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  • Road Bike Crashes 2017 & MOTO FAILS - CLOSE CALLS
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    CRASH Z750 Motorouf
    00:03 - Motorouf -
    00:30 - Gilberto nino ramirez -
    00:47 - Kowa88 -
    01:16 - Helite Moto -
    01:24 - MiniMike -
    01:50 - TheBlasterMan -
    02:10 - Axel Bike Sensation -
    02:50 - KTM maniac -
    03:17 - KTM maniac -
    03:34 - MotoBraaper -
    03:58 - theYARC -
    04:35 - Maedon Guts -
    05:24 - KTM Laranjinha -
    05:52 - Yzf 881 -
    06:50 - MightyMidget -
    MightyMidget -
    MightyMidget -
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  • Runtime: 10:17
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Comments: 228

  • Choice or No Choice

    Let's NOT slow down
    heading into a curve!

  • Jefferson Marchezan

    What is the name of the song that plays in 06:20? Anybody know?

  • Nathan Hansen
    Nathan Hansen 1 day ago

    That was honestly a good move to make on the first clip.

  • jojoyogi
    jojoyogi 1 day ago

    you can turn down the f--king music

  • Blam
    Blam 2 days ago

    9:05 is that a D-wheel?

  • Rasmus Nicolaisen
    Rasmus Nicolaisen 3 days ago

    LOL. If people knew how to counter steer, half of these crashes wouldn't be happening. Don't drive faster than your ability.

    • Rasmus Nicolaisen
      Rasmus Nicolaisen 3 days ago

      At 2:14 he's speeding, and there's even a sign showing, that the intersection is dangerous (due to many prior accidents in that particular intersection). C'mon bro...

  • rick hctep
    rick hctep 4 days ago

    And these people reckon they are safe drivers, what a load of bullshit they talk.

  • Juan Felipe Montoya

    muchos nobatos

  • LipeGamer TGzin
    LipeGamer TGzin 5 days ago

    é Brasil porra

  • antonio vitor vlogs

    Cadê os portugueses nessa porra

  • livetorideridetodie1

    Great compilations video.Thanks for sharing it.

  • livetorideridetodie1

    Great compilations video.Thanks for sharing it.

  • Scott Rock
    Scott Rock 6 days ago

    the soundtrack is shit...

  • Eric M.
    Eric M. 7 days ago

    You are all idiots...I bet you're all British!

  • OG X
    OG X 9 days ago


  • Gamer99
    Gamer99 17 days ago

    5:52 Song please

  • alvaro perez
    alvaro perez 18 days ago

    between nerds, border line and crazy

  • Pist 'n Broke
    Pist 'n Broke 18 days ago

    I laughed at every one of these silly fuckers.

  • Reptiloid Павелитель всеx Земель и Миров


  • Ryan Flood
    Ryan Flood 21 day ago

    That guy with the duke goes off-road then wheelies into the tree. What the flying fuck is he doing ? Lol all the gear and no idea. That other duke rider is just a prick My god some people re stupid

  • Roucoul E
    Roucoul E 23 days ago

    Pute à click

  • centropyges
    centropyges 23 days ago

    2:20 90km/h ? Lol

  • Al Pra
    Al Pra 25 days ago

    that dude on orange KTM sums up my riding experience

  • o3tomas
    o3tomas 25 days ago

    The legend goes - if you get your bike up fast enough, it will be undamaged

  • Skreamer Whunted
    Skreamer Whunted 25 days ago

    à 2:40 le motard est en tord, il roulait BEAUCOUP trop vite (quand le 90km/h apparait, il y est déjà et continue de monter dans les tours, il est au moins à 110) en plus c'était limité à 70 juste avait qu'il arrive donc bon.... un connard qui fait encore passer les motards pour des cinglés bravo

  • WoodFrd Rsv80
    WoodFrd Rsv80 25 days ago

    I've got to say, most of the riders in most of these crash videos seems to have little experience with a mc but yet test boundaries as if they have nothing to lose, all because they have a camera on their head. Admittedly, I have very few miles on a mc compared to the rest that post on these vids but ffs, learn some common sense. I've got a cruiser and have mostly ridden those in my life. That said, with absolutely no instruction, I've managed to keep my bike upright. I don't know if it's just me but it appears that most of these boys likely can't handle a 'cage', if given a Go-Pro. I may have my come-upance (don't give a shit if it's wrong) coming, and if so, I'll eat this crow. Just can't help to see the level of "don't know shit" exhibited in these vids. Recently starter riding again after almost 18 years and still don't have a problem. Get with the program, boys!

  • MrTo YouBoy
    MrTo YouBoy 26 days ago

    no enough injuries these slimball road maggots deserve

    • MrTo YouBoy
      MrTo YouBoy 13 hours ago

      There it is , the americunt macho , fuck off dickhead , I knew it would come out sooner or later.

    • Thirteen Banger
      Thirteen Banger 23 hours ago

      MrTo YouBoy Lmao dude what is wrong with you? Are you a little lonely? Are you sad? Hoping death on others. I hope you're not an American. I like the pajama joke too. Please little kid you couldn't last a single day in my boots. I can show you a life of hurt and pain and death. I wish I could take you down range to the battlefield with me. We could use you at bait and watch an iraqi rape your decapitated corpse. Then you'll get all the pain and death you want. Fucking insect

    • MrTo YouBoy
      MrTo YouBoy 1 day ago

      The video would have been so much better , these scum ride around thinking they own the road and can do no wrong , look at the poofters behavior when someone gets a little close , they act like fuckwits and deserve to go down hard , yet when they whizz by at 100 plus lane splitting its not a problem to them , in and out of traffic , rules don't apply , do what they want , fuckem , I hope to see more of these video's but also I'm hoping for more injuries , the odd death would be good too , maybe use the death one for the thumb nail. is that ok with you now ? PS: I like the matching pijamas you and your boyfriend have in your profile picture Thirteen Banger

    • Thirteen Banger
      Thirteen Banger 1 day ago

      MrTo YouBoy But why do they deserve more severe injuries?

    • MrTo YouBoy
      MrTo YouBoy 1 day ago

      They have done it to themselves

  • Tim Be
    Tim Be 26 days ago

    6:00 3 second rule, if you pick it up fast enough you can still drive it

  • Paintball Hellas
    Paintball Hellas 26 days ago

    how do thes guys crash with no speed and in the straights and then post this shit

  • Azree Ler
    Azree Ler 26 days ago

    Hi everyone. Dont miss it to vote me. Wish me luck and feel free to watch my video. Thanks are lot. 😃

  • jurassiclizzard
    jurassiclizzard 26 days ago

    Those close calls around 7:00 needed way more memes. And what was the old dude riding near the end? Looked like the IT bike from Southpark.

  • Tibcsi0806 hun
    Tibcsi0806 hun 27 days ago

    Why do people think that the duke is a enduro???

  • WWE 3:16 Cena
    WWE 3:16 Cena 27 days ago

    Bunch of fucking retards

  • Fresh Swagniz
    Fresh Swagniz 27 days ago

    The first one smh

  • Hayabusa_J85
    Hayabusa_J85 28 days ago

    I wont put money on most of the people commenting don't ride

  • Darth Banji
    Darth Banji 28 days ago

    2:16 - 90km/h my ass...

  • Archie Beech
    Archie Beech 28 days ago

    proper wankers! all of them! they either don't steer or have shit attitudes or both.

  • butchtropic
    butchtropic 28 days ago

    I think these guys just steal clips from one another, throw in edited crap and call it their own.

  • Thesoulpills
    Thesoulpills 28 days ago

    some of these guys have no business being on a

  • Алексей Павлов

    Я удивлён, что не только в России дороги дырявые.

  • bartek qbica
    bartek qbica 29 days ago

    90% of accidents is motocycle speed foult. Not other drivers

  • Sid Knee
    Sid Knee 29 days ago

    A motorbike with a roof there's a problem right there! and a seat belt tell me I'm dreaming....

  • Thjaffi
    Thjaffi 29 days ago

    Wenn ich diese Idioten sehe, die ohne Sinn und Verstand drauf losbretzeln und sich dann "Motorradfahrer" nennen krieg ich das kotzen.

  • MrAny1ne
    MrAny1ne 29 days ago

    9:43 - Nice car!

  • David
    David 29 days ago

    Damn, I was expecting a Porsche at 4:45... #Yammienoob

  • ceaser born
    ceaser born 1 month ago

    why do this bikers have no brain

  • Honsell Thompson
    Honsell Thompson 1 month ago


  • I am a potato
    I am a potato 1 month ago

    Pls what is the song at 2:50?

  • rocco colombo
    rocco colombo 1 month ago

    the guy at 7:30 on the ktm, has no clue on how to ride a bike, he is a danger for himself and for others.

  • Dallas Nyberg
    Dallas Nyberg 1 month ago

    A lot of these crashes are the result of rider steer where you look. If you focus on a crash barrier, then it is highly likely that you will hit it.

  • Tim Leppin
    Tim Leppin 1 month ago

    8:40 i hate the character of this boy with this gay pics and sounds all the time

  • Dr Zakir Naik
    Dr Zakir Naik 1 month ago

    I hope no bikes were seriously injured in making of these videos

  • Down Bike
    Down Bike 1 month ago

    At 5.52 ,wath's music its not in the orriginal video

  • DimeZakon
    DimeZakon 1 month ago

    5:58 song name?

  • Greeni HD
    Greeni HD 1 month ago

    The 3rd clip is AT my City

  • muhammad iqbal
    muhammad iqbal 1 month ago

    what music in 6:00

  • Hacsorce493 A
    Hacsorce493 A 1 month ago

    I like how the first guy was listening to Russ😂😂

  • J. Algara
    J. Algara 1 month ago

    2:22, yeah, yell at the guy in the car for cutting you off when you're doing 4x the speed limit on that road. Most motorcycle riders are a bunch of fucking dipshits.

  • T1 M4R
    T1 M4R 1 month ago

    Bunch of noob drivers and 125cc road warriors wanna be's... guy with the BMW scooter is their king

  • Ray Charles
    Ray Charles 1 month ago


  • Sam Stock
    Sam Stock 1 month ago

    during that first video all I could think was... he's going... hes going... annd he's gone

  • Official TrillTv
    Official TrillTv 1 month ago

    8:44 pizza delivery gone wrong

  • R LvL
    R LvL 1 month ago

    3:00 Dumb KTM rider xDDD
    he think he have 350 exc or what? xD

  • R LvL
    R LvL 1 month ago

    1:16 what he continue to push the speed up , and he clearly see he will crash.... WTFFF

  • Nitro192
    Nitro192 1 month ago

    These guys really dont understand the dynamics of motorcycles. If you're heavy into a corner and you throttle it too much or apply too much rear brake, the back wheels will skip or spin and the bike will go sideways. Insane how many riders make the same amateur mistake.

  • El hijo del cochi
    El hijo del cochi 1 month ago

    lmao that ktm maniac is dumb as fuck

  • Terry Winter
    Terry Winter 1 month ago

    Being stupid takes practice

  • Được Nguyễn Phúc

    Stupid biker...

  • Big Trouble
    Big Trouble 1 month ago

    I love seeing dumbasses wrecking specially when they are in the wrong.

  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen 1 month ago

    almost accidents were because of leaning too much and going too fast for the corner =.=

    • Monster Fueled
      Monster Fueled 1 month ago

      and a lot of them were not leaning at all lol

  • kingofpop mj
    kingofpop mj 1 month ago

    I just can't stand the dude starting at 7:20.
    Thinks he owns the road da motherfucker ..

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 1 month ago

    LMAO!!!! learn to drive idiots. I got my helmet and my gear to match my brand new bike that I have not even been on yet. But how hard is to to ride a bike? I'm a damn professional. watch me go ninety miles an hour and give it plenty of gas on a turn. oh! damn I hit a guard rail and compleatly demolished my brand new bike. guess I should have taken driving lessons. DUH!!!!! But I had all my gear. I am a professional. LMAO!!!

  • Abdullah Z
    Abdullah Z 1 month ago

    Some of these people are retards, don't ride a bike if you don't know how to.

  • Mr GABBI
    Mr GABBI 1 month ago

    Mdr le gars fait du trail avec des pneus de route

  • Philip Agtuca
    Philip Agtuca 1 month ago


  • Electro Review Pro1
    Electro Review Pro1 1 month ago

    Hi, I'm Jaafar and I'm a designer If you want to design any Stickers for your motorcycle according to your taste for 5$ Send me an email

  • Vance McCarthy
    Vance McCarthy 1 month ago

    The car and trailer had plenty of time if the motor bike had been doing, at most, 60 kmh. At 90, the bike was too far away for the guy to see.

    • Vance McCarthy
      Vance McCarthy 1 month ago

      It is if you can't stop in time.

    • Florian Kuche
      Florian Kuche 1 month ago

      Vance McCarthy 90 kmh is not speeding...

    • 1London Witness
      1London Witness 1 month ago

      Vance McCarthy The speeding motorcyclist will always play the blame game though as we have just seen.

  • tatsuo71
    tatsuo71 1 month ago

    Do they not know to look way past the turn when making a tight turn?  I was taught to not look at the ground when leaning into the turn because you'll go straight down.  I see that the camera is looking straight when it should move when you move your head either left or right to make the turn.  They need to watch some GP racing

  • StsFiveOneLima
    StsFiveOneLima 1 month ago

    They all deserved it. :-) "Watch out for Motorcycles"? No.....control yourselves.

    • StsFiveOneLima
      StsFiveOneLima 1 month ago

      +lee woolley wrong on all counts. Have a nice day.

    • lee woolley
      lee woolley 1 month ago

      StsFiveOneLima fuck off dickhead you obvisouly have never ridden a bike ,have never driven anything in your life because your retarted and dont have the talent

  • TomsFruitStand
    TomsFruitStand 1 month ago

    What can you learn from the first video? Brake before the corner and don't brake mid-corner.

  • Pheland123
    Pheland123 1 month ago

    Think bike, think idiot

  • Ludicrous Phil
    Ludicrous Phil 1 month ago

    Arsewipe crotch rocket jockeys. Killing more every day - I call it culling.

  • AngelEyes
    AngelEyes 1 month ago

    Always good to see some twats lose some fucking skin off their stupid heads.

  • 12DANIEL12 LOL
    12DANIEL12 LOL 1 month ago

    is it me or at 7:06 did he sound like terroriser (Arnold Shwartznegger for u dummys) 👈spelling mistake i know

  • Frank Machado
    Frank Machado 1 month ago

    this generation of rice burners think they are right about everything, go 100mph down the road and someone pulling out is wrong, that is why so many become molding on a car , they don't know how to ride with respect and whats wrong with that is many will die as a result.....

  • Robert Atkin
    Robert Atkin 1 month ago

    Is it just me or does that bike in the thumbnail look like the kind of bikes we'll have in the future ?

  • akbar lala
    akbar lala 1 month ago

    3:43 THUNG LIFE

  • Valdr Skeggjoar
    Valdr Skeggjoar 1 month ago

    1 thing though they need to learn the difference between a Motorcycle, and the rest of those 2 wheeled things they keep calling motorcycles. But oddly enough they resemble the scooter, which is NOT a motorcycle.

  • Scotty Weißmüller
    Scotty Weißmüller 1 month ago

    What the fuck happened to music now a days? Half the time it sound's like a squeegee on a window mixed with old AOL Dial-up (Sorry kid's born from 2005 to now you won't know what I'm talking about.) This whole electronic fairy music isn't music it's just shit with no talent to copy and paste you buy as a pack and then press play and fist pump. If you think Rap is crap, well at least there's skill involved.

  • Derek zarn
    Derek zarn 1 month ago

    Lol at ppl that don't know how to counter steer

  • Roy Rodriguez
    Roy Rodriguez 1 month ago

    love the retards

  • Dan Jugan
    Dan Jugan 1 month ago

    Dont speed guys,drive safe.

    • Dallas Railfan33
      Dallas Railfan33 1 month ago

      I crashed from speeding on my bike (Kawasaki ninji) I hit  a car then hit a guard rail then smashed into a semi

  • Dank Bleach
    Dank Bleach 1 month ago

    Some of these drivers are so fucking bad

    VIDSBYPB 1 month ago

    2:15 Speedometer shows 93. Text comes up stating 90, while blocking the speedometer. Biker is accelerating. 2:21 A sign appears that shows the speed zone of 70 is ending. i.e. "slow down." Then he gets pissed at the driver for pulling out? You're both at fault, monsieur.

  • Wanderson fagundes
    Wanderson fagundes 1 month ago

    90 km por horas kkkk acho estava muito mais e colocou km para desfarcar

  • XLBattlefield Games
    XLBattlefield Games 1 month ago

    The dude in 3:25 is a fucking retard

  • Enigma
    Enigma 1 month ago

    First crash is most likely panic and target fixation. He barely even turned, he would've been able to make the turn easily if he actually steered his bike.

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