∂αη¢ιηg (:

proving to my friend i can dance :)


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Author youtube conspiraciones ( ago)
what was the original audio ? i love this music .

Author sledge hammer ( ago)
not long enough(enuff)????????

Author sledge hammer ( ago)
you move better than jagger

Author tluang Hnin ( ago)

Author alex Araón ( ago)

Author Santi Gonzalez ( ago)
mejor me darías aser un baile sexi privado amor quieres sexo

Author Ric Neu ( ago)
You can give me a lap dance anytime!

Author rawr doom ( ago)
fap fap

Author luis56017 ( ago)
wow esta chica si sabe bailar! cual es la cancion?

Author isaac ramirez ( ago)
if l give mommy

Author Paul Majano ( ago)
+Pwiincessbubblez sos la de la foto de prefil?

Author Ramiro Alanis Villa ( ago)
Súper sexy

Author capitan victor soldado ( ago)
belleza hermosa guapisima sexy bailando

Author Dave Wilson ( ago)
That is some hot Asian pussy

Author Kano Flores ( ago)
Disculpa que grupo y música son muy buena cancion y mucho mejor el baile

Author Kano Flores ( ago)
Exelente baile..

Author Diego torquato ( ago)
I love you

Author David Woods ( ago)
Nice body You are so hot 

Author Begimani ( ago)

Author diego killua ( ago)
name´s song?

Author Rene Kern ( ago)

Author jessrine gomez ( ago)
and sooo hot

Author Chelsea Crawford ( ago)
You are so beautiful and sooooo Hot!!!! I would love to make a video with
you :)
Love, Chelsea <3

Author Deimar Ramirez ( ago)
buen video megusto tu baile y la cancion prinsipalmente

Author TheblueNexus ( ago)
year move your body 

Author mc vago ( ago)
no quisieras salir en un video de reggaeton mi numero es 5523030150

Author dokha ( ago)
well then whats the name of the original track?

u have no idea how much finding this video made me feel happy after all
these years

Author Andreas “akorb” Korb ( ago)
I wonder what the original song is

Author Steliyan Andreev (555 years ago)

Author Nate ( ago)
your ok but ridiculously hot latina, not asian is better

Author Para Noico ( ago)
te ves rica mami

Author rob a ( ago)
all kinds of sexy

Author Alejandro DJL ( ago)

Author Herman Darmanto ( ago)
what is the music title,?

Author Daniel Rossell Solanes ( ago)
looks great but... too much clothing for my tastes. it would be a lot
better topless. other than that it's great.

Author Don Woles ( ago)
Keren jogetnye... i like dance

Author tr4t1t05 ( ago)

Author lourdes muzio ( ago)
te la pongo

Author deadman spawn ( ago)

Author Tetrodioxide ( ago)
I am not sure that is dancing what she is doing, but basically, she doesn't
have to do anything but keep looking damn sexy hot F-I-N-E--fine!

Author Mike56721 ( ago)
I love you !

Author tr4t1t05 ( ago)
quien eres?? quiero conocerte

Author Dianviri sanchez escorcia ( ago)
because not upload another video like this if you you're cute vien

Author Elec Tricasp ( ago)
Huh... very strange... Do your parents know you go online trying to be a
perve magnet? XD

Author martin0072 ( ago)
i love her !!!!!!!!!!!

Author axel david garcia flores ( ago)
estas super hot

Author AnotherPanther ( ago)
How can you dislike this dayum

Author Pl4tinumTruth ( ago)
wow - hot chick who can actually dance - nice.

Author zaske madara ( ago)
k rika

Author Adi Wijaya ( ago)

Author Jak Erdy ( ago)
JukeBox - wawa?

Author sandiê Soares ( ago)
nossa senhora! Dança de mais hein!! top top top! eeee Brazilll........

Author 123456789 bushdid911kappa123456789 ( ago)
That's clearly dancing. Just because it's a sexual dance, it dosent mean
SHE cant dance. :') Great dancing skills! *Like* :'D

Author Марина Орлова ( ago)

Author mint4477 ( ago)
this is five years ago

Author o7BeTaTriXz ( ago)
she could move dont hate

Author fredy morataya ( ago)

Author nvr2tallluvr ( ago)
Agreed...but not very good looking.

Author nvr2tallluvr ( ago)
To get you aroused. Apparently it's working.

Author Fraktriban ( ago)
why she is doing that to me ?!

Author bjlutrus ( ago)
You are insanely good at body and hip rolls, I am impressed

Author Peshuga de posho ( ago)
wut. I'm just saying she's sometimes moving too fast wtf

Author oscar gonzalez ( ago)
no hay q retorserce como lombriz y decir q baila genial para los hombres
mientras les muevan el locu va ahacer la mujer mas buena y q baila bien
esto del perreo es pura basura por eso luego las chavitas salen pansonas.

Author Carlos Santos ( ago)
Gata vc e demais... queria vc assi danssando pra mim....

Author xXxIcemanxXx1989 ( ago)
i want you as girlfriend :D your dance is so sexy :) ps: iam 23 :)

Author Chris Enri ( ago)

Author charles dickens ( ago)
Dood, mr ricefarmer, I'm 23 and the age of consent in NJ is 16, I'm fucking
fine with that. Trust me I've studied and understand biology and sexual
attraction, and I've studied it on a psychological level, not to mention, I
meant to use the number 18 subjectively not literally, do you understand?
Why so are you so mad so for so?

Author JtownPlayR ( ago)
Make A Twerk Video ! (:

Author HAIC1000 ( ago)
watch?v=BSv64n5nAFw - ORIGINAL !!

Author jose perez guajardo ( ago)
ola bb t kiero decir k si kieres ser mi nena x k eres tan bonitap y sol
kiero estar a tu lado

Author Peshuga de posho ( ago)
It is. In fact. When you exaggerate too much your moves. You also look like
a stripper and ALSO means you want to call attention

Author WrongRealities ( ago)
i wish you had a little more jelly, but this is the best video i seen in a
long time.

Author WrongRealities ( ago)
shut up

Author Peshuga de posho ( ago)
Just a quick advise: Don't exaggerate so much, Easy girl easy

Author Mary TaKuThu ( ago)
wooow nice dance

Author damlurker ( ago)
Thank you MKingJC

Author cristian rendon henao ( ago)
lo unico que me gusto fue la cancion

Author Evgeniy Luzkarev ( ago)
Wawa Feat. Nicco - jukebox (radio edit)

Author fpsisfun ( ago)
more pixels plz cant see shit

Author PJ Dewitt ( ago)
I bet you really know how to ride like a pro :) daaauum

Author Sean R. ( ago)
well I bet she's 18 by now lol

Author Hostile Joe ( ago)
What song is this please reply need to twerk.

Author Thirdanglegroup ( ago)
Wow she's nice

Author McmullenEJ ( ago)
Nice moves, Keep rockin' it!! ;D

Author Ted Logan ( ago)
what a stupid dance

Author FunnyBunnyx33 ( ago)
You have a really nice body .-.

Author gamer play ( ago)
qual é o nome da musica ?

Author Iury Lamarck ( ago)
que porra eh isso ?

Author John Boswel ( ago)
you look sexy wish u could ride this dick tho sweetheart

Author EricaRedman17 ( ago)
I want HER dancing on me at the clubs.

Author Allen Chea ( ago)
and from this day on,, life was never the same

Author tigerfanman ( ago)
what difference does it make? 18 is an artificial age dumbass, just cuz she
16 or 17 your disgusted? its natural .. learn some biology dumb fuck,
everyone so hysterical about pedo these days

Author Kylee Emma Hernandez ( ago)
More please. :)

Author charles dickens ( ago)
How old are you for real? you look like you are 18...I hope you are, I
don't want to feel like a creep for appreciating your beauty if you are in
fact underage.

Author lovelyylife ( ago)
song !

Author Spooder King ( ago)
2 words THAT ASS

Author JOSE EDEL ( ago)

Author MisterM 100 ( ago)
esta bn mami la perra

Author erik allen ( ago)
your mezmerizing

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