Free Cell Phone Unlock Codes (TOTALLY LEGIT)

Information about free cell phone unlock's free unlock code program. This program will allow you to get your genuine unlock code for free. Watch the video and then go to to get your free unlock code now.

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Author L Mac (8 months)
you are a jerk..its not free...false advertising...dork..thanks for wasting
everyones time..super dork!

Author Lanos Lajos (1 month)
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Author Zaky Gholam (28 days)

Author Doug Halterman (1 month)
ya you know this fucking thing keeps running you in circles this doesnt
work they wont every let you finish. they just keep asking and redirecting
stupid ass a waste of time

Author Paul Horvath (3 months)
you are bullshit. you advertised free. free in america means free, not,
subscribe, or buy, or try. look up the word free bozo.

Author Kovala Adrienn (1 month)
We are a team of experts providing the best unlocking service for many AT&T
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Attiphoneunlocking{.com}, I have unlocked 2 of my phones using that site,
it is fast

Author terry brown (1 month)

Author Leo Walder G. (2 months)
Me puede ayudar a conseguir codigo de liberacion ipod 4s Tengo el IMEI 

Author Kamesh Pickls (3 months)
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Author Jose Azeite (3 months)

Author A. Twain (6 months)
Yesterday I found *Unlock-Phone (.org)* Which unlocked my iPhone 5S.
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i would like to thank all in the coments you save me a headake lmao

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Author Iftikhar Ali (2 months)
Why does this plum keep saying free as its not free u have to buy something
might as well pay for code it will b cheaper idiot

Author Sam Connor (6 months)
I used *Unlock-Phone (.org)* to unlock my phone.
Felt sceptical, but had nothing to lose so I tried it.
They promised to send my an unlock code within 24 hours.
Happily, I received the unlock code within two hours of waiting.

Author RebelRadius (6 months)
"Don't be alarmed" Just give us your information :)

Author Baranyai Jutka (5 months)
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Author CosmicSchemeofThings (3 months)
Legit??? $$ signs = NOT FREE!!!!! NO THANKS!!

Author chicho mancho (1 month)
Free cellphone unlock?! I would say it's not free at all and if you go to
the street there are some shacks that offer cheaper service! I would just
say you're a total idiot.

Author iTech Unlimited: Unlock Codes For Cell Phones (2 months)

Author Kamesh Pickls (3 months)
The only working iphone unlocker is *247Unlocker* at reply below
if you need the license

Author Aure Lian (3 months)
The only working iphone unlocker is *247Unlocker* at reply below
if you need the license

Author Bill Datz (2 months)
hmmm- I see this is very popular-

Author Andy Alford (1 month)
uh free? NOT

Author Phallusy (2 months)
homosexual excrement

Author Makai Barna (5 months)
Hi guys, after AT&T had their data base renew, many websites are incapable
of unlock AT&T anymore, but there is still a niche site that will do it, go
check out MobileUnlox, they are definitely among the most secure unlocking
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Author croc adile (4 months)
When is free not free? When it sounds too good to be true! Every time!!
When will we learn? I'm calling Motorola..LOL
BTW - not to be too hard on them; many of the things listed are legitimate
& things you would use or do, but once your email is on that list..well you
know the rest. Again, when will we learn; it is partially our fault.

Author Michael Madi (3 months)
everyone flag this video

Author patrick yawson (3 months)
pls i need the lic code

Author Griffon Gonsalves (6 months)
do u think v r fools over here bastard its not free at all then 

Author JJTOP SMILE (7 months)
well im doing this because i dont want to pay my friend gave me his at&t
iphone and i have tmobile i know at&t offers an unlocking service but
thats only if youve had a contract with them for most people they just want
an unlocked phone to use for their provider without paying some so called
tetchy top service to do it if i had the right software to unlock my phone
i would do it if not then i would pay but i dont want to pay lol 

Author Horti Gézu (3 months)
Hey people, do you have any trouble unlocking your AT&T phones? Considering
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Author Charles Adams (9 months)
Screw you assholes. I filled out the crap so give me the fu**ing code.
Thieving MF Lying SOB's Get FU**ed right up your sorry big Asses

Author jeuybelen osorio (2 months)
*SCAM ALERT* All these youtube phone unlocking sites are all scams and if
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** . Please copy and paste this SCAM ALERT message to
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Author Loida Santos (4 months)
nothing "free" about it. False advertising at it's best :-(

Author Réder Roby (3 months)
I discovered that only *247Unlocker* at can unlock
iphone. If you need the license key let me know

Author Anthony Jennings (6 months)
To all those saying it's not free, I think it's a pretty great idea. Most
of the time I hate this kind of stuff but you can see on the video they
have luminosity and other cool offers I would actually use so yeah I would
use the service. I know there are going to be people who hate, but I want
to say thanks to the poster of this video! Really neat business model!

Author Thomas Dube (4 months)
fucking idyaaat...

Author Szolnoki Sarolta (6 months)

...hello gus..., i saw many spam so i've to talk about you my experience, i
was first testing ebay to unlock phones(they are typical scam or slow) than
i was searching all day to locate some reliable provider on the net just
because im a cell phone seller, the site was employed by me and unlocking
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Author Sam Moss (8 months)
Why not just have a fee up front and eliminate the middle man? As in your
example video it would be a lot simpler to pay the 12 bucks rather than go
thru all that rigamarow bait and switch hook and ladder deal.

Author A benedicta (10 months)
why did you use the word free when it is not actually free?

Author jowo223 (4 months)
lol these stupid ad offers are garbage they never work pertaining to
anything and just waste your time and slow your pc down. If anyone is
having troubles with the phone just call your provider you will waste more
time on garbage vids like this then you will on hold.

Author Link Kriszta (6 months)
Good morning!, Good to understand!!!, saw here and on other videos many
spam from unlocking iphones juppe!! cos im an iphone master, the site wich
unlocked many phones for me allready between many unsuccesfull tries with
other sites was attphoneunlocking.(com) their team can factory unlock
almost any iphone locked to at&t also included the modern iphone 6 and 6+
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Author Sivash Persaud (5 months)

Author Summer Bermudez (4 months)
where are u at itsc me louie 

Author 007ygrlgo (6 months)
I don't mind paying to unlock my phone...I have a Sprint Galaxy S-3 and
S-5...These have no sim card slot.....I want to use only prepaid (Verizon
or T-Mobile) cell cards AND keep my cell # then discontinue service with
Sprint.. is this all possible?

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