Video Games and Cultural Appropriation

What's mine is yours.

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Author The DORUK ( ago)
Dear Rags; its my birthday; pin me plz

Author Complicasiian ( ago)
what a dumbass this guy.

Author Damon Braughton ( ago)
I feel that it needs to be mentioned that the Adam Sandler movie was a satire. The Natives were mistreated not because they just thought it was funny to degrade Native American women but rather because the people who created classic westerns thought it was funny. The joke wasn't intended to simply laugh at the natives, but to laugh at how the dumb white people treat them in the dumb movie. I seem to remember a native american in an older western being repeatedly kicked from somebody's front porch by the same guy. Nobody got their panties in a twist about that, and that wasn't meant as satire.

Author Damon Braughton ( ago)
Lol that Indian accent was actually pretty good

Author Dominic St.Peter ( ago)
At 23:53 the Arabic.... It's correct

Author mglfjgklfd jflkjglkfd ( ago)
Cut off BABY hands, don't forget that.

Author Chrisfragger1 ( ago)
Can they put Allah in that game?

Author madaffi ( ago)
but Phantom Menace wasn't that bad ;_;

Author QooperG28 ( ago)
Havent seen it in the comments, but I also didnt look very hard.
I'm not sure if you are aware of that Rags, that part didnt make it quite clear 22:12
OPFOR stands for Opposing Force. By this time you probably alredy know this or you did know it all along and it just came around weired in the video but better safe then sorry.

Author Deer God ( ago)
I love how he starts talking about getting dropped off in a foreign land and becoming a powerful person, and goes into depth about Far Cry 4 while I listen to this video while playing Far Cry 4

Author USS Enterprise NCC-1701 ( ago)
thanks for the reminder that i still need to instal Oblivion

Author Andrew ( ago)
19:50 "The worst religiion in the world, Islam." As a "muslim" myself, I cannot agree more.

Author Bob Saget ( ago)
Why is this recommended to me? This video gave me autism and cancer. Fuck this shit

Author bowser5678 ( ago)
Rags, with your discussion with cultural perspectives on Native Americans, that reminds me of F-Zero GP Legend where a Native American character pilots a F-Zero machine called the "Wind Walker." Basically in Japan it was called "Crazy Horse," and America changed it to the "Wind Walker" because they thought it was racially insensitive (Really?) Personally I feel like the Crazy Horse name is better than the Wind Walker.

Author Distinct Souls ( ago)
depicting an asian as a bad driver in america is stereotyping. depicting anyone in traditional clothing is not. he just hates whites. fkn sick and tired of all this sjw bull.

Author Meerkat More ( ago)
What does a jacksepticeye goat simulator video have to do with native Americans being blamed for surreal shit? In goat simulator, you're a goat who can do the weird shit you can do because video games, and it's not about the woman he had flopping around there, she was white, not native American

Author Blazingsilver ( ago)
It's 8:40 and got bored so I watched this. I think I'm going to ask my sociology teacher tomorrow "who own white culture?" If he gives an answer I'll update this. I might also ask who owns black culture

Author Boil Derrik ( ago)
How have I never seen this channel before?

Author Lucas daVeiga ( ago)
39:56 it's actually the nerf hammer or bow

Author ScrewFearMe ( ago)
a better example would be if you had medusa but isnt medusa already in smite?

Author ScrewFearMe ( ago)
24:57 the character he is showing, which game does that character come from and what is the name of the character?

Author Seawolf Gaming ( ago)
Rags this is a great video but it's nearly Identical to one of Fringy's. You two are pretty similar though.

Author Jenner Heggstrom ( ago)
100 years from now there will be a football team called "The Niggers" and no one will bat an eye

Author Lionkingview ( ago)
Ok , i liked your video but i disagree with you on AC3. Connor feels more like someone you could trust and also a more relateable .(Ezio always seemed to me obnoxcious and just to much of a disney prince . Plus the game got on my good side for being kind of like an east german western (they would have storys about how some asshole cowboys fucked over some indians and then the indians would get their revenge(best example is "Apachen" from 1973(skip through it if you have the time)))

Author winston smith ( ago)
Resident Evil 4 should piss off spaniards, then. They give them mexican accents and slang, and there are Aztec ruins somewhere...yes, you read it right, AZTEC RUINS IN EUROPE.

Author John Wenzel ( ago)
the witcher 3 literally nails every aspect of polish mythology dead on... yet they call it racist for having only white people when that is culturally true... WTF? so whats more important, cultural realism or diversity?

Author thetimeis2 ( ago)
54:30 The difference would be that Jamin isn't bitching about cultural appropriation all the time.

Author John Wenzel ( ago)
That indian guy talking about change on the wind was from Prey, a great game combining Native American spiritualism and alien abduction.

Author Thecatman 175 ( ago)
OMG I live in MN.

Author Player Review ( ago)
We need more developers that were alive in the 1600's, because I am literally shaking regarding the amount of developers making games from around that era. Also, the Romans totally culturally appropriated the ancient Greeks. How dare they preserve so much art and science!

Author Birdassasin ( ago)
25:49 The screencap is from Prey, in case nobody hasn't mentioned it

Author Mario Darnadi ( ago)
i woould not call russians white, they are asian type. mongolian, russia is so big its mixed so much.

Author AngryGamer96 ( ago)
hey rags if you happen to see this comment, that game where the jaimon guy flashes a native American saying "I sense change on the wind" that game is Prey that was released in 2006, decent game.

Author emile ( ago)
Oh no they are displaying God's in a game, blasphemy

Author Mathew Kamieniecki ( ago)
I love the Witcher 3

Author Mach VI ( ago)
I thought you were a conservative until you mentioned empathy.

Author Jenner Heggstrom ( ago)
my favorite place is the American place. nobody likes Japan land

Author Dhendo7 ( ago)
Good boy.

Author Leggo / Prostatus5 ( ago)
Hang on a second... there is no German speaking faction in Modern Warfare 2, there's not even one in the entire series. (multiplayer wise) He got it from a completely different game. That's fucking hilarious.

Author lars mertens ( ago)

Author THEFareday ( ago)
"You can't fool me, you sneaky Greeks!"

Author Luke Frederiks ( ago)
"Facts don't care about your feelings." - Ben Shapiro

Author Slayr ( ago)
I liked Assassins Creed 3....

Author cinamin assult ( ago)
didnt that shut down?

Author Michael Mitchell ( ago)
The Arabic sign literally says "Iraqi Border 70km", the sign to the left of it, I can't tell. It definitely isn't Arabic, that first letter is completely unknown to me, but it could be Urdu or Farsi, really depends on where 70km from the border it is. I'd be willing to bet it's correct.

Author Cash Brown ( ago)
The only thing I know about Karachi is that it smells like shit, and you can start smelling it before you can see the city.

Author negatyve ( ago)
"Cultural appropriation" is an artistic tradition that stretches as far back as trade routes, ffs.

Author Penta Purry ( ago)
I want to fuck that dog

Author LivedKestral 950 ( ago)
I would personally take it as a compliment if a majority culture adopted and aspect of my minority culture... but what do I know I'm just a white male.

Author Epyrian ( ago)
Cultural Appropriation is an ultra-racist term meant to divide people into "us" and "the disgusting others."

For one, culture is innately shareable. There isn't a single culture today which has not borrowed from another culture. Therefore, if something is innately shared, it cannot be stolen. Culture isn't an item... if one person starts to eat feta cheese, they are not stopping me, a Greek person, from also eating feta cheese.

Author TacoBombastic ( ago)
i don't play cod much but how do you fuck up the year and development team that made the game you're talking about heckin god dang man

Author Shiba Coffee ( ago)
don't spake ill of connor the best assassin

Author BeyonDeath78 - ( ago)
is it weird if your videos help my anxiety

Author Jebediah McGee ( ago)
I as a non-orc greatly find video games not representing orcs in a correct manner!

Is that a good immittation of the stupidity that is the majority of SJWs? :P

Author Owen Lyons ( ago)
Even though I love Skyrim a ton I still laughed when he described it as a game where you collect potions

Author Kohl Morris ( ago)
No no no Rags, you don't get it, the more white people that is there, the dominant you cis white scumbag male stop triggering me.

Author Gnawer Shreth ( ago)
Of course a Japanese game developer isn't going to get absolutely everything about one of the European cultures right in a game, and of course a Polish game developers isn't going to nail every single detail about Native American culture. So fucking what?

The alternative is that European and Native American cultures just aren't represented in games at all. If people are going to whine about every little detail the game developers are just going to stop even trying to include your people. It's not going to worth the effort for them since they're never going to get everything right so people will keep bitching.

And what is with the whiners always just assuming that "appropriation" (Which it isn't in the first place. It's just sharing. Appropriation involves actually taking something away from people. White guy wearing a headdress doesn't prevent a Native American from also going it so it isn't appropriation.) is done for "evil" reasons. When kids dress up as a Native American it's not to mock the Native Americans ffs. It's because they find them cool. It's appreciation and them wanting to be cool like the Native Americans. It's the exact same as with vikings, knights, superheroes etc. People find them cool so they want to be one themselves. It's in no way mocking anyone.

Author Rotten Egg Creations ( ago)
"cultures you don't belong to." Saying to someone they don't belong to that culture based on a persons heritage or skin color comes off as very xenophobic and nationalistic. Traditions are stupid and the idea of culture ownership needs to die. 17:57 Are you fucking kidding me, unless they are portraying gay people as deviant child molesters I don't want to hear any complaints about stereotypes outside of an artistic examination not a fucking agenda. Gotta love how people like us can figure this shit out and call out people way above our prestige and pay grade of how stupid they are.23:19 you know it's fun to point this out in reviews and commentary but beyond that who gives a fuck. 25:25 complains about native american stereotypes and yet we have natives
still practicing their shaman beliefs in town hall meetings and shit. Of course no one no fucking one of consequence thinks all natives etc. are alike. The only racists we have are part of trumps administration example the attorney general was a KKK member, there is your real racist but no, lets focus on entertainment and media, much more important then the ones that run the country most of us live in. 50:00 and there we have the inevitable double standard.
Also the ad before this video was about not letting your dogs have "british teeth" what If I had a commercial about not letting your dogs have "african hair" or some shit.

Author Justin Hoang ( ago)
19:49 "Arabic is the religious language of the worst religion in the world, Islam" XDD SAME

Author HCL Productions ( ago)
my family is from Pakistan and I've spent an entire summer in Karachi once and I did not care about the language thing let's be 100% honest most signs are written in English, Arabic, or on rare occasions Urdu plus I was more offended by the poor portrayal of the city itself as it's pretty much a port town with a huge market and they made it look like generic Pakistani city number 1 but even then I didn't care because it's a video game... also just a side note I hope your being sarcastic about the Islam thing

Author Lebby Great ( ago)
My school showed a video by this guy explaining the History of monopoly during a community service session. He basically turned it into: Charles Darrow stole the idea of monopoly from a Socialist board game by an old lady because he was an evil capitalist and he wanted to silence Socialism. Oh yeah and Socialism rules.

Author jarrett jones ( ago)
That moment when you watch a rags video in the middle of class and no one knows

Author AnarchyRipper ( ago)
Lol Mary in smite!! i mean shes not a god! if anything Jmon or whatever shouldve said Jesus.... I mean i would love to see Jesus in Smite lol

Author Thorium Mammet ( ago)
See rags. Light travels faster than sound.. that's why this guy looks bright, but then you hear him speak.

Author Cringe In A Nutshell ( ago)
"Its a game about collecting potions" O-oh! Dont forget getting arrested for taking a flower!

Author o3iquitous ( ago)
As a German, I was deeply offended by his stupidity displayed at 21:04. Holy fucking hell. What a retard.
For a native English speaker who probably hasn't heard all too much German in his life, your pronounciation was alright by the way. The way the languages feel while being spoken are incredibly interestingly different, that's why Germans frequently butcher the English language as well. :)

Author BOXXY ( ago)
never trust edited comments

Author BOXXY ( ago)
**sees description**

give me your PC buddy

Author Lebby Great ( ago)
Fuck the Huffington Post. They see a gorilla, automatically think of black people, and then try to say the people who made the King Kong movies are the racist ones.

Author SpyCheckingPyro ( ago)
@22:20 Don't know if it was said or not, but OpFor is actually a military term for training simulations where one platoon still trains as if they're US Soldiers and the other would train as an insurgent, to help you get into the mindset of a terrorist's wait then run and gun tactics. (Usually just by turning their uniforms inside out and you shoot each other with chalk rounds). Depending on if you're just training at, say, Fort Sill and you're training in a bunch of shipping containers to be a tiny village or it's built up like the NTC (National Training Center). There you will get 1:1 models of locations you would see while deployed. All OpFor literally means is Opposing Force.
With this context in mind, the multiplayer isn't even about America vs Middle Easterners. It's still a training simulation of Americans training against other Americans. Just like what's actually going down with the people holding the controllers. The Multiplayer has no story line. And shy of the Arabic that the OpFor speak (most interpreters for the US Military use Arabic because it's more widely spoken instead of having a specific interpreter for each and every tribal dialect) and the "uniforms" (which is pretty sloppily thrown on, just like anyone with a vague understanding would)- there is nothing that even ties them to being not apart of a training simulation.
Source: I just wrote a specific three letter combination that just sent a wave of dread among all the other veterans and service members reading.

Author Erling Tristan ( ago)
do people just want to get a mild roast from rags

Author Lord Agony ( ago)
I'm Arabic and I played COD and MOH and I didn't give shit

Author EvaUnit02 ( ago)
@57:03 Who is the Starcraft 2 streamer he's talking about? TotalBisuit? Day9?

Author J0nnyB ( ago)
Mag-yar? I'm glad that you are part of hungarian because I am myself, one.
(But the correct pronunciation closest you can say is like : ma-jar.
I heard foreigners had problems with the 'gy' letter, it's hard I know, but mag-yar?
It just cracked me up.)

Anyway, I got your point and you make valid statements in your videos, keep them coming.

Author That Jewish Succ ( ago)

Author Carl Poppa ( ago)
you say Atilla the hun is daddy, but is Atilla the hun daddy?

Author Jared Planthaber ( ago)
Huh, never thought Greeks to be the sneaky type, especially Spartans.

Author Lag Grenade ( ago)
22:15 OPFOR (opposing force) is a common name for an insurgent group in a military simulation. For example, it's used in Rainbow Six Siege, but in a specifically military vs terrorists scenario OPFOR would be the terrorists

Author MadDögg LoL ( ago)
Giving Dark Souls to a 12 year old is actually not a good thing. It makes them learn what failing tastes like, what being in an unforgiving world is, what "meritocracy" means and it makes them learn to get back up each time they're thrown down, rather than run away and hide in one of those "safespace" hoping for the world to change just for them to feel "secure".
Giving Dark Souls to a 12 is in fact the best way to prevent him/her from being a SJW !

Author Jizzy J ( ago)
18:56 So strange to hear german out of nowhere.

Author Josh Feldman ( ago)
Rags about to hit Jamon like a Cherokee Drum

Author MIm Mim ( ago)
10:54 (My country was mentioned in something which isn't war from halfway across the globe, YAY)
I love you Rags.

Author Ian Srven ( ago)
just found your channel, very interesting, will watch more vids, like the cut of your jib as it is :)

Author Braskus ( ago)
So.. More importantly.. Are you gonna buy a Zotac 1080 Ti Amp Extreme? or 2?

Author sammy brasch ( ago)
Woooo! Circumcised club!

Author TenZEDin ( ago)
According to a couple of sites, cultural appropriation is taking credit for that culture and discrediting those who created it and ignoring them.

Author DanThMann ALTERNATE ( ago)
35:48 insert clip of PyrionFlax from Bodega Part Uno here

Author Hoshioni ( ago)
Dear rags you know PBS runs this channel and its owned by another network that hates gamers right?

Author Mysterious Swordsman ( ago)
im Muslim and im subscribed to rags . why get butt hurt by an opinion and he makes good content and his ideas dosent detract from my enjoyment .

Author Yen Lau ( ago)
Ur german ;3

Author Rabid Pig ( ago)
@Rags are you jewish my man?

Author byghostlight0 ( ago)
sorry you are so pathetic you have mock someone because they highlight the fact that game devs get a whole languages wrong? when all they have to do is hirer an expert. in fact you whole point is so typically America, naive and xenophobic. language is at the cornerstone of all cultures. Lets put it this way how would you feel if someone subtitled your videos and made you love what this guy is saying or how you think Ashley Judd from the other week is 100% correct. You would hate it, it goes against everything you stand for and misrepresents. That is why getting a language is important. While you cant read squiggly lines hate to break it to you, you are just one unimportant gamer in a huge world who plays game. There are heaps of players AMERICANS who can read those lines. The french language is far more interesting, complex than the American language. Hell the whole French culture and country is better than anything America has to offer. If you can even respect others why the F should you expect people to respect you?

Author byghostlight0 ( ago)
11:10 you miss a HUGE point it is not suddenly bad. It has always been bad but back then it was done through conquest. It was done through violence and oppression, whats the most oppression you face in a day listening to someone get upset because they saw their culture misused for your amusement and dont have the balls to understand or respect why they are upset. Roman's used cultural appropriation as a way of dominating through 'peace', that is pretty much how the Celtic world ended and how our world got much of what we do today, They borrowed and manipulated, to control and oppress through 'peace'

Author Dude Amazin ( ago)
Im glad that the world has embraced gaming, and how big the industry has gotten, but with that, we get nonsense like we've been getting last few years and its really getting old.

Author O Black ( ago)
Cultural Apporpriation = cause to why Christmas, Easter, and Halloween are celebrated by MANY people across the world. Bad? No not really

Author brian doung ( ago)
I'm seeing ads before rags videos now, does that mean he monetized his videos?

Author Edward Gutierrez ( ago)
Enough is enough

Author Dank Memeoligist ( ago)
You need more views you filthy mutt.

Author RhedThec ( ago)
Those goddamn Indians coming out of my T.V

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