Resep Tom Yam Kung

When i ask my thai friend on how to get rich & creamy tom yam, she told me one secret ingredient : MILK!

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Author IndonesianFoods (3 years)
@hanie4403 : Kalo gak suka jamur bisa di ilangin kok jeng, banyakin aja
udangnya atau tambahkan aneka seafood. Semoga suka ya, happy cooking :)

Author Purwoko Wurian (1 year)
Makasi resepnya mbak.... aku mau praktek

Author SukaMakanSate (6 years)
Looks pretty good.

Author charlieweb88 (5 years)
Looks great

Author Joe Orang (2 years)
I think he forgot Lime Juice... Nevermind.. taste different maybe.....

Author Atheist dragon (5 years)
way too many mushrooms and shrimps for the amount of water they had and i
think she didnt even use tomatoes which is not important but i havent seen
even a single person in thailand making it without tomatoes perhaps it is
malay style

Author veulemans (4 years)
Looks good, thanks. What's the name of the song? Makes it relaxing to watch.

Author barajuku (3 years)
itu airnya berapa liter yah?

Author hainguyenx (2 years)
The best Tom Yum recipe video I seen. I would add tomatoes to it too.

Author AA BB (3 years)
I'm Thai and I like your tomyumgoong. It looks very yummy..+I love
mushroom, I am a mushrooms eater :) Anyway, I think adding coconut milk
tastes much more better than milk.

Author KhMerMusician253 (3 years)
OMG milk?? use coconut milk is better for flavor.

Author Mutia Nurul Maghfirah (2 years)
tom yam paste itu beli dimana yah??chili paste itu cabe giling kan?

Author nisyz (5 years)
i've always wanted to find the perfect tom yam recipe, and i know, this
must be it! thanks for the recipe (and neat video)! *hugs from malaysia*

Author KumikoSaionji (4 years)
i'm not get you wrong. but you must to ask your friend again. i'm thai. i
never do tomyum as you do.

Author msy shrf (5 years)
gawshh.. kudos for mushroomss & shrimp!! now i'm drooling

Author Nadia Clara (5 years)

Author gullig85 (5 years)
thx yah resepnya!!!

Author itsYellowMellow (4 years)
udah aku coba!!! kurang daun jeruk & chilli paste sihhh tapi udh enak
bangeeettt >.< spicy-sour nya pas bgt! makasiiihhh ^^

Author fuad azhar (1 year)
gw sudah bikin nih setiap bulan baru dimasak enak

Author suthathip yanprakhon (4 years)
really you use that mushroom; that its so wrong ;

Author Randy Geway (3 years)
Looks very nice! With what amount of water do yoy start? 1 liter?

Author vaniaemmanuella (2 years)
did u forget like juice????

Author babita1968 (4 years)
wonderful recipe

Author IDA FARIDAH DAVA (1 year)
laahh lemonnya bwt apa jeng ?

Author nang mayram (2 years)
perfect food..

Author bobflobnoob (4 years)
holy shit that looks WAY TOO HOT

Author namjaihaa (3 years)
@IndonesianFoods I think you can use any mushroom you like! There're no
right and wrong.

Author pu3nadira (3 years)
thats a shit load of mushrooms O.o

Author IndonesianFoods (4 years)
@donnyabd : Terima kasih atas perhatiannya meskipun saya masih sangsi,
masalahnya di benua north america sini umum saja memasak sari laut dan susu
secara bersamaan, contohnya clam chowder, bisque, coquille st jean dan lain

Author IndonesianFoods (5 years)
Bukan. Tom Yam makanan Thailand.

Author nugraha angga (1 year)
pake santan dikit lebih enak

Author CCzz (4 years)
i like tomyam , :)P so lovely , slurp !

Author Plare Chumnarn (2 years)
Straw mushroom probably better if you could find from Asian grocery, and
I'm not sure you supposed to use lime leave maybe Kaffir lime leave might
be better !!

Author Tzutzu lu Tatutzu (3 years)

Author LilyDeiki (5 years)
10tbsp of milk? doesnt look like it...

Author Prasanti Dhewi (2 years)
itu merek tom yum pastenya apa ya?bisa dibeli dimana?

Author Aya Arriyati Layod (1 year)
ต้มยำที่ไหนใส่เห็ดแบบนั้hนอ่ะคะ ไม่เคยเห็นที่ไหนเลยจริงๆ อิอิ mbk
sebenarnya tomyam yg enak tu pake santan bukan susu y....dan klw di
thailand sy blm pernah liat klw pake jamur putih itu,,,,,hehe

Author milklauz (3 years)
i'm drooling. tom yam kung is my fav dish.

Author dolphinaisme (3 years)
referred to the below comment, yes, the coconut milk makes a better taste
than the regular milk. ... and i'd like to add a tip : only put in the meat
(shrimp, squid, chicken, etc.) when the soup is boiling and never stir it
till it boils again ;) i'm thai by the way

Author Anjana Devi (1 year)
Someone tell me its better to use chicken broth too with water? 'Cos some
recipes don't have it. So umm what difference does it make 2 the taste.
Kindly share :)

Author itsYellowMellow (2 years)
udah coba iniiii and it's soooooo yumm!!!!!! lebih enak daripada yg di
resto2 itu..... i luv it!!! thank you for sharing yaaaa

Author Aqnies Mabella (2 years)
Daun ketumbar = daun seledri?

Author DabbsBiotch (3 years)
You didn't have lemon grass it's not authentic Tom yum goong

Author Randy Geway (3 years)
Looks very nice! What's the amount of water you start with? 1 liter?

Author Ys Liu (6 years)
looks good

Author bemjlovers (3 years)
@donnyabd nice tip...thx

Author Tom Na Songkhla (1 year)
when u live in different country ....there r no choice for mushroom.
เรื่องเห็ดนี่ เลือกไม่ได้จริงๆนะ มีแบบไหนก็ต้องเห็ดท้องถิ่นไป ...ในเมืองไทย
ร้านอาหารบางร้าน ยังใช้เห็ดออรินจิเลย (เห็ดญี่ปุ่นชัด)

Author simon low (1 year)
Udang ny ga segar tu

Author indierockdarling789 (3 years)
hi,i'm from m'sia, i think the taste of tomyam a lot better using coconut
milk rather using milk it taste so good!btw nice recipe,thx.

Author lolollol (5 years)
where did u even get the tom yam paste and chilli paste?

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