal 3 days ago

    what music in 6:00

  • Hacsorce493 A
    Hacsorce493 A 4 days ago

    I like how the first guy was listening to Russ😂😂

  • J. Algara
    J. Algara 4 days ago

    2:22, yeah, yell at the guy in the car for cutting you off when you're doing 4x the speed limit on that road. Most motorcycle riders are a bunch of fucking dipshits.

  • T1 M4R
    T1 M4R 6 days ago

    Bunch of noob drivers and 125cc road warriors wanna be's... guy with the BMW scooter is their king

  • Ray Charles
    Ray Charles 6 days ago


  • Sam Stock
    Sam Stock 7 days ago

    during that first video all I could think was... he's going... hes going... annd he's gone

  • xBeen_ TRILLx
    xBeen_ TRILLx 7 days ago

    8:44 pizza delivery gone wrong

  • R LvL
    R LvL 7 days ago

    3:00 Dumb KTM rider xDDD
    he think he have 350 exc or what? xD

  • R LvL
    R LvL 7 days ago

    1:16 what he continue to push the speed up , and he clearly see he will crash.... WTFFF

  • Nitro192
    Nitro192 7 days ago

    These guys really dont understand the dynamics of motorcycles. If you're heavy into a corner and you throttle it too much or apply too much rear brake, the back wheels will skip or spin and the bike will go sideways. Insane how many riders make the same amateur mistake.

  • El hijo del cochi
    El hijo del cochi 7 days ago

    lmao that ktm maniac is dumb as fuck

  • Terry Winter
    Terry Winter 7 days ago

    Being stupid takes practice

  • Được Nguyễn Phúc

    Stupid biker...

  • Big Trouble
    Big Trouble 7 days ago

    I love seeing dumbasses wrecking specially when they are in the wrong.

  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen 8 days ago

    almost accidents were because of leaning too much and going too fast for the corner =.=

    • Monster Fueled
      Monster Fueled 1 day ago

      and a lot of them were not leaning at all lol

  • kingofpop mj
    kingofpop mj 8 days ago

    I just can't stand the dude starting at 7:20.
    Thinks he owns the road da motherfucker ..

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 8 days ago

    LMAO!!!! learn to drive idiots. I got my helmet and my gear to match my brand new bike that I have not even been on yet. But how hard is to to ride a bike? I'm a damn professional. watch me go ninety miles an hour and give it plenty of gas on a turn. oh! damn I hit a guard rail and compleatly demolished my brand new bike. guess I should have taken driving lessons. DUH!!!!! But I had all my gear. I am a professional. LMAO!!!

  • Abdullah Z
    Abdullah Z 9 days ago

    Some of these people are retards, don't ride a bike if you don't know how to.

  • Mr. GABBI
    Mr. GABBI 9 days ago

    Mdr le gars fait du trail avec des pneus de route

  • Philip Agtuca
    Philip Agtuca 9 days ago


  • Electro Review Pro1

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  • Vance McCarthy
    Vance McCarthy 9 days ago

    The car and trailer had plenty of time if the motor bike had been doing, at most, 60 kmh. At 90, the bike was too far away for the guy to see.

    • Vance McCarthy
      Vance McCarthy 6 days ago

      It is if you can't stop in time.

    • Florian Kuche
      Florian Kuche 7 days ago

      Vance McCarthy 90 kmh is not speeding...

    • 1London Witness
      1London Witness 8 days ago

      Vance McCarthy The speeding motorcyclist will always play the blame game though as we have just seen.

  • tatsuo71
    tatsuo71 9 days ago

    Do they not know to look way past the turn when making a tight turn?  I was taught to not look at the ground when leaning into the turn because you'll go straight down.  I see that the camera is looking straight when it should move when you move your head either left or right to make the turn.  They need to watch some GP racing

  • StsFiveOneLima
    StsFiveOneLima 9 days ago

    They all deserved it. :-) "Watch out for Motorcycles"? No.....control yourselves.

    • StsFiveOneLima
      StsFiveOneLima 8 days ago

      +lee woolley wrong on all counts. Have a nice day.

    • lee woolley
      lee woolley 9 days ago

      StsFiveOneLima fuck off dickhead you obvisouly have never ridden a bike ,have never driven anything in your life because your retarted and dont have the talent

  • TomsFruitStand
    TomsFruitStand 9 days ago

    What can you learn from the first video? Brake before the corner and don't brake mid-corner.

  • Pheland123
    Pheland123 9 days ago

    Think bike, think idiot

  • Ludicrous Phil
    Ludicrous Phil 9 days ago

    Arsewipe crotch rocket jockeys. Killing more every day - I call it culling.

  • AngelEyes
    AngelEyes 9 days ago

    Always good to see some twats lose some fucking skin off their stupid heads.

  • 12DANIEL12 LOL
    12DANIEL12 LOL 9 days ago

    is it me or at 7:06 did he sound like terroriser (Arnold Shwartznegger for u dummys) 👈spelling mistake i know

  • Frank Machado
    Frank Machado 9 days ago

    this generation of rice burners think they are right about everything, go 100mph down the road and someone pulling out is wrong, that is why so many become molding on a car , they don't know how to ride with respect and whats wrong with that is many will die as a result.....

  • Robert Atkin
    Robert Atkin 9 days ago

    Is it just me or does that bike in the thumbnail look like the kind of bikes we'll have in the future ?

  • akbar lala
    akbar lala 9 days ago

    3:43 THUNG LIFE

  • Valdr Skeggjoar
    Valdr Skeggjoar 9 days ago

    1 thing though they need to learn the difference between a Motorcycle, and the rest of those 2 wheeled things they keep calling motorcycles. But oddly enough they resemble the scooter, which is NOT a motorcycle.

  • Scotty Weißmüller

    What the fuck happened to music now a days? Half the time it sound's like a squeegee on a window mixed with old AOL Dial-up (Sorry kid's born from 2005 to now you won't know what I'm talking about.) This whole electronic fairy music isn't music it's just shit with no talent to copy and paste you buy as a pack and then press play and fist pump. If you think Rap is crap, well at least there's skill involved.

  • Derek zarn
    Derek zarn 9 days ago

    Lol at ppl that don't know how to counter steer

  • Roy Rodriguez
    Roy Rodriguez 9 days ago

    love the retards

  • Dany Dan
    Dany Dan 9 days ago

    Dont speed guys,drive safe.

    • Dallas Railfan33
      Dallas Railfan33 9 days ago

      I crashed from speeding on my bike (Kawasaki ninji) I hit  a car then hit a guard rail then smashed into a semi

  • Dank Bleach
    Dank Bleach 10 days ago

    Some of these drivers are so fucking bad

    VIDSBYPB 10 days ago

    2:15 Speedometer shows 93. Text comes up stating 90, while blocking the speedometer. Biker is accelerating. 2:21 A sign appears that shows the speed zone of 70 is ending. i.e. "slow down." Then he gets pissed at the driver for pulling out? You're both at fault, monsieur.

  • Wanderson fagundes
    Wanderson fagundes 10 days ago

    90 km por horas kkkk acho estava muito mais e colocou km para desfarcar

  • XLBattlefield Games
    XLBattlefield Games 10 days ago

    The dude in 3:25 is a fucking retard

  • Enigma
    Enigma 10 days ago

    First crash is most likely panic and target fixation. He barely even turned, he would've been able to make the turn easily if he actually steered his bike.

  • N. I.
    N. I. 10 days ago

    dem trees tho

  • FurrowedSon
    FurrowedSon 10 days ago

    What's with the KTM Duke idiot at 2:49 - 3:32? Feels like that guy should not be allowed near a motorcycle. No control whatsoever.

  • Haitam NinjaMusic
    Haitam NinjaMusic 10 days ago

    Achiviement get: let you GoPro fly above than 8000cm

  • Liam Barrington
    Liam Barrington 10 days ago

    All i see here is mostly people who do not have a clue how to ride.

  • cá rô phi
    cá rô phi 11 days ago

    fa t2 vl thật

  • FanofDocumentaries
    FanofDocumentaries 11 days ago

    Organ Donors.

    • Drifter
      Drifter 2 days ago

      FanofDocumentaries wrong stereotype They accualy are pretty bad messed up and a lot proper crash dont even make to resus Modern organ dooners are mostly from withdraw treatment I know cause I assist on organ harvesting

  • Exposed: Bad Drivers

    I really like the faces in the clips :D

  • A Bunch of Stuff
    A Bunch of Stuff 11 days ago

    What I see here is a bunch of horrible motorbike operators. Riding beyond their ability and the ability of the equipment!

  • Jason Ivie
    Jason Ivie 11 days ago

    Word to all the KtM's

  • tzrmike
    tzrmike 11 days ago

    so where was the video of the thumbnail?

  • Fin Stather
    Fin Stather 11 days ago

    is that the KTM Duke?!

  • rob bob
    rob bob 12 days ago

    People need to learn to lean. You can see they are hitting the corners a bit too fast but still doable. But they start to panic and zone in on the wrong sides of the road. The first crash he didn't even try turn harder or lean he just panicked and drove straight.

  • Barry Thacker
    Barry Thacker 12 days ago

    When you are going really fast and people pull in front of you that is your bad

  • Timothy Horner
    Timothy Horner 12 days ago

    There was only one evil knievl

  • pei polkadotz
    pei polkadotz 12 days ago

    Babi bodoh

  • Ima Eddit that out
    Ima Eddit that out 12 days ago

    most of them derserve it

  • Chris Kill
    Chris Kill 12 days ago

    Learn to fucking bank.

  • Subbie Jon
    Subbie Jon 12 days ago

    that bmw shite thing at 9:00 looks like something you push round a supermarket with the kids in.

  • Subbie Jon
    Subbie Jon 12 days ago

    it amazes me how few riders are wearing any protective gear.  also, most of these crashes were VERY avoidable..  a little skill and experience and get the attitude that "I am the greatest rider that has ever lived" out of your head.

  • lebolyon 69
    lebolyon 69 13 days ago

    2:49 and 3:15 it is the same biker ?cause he 's an autist

  • Nachgeburt
    Nachgeburt 13 days ago

    Pushing the shit just over 10min

  • Vicente Chamberlain
    Vicente Chamberlain 13 days ago

    Motorcycles and memes dont fucking mixxxxxxx and arent ktm, the lame ass off brand ktm bikes?

  • Dr.Don002
    Dr.Don002 13 days ago

    what the actual fuck is that travesty of a vehicle at 9:15??? hahaha that is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. probably best that he crashed it so his mates won't make fun of him anymore for riding that ugly thing

  • Elmer Keith
    Elmer Keith 13 days ago

    I am glad these dickheads wear helmet cams.... makes for some good crash video

  • Minecraft playa 223
    Minecraft playa 223 13 days ago

    I liked because of Russ in the first crash

  • Marque Lethenstrom
    Marque Lethenstrom 13 days ago

    600 cc motors; 20 cc brains.

  • A StandardGuy
    A StandardGuy 13 days ago

    7:20 such a drama queen

  • gaming volex
    gaming volex 13 days ago

    it took you 2 months to upload

  • gizzard stu
    gizzard stu 13 days ago

    These are old videos.

  • John Frost
    John Frost 13 days ago

    Nice bikes,nice gear and zero skill.

  • music is bea
    music is bea 13 days ago

    1:26 <<<------- i had exactly the same today with a scooter😂 i drove 60 km/u and then i drove in a berm flat on my face~~~ fortunately i wore a helmet. But i have a bruised ankle and a broken nose😷

  • Bumblebebop
    Bumblebebop 13 days ago

    side stand - again!

  • marcos 024
    marcos 024 13 days ago

    0:32 viva colombia gonorrea ome gonorrea

  • Showdown
    Showdown 13 days ago

    Don't give a fuck about bikers

  • Duane Farries
    Duane Farries 14 days ago

    Look's like only idiot's ride motorcycles.

  • immanuel legend
    immanuel legend 14 days ago

    1.15 dumbass

    • immanuel legend
      immanuel legend 14 days ago

      Wait a minute...he seems to be the same idiot at 1.26

  • Read This
    Read This 14 days ago


  • ACL9000
    ACL9000 14 days ago

    That first clip just staggers me.

    In the first hour of the MSF class they teach you that if you enter a corner way too early like that it'll spit you out on the far outside and you'll be doomed.

    Preserve your badass Kawasaki by looking through the corner and plotting your path correctly. Riding chickenshit and diving into the other lane because you're scared of turns is only gonna encourage those corners to obliterate you.

    Not that I'm perfect at all.  I've done that exact thing and been lucky enough to avoid an actual crash because I was on a Ninja 250 instead of a Z800 or whatever that guy is riding.

  • Syafri Dr
    Syafri Dr 14 days ago

    what song at 6.00 minute?

    • tzrmike
      tzrmike 11 days ago

      Syafri Dr darude sandstorm

    • luijt112
      luijt112 12 days ago

      Pegboardnerdsxmisterwives - coffins (remix) the darkbees

  • Dominic Mcgaughey
    Dominic Mcgaughey 14 days ago

    He's says watch were your going lol u hitten a 100mph and then speeds up even more so it looks like the driver of the car is in the wrong catch a grip of urself 1day u will wreck and Il be laughen Hard

  • Jakub panasiuk
    Jakub panasiuk 14 days ago

    why are people trying to go off-road with racing bikes.... - _ -

  • Muhd Razin
    Muhd Razin 14 days ago

    what with the annoying song. its so unnecessary.

  • nikos 14
    nikos 14 14 days ago

    my god they dont know how to take a fucking turn

  • nikos 14
    nikos 14 14 days ago

    1:55 it was actually a ninja trick

  • slapamother
    slapamother 14 days ago

    Idiots who can't stay on the road should not be on the road

  • Quick Help!
    Quick Help! 14 days ago

    Well no wonder why motorcycle insurance is so expensive.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 14 days ago

    ahah I hope they all die

  • Kaleo Genda
    Kaleo Genda 14 days ago

    how many KTMs were there!!??

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