Prometheus movie review

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  • Ridley Scott returns to Sci-Fi genre to bring us "Prometheus" which takes place in the universe of "Alien"...but it's not really an Alien prequel. Confused yet? Yeah, don't be.

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  • Deb Barua
    Deb Barua 10 days ago

    Rееаaаllуууу niсееее mоviеее. I fоund it hеееrе =>

  • Carlos Smith
    Carlos Smith 18 days ago

    I remember a dude in the comments explaining why the alien didn't look like a zenomorph .. Now that I have watched Alien Covenant I can now find this dudes comment and let him know he's a complete DUMB ASS!!! LOL

  • Wendigo Dragon
    Wendigo Dragon 26 days ago

    *Pre-Backlash* Ridley Scott: "It's not an Alien prequel."
    Yet it has a -Facehugger- Trilobite and a -Proto Xenomorph- Deacon.
    *Post-Backlash* Ridley Scott: Never mind, it actually IS an Alien prequel!

  • Not A Horse
    Not A Horse 28 days ago

    I already like Prometheus, but after watching Covenant I love it.


  • Mike Person
    Mike Person 1 month ago

    It's a good movie but it just doesn't answer all the questions

  • thesamuraiman
    thesamuraiman 1 month ago

    Watched it a week ago. I liked it. Watched the sequel "Alien: Covenent" tonight. Liked it, too.

  • Owen Pommier
    Owen Pommier 1 month ago


  • Dubious Claims
    Dubious Claims 1 month ago

    It's a bullshit movie made fro drooling fans that lack any quality filters.

  • Operation Brass Eagle

    This movie was pretty bad.

  • Alex Marti
    Alex Marti 1 month ago

    what the fuck is this guy talking about name another movie apart from alien that it's like it dumb ass

  • llsymbiotell ,
    llsymbiotell , 1 month ago

    I really liked Prometheus and thought it was great but isn't it a prequel because alien covenent is a prequel and that a is Sequel to Prometheus

  • Ibrahim Quraishi
    Ibrahim Quraishi 1 month ago

    such an incredibly shallow review. but.... it is an alien prequel.

  • typical TDM
    typical TDM 1 month ago

    I love this movie . I hate that covenant will mostly ignore what they set up .

  • Dylan Redshaw
    Dylan Redshaw 1 month ago

    It is a Alien prequel lol

  • Alkhazred1
    Alkhazred1 1 month ago

    I loved it. Yes scientists were bizarre and stupid. I still loved it.

    MUHAMMAD SUMAIR 1 month ago

    Тhis is thе niсссcеist mооооviееее i еvееr sеееее!!! I аdvisе ееееvеrуbоdу tо wаtсh it :)

  • K OB
    K OB 1 month ago

    This film made me ask the ultimate question, Can i have my 9 bucks back please?

  • Stubrok
    Stubrok 1 month ago

    Watched it when it came out, wasn't impressed. Today I watched it after watching Alien and Aliens back to back and enjoyed it much more.

  • alopradocai
    alopradocai 1 month ago

    Really agree with you although I might have disliked the movie more hahaha.

  • Dylan Page
    Dylan Page 1 month ago

    It is, in fact, an alien prequel actually...

  • philip kemp bell
    philip kemp bell 1 month ago

    The scene with the serpent is analogy to Adam and Eve. It's covering the subject of evil evolving from temptation, the film covers different aspects from religion with Scott implementing his atheist beliefs.

  • Samuel Colunga
    Samuel Colunga 1 month ago

    I absolutely loved it

  • Jordan Wright
    Jordan Wright 1 month ago

    don't think this guy understood the movie at all

  • HGSH Entertainment
    HGSH Entertainment 1 month ago

    I liked it a fair amount, I have seen it many times, I saw it in 2012 and I thought it was alright, but the fourth time is the best.

  • BroBrian
    BroBrian 2 months ago

    The movie is not bad, it's just not great

  • Wenceslao Futanaki
    Wenceslao Futanaki 2 months ago

    what a fucking bad movie, the mother of bad movies. the cube is 10.000 better.

  • jukaa1012
    jukaa1012 2 months ago

    the guy in alien also didn't back off seeing the eggs

  • bmaster461603
    bmaster461603 2 months ago

    I enjoyed it but like you said "nothing special".

  • ABZ7ZZ
    ABZ7ZZ 2 months ago

    But it is an Alien Prequel

  • Greg
    Greg 3 months ago

    Loved it, liked it, now I hate it.

  • Kasey
    Kasey 3 months ago

    At least it was mildly better than the sack of shit that was "Alien". I seriously cannot comprehend how people love Alien so much, yet think that prometheus is trash. The whole Alien franchise is just a bunch of B horror movies, that could either be a guilty pleasure, or seen for the badly written trash that they are.

  • HemTY Sounds
    HemTY Sounds 3 months ago

    I wonder if you could do a review/thought video of the new Sequel "Alien: Covenant" trailer. And after you've seen the deleted scenes and the documentary on the blu-ray, this movie makes sense and is pretty badass.

  • John WEAK
    John WEAK 4 months ago

    Big surprise, Prometheus is actually a prequel to Alien 1979 movie

  • deathsdoor07
    deathsdoor07 4 months ago

    I fucking hate this movie.

  • Blueboy
    Blueboy 5 months ago

    This film was a dud for me. Taken out of the Alien Universe the film is cliched, and dull

  • GypsyGuyy420
    GypsyGuyy420 5 months ago

    Same score as the original Aliens ha

  • Truth And Justice
    Truth And Justice 5 months ago

    "this is not an alien prequal, this is not a prequal" yes it is😂😂 He was so wrong. And it just shows how unknowing he is since it's so damn obvious by everything in this movie...And officially confirmed. Alien Covenant coming out this year being a sequal to prometheus

  • spaceflash
    spaceflash 5 months ago

    nah, when a cat is hissing at you it means: "Pet me! Free clawing!"

  • John Orren
    John Orren 5 months ago

    Great looking movie but it was a complete load of crap.

  • Venom Kills
    Venom Kills 5 months ago

    I loved Prometheus.

  • MilkGames 4
    MilkGames 4 5 months ago

    Alien Covenant hype

  • Miki Miki
    Miki Miki 5 months ago

    I totally agree

  • Deadpool Vs wolverine
    Deadpool Vs wolverine 5 months ago

    Prometheus is actually a remake of alien

  • Michael Coffey
    Michael Coffey 5 months ago

    I thought this was FAR FAR better then what many did. However, saying that Alien an Aliens are far better but this was a solid B- C+ to me. An I think the sequel to this/tie in will make this better slightly better. As Jeremy said the look, editing, score of this film alone is better then the D or F grades many gave this.

  • Gabriel Curle
    Gabriel Curle 5 months ago

    Yeah it is an Alien Prequel now definitely confirmed

  • NathanDcMarvel x
    NathanDcMarvel x 5 months ago

    it is an alien prequel

  • wickstick19
    wickstick19 5 months ago

    Cool Sci Fi is special to me man.. . ...

  • younes elotmani
    younes elotmani 5 months ago

    Prometheus is technically a prequel to alien, because the engineers basically made the alien race with the black goo, which they intended to use on earth to replace us with the alien race, so technically the alien at the end of the movie is the first alien ever!

  • Jack Davis
    Jack Davis 5 months ago

    Alien Covenant better be great and respect the original source material. I would love to see Covenant be amazing.

  • Mikenactor
    Mikenactor 6 months ago

    I liked Prometheus, but the film had serious structural problems.

    • Last Noobn
      Last Noobn 6 months ago

      +Mikenactor First of all, Alien was a great film, and it left viewers with a lot of questions until Aliens came out. So no, that's not true. Infact, that makes the movies have a relevance and not just a worthless prequel.

      The acting was the same level as Alien. It was believable.


      Editing didn't have any issues from i remember, wtf.

    • Mikenactor
      Mikenactor 6 months ago

      +Last Noobn I'm talking about the editing, continuity inconsistencies, script writing and some of the performances. The film obviously had been cut down, Also... you should not rely on a sequel to flesh out your story, great films stand on their own.

    • Last Noobn
      Last Noobn 6 months ago

      Like what? Everything will be explained in the next movie. That's how the original Alien movies behaved.

  • Paesito Paez
    Paesito Paez 6 months ago

    I loved parts from this movie (the second act of the movie is mostly amazing) but there where a lot of iffy parts that kinda unbalanced the great parts

  • Cobalt Falcon
    Cobalt Falcon 6 months ago

    Until May of next year, it's not an Alien prequel

  • Madawg65
    Madawg65 6 months ago

    It was an Alien Prequel..but this movie was terrible if your a true Alien fan..I am and this movie fucking sucked ass...

  • DJmicaiah
    DJmicaiah 6 months ago

    Was he serious about it not being the Alien prequel? Must not have seen the post credit scene.

  • Kvng Christian
    Kvng Christian 7 months ago

    It is an Alien prequel though.

  • Mighty Kamina
    Mighty Kamina 7 months ago

    Now looking forward to Alien: Covenant next year

  • Nishanth Sasankan
    Nishanth Sasankan 7 months ago

    i think prometheus was a movie that was supposed to make you think. the fact that there was a crew and the way they died are not the things i remember getting out of the movie, but the questions the movie makes you take away with you are what makes this a good movie. why does the engineers create life? why do they decide to wipe out humans. How long has this been happening? Who made the engineers? what does the engineers world look like? this is not a movie where you look for mindless action like avengers.

  • trina flores
    trina flores 7 months ago

    I love the movie I really do but I can see why some people have a problem with it.

  • Chris V
    Chris V 8 months ago

    Alien movies best to worst list in my opinion.
    -Aliens (nuff said)
    -Alien (great scary movie. haunted me when I was a kid)
    -Alien3 (I like this movie, I'm in the small camp that thinks it's almost as good as the first two.)
    -Alien:Covenant (haven't seen it but it's gotta be better than the ones below.)
    -Alien5 (I hope it's good but Neil Blomkamps batting average is 1 and 2 so we'll see)
    -Prometheus (I own it, I saw it 3 times in theaters, and I honestly am just really disappointed with it. I like most of the characters and the world is awesome but there's just a lot of stupid moments that stop it from being anything but meh for me.)
    -AVPR (so bad it's hilarious. like c'mon space Marines, space truckers, and prisoners all failed to kill an Alien at one point, but a pizza boy kills a couple. Comedic gold right here.)
    -Alien Resurrection (eww)
    -AvP (fuck this pg-13 piece of fecal matter. Paul W.S. Anderson is honestly slightly better than Uwe Bowle and that's not saying much.)

  • Ryan Woodward
    Ryan Woodward 9 months ago

    Funny how he didn't mention the two MAIN CHARACTERS of the movie.

  • ledzepp94
    ledzepp94 10 months ago

    yes it is an alien prequel

    • Raymond Mach
      Raymond Mach 9 months ago

      I think he left before he saw the ending.

  • TheAwesomeGuy
    TheAwesomeGuy 10 months ago

    Prometheus is good, but it could have been better. It had so much potential ruined by poor writing decisions. It was originally going to be a genuine prequel that took place on LV-426. But the writers kept changing their minds over and over until it became a spin off just to set up more movies. Ridley Scott Listened to feed back that he is going to add in alien:covenant. He is going to add back the xenomorphs and everything related to it. He is also going to add in more connections to the original film. Tying to connect plot elements of Prometheus to alien. I think Alien: covenant will be good or at least better than Prometheus. He did direct The martian after all.

  • Hello L
    Hello L 10 months ago

    Prometheus is the worst movie ever

  • Hayden Brown
    Hayden Brown 10 months ago

    I believe I remember seeing a quote where Ridley said the Xenomorphs are weapons in a war. What if the Engineers and The Predators had a war the Xenomorphs were made as a weapon, it back fired and the Predators saw that this is a challenging prey and they decided to make more to hunt down.

  • Justin Maguire
    Justin Maguire 11 months ago

    This movie is so underwhelming

  • Black Tractor
    Black Tractor 11 months ago

    are u missing the point that aliens created us... ? kinda large ideas to be ignored in the review...I guess.

  • Notsuro nigthshade
    Notsuro nigthshade 11 months ago

    - Alien (master piece)
    - Aliens (my favorite -ridley and newt fav characters-)
    - Alien 3 (bullshit and depressing (-good why newt why?!-)
    - Alien: Resurrection (shitty lesby scfi by the number movie)
    - Alien vs. Predator (one good figth scene, too much exposition, still dont give a fuck about any of the character in it)
    - Alien vs. Predator: Requiem (i couldnt give a single fuck for ANY of the characters in this movie and its fucking dark as the soul of a deadmen, like really i couldnt see nothing until the final scene)
    - Prometheus (the android was cool and the cptn of the ship was cool to, all the other characters are retards, looks good as a movie but fails to deliver anything, and it fucks up the suit scene from alien, totally hate it)

  • Jonah Henrickson
    Jonah Henrickson 11 months ago

    Alien Franchise
    • Made:
    - Alien
    - Aliens
    - Alien 3
    - Alien: Resurrection
    - Alien vs. Predator
    - Alien vs. Predator: Requiem
    - Prometheus
    • Coming Soon: “Alien: Covenant”
    • Good (My opinion):
    - Alien
    - Aliens
    - Prometheus
    • Crap (My opinion):
    - Alien 3
    - Alien vs. Predator
    - Alien vs. Predator: Requiem
    • Had not seen yet: “Alien: Resurrection”


  • Blackie Mesa
    Blackie Mesa 1 year ago

    I really loved the atmosphere and Art Direction of this movie , the cinematography and Visual effects . but there was so many stupid moments in the movie that made me just say .. WTF ridley ? I mean I really can't believe the guy who made sci fi masterpieces like Blade Runner and Alien would have such stupid scenes in his movie .

  • Saturn
    Saturn 1 year ago

    I hate Prometheus solely for that running in a straight line scene.

    • Kalasha001
      Kalasha001 3 months ago

      its really a stupid thing to hate movie for. and i hate you for it

    • dust s
      dust s 5 months ago

      Saturn 😂😂

    • Joseph Russ
      Joseph Russ 6 months ago

      Then Shaw rolled over twice and was out of the way XD

    • Avxx00
      Avxx00 8 months ago

      At least it gave Cinema Sins a new argument though .

  • Nicolas Torres
    Nicolas Torres 1 year ago

    nah jeremyjahns, it's buy it on bluray.
    fuck out of here

  • Poot Potatoes
    Poot Potatoes 1 year ago

    Baby Sharktapus.

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 1 year ago

    This movie is pretty good and doesn't get the credit it deserves!!! Hopefully this movie will get better reviews over time!!! I sure hope the sequel Alien Covenant will be better!!

  • Smurf McUrf
    Smurf McUrf 1 year ago

    Why review a Movie you obviously don't understand?

  • Joe Digger
    Joe Digger 1 year ago

    I still wonder how 2 dudes can get lost in a system of caves when there have been probes mapping the dawn caves for HOURS before they try to run the fuck out of therw.

    • True Heart
      True Heart 1 year ago

      +Joe Digger I was thinking the same thing in the movie, i was confused by that aspect. I knew they had to set up the scene of them dying when meeting the new weaponized life form for the first time. However, i feel they could of approached it a much better way, such as witnessing something interesting in the cave that the probes picked up so decided to investigate the scene.

  • Kyouku
    Kyouku 1 year ago

    I think the characters are all unlikable. Alien and Aliens had much more likeable characters

  • UniverseReverie
    UniverseReverie 1 year ago

    Prometheus 2 is going to be called Alien: Covenant so it went from a not sequel to a sequel

  • ArminMeiwes23
    ArminMeiwes23 1 year ago

    4:19 "who ever you are, whatever your thoughts cum and blow let me know" Jeremy Jahns 2012

    • george.lmfao
      george.lmfao 9 months ago


    • ArminMeiwes23
      ArminMeiwes23 1 year ago

      Get a sense of humor dude.

    • E Schur
      E Schur 1 year ago

      +ArminMeiwes23 aaaand you need to get laid ArminMeiwes23 2016

  • MrScarykat
    MrScarykat 1 year ago

    dont waste your money on this movie

  • Trotsky -
    Trotsky - 1 year ago

    The thing I hate the most about Prometheus, as it is an Alien no one can deny it, is how technological superior it looks to Alien. If you're going to set off on Alien prequels, at least make it look aesthetically like the 1979 film. DO YOU EVEN ALIEN RIDLEY SCOTT?!

  • Apafis2112
    Apafis2112 1 year ago

    Promethius is misunderstood. I think its one of the better Sci-fi movies made resently.

  • srakaaaaaa
    srakaaaaaa 1 year ago

    Prometheus is one of the movies that I would love to be able to unwatch. But no such luck, this shitty, inteligence raping movie will always stay in my head.

  • ObviouslyAtomic
    ObviouslyAtomic 1 year ago

    it is a prequel, watch the ending. and plus why was there an engraving of the alien queen on the ships wall

    • Gallifrey Gojira
      Gallifrey Gojira 1 year ago

      +ObviouslyAtomic The mural resembles the proto xeno thing we saw at the end more than it does the queen.Also, it's a prequel because it takes place 30 years before Alien, but its a spinoff too, because it doesn't directly correlate at all to Alien, like it's sequel "Alien: Covenant" will.

  • Joma Roble
    Joma Roble 1 year ago

    You look really young here Jeremy...

  • Abel Villa
    Abel Villa 1 year ago

    "Hello, hello McFly!"

  • Nomad2001
    Nomad2001 1 year ago

    I saw a trailer and the fucking astrophysics in this SPACE movie, Keep in mind you could get this answer of google, Basically one bitch says

    Were half a billion miles from earth *Which is still in the fucking solar system* Over 35 light years, WHICH IS A FUCKING LONG DISTANCE, IMMAGINE THIS, LIGHT TRAVELS FASTER THAN ANYTING AND GOING AT THAT SPEED FOR 35 YEARS, THATS ACROSS THE FUCKING GALAXY AT THIS POINT.

    • TheLegend27
      TheLegend27 1 year ago

      its more like 1000 light years do your math 35 light years is from earth to saturn

  • flowey
    flowey 1 year ago

    yeaahhhh, sorry, i prefer prometheus over alien. are you going to be a hater? let me tell you why, prometheus has more tension and suspense while alien does have tension but not enough, also prometheus has more lovable characters which all has a personality that can suit anyone, plus the different species are intresting than the nomal "alien" come on, engineers, trilobites, that weird snake thing, it is awesome. i have to admit alien is awesome and can never be replaced but prometheus came a little on top

  • Charles Fox
    Charles Fox 1 year ago

    I liked it.thought it was decent

  • Inglés con Ente Nivola

    Are you on drugs?

  • Rehan Chowdhury
    Rehan Chowdhury 1 year ago

    I didn't feel anything towards Prometheus

  • John Striker
    John Striker 1 year ago

    I still think "Groundhog Day" is a better movie ;)

  • Jonas King
    Jonas King 1 year ago

    I loved it. I just wish there was more science in the sci-fi. Look at Europa Report. Hell, even some of the things in Blade Runner have very interesting psychological implications. It was a good horror movie. Not so much a good sci-fi.

  • Kenny Ross
    Kenny Ross 1 year ago

    Your review made me chuckle, all the things you were mentioning were the things I thought when I saw it i.e. why the fuck would you start treating a weird alien thing like it's a puppy?? also when what's her name, Shaw, for no apparent reason takes her helmet off in an alien atmosphere? Why would you do that? But I liked the film, it was what I was expecting, I knew there was no Xenomorph in it as in interviews Ridley Scott emphasized it was about who the space jockey was (from Alien) so I wasn't disappointed (other than some stupid character decisions like running in a straight line).

  • Soft-NyeYinx
    Soft-NyeYinx 1 year ago

    I gotta be honest,I only watched this movie for the violence & death scenes :/ Those were worth watching!;) but everything else,no.Everything was too generic.Idiots with cyber guns shooting at aliens........wait!did dead space finally get a movie???but with a shittier story!!!???0o0

    jk,this is nonthing compared to deadspace!XD

  • SpeedDemon1152
    SpeedDemon1152 1 year ago

    As David said "The Creators" as I like to call them or "The Engineers" we're going to leave that temporary planet for Earth to destroy them. I guess the big dude was finishing is job, to kill the humans.

  • Raymond Ross
    Raymond Ross 1 year ago

    Not a prequel? Then explain why the ship in the first Alien movie was ring shaped with a slot missing? Look for yourself: it's practically the same ship design... a PREQUEL! Either that or a "cousin."

  • whyflyguy007
    whyflyguy007 1 year ago

    I'm surprised you found nothing particularly special about the movie. I will grant the horror aspect was a means to an end in sticking with the horror genre of alien, i didn't enjoy those parts always skip them; the specialness and uniqueness of the movie I found was the amount of questions and symbolic clues and references that the film evoked for me as a viewer and how powerful the theme of seeking questions at the risk of ones life amerced me into how the story played out. did u not sit on the edge of your seat when the engineer awoke, or at the pregnancy scene? those scenes were unlike anything I have ever seen in a film. I truly love Prometheus and hold it in my top ten sci-fi films of all time. i didn't expect to love it this much. furthermore it made me want to explore more of Ridley Scotts work

  • Tim Walden
    Tim Walden 1 year ago

    At some point I need to give this film a second chance. The first viewing, I was bored and shut it off within the first 15-20 minutes.

  • blue boy
    blue boy 1 year ago

    Literally just watched it. I heard it was a Alien prequel and i remember the very first scene with the tall white alien dude i was like did i put in the wrong movie? So everyone lied, and the xenomorph was in the movie for like 5 seconds. Wont say its a bad movie, but its not good either. I feel like i wasted my time with this movie. SPOILER ALERT. The zombie guy was cool though, should of had more of that. And i agree with Jeremy, why tf was that tall alien dude so hostile for no reason. And why did David poison the main chicks husband? And why is there not enough Elba?

    • David Holder
      David Holder 1 year ago

      the engineers is explained as hostile because in the movie it's explained that they were coming to wipe out humanity
      and he probably wanted to complete his mission now that he was awake
      David was willing to do anything to find a way to keep weyland alive
      just like in the original alien the main crew was planned to be expendable

    • blue boy
      blue boy 1 year ago

      +Garet Jax they lied to me though. I was told it was a Alien prequel... Thanks for the info though.

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