Free Cell Phone Unlock Codes (TOTALLY LEGIT)

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Author Sam Moss (1 month)
Why not just have a fee up front and eliminate the middle man? As in your
example video it would be a lot simpler to pay the 12 bucks rather than go
thru all that rigamarow bait and switch hook and ladder deal.

Author JJTOP SMILE (1 month)
well im doing this because i dont want to pay my friend gave me his at&t
iphone and i have tmobile i know at&t offers an unlocking service but
thats only if youve had a contract with them for most people they just want
an unlocked phone to use for their provider without paying some so called
tetchy top service to do it if i had the right software to unlock my phone
i would do it if not then i would pay but i dont want to pay lol 

Author L Mac (1 month)
you are a jerk..its not free...false advertising...dork..thanks for wasting
everyones time..super dork!

Author Szarvak Lujza (4 hours)

jejj, Nice!, I have to share with you this:, we had tested numerous
permanent unlock providers(many of these are scam), because im a cell phone
seller, the greatest site unlocking all my phones over many promissing
sites was attiphoneunlocking#com teir crew can permanent unlock and iphone
2G-5S also the newest 6and6+ in 1-3 days or 24h.

Author Szolnoki Sarolta (3 hours)

...hello gus..., i saw many spam so i've to talk about you my experience, i
was first testing ebay to unlock phones(they are typical scam or slow) than
i was searching all day to locate some reliable provider on the net just
because im a cell phone seller, the site was employed by me and unlocking
my iphones in 24h over many promissing sites was attiphoneunlocking=dot=com
their team can factory unlock any at&t iphone included the newests in about

Author Anthony Jennings (2 days)
To all those saying it's not free, I think it's a pretty great idea. Most
of the time I hate this kind of stuff but you can see on the video they
have luminosity and other cool offers I would actually use so yeah I would
use the service. I know there are going to be people who hate, but I want
to say thanks to the poster of this video! Really neat business model!

Author Blaho Marvin (4 hours)

A good info:, i saw many of you'd problems with scam unlockers, and so i
have to sare this with you, I was testing many unlock services on the net
cos im a real iphone hacker, the greatest site unlocking all my phones
between lots of unsucessfull tries with other unlocking sites was
attiphoneunlocking+dot+com they can permanently unlock almost any iphone
locked to at&t also included the newest iphone 6 and 6+ under 24h.

Author Travis Hale (11 hours)
Scam, don't bother.

Author Pete Newsom (7 days)
this is a scam like the other stupid scams on this .. pissed me off
don't bother with it .

Author Charles Adams (2 months)
Screw you assholes. I filled out the crap so give me the fu**ing code.
Thieving MF Lying SOB's Get FU**ed right up your sorry big Asses

Author Reaper5580 (13 days)
i would like to thank all in the coments you save me a headake lmao

Author Bob Collier (21 day)
what a scam

Author Art Deco (16 days)
Another rip off merchant.........the word FREE should mean FREE 'No charge
whatsoever'....not pay for something else first. Can't stand people who
try to con others. SHAMEFUL.

Author Francois Globensky (21 day)
Whqt? Stupid!!! Idiots!!!

Author Mike Wilson (20 days)
can u unlock a gov't phone this way?

Author Doug Asker (7 months)
This is not legit, I want a full refund 

Author Dew Macy (1 month)
Anyone still dont learn how to unlock an AT&T iphone PERMANENTLY??? Its
your lucky day today!! Go have a look at mobileunlox, never took us more
than 5 hours to unlock any phone!

Author Halomi Gergely (29 days)
For folks that are looking to unlock their AT&T locked devices, you are
able to take a look at attphoneunlocking.(com), we unlock all AT&T phones
current, also the absolute most reliable unlocking site I have ever use,
never took us more then 5 hours to unlock my phones

Author kardox kurd (29 days)
asshole is not free

Author Shnyia Figueroa (1 month)
that sound really awesome if it works

Author Te Wade (1 month)
its still not free

Author Tony Aranda (1 month)
offers are bull shit

Author Keleti Antonia (1 month)
Hello folks, I believe many of you realized that numerous AT&T unlocking
sites are not working anymore, it's because AT&T doesn't permit cheap
unlocking sites'access for their database anymore. Which caused plenty of
alternative party unlocking sites unable to unlock AT&T anymore, but you
can still use attphoneunlocking.(com), it's one of the greatest unlocking
site for AT&T.

Author gunnedah241 (5 months)
are you kidding me ?? says free all over the page. not so.!! false
advertising.!! wanker.!!

Author THE GAME HUB ONLINE (2 months)
free, but you have to pay! you must think people are thick. Stupid Yanks!

Author barry rahman (2 months)
i am trying to unlock a nokia lumia 520 a sim cell for a open net work i
am on face book barry rahman i need the code

Author jay mindyah (5 months)
these guys unlocked my phone on ebay for $2 .. those unlock websites
charges $14 to $26 and my local store charged $30 ... well u know a good
deal when u see one ... 

Author Andrew Amidala (2 months)
This is not free, do not use!!!!

Author A benedicta (3 months)
why did you use the word free when it is not actually free?

Author Amberella (3 months)
I don't see anything for an lg g2 on your site

Author Jr Houtman (3 months)
I did this via cellphone; went throughout the entire process, as directed.
After choosing an offer, I followed through with it. I've even received
newsletter emails, from the offer, but I had not received the unlock code
for my phone. Seemed more like a waste of time and information.. 

Author Teresa Moreno (3 months)
are there any unlock codes for alltel phones free, i paid for a code and it
did not work.

Author Antonio Alvarez (6 months)
.did he say WE have...
how about go fuck yourselves with your scheme!

Author Jenny May (3 months)
developers shouldn't have them locked to any carrier

Author Gray Anderson (3 months)
You are just wasting peoples time.
Get a life and do something useful. 

Author adrian tiberius (3 months)
that's bullsheet, don't waste your time! 

Author jamie richardson (3 months)
youre a fucking knob free my arse go suck ur paps off cock sucker

Author melborn guia (3 months)
perfrec041868 type this on OLX sulit

Author Romeo L (3 months)
its not free you fucking stupid wanker, having to fill out offers is not
free. not everyone one wants the offers or does everyone do them or visits
them pages everyday like you said, fucking goof bitch made mother fucker.
for all of you's here's how you get your phone unlocked "completely free"
Cell Phone Freedom Act(Bill C-343)

The Bill mandates that:
consumers buying new cell phones in Canada must be informed of the
existence of any SIM lock (also known as a network lock) on their phone
before sale;
wireless phone companies must unlock handsets upon request, free of charge,
when a consumer purchases a new phone outright (unsubsidized) without a
wireless phone companies must unlock handsets upon request, free of charge,
when a consumer comes to the end of their contract, or at any time

Author leroy parke (6 months)
my lg optimus f3 is not listed on your site :(

Author Nya Moe (8 months)
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Author AC BENFORD (7 months)
No catch means without having to do anything but go to the site and get
your code. The catch is the survey. totally free means without proof of

Author Codrin Suciu (4 months)
rubbish, payed service

Author samuel96100 (16 days)

Author Valluch Gizella (4 months)
If you do not know how when unlocking your AT&T stuff, go have a look at,
I have used your website for several years, and many of us unlocked under 5

Author kundan roy (7 months)
dear sir my
my geotel mobile iss loked .imei 1:911156303255762 & 2:911156303255770.
so please give the unloked code 

Author noobsaibot73 (8 months)
THIS IS NOT FOR FREE, they're lying.

Author Kucsera Kira (5 months)
There is some exciting news about how to unlock AT&T that I would like to
share with you guys, some of you probably don't know that AT&T had a
unlocking server shut down, after the shut down, all the cheap and
unrelible AT&T unlocks are gone, however, there is still one site that
works perfectly, the site is
, it's no doubt one of the most reliable unlocking sites that still works
these days

Author Gerardo Morissette (7 months)
a cousin gave me a nokia lumia 520 from at&t i from mexico and no one can
give me the code to use the cellphone in mexico is this usefull for me??

Author GetYourWebOn (5 months) samsung 4s

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