Increase speed of intel graphics media accelerator gma 965 , gma 945gm and make it faster

ask questions if u are lost and i'll reply to you
this increase the memory size of gma 965 and make it faster

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UPDATE -- I will be releasing a x3100 tweak utility for people with oem drivers

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Author Drift King ( ago)
driver didnt install you tosser! you are supposed to say let me pick the
driver...then select the file inside graphics folder.....if you sucessfully
installed a new driver windows would have told you to reboot!!! so you
failed lol Great tutorial broooo

Author Eyeless Jack ( ago)
Oh yeah this girls 7u7

Author The Legend 566 ( ago)
No need for the slutty pictures on the desktop

Author costeiiraa ( ago)
who to do this in window xp?

Author Porkchops WithShortTops ( ago)

Author HammerHeadHunter1 ( ago)
Thought so. Though, I guess you shouldn't put a number bigger than your

Author AaronNCheysChannel ( ago)
easy, better perfromance

Author HammerHeadHunter1 ( ago)
Hey, pcquarme, your video really is interesting. But I have a question:
what would happen if you also changed the numbers 512 to 1024?

Author LeThunderQuack ( ago)
my sweat smells like piss

Author Sunrise ( ago)
tits attract me you are smart heh

Author djay T-b ( ago)
nice wallpaper u fucking perv hahahaha just joking :3

Author Slamp Dunk ( ago)
WOAH Motherfuckin big booooooooobs

Author kishan Singh ( ago)
hahahaha right grimdopple were is the fucking boobs 

Author Christian Brock ( ago)
they aint small they are perfect 

Author Christian Brock ( ago)
minimize all your shit so we can see boobies

Author benc80906 ( ago)
If you give me a link for the first girl i subscibe to you

Author benc80906 ( ago)
Where i can get the first picture in the minute 0:00???

Author Magic GG ( ago)
work on intel gma 945?

Author majik725 ( ago)
you mean "normal tits". you have too high of standards thanks to the media
brain-washing you into thinking that anything under a c-cup is small.

Author Tamoor Ahmad ( ago)
why did u have bloi pic stupid 

Author Tactical Carl ( ago)
0:03 small tits, bro

Author khalifa1942 ( ago)
which software u use to record or convert video because the text are sharp
and clean with 32 mb size ?

Author Johnny Seit (1504 years ago)
can i play games more smoother after that ?????

Author NexoTheInsane ( ago)
thank you, thank you very much =)

Author alexda97 ( ago)
you sir are a genius

Author alexda97 ( ago)
76,994 views for tits

Author NexoTheInsane ( ago)
Follow These Steps: 1. Right Click The Video 2.Press Stop Download 3.Thank
Me Later

Author PrinceOfwarHD ( ago)
cant download from intel can ya give me yours? intel vista im using

Author Michael Ha ( ago)
@HitKillers any resolution works when ur on the destop

Author Sofiane maroc ( ago)
you have slow internet!!!!!!!!

Author Malancas Alin ( ago)
winxp/drivers/sfloppy.sys if this sfloppy.sys file gets deleted will happen
something to my pc that can ruin him ? pls ask me 

Author HitKillers ( ago)
would it help if i changed 756 to 1024?

Author Sergiox95 ( ago)
mami te rre doy! (oh my baby!) 0:00

Author alex_aaa789 ( ago)
people have freedom for using which browser. you cant force them

Author elixidon (1753 years ago)
@pquarme Hey you do you know how to lower grafik accelerator on windows 7?

Author Mircea Dogaru ( ago)
this doesn't make the card work faster, it just allocates more memory for
video which might be useful in some situations. If you want increased
performance though try third-party drivers like Sherry. They are actually
very good an really make a difference.

Author Invictus XBL ( ago)
hey i have that same wallpaper at the start of the video lol

Author jose rodriguez ( ago)
first picture please ^o^ dam shes hot

Author Elegantbutt (1344 years ago)
what a perv.

Author Dr Pein ( ago)
where did you get the first babe pic?

Author Liam Solanke ( ago)
oh my goddd, keeley hazell!!!!

Author lily ian ( ago)
where can i put the files 

Author Emanuel Ho ( ago)

Author GameGuard025 ( ago)
@pquarme whats the name of the girls??

Author Tocas - The Talking Taco ( ago)
When you say OEM, it means I can't do this on an HP computer?

Author bradley phan ( ago)
i dont like the wallpaper... it makes u look like a perv :P

Author EvilWiffles ( ago)
That girl at 0:00 is HOOOT!

Author elementskater1010 ( ago)
Thumbs up if you clicked on this video for the Hot Chicks =)

Author Pewtis ( ago)
meh, doesn't work :(

Author iEatpottato (93 years ago)
@Vustog123456789 keely hazell 

Author Hamsters ( ago)
pause the vid at 0:00 

Author zynxed ( ago)
@sabbersolo IT'S ME!

Author alex_aaa789 ( ago)
@killerstef22 why cant we use Internet Explorer? Then why there is people

Author Pewtis ( ago)
Help! i have gma 965, and it's video memory is 251. I already have a
driver, and i saw u did some changes when installing it, so i uninstall the
driver, Which makes system rating 2,1. Previously it was 2,6. Then i did
what u do, downlaod the driver, go to graphic, tweak, tweak tweak blabla...
then i go to Setup on the driver's folder, restarted, then i go to device
manager. I updated then it asks me to restart again, but nothing changed!
and the rating is still 2,1! help! how do i change it back

Author Miguel Ruiz ( ago)
aww this won;t work on my hp computer.... that suks

Author SubVersaXTZX ( ago)
chrome for the win!!

Author SubVersaXTZX ( ago)
@killerstef22 chrome for the win!!

Author rocketeer101 ( ago)
who else clicked the video because of boobies

Author James Henderson ( ago)
would this work for 4500m :/ 

Author holysoks1 ( ago)
@RhavoX You and I are both unsure of whether or not the architecture of the
card prevents said improvements. And it obviously worked enough for the
maker of this video as he gets nothing from making this video. 

Author holysoks1 ( ago)
@pquarme Benchmarking is very flawed and doesn't take into account for many
variables. do your benchmarking multiple times in one sitting, then do it
another time, when your computer has been off, then at other times of the
day. You might see a change.

Author James Henderson ( ago)
is this meant to work with 4500mhd :l its not working when i download it
can you give me an exact linkto the file

Author Uchiha Sasuke ( ago)

Author Kevin Gury ( ago)
type gift before youtube in the search bar and push enter

Author OriginalFutureChaos ( ago)
you guys should get gma booster

Author NDogg15 ( ago)
@RhavoX So, you think this guy is lying?

Author NDogg15 ( ago)
@RhavoX lol synthetic benchmarks. Only real-world benchmarks mean anything.
You have no ground to stand on.

Author xG33Kx ( ago)
You could stop recording when the download starts and then start when it's
done... Just sayin

Author xG33Kx ( ago)
@Grimdopple Why isn't your comment the highest rated? Lmao

Author Roger le ( ago)

Author Nikjojo ( ago)
@RodgieTvTube Keeley Hazzel

Author CrossyCriss ( ago)
@supercheeta there the same thing

Author ixy1987 ( ago)
i have intel graphics media accelerator on my computer but i dont know what
it does and how to use it ??? please help

Author NoBoDy9505 ( ago)
@supercheeta update your driver can make the driver dont conflict with any
new software or hardware on your window can optimisely use your
graphiccard driver to open up some new function!

Author SimpleGamingMedia ( ago)
does this even work.........

Author supercheeta ( ago)
Could you help me please? I can update my Intel 945GM, chip type GMA 950.
But what is the use? Will my computer go faster? Will it reduce the low fps
I experience on games, (even when I play them on Super Low graphics, I have
low fps)? It says my current driver is: 6.14.0010.4543 And the new one: Should I update it? Thanks!

Author kodata1021 ( ago)
nice video please give name of the first girl in 0:00 the blonde one . i do
want to see more pics of her :)

Author Петър Петров ( ago)
does this work...pls tell me fast cuz if I survive one more fail my laptop
wont and the bomb too! ;-(

Author DJ CrazyAaron ( ago)
thanks for the video, this worked great for win7 now i just need to figure
out how to get the xp version to give me results like that since the
numbers for xp are a bit different .... yeah im dual booting :)

Author hanrinch ( ago)
nah chrome is too simple for multiple purpose. i'd recommend IE7, maxthon,
opera and safaris for windows 

Author killerstef22 ( ago)
@hanrinch indeed , i use chrome =D :p

Author hanrinch ( ago)
firefox for loser

Author TheSpiXeL ( ago)
I did this but I don't see the difference? o.o

Author killerstef22 ( ago)
internet explorer, FAIL =)

Author elchicoboy ( ago)
What's your term by making it faster?? overclocking it?? increasing memory
size of course will be telling ram to share more memory.

Author ThatAdmiralGuy ( ago)

Author Beezy ( ago)
better not let your mom see that

Author UproarEffects ( ago)
is this good or bad for m laptop 

Author GameKingFaiz ( ago)
What exactly does this do?

Author TheSpiXeL ( ago)
@M4R10zM0113R Now I'm running windows 7 #LOL 

Author þøħ€ ( ago)
@TheSpiXeL Make the Folder show hidden files, maybe that's why

Author SnakZ ( ago)
when ur done all of this what can u use that will show you just what u did
lol i have look at everything and cant tell what i just did so im not sure
if i did it right or maybe it just dont work for an x4500 / GM45 when i go
to the drive manager and try to load the file i edit it just say that its
already updated i have uninstall the driver only to have windows put its
own in its place (intel 45 driver) that it has pre-save some where so i had
to use the "setup.exe" that came with the driver 

Author MrThunderGuy ( ago)
hey ah pquarme i cant get my wallpapers to stay on they dissapear after
about 10 mins do you know a solution?

Author TheSpiXeL ( ago)
I can't install it on windows xp! I did everything but at the end I search
my extracted files then is message that I can't install it :-/

Author NizKaito (DK) ( ago)
old woman dude

Author stamosgang ( ago)
tyvm pquarme

Author stamosgang ( ago)
does this work on mobile intel r 4 series express chipset family?

Author Sogeking ( ago)

Author send415 ( ago)
dose this works on gma 915

Author Linkisss ( ago)
@pquarme just jk man... don't get upset

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