How to Plastidip a Car With Spray Cans!

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  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue 1 month ago

    This stuff is seriously way too much fun. With practice, it can do some pretty awesome things!
    Thanks for watching! Stay awesome.

    • justinsuydamjs
      justinsuydamjs 14 days ago

      Peel tape when wet man. You'll need more than 1 gallon too. Way more.

    • Moto4knight
      Moto4knight 1 month ago

      ThatDudeinBlue I remember when you posted your first "how to use plasti dip" vid lol

    • Romero Bryan
      Romero Bryan 1 month ago

      ThatDudeinBlue how many coats were there?

    • Empire Custom Coatings
      Empire Custom Coatings 1 month ago

      @ThatDudeinBlue I have been installing liquid wraps for 2+ years now! I only have one youtube Vid uploaded that I took of of a 2k gloss Colorshift liquid wrap I did last November. The Liquid wrap has really come a long way since the early vids made by Fonzie @DipYourCar. There are multiple reputable companies out there producing products now (PlastiDip, AutoFlex, Raail, HALO, P1 Coatings... to name a few)! Your right about using a spray system to do full cars, its a much better way to get extremely quality results and reduce the chances of getting a velvet texture and stripping. The aerosol cans are great for emblems, wheels, and smaller jobs. Many people at car meets are surprised that the cars I have done are liquid wrapped and not vinyl/Standard paint! Cheers!

  • TA Lindsay
    TA Lindsay 3 days ago

    I need to paint my RV exterior with this stuff! I would need 50 cans! 🤔

  • mark yisser
    mark yisser 3 days ago

    so how many coats u supposed to use?
    what time to wait between coats before it's too late?

    if i paint a coat a day, will it still be considered several coats?
    or coats have to be close together?

  • Jae Cruz
    Jae Cruz 4 days ago

    well my only question would be can you still wash it like normal?

  • Mathias Modz
    Mathias Modz 4 days ago

    Sweet video man! I recently started a car youtube channel of my own and hope you some day be as well liked as you are!

  • ShuritGaming
    ShuritGaming 5 days ago

    how many cans for a hole car? roughly

  • QUBE9000
    QUBE9000 7 days ago

    I liked the video because Thomas came to say hi.

  • Ahbab Islam
    Ahbab Islam 7 days ago

    fucking ricer

  • alpinechevy
    alpinechevy 8 days ago

    i think he nailed it. sprayed 2 much n bubbles then all that overspray

  • Elden Sword
    Elden Sword 8 days ago

    A vid produce by someone under 30 with ZERO swearing and eff-bombs? Did I stumble into another dimension? Props, thank you - I'm going to Plasti Dip my Wrangler I think.

  • Softa97
    Softa97 11 days ago

    You don't need to clean the car first ?

  • Rexczi Cex
    Rexczi Cex 12 days ago

    Plastidip ASMR??

  • Alessandro Feola
    Alessandro Feola 12 days ago

    rice rice baby...

  • cocorecord1
    cocorecord1 13 days ago

    lol you sound soooooo ricer doing this video.... plastic dip is shit ... if people can't afford a good paint well just save a little ,

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 13 days ago

    Do you have to wear a gas mask when doing this ?

  • winglesschip 209
    winglesschip 209 13 days ago

    Hahahha the end of the video hella funny

  • chvydrptop
    chvydrptop 13 days ago

    Question I was thinking of doing this to my front bumper, it has a bunch of rock chips. Will the plastidip cover those little chips or will I need filler?

  • hector tamayo
    hector tamayo 14 days ago


  • hector tamayo
    hector tamayo 14 days ago


  • ToeMosS _Vlogs
    ToeMosS _Vlogs 15 days ago

    Peel the tape when the last coat is still wet to get a perfectly crisp edge

  • Jesse Peterson
    Jesse Peterson 15 days ago

    what if you do a hundred layers of it on a car?

  • Jermaine Whitehead
    Jermaine Whitehead 15 days ago

    Did you only use 1 can for that fender, or was it more than one can?

  • Moto Utah
    Moto Utah 15 days ago

    did you use a bottom coat or just use the plastic dip right onto the paint? its just I've seen some where you need a bottom coat first

  • DJsparky2008
    DJsparky2008 18 days ago

    looks so much fun lol

  • Chris Baker
    Chris Baker 18 days ago

    Why do people drive piles of shit like that

  • therealAK ALASKA
    therealAK ALASKA 18 days ago

    so much over spray on the door

  • Spider Stillz
    Spider Stillz 18 days ago

    She's hot

  • Noah Glassman
    Noah Glassman 18 days ago

    bro you look like zac effron

  • Tarvaris Washington
    Tarvaris Washington 18 days ago

    How many cans would you recommend for a chevy Tahoe

    ALPHA THE PANDA 19 days ago

    the satisfaction of peeling stuff off of stuff

  • Earthling
    Earthling 19 days ago

    Hey Joshua, this is your Aunt Linda I heard about all the little friends you made on You Tube! I just wanted to say I am so proud of you! p.s. Your uncle Jim wont be back till next week i'd love for you to stop by and keep me company;) Okay love and miss you bye Joshy!

  • Alea Gray
    Alea Gray 19 days ago

    Lol, he looks like Zac Efron

  • k3vin94
    k3vin94 20 days ago


  • Juan Amador
    Juan Amador 20 days ago

    Oh shut up thomas!..Lmfao

  • abdul rahman shaikh
    abdul rahman shaikh 20 days ago

    spraying in direct sunlight ....wonder if that is a good thing to do.

  • 🎮 IMMAD Official™

    Zac, what are you doing there !?

  • Izigator Garage
    Izigator Garage 21 day ago

    That color looks really good for dip, especially for no glossifier!

  • 85HonSolo
    85HonSolo 28 days ago

    how many cans did that fender take?

  • Arnold Bon
    Arnold Bon 29 days ago

    how many cans did you use for that one fender?

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 1 month ago

    how many spray cans you use for this area ?

    GRAND HIT GAMING 1 month ago

    6:04 best part lol Bu thanks for the tips planning on doing a Buick in the Blazing Blue.

  • Tai Theguy
    Tai Theguy 1 month ago

    What about all that overspray? Why even tape it off

  • Holly Michelle
    Holly Michelle 1 month ago

    plastidip: asmr for car guys

    EATALLGINGERS44 1 month ago

    Sounds like the guy selling real fake doors

  • chavirian anthony
    chavirian anthony 1 month ago

    you're suppose to peel it when its still wet to get crisp edges

  • Angry Pirate
    Angry Pirate 1 month ago

    I once sprayed a whole car with spray cans and a case of beer in the front yard... don't recommend that way lol but this stuff looks like the ticket

  • Jojo Methusalah
    Jojo Methusalah 1 month ago

    I would wear a mask. I don't want to suck plastic into my lungs!

  • jerry bockes
    jerry bockes 1 month ago

    What if the mist flys on the windows and other places u don't want will it come off

  • Robert Gott
    Robert Gott 1 month ago

    I highly don't recommend doing this. Spray can jobs almost always are too thin, as they lack the base coats of a real dip job. If you leave it on too long it bakes onto your car and will take hours, tons of microfiber towels, and possibly messing up your paint, to get off. Just buy the already cheap systems on DYC and do it legit.

  • Nick Schneider
    Nick Schneider 1 month ago

    how many cans did it take to do the front fender?

  • huntz71
    huntz71 1 month ago

    Peal the tape while the dip is wet on the last coat to get clean lines.

  • CJ-Stang
    CJ-Stang 1 month ago

    How many cans you used on the fender

  • Alex Bevington
    Alex Bevington 1 month ago

    Am I able to plasti dip spray my wheels

  • 4RodRacing
    4RodRacing 1 month ago


  • Madelen Svendsen
    Madelen Svendsen 1 month ago

    Politically tire accident start move cattle electrical.

  • Soy Nobody
    Soy Nobody 1 month ago

    dam man... now i gotta plasticdip my dam mini, this video motivated me to much, thanks man!

  • Jan pva
    Jan pva 1 month ago

    dude... use a mask, this stuff is highly toxic

  • GoatKingdom
    GoatKingdom 1 month ago

    Liked video for the "OH SHUT UP, THOMAS"

  • Mick Hinchy
    Mick Hinchy 1 month ago

    if you peeled the square while it was still wet it would have been a clean cut and wouldnt have pealed off with the tape

  • Ralph Palacios
    Ralph Palacios 1 month ago

    nice gs in the back 😍

  • Braden Carlson
    Braden Carlson 1 month ago

    How to plastidip a car with spray cans.

    Step 1: Don't.

  • Inspire
    Inspire 1 month ago

    overspray with plasti dip is the worst lol

  • panthro001
    panthro001 1 month ago

    Listen to what David said and "DO NOT RUSH THIS! I learned my lesson. BE PATIENT!

  • panthro001
    panthro001 1 month ago

    Plastidip is ok for looks but if u like to wash ur car, as most car guys do. I wouldn't recommend it. After I sprayed my car this is what I missed.

  • PseudoKirby
    PseudoKirby 1 month ago

    Plas Tuh Dip!! you dont say Plas TEEK!!!!

  • PseudoKirby
    PseudoKirby 1 month ago

    wtf that shirt is hideous

  • Chad A.
    Chad A. 1 month ago

    His friend's like " thanks for the mofo overspray, just rub your fingers my a$$" lol

  • Matthew Swift
    Matthew Swift 1 month ago

    I recently bought a Cadillac STS V that was peppered to shit from freeway driving. I temporarily put on black plasti dip while I was looking to get the grill repainted and actually really liked how the matte black looked and people gave me complements. Now, about half a year later I still love it.

  • Camron richard
    Camron richard 1 month ago

    it isnt hard to remove a thin coat with a micro fiber cloth

  • getslidewayz7
    getslidewayz7 1 month ago

    Send me some gallons of plasti dip because California doesn't allow the gallons to be sold lmao

  • Jacob S
    Jacob S 1 month ago

    can you plastidip your dick and use the rubber as a condom?

  • Water_Elemental
    Water_Elemental 1 month ago

    i just relapsed 7 day no fap.

  • TriggerHapySheep
    TriggerHapySheep 1 month ago

    The best way to get clean, crisp lines is to spray the line so its not dry, then peel the tape off. dont try to peel it off dry or it will all peel up and leave shit lines

  • Toby Brown
    Toby Brown 1 month ago

    Definitely a sponsored video

  • Logan Gerhart
    Logan Gerhart 1 month ago

    no all wrong you need pre dip spray

    ALLDAYANTHONY 1 month ago

    Plasti dip asmr

  • Zach Johnson
    Zach Johnson 1 month ago

    Lol died after you said "Oh shut up Thomas!" 😂😂😂

  • Trestin Jerke
    Trestin Jerke 1 month ago

    Thinking about plasti dipping my 300 anyone got any opinions about it? I've used it on rims and emblems multiple times and loved it but kinda hesitant about doing a whole car. Thanks for any input

  • Anthony Alekji
    Anthony Alekji 1 month ago

    that GS in the back 😍

  • Papa Linus
    Papa Linus 1 month ago

    with all the stupid shit(including this) that ricers put on their garbage, they can get a decent ride.

  • glenn lbs
    glenn lbs 1 month ago

    u ducked his car up

  • yahya ibrahim
    yahya ibrahim 1 month ago

    you should remove the tape while the last coat still wet

  • Mizuki Shiba
    Mizuki Shiba 1 month ago

    That rodeo truck In the background tho. Best truck btw

  • Harvey Felder
    Harvey Felder 1 month ago

    damn brianna let me tounge punch youre fart box sugar

  • Michael Ramos
    Michael Ramos 1 month ago

    haha shut up Thomas

  • Jaden Gardner
    Jaden Gardner 1 month ago

    What are those wheels i love them

  • kiewanface
    kiewanface 1 month ago

    that poor door....

  • Collin Grove
    Collin Grove 1 month ago

    Plum crazy is a color from the Dodge Challenger.

    GHOST117HALOBOYCOD 1 month ago

    Yeah I did plasti dip wrong once and couldn't get it off my hood so I just junked my hood and got a new one and spray painted it lol

  • Tom Ryan
    Tom Ryan 1 month ago

    Spray on condom...

  • Hayden Foxx
    Hayden Foxx 1 month ago

    You are super cute

  • Booty Madness
    Booty Madness 1 month ago

    Looking like a Young Tj Lavin

  • Kv Limit
    Kv Limit 1 month ago

    you should get the plasti dip spray gun . makes it easier to spray it and more accurate .

  • Vdubfam
    Vdubfam 1 month ago

    Plastidipped my whole car and I love it, and it does take a lot of patience but the turn around is awesome👌🏽

  • PresidentCringe
    PresidentCringe 1 month ago

    would this work on my rifles?

  • Leslea L.
    Leslea L. 1 month ago

    so I'm wanting to pasti dip my emblems on my dodge neon cause the original crome is chipping off. if I plasti dip over it will it be flush? or?

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez 1 month ago

    The cringe I got when you were scratching the paint with your nails... but oh well now go and clay bar the car to get rid of the over spray..

  • Roberto Pena
    Roberto Pena 1 month ago

    is the same stuff but with gun is more fast and with cane is slow motion

  • Roberto Pena
    Roberto Pena 1 month ago

    u can dip ur car with cane ¡! why no ?

  • enrique mejia
    enrique mejia 1 month ago

    Do they have gloss black or glittery grey /silver

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