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  • Ever wonder what it tastes like to have an entire double sided pizza inside a burger? It's along the same lines as a horrible life choice, but let's take our bad decision a step further and encase this between two pizzas. Now you can at least commit to being an idiot.


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    Pizza inside a Burger inside a Pizza
    8444 Calories

    Prep: 15 minutes
    Cook Time: 30 minutes
    • Pizza Pans

    • 1 Personal Sized Frozen Pizza
    • 2 Medium Sized Frozen Pizzas
    • 3 Lbs Ground Beef (80/20)
    • Pizza Sauce
    • Mozzarella
    • Pepperoni
    • Other Toppings
    Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

    ES_Hostile Takeover 7 - Jan Chmelar
    ES_Classical Lively Orchestral - Gavin Luke
    ES_Pet Animals 2 - Magnus Ringblom
    ES_Moody Tunes 2 - Peter Sandberg
    ES_Tunnel Vision 3 - Jack Elphick
    ES_Humanoid 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
    ES_Manhattan - Cecilia Lindh
    ES_Everything Must End (Late Youngin Remix) - Sture Zetterberg
    ES_I Just Wanna Dance - Loving Caliber
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  • Phuck Yoshi
    Phuck Yoshi 1 hour ago

    who the phuck is kid behind the camera wtf piggette west heeeeeeere

  • Phuck Yoshi
    Phuck Yoshi 1 hour ago

    i love the pizza cone better

  • Akash Nagrath
    Akash Nagrath 3 hours ago

    the title should be a pizza inside a burger inside a pizza burger

  • Georgia
    Georgia 3 hours ago

    Burger inside of a pizza inside of a burger inside of a pizza?

  • Lesly Garcia Solis
    Lesly Garcia Solis 14 hours ago

    The tittle is wrong it's a burger inside of a pizza because the burger is inside not outside

  • Jawanna Nicole
    Jawanna Nicole 1 day ago

    I love that Marty Scurll shirt omg

  • Ông Hoàng Hacker
    Ông Hoàng Hacker 2 days ago


  • Ông Hoàng Hacker
    Ông Hoàng Hacker 2 days ago


  • CyberGamer1118 1118

    wooohhoooo micheal

  • elly hasanah
    elly hasanah 2 days ago

    who doesnt like the crust its bread its good for you

  • Jaba Lsn
    Jaba Lsn 2 days ago

    the top pizza should have been upside down. still looks good to me. great job!

  • Meep Meep
    Meep Meep 2 days ago


  • Vanessa Williams
    Vanessa Williams 2 days ago

    my daughter has the same pillow but it's pink

  • dude tube
    dude tube 2 days ago

    im watching while fasting

  • Isaiah Rojas
    Isaiah Rojas 3 days ago

    I love kid behind the camera

  • Yadhiel Alicea
    Yadhiel Alicea 3 days ago

    she know damn well she can't find someone to replace jp

  • No _Time7:14
    No _Time7:14 3 days ago

    bruh best hamburger in life

  • Insane Master Crafter


    LITLE PUGH 4 days ago

    I feel fat watching this

  • Riona Abutar
    Riona Abutar 4 days ago

    like... guys where do you even live i wanna have a taste test :(

  • King Cobra
    King Cobra 4 days ago

    He lied I'm still a kid and I like crust

  • Jahleena Salifu
    Jahleena Salifu 5 days ago

    Chief curry

  • Allison Hernandez
    Allison Hernandez 6 days ago

    what is michael doing

  • iretnaasi 389
    iretnaasi 389 6 days ago

    so there is pizza inside a burger and the burger is inside a pizza.

  • Saud almutary
    Saud almutary 6 days ago

    الخليجي الي تابع المقطع لايك

  • blake

    was no expecting kidbehind a camera omggggg

  • doyoulikeicecreambruh? :3

    do they have a supermarket in side their home.
    Wish i could have that for you know what

  • Mctae__3000
    Mctae__3000 7 days ago

    0:38 how tf🤔😂

  • Dustin Martin
    Dustin Martin 8 days ago


  • Aisha Aisha zali
    Aisha Aisha zali 8 days ago

    I want eat too!!!!

  • Riley O'Neill
    Riley O'Neill 8 days ago

    Can you guys make a giant little bite

  • Ilik Pi3
    Ilik Pi3 8 days ago


  • Paulo Teixeira
    Paulo Teixeira 8 days ago

    '' its not like i dont eat frozen pizzas, i eat them a lot'' of course you do you are fat sry but i had to say it ahah

  • alsultanah a
    alsultanah a 9 days ago

    I love it , do more 😍👍🏻

  • Karina Munoz
    Karina Munoz 9 days ago

    the crust is good

  • Gwrndolyn Ferrell
    Gwrndolyn Ferrell 9 days ago

    that chubby man should not be eating all that calories and fat if the perperoni if it is PORK  I know I spelled that word wrong

  • Qui qui Budget barbie

    Jp do pizza in a burger In a pizza in a burger in pizza

  • Luke Crampton
    Luke Crampton 9 days ago

    Jp's editing is beautiful

  • Louie Jackson Jr
    Louie Jackson Jr 9 days ago

    I died when Michael shaked mr pig and he voiced over Angry Grandpa!!! 😂😂😂👌🏻

  • Isaac Parada
    Isaac Parada 10 days ago

    Didn't they do that video already

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones 10 days ago


  • mason jokinen
    mason jokinen 10 days ago

    i dont get how you can be that fat and still think you need a pizza inside a buger inside a pizza. how bout some carrots inside lettuce or some shit

  • hussein omar
    hussein omar 11 days ago

    i wish i was in this show

  • Divishi Verma
    Divishi Verma 11 days ago

    hey make spaghetti inside of pizza inside of a burger but please versus

  • dripgawd
    dripgawd 11 days ago

    not my proudest nut

  • Lightning JOJO
    Lightning JOJO 11 days ago

    Yeah you are so right kids hate crust 😬😉😉😉😃🙂

  • Lightning JOJO
    Lightning JOJO 11 days ago

    Al of you are so funny

  • Danish Shaikh
    Danish Shaikh 12 days ago

    I am watching this while fasting during RAMADAN....

  • infamousdrunk
    infamousdrunk 12 days ago

    dude get circle ones they are the best frozen pizza

  • yungboy男孩
    yungboy男孩 12 days ago


  • Joseph Ellis
    Joseph Ellis 13 days ago

    Hey Julia and JP my name is Joseph Ellis, and I want to say that I really love ur videos. I'm just letting u know that I made Pizza inside of a Burger inside of a Pizza for real.

  • Warbly
    Warbly 13 days ago

    Are they dating? Or just really good friends XD?

  • Faisal Tahir 73
    Faisal Tahir 73 13 days ago

    jp 2m subcriber ithink you must giveaway pres2nt to you fans

  • TedMosly
    TedMosly 14 days ago

    Ma io dico no... come fa una gnocca come lei a stare insieme ad un cinese del genere?

  • Mr ChrisW
    Mr ChrisW 14 days ago

    +1 thing i want to do in my life is making one of these

  • Spakwi
    Spakwi 14 days ago

    I got happy when i saw Pickle boy here too!

  • Doan Thekiet
    Doan Thekiet 14 days ago

    Rename it:" Pizza inside a Burger inside TWO PIZZAS ."

    It hurt my eyes

  • MyNameeaMeme
    MyNameeaMeme 14 days ago

    1,666,293 views satan has cursed this video

  • Alexandra Lander
    Alexandra Lander 14 days ago

    I. hate. your. grip😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • JustSaef
    JustSaef 14 days ago

    is that boogie

  • Stormylegend
    Stormylegend 15 days ago


    DJ WITHER FTW 15 days ago

    Kids love crust if not their parents are raising them wrong

  • James Straub
    James Straub 15 days ago

    My mouth was seriously watering watching this video. Awesomeness!!!!

  • Alejandro Galdamez
    Alejandro Galdamez 16 days ago

    im i high

  • Jazz And Ruth
    Jazz And Ruth 16 days ago

    Make a giant churro!!!!!

  • Kanakotka
    Kanakotka 17 days ago

    If you're just using fucking frozen shit you're not cooking.
    And what kind of an idiot cuts off crust from a pizza?

  • DeadPool
    DeadPool 17 days ago

    I hate it when people edit their​ comments!

  • Johnny Lawrence
    Johnny Lawrence 17 days ago

    I can't believe how fucking fat that guy is... Jesus! Have some god damn self respect! Disgusting blob

  • Michelle Michelle
    Michelle Michelle 17 days ago


  • Sttip Ait
    Sttip Ait 17 days ago

    I wanna know this thought process

  • Syreena Williamson
    Syreena Williamson 18 days ago

    I just want to know if this is healthy junk food where is the healthy because ever video I don't see anything healthy so ?🙈 that's odd

  • elly hasanah
    elly hasanah 18 days ago

    the title of the videoni wrong
    its suppose to be pizza inside
    a burger between 2 pizza

  • Tina Huggett
    Tina Huggett 18 days ago

    do a giant pot of ramen noodles

  • Shelton Punn
    Shelton Punn 18 days ago

    Julia pls 'shut the fuck up'

  • Shelton Punn
    Shelton Punn 18 days ago

    'Julia doesn't approve'- because she's a squint eyed Cunt.

  • Aliou Toure
    Aliou Toure 18 days ago

    They took fredos old house

  • Moo
    Moo 18 days ago

    Pizza time!

  • Matthew Halim
    Matthew Halim 19 days ago


  • Vica Jones
    Vica Jones 20 days ago

    I thought this was so amazing and I have been watching for 5 hours now maybe 6. I love you guys so much. Can you make a giant cake stuffed with five ice creams and toppings? Please.

  • A Silver
    A Silver 20 days ago

    Stroke inside a heart attack inside diabetes

  • arvasu sharma
    arvasu sharma 21 day ago


  • Abha Chadha
    Abha Chadha 21 day ago

    8444 calories without Pizza 😲

  • Andrew kizz
    Andrew kizz 22 days ago

    and i am a kid

  • Andrew kizz
    Andrew kizz 22 days ago

    i love crust

  • Ibrahim Lallo
    Ibrahim Lallo 22 days ago

    What is this song 7:19

  • mickycala
    mickycala 22 days ago

    disgusting... if u do something like that in italy, someone can kill u :p come in italy and eat a real pizza^^

  • Eddy Bolanos
    Eddy Bolanos 22 days ago

    "I consume a lot of frozen pizzas"
    Yeah, we can tell.

  • Aimless
    Aimless 23 days ago

    why did she hit you

  • Rabbia Rafiq
    Rabbia Rafiq 23 days ago

    I love you guys

  • Bm138 millar
    Bm138 millar 24 days ago

    not that i don't eat frozen pizza
    i consume tons of frozen pizza were was he going with that sentence

  • EldIoN DiAz
    EldIoN DiAz 24 days ago

    my mouth created so much water

    ZAAID AHMED 24 days ago

    why you guys r having it alone arent u ashamed of yourself

  • iiWyattTWD 2017
    iiWyattTWD 2017 24 days ago

    Why do I always watch this at night? ;-;

  • Nightmare Vampire
    Nightmare Vampire 24 days ago

    I'm also sick

  • Zak 247
    Zak 247 24 days ago

    burn in hell u cut the fuging crust

  • Apa Millora
    Apa Millora 24 days ago

    so holy

  • Kornelija Balčaitė

    I love pizza crust I hope u ate it

  • James Pham
    James Pham 24 days ago

    I'm a kid and I love crust I'm offended

  • Zozo Fuzz
    Zozo Fuzz 24 days ago

    Ooohhh that looks so gooood

  • Be Yah
    Be Yah 25 days ago

    are they couple

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