Long Hair Shaved OFF!!

All part of a ritual where a woman's hair is shaved off after her husband's death.

Movie: Seval (2008)
Actress: Poonam Bajwa (

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Author Gmv Vai (8 months)
in india when husband is passed away women should shave the head

Author Amy D (1 year)

Author grigoriyz (2 years)
I didn't get : she is crying because of her hair or because her husband
passed away?

Author Liz B (1 year)
omg they have the most bizzare punishments these days in other countries so
i am glad i am in USA

Author SpittieAJ (1 year)
this makes no sence she is getting a haircut and a gay lookin dude tells
her hat her husband is dead

Author Sawa1994 (1 year)
I think the guy in the end... is it her husband? o_ö

Author Daysi Santana (2 years)
She has a giant head

Author TripleHLaughter (1 year)
She has a big head

Author La Douce (1 year)
Fake Bald cap

Author Maniarthi (1 year)
Maniaarthi call me 8754885642

Author coolofdudes (2 years)
@grigoriyz i guess a combination of both...

Author Adam Norpchen (2 years)
she looks funny bald hahaha lol

Author Victory M (1 year)
kaaaaaak fake head

Author Shyam sundar Sharma (1 year)
Because when ever husband died in India , Women has to shave off her hair
with straight razor and and all her hair to be shaved off. It is not
compulsory but in most of the area women are doing this to pay respect.

Author jonadresponse (1 year)
you did not get the point of the story? you are an idot or stupid or both!
Seriously, nutballs.

Author Hannah Taylor (1 year)
because now she cant marry anyone

Author Felicia Brooks (1 year)
that is a big head

Author iPotatoFries (1 year)
She better be crying because her husband is dead.

Author slipknot the nine (1 year)
ohhhhhh wow thats a handfull

Author sharyn Gould (1 year)
Its just hair

Author slipknot the nine (2 years)
why is the guy at the end crying

Author Shyam sundar Sharma (1 year)
No.not that way. It is not that one should either shave of her hair after
husband's death or to throw them in fire. Both should not be done. Both the
things are not good enouh for a women. She should be supported by the
family in that case.

Author Felicia Brooks (1 year)
she a big head

Author Taylor Hanson (1 year)
She looks weird

Author trinitybumgardner (1 year)

Author Cameron Dallasloljk (1 year)
............. You realize Talia is dead right...

Author qwertyuiopasdfg39548 (1 year)
She looks good even without hair. good that they have shaved her hair

Author Miranda Monroe (1 year)
That's horrible there it's not bad enough for ur husband to hve died but u
also hve to take away one of the most precious thing a girl has... Her hair

Author TheSecondaryGamer (1 year)
I have a feeling that shit was about about to go down when the video

Author ankitlamba010 (1 year)
Headshaving is good 'coz head feels better...

Author alvar975 (1 year)
it looks like a bald cap

Author Shyam sundar Sharma (1 year)
yea, this right but for a woment in India Hair is the most precious things
which signifies ones beauty and if one shave off her hair with razor then
the preparation of shaving makes every one surprise. Just imagine you are
on BC and going to shave off , then only you feel how pathetic the scene is.

Author Sharon Dahan (1 year)
Not real

Author Cameron Dallasloljk (11 months)
ohhhhhhh umm sorry for bringing it up. ;_;

Author ShotoPhop (2 years)
Wow she has some big head!

Author 13moredays (1 year)
It's better than throwing them in fire!

Author Gideon Saputra (1 year)
tHANX.. I get it now

Author DallyLama93 (1 year)
0:14 Skrillex

Author the wild one (1 year)
WHATS THE DEAL WITH THE MAN AT THE END? no offense, I'm just confused.

Author Kairathmann (1 year)
Its not just about shaving her head, now her life will be about just
wearing white clothes, eating less and not drinking tea and she can't marry

Author Shyam sundar Sharma (1 year)
No he is not her Husband. He is some one who loves her and couldn't get
marry and after her lover's marriage her husband died off and when she got
a head shave the boy could not bare it and started crying. ACtually he
shocked at this scene which he even not imagine. But you just don't worry
it is a movie and the women will get marry to the person who at last arrive
after her head shave.

Author Thalluri Maniteja (1 year)
This is not real gundu.just graphics.

Author Cameron Dallasloljk (1 year)
Soo then how can you donate it to her...

Author CardGamingOtaku (1 year)
its fake, just a bald cap.

Author Blay (1 year)
because of the fake shaved head make-up..... all her hair was under that
thing! hence the big head

Author Rodrigo monassa (2 years)
She´s wearing a bald calp :(

Author r.ilavarasan Seenu (2 years)
beautiful hair shaved if again beatiful hair contact me 9566123010

Author Shyam sundar Sharma (1 year)
No it is not fake. Just believe it . She is actually shave off.

Author BarbieFreak101 (1 year)
She has a big head

Author william handley (3 months)

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