Video Games and Cultural Appropriation

What's mine is yours.

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Author The DORUK ( ago)
Dear Rags; its my birthday; pin me plz

Author MIm Mim ( ago)
10:54 (My country was mentioned in something which isn't war from halfway across the globe, YAY)
I love you Rags.

Author Ian Srven ( ago)
just found your channel, very interesting, will watch more vids, like the cut of your jib as it is :)

Author Braskus ( ago)
So.. More importantly.. Are you gonna buy a Zotac 1080 Ti Amp Extreme? or 2?

Author sammy brasch ( ago)
Woooo! Circumcised club!

Author TenZEDin ( ago)
According to a couple of sites, cultural appropriation is taking credit for that culture and discrediting those who created it and ignoring them.

Author The Amazing DanThMann ( ago)
35:48 insert clip of PyrionFlax from Bodega Part Uno here

Author Hoshioni ( ago)
Dear rags you know PBS runs this channel and its owned by another network that hates gamers right?

Author Mysterious Swordsman ( ago)
im Muslim and im subscribed to rags . why get butt hurt by an opinion and he makes good content and his ideas dosent detract from my enjoyment .

Author Yen Lau ( ago)
Ur german ;3

Author Rabid Pig ( ago)
@Rags are you jewish my man?

Author byghostlight0 ( ago)
sorry you are so pathetic you have mock someone because they highlight the fact that game devs get a whole languages wrong? when all they have to do is hirer an expert. in fact you whole point is so typically America, naive and xenophobic. language is at the cornerstone of all cultures. Lets put it this way how would you feel if someone subtitled your videos and made you love what this guy is saying or how you think Ashley Judd from the other week is 100% correct. You would hate it, it goes against everything you stand for and misrepresents. That is why getting a language is important. While you cant read squiggly lines hate to break it to you, you are just one unimportant gamer in a huge world who plays game. There are heaps of players AMERICANS who can read those lines. The french language is far more interesting, complex than the American language. Hell the whole French culture and country is better than anything America has to offer. If you can even respect others why the F should you expect people to respect you?

Author byghostlight0 ( ago)
11:10 you miss a HUGE point it is not suddenly bad. It has always been bad but back then it was done through conquest. It was done through violence and oppression, whats the most oppression you face in a day listening to someone get upset because they saw their culture misused for your amusement and dont have the balls to understand or respect why they are upset. Roman's used cultural appropriation as a way of dominating through 'peace', that is pretty much how the Celtic world ended and how our world got much of what we do today, They borrowed and manipulated, to control and oppress through 'peace'

Author Dude Amazin ( ago)
Im glad that the world has embraced gaming, and how big the industry has gotten, but with that, we get nonsense like we've been getting last few years and its really getting old.

Author O Black ( ago)
Cultural Apporpriation = cause to why Christmas, Easter, and Halloween are celebrated by MANY people across the world. Bad? No not really

Author brian doung ( ago)
I'm seeing ads before rags videos now, does that mean he monetized his videos?

Author Edward Gutierrez ( ago)
Enough is enough

Author Dank Memeoligist ( ago)
You need more views you filthy mutt.

Author RhedThec ( ago)
Those goddamn Indians coming out of my T.V

Author Liam Bobyak ( ago)
Huns and Magyars are not the same thing. Magyars came 400ish years after the Huns. Just nit picking here

Author karim ahsan ( ago)
Urdu rags and there are no arabic signs and i am pakistani its not a bomb shelter for terrorists we are not backwards apes and there are no signs in arabic we learn it but only for the quran like so rags can see it

Author 1inchPunchBowl ( ago)
Without cultural appropriation we would have no democracy. (psst..Democracy was appropriated from the Greeks).
You silly billy Americans.

Author Dizzy Gear ( ago)
Wait wait, at first I thought this idiot was back but man, you really dug DEEP into their video log to find this, though I guess in this case, now is as much a time as ever to bring this up.

Author Filip Stosic ( ago)
just pointing out niko is serbien

Author Filip Magierowski ( ago)
I just hope you are right... Unfortunately i believe that people like this shithead in the video get too much attention and support nowadays....

Just look what happenede to JOntron, I think it connects nicely to this video...

Author Zennith 997 ( ago)
I wonder who Rags' owner is...

Author Raily Eightseven ( ago)
untill now we had victimless crimes and now we have crimless victims

Author NiteOwl ( ago)
rags you asked how many it takes to ban, well apparently here in Australia it takes only 1. a few years ago a brittish song about aboriginals got banned from radio cause 1 listener got affended. i will link the article but its not an affensive song, i would link the song but on tablet but if you wish to decide for your self youtube it. its called my boomerang won't come back, you will find it easy

Author 「ROGUE.」 ( ago)
rags had a dick slip in this video

Author Patrick Hild ( ago)
These are dark times to be a gamer.. 😥🙁

Author ZetaSword ( ago)
Remember when gameplay was the most important thing about a game, not this arbitrary push for representation by the social justice whiners.

Author RicochetSaw ( ago)
28:00 is from Prey... a game about native american lore mixed with an alien invasion...

Author QuebeC VR ( ago)
Donate to rags

He must defend his realm (house/apartment) monthly from evil (taxes)

Author ScoutTrooper164 ( ago)
Hey Rags, can you do a look at Gligar13Vids video about why people buy consoles, please?

Author SuperLlama42 ( ago)
"Generic pan-indian culture"
*cue clip of Thunder from Killer Instinct, who is a Naz Perce, a Native American tribe from the Pacific Northwest, as I effortlessly gleaned from two Google searches*

But no, totally just some fukkin generic Injun.

Author Imperator Phil ( ago)
If seeing a Kali with her tits and cunt covered up a bit is offensive to Hindus, then it shows how half-hearted in their faith they are.

Author KnightHawk2901 ( ago)
Holy shit rags you are one of the only you tubers that 1: Knows what the hell they are talking about and 2: You put so much fucking effort into your videos, I mean a hour of content that you put so much effort into, should be recognized. Props.

Author Zer0CooL ( ago)
@Rags You should play PLAYERUNKOWNS Battlegrounds! Tell us what you think!

Author Carlos Mendes ( ago)
About Skyrim: Also the Empire is heavy based on the Roman Empire. I guess both opinions are kinda valid, more or less, there are games that use culture in a historic way. Total War series, Civilization, and many others that I cannot remember.... I do not think XCOM has anything to do with Culture lol.

Author Brandon Page ( ago)
I'm sick of these "SJ's" they come in and steal our culture way too much. First they tried to take kekistan, then gaming, then are MEME's. I didn't farm these for you. #NotYourMemes

Author Unedited Gamer ( ago)
As a Native American of the Biloxi Tribe I applaud Rag's for his work and I find PBS's work highly offensive! Shame on you PBS. Also as a Native American I give him full permission from this day forth to comment on my heritage in any way he see's fit.

All in favor raise of hands
just me

All opposed

Congrats Rag, you are now a honorary native american and have as such are welcome to speak on our behalf as you pleased.

Signed Clint Strong 3/23/2017

Author Dendrym ( ago)
everytime you say "opressed" in my head triggers "Help! Help! I'm being opressed!"

Author DragoNOS Gearheart ( ago)
+Rags How much do you think an always 1080p 60fps high/ultra PC will cost in 2020? I am currently a Hardcore Xbox gamer (you should know the pain) and I want some advice

Author Flession ( ago)
You know, when people online point to the recent argument about defunding PBS, I like to point to this asshole and say he was funded by every one of us.

Author Jeremiah Gilbert ( ago)
Rags is a cockboy lol

Author Matthew Supan ( ago)
Watching Rags videos make me worry about being an author. Never before did I realize how white washed my characters were in my stories. Man, I must be such an asshole, since I don't have any characters, ever, that aren't those fucking white people.

Author Darth Puma ( ago)
The point of video games is to escape the real world! I don't want to play in other countries on earth. I have the chance to travel to those places on earth. I can't go to fantasy worlds, hence why i enjoy games!

Author Natsu Dragneel ( ago)
Hey rags i seriously have so much respect for you; everything you say i pretty much agree with and its amazing how you call out all these people who are spreading lies and confusion to the masses. Please continue on doing what you do better than everybody; thanks for producing amazing content, take care my friend

Author Jabukon ( ago)
Didn't you already upload this? Or did Fringy did it? I somehow know this...
Also that first native american is from "Prey" 2006

Author GavinGamer22 ( ago)
17:42 never knew Mario worked as a boxing ref as well lol

Author GHilliE ( ago)
God, you're such a cultural imperialist. Like, do you even fuck Arabs? That's right, you don't. YOU SEXIST, XENOPHOBIC, HOMOPHOBIC, ISLAMOPHOBIC, RACIST, DOG!

Author HiTeckGrenwick ( ago)
@25:55 Prey had one of my favorite game openings ever. I'd recommend it!

Author Cafex ( ago)
Monitized videos. Now getting money, saw ur tweet. Make a patreon, I might give you my money for the next 3 months.

Author Chiri Toxic ( ago)
Proud to have you in my state

Author Austini Linguini ( ago)
Was "triggered" there for a second when you said TES V: Skyrim was a game about collecting potions. Came to my senses, pulled the gun away from my temple...and liked the video.

Author Ace Fighter ( ago)
Hey Rags, Im fairly new to your channel and so far I think your videos are fucking hilarious. I have a question and not sure if you have done this already, but have you done one of those response videos to one of the most cancerous "Cyberbullies" LeafyIsHere ?

Author EvAc Tusk ( ago)
Rags I am going to make a video about you about how much you have helped me as a person and keep up the good work

Author Crow Slaw ( ago)
Great video as always!

Author Stephen Yount ( ago)
I don't get how you do this shit constantly, I can hardly handle little amounts of stupid.

Author Devilsmygrandpap ( ago)
Skyrim is set in a fictional world, it's not even Scandinavia so what is the issue?

Author Kyster Sweats ( ago)
as a person living in southern Minnesota in the twin cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul) i agree with my state being mentioned in this video =3

Author Sans ( ago)
Rags how can i get goof audio while recording on a xbox one(yea i hadnt realized the difference of em since all my friends play consoles so i have regrets but do you know anything bout that)?

Author iurko ( ago)
Dear Rags, y u no accept me on Steam?

Author xYuushax ( ago)
what about freedom of game developers?

Author Ethan Druce ( ago)
i accually really like the phantom menace

Author Nick Amarit ( ago)
I think cultural appropriation is part of evolution... it's surprising/ironic/hypocritical that a "left wing" supporter, like Jamin, is against it...

Author Aleksander ( ago)
Random question, but what's your Overwatch rank? Not judging, just curious and I remember you talking about it.

Author Stewart Ashton ( ago)
Saying cultural appropriation is a bad thing sounds rather nationalistic and right-wing to me. What are you on about, J'min?

Author porkcow55 ( ago)

Author DarkRebecca ( ago)
As a Scotto-Norse, it is cultural appropriation for me NOT to cultural appropriate... Wait...
Also, that old man is from the original Prey. He says that line 2min before an alien invasion. Good game: needs more love.

Author Perfect Harmony ( ago)
If you type in my user name with "rags" a bunch of musicals pop up

Author RogeNight ( ago)
I love you rags thanks for sticking up for us gamers we are tired of being treated like dumb basement dwelling nerds, psychoes one violent game from killing everyone, or now racist sexist Islamophobes

Author MeatloafHD ( ago)
Rags, do you like The Doors?

Author fischkopp1234 ( ago)
caucasian culture? What the fuck is that? As if all caucasians have the same culture, because they're white. I'd call that racist, if I was a triggered pussy. Oh, the irony and hubris of those always fighting in the name of people, who didn't ask them to, not knowing a damn thing about culture.

Author jonah sarfati ( ago)
Why does taxpayer money go here? Trump, please fix this.

Author Simpletonium ( ago)
The opening rebuttal gained my like.

Author ianmaster68 ( ago)
upvoted for the indian accent

Author Connor Price ( ago)
me me big boy

Author WellThatWasLame- LL ( ago)
those god damn native americans comin' through the tv... also, hey rags :) its my birthday too

Author FlareMark ( ago)
rags gets me closer and closer to switching to pc......hell when i get the money for a good set up ill most likely get one..... if its as good as everyone says.......thank you rags sama

Author Neon Valkyrja ( ago)
i want to pet this doggo so badly

Author marcianito 100% real ayy ( ago)
Don Flamingo isn't even Latino, he's a Spaniard!

Author Vortrex _ ( ago)
I always thought opfor was Russian.

Author Pyrrhos Dauvet ( ago)
Using Far Cry 4 as an example at 43:33 is funny because in this game you are a native of the country the story is taking place, in fact, you are the son of a rebel leader whose wife fled the country and you're bringing back her ashes as her last will, it's the only reason of your presence here.

Author 430zack ( ago)
i fucking love rags impression of the nordic acent XD

Author Lord Sidius ( ago)
If Smite makes Muhammad a playable character and he has a sprint with an explosive damage shield I'll totally pick that game up in a heartbeat

Author StopMoshin ( ago)
The funny thing is when the movie prince of Egypt came out it was critically acclaimed and most people who enjoyed it were Christians, despite the fact that it did get some details wrong about the biblical story of Exodus.

Author Blastoized ( ago)
Whats wrong with boobs? I love boobs ;p

Author Gameman659 ( ago)
Question. What is the worst thing for a pilot to say mid flight. I always thought it would be "whoops" or "oh no" but I've been told the worst thing to hear is "I'm gonna 9/11 this shit"

Author deeefun ( ago)
And guys like this asshole thinks the witcher 3 is a game that "culturealy apropriate" cultures ans is sexist..

Author TenofSwords ( ago)
Like nails on a chalkboard to hear someone pronouncing cultures as "Coal-churz"

Author fat bastage ( ago)
Mary is also not a god, so she couldn't be a character in smite. Now, Jesus he could be a healer

Author Christopher Joyner ( ago)
Libertarians have nothing to do with conservatives

Author Pebkio Nomare ( ago)
Cultural Appropriation: It's bad for cultures to mix. Quick, everyone, self-segregate! It's only the progressive thing to do...

Author samson aagaard ( ago)
this has nothing to do with the video but bisexual guys why open up about it you can just jerk off to men if your phone is out and you dont want to charge it, and all there is to jerk off to is your ugly cod poster on your wall

Author Great Destroyer ( ago)
Rags is an atheist?

Author Great Destroyer ( ago)
The worst religion on Earth?! Why that was insensitive of you!

Author Nex Nova ( ago)
ever since i started watching your videos, i've noticed their quality going up. Keep it up!

Author zerosfire05 ( ago)
why does this cunt want education games?! those suck! except the Oregon trail. that game rocked

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