Increase speed of intel graphics media accelerator gma 965 , gma 945gm and make it faster

ask questions if u are lost and i'll reply to you
this increase the memory size of gma 965 and make it faster

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UPDATE -- I will be releasing a x3100 tweak utility for people with oem drivers

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Author The Legend 566 (2 months)
No need for the slutty pictures on the desktop

Author costeiiraa (2 months)
who to do this in window xp?

Author RhavoX (4 years)
@pquarme did u read my comment? I said I have tested this with a
benchmarking utility and this utility reported even worse results than in
the default driver case. If u think it improves your gaming experience then
maybe you should lookup "placebo" on wikipedia

Author zynxed (3 years)
@sabbersolo IT'S ME!

Author T.K. Baha (3 years)
can you send a link to all of the pictures? :D

Author Sunrise (2 years)
tits attract me you are smart heh

Author TacticalShinobi (5 years)
O.O what's the name of the first girl thats in the video at 0:01

Author SnakZ (4 years)
when ur done all of this what can u use that will show you just what u did
lol i have look at everything and cant tell what i just did so im not sure
if i did it right or maybe it just dont work for an x4500 / GM45 when i go
to the drive manager and try to load the file i edit it just say that its
already updated i have uninstall the driver only to have windows put its
own in its place (intel 45 driver) that it has pre-save some where so i had
to use the "setup.exe" that came with the driver

Author Linkisss (4 years)
Tell me where to download that pack of wallpapers instead of all that
crappy instructions.

Author proproah (4 years)

Author TheSpanishHamster (3 years)
pause the vid at 0:00

Author melvinhage (4 years)
Nice wallpaper

Author elixidon (3 years)
@pquarme Hey you do you know how to lower grafik accelerator on windows 7?

Author pquarme (4 years)
@RhavoX well it just doesnt work for you and i know wht it means if i play
cod @ 45fps then at 50-60fps after this setting tell me if thats "placebo"

Author TheSpiXeL (4 years)
@M4R10zM0113R Now I'm running windows 7 #LOL

Author DxLak Victor (2 years)
work on intel gma 945?

Author G0thKyd (5 years)
does it work with Intel(R) GMA 950

Author soulprincessjestene (5 years)
does it work for intel atom cpu 330?

Author Charles Barkley Sama (4 years)

Author Johnny Seit (2 years)
can i play games more smoother after that ?????

Author TheFlameEssence (4 years)

Author James Henderson (4 years)
would this work for 4500m :/

Author RhavoX (4 years)
@NDogg15 ok so tell me how increasing the card's memory would improve
things by much in real-world benchmarks while the card does not give any
indication that it actually uses this 'extra' memory. Also its architecture
prevents it from using more memory than specified by intel. Synthetic
benchmark just checks rendering speed. Something should be a little bit
better here if the card is actually faster after doing this trick. But
sadly no difference noted, and asking for proof is pointless.

Author pquarme (5 years)
watch in hd texts become bigger

Author killerstef22 (4 years)
internet explorer, FAIL =)

Author alexda97 (3 years)
you sir are a genius

Author Tamoor Ahmad (2 years)
why did u have bloi pic stupid

Author alex_aaa789 (4 years)
@killerstef22 why cant we use Internet Explorer? Then why there is people

Author Porkchops WithShortTops (1 year)

Author Dottorrent (4 years)
i just did this and now i can run CoD4 on a X4500M easily

Author pquarme (4 years)
@RhavoX ok i'll see if i could get some footage within these week been on
my ps3 alot more but i'll get on and get you some proof

Author alexda97 (3 years)
76,994 views for tits

Author TheLoneGamer (4 years)
hey ah pquarme i cant get my wallpapers to stay on they dissapear after
about 10 mins do you know a solution?

Author Rodgie Cruz (4 years)
who's that girl on the wallpaper the first one wallpaper

Author bradley phan (3 years)
i dont like the wallpaper... it makes u look like a perv :P

Author PrinceOfwarHD (3 years)
cant download from intel can ya give me yours? intel vista im using

Author OriginalFutureChaos (4 years)
you guys should get gma booster

Author sabbersolo (4 years)
Thanks for the tips! BTW who's that first woman on the wallpaper ;)

Author Y0Sergiox95 (3 years)
mami te rre doy! (oh my baby!) 0:00

Author soulprincessjestene (5 years)
my intel is... Intel(R) 82945G Express chipset family would this really
really work?

Author geramaine25 (3 years)
is this a laptop?

Author pquarme (4 years)
@stamosgang ya it does

Author CrossyCriss (4 years)
@supercheeta there the same thing

Author 7en6estu (3 years)
@evilmagic43 are you a girl?

Author UproarEffects (4 years)
is this good or bad for m laptop

Author stamosgang (4 years)
tyvm pquarme

Author eliufive (5 years)
In the configuration file, all my numbers are 256. Do i change them all?
Please help...thank you in advance

Author windwaker1994 (4 years)
this doesn't work for Intel 945. there is no inis included in 945 drivers
that have igdlh in the filename.

Author Gedria (5 years)
nice wallpaper dude....

Author DragonKid562 (3 years)
boner alert.o-o....

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