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Author Mac Apple (4 months)
Guys if it doesn't work make sure to delete /Windows/system32/

Author Douglas Guevara (2 months)
*Hello! Hack wifi :D*

Author Zakria Sahil (2 months)
Mother fucker what the hack it is . I wanna easy way to learn it.

Author justin M (4 months)
wait, i'm confused? is cow patty the chick on the other side of the room?
Or not..Comment down below!!!

Author Dynamo Maestro (2 months)
Wordlist is not effective. it looks like as if you tried to touch the sky
with finger

Author alb673 (3 months)
Probably a silly question, but doesn't a pc have to be set up to boot from
CD or USB in the BIOS? Or Kon boot gets around that?

Author SwayzesGhost (4 months)
I think it's time Flash goes away and is replaced by something less
vulnerable and that I never have to even know the name of.

Author Martin (2 months)
Hacking WiFi Passwords with Cowpatty, plus Vista …:

Author terelle payne (5 months)
Nice Man U really go to teach me 

Author Harri v'Jah (4 months)
fairly obvious that green shirt is the true techy,,,other two are likely 1
sem of IT with pre-show de_briefing
still great show

Author stuart - (cyberjackcyberjack) (6 months)
rainbow tables are a compleate waste of time and diskspace.. i saw one for
around 40Gb and it was compiled on 20 default set essid's but only `1000
line wordlist and considering most defualt set essids are made of random
set 8 chr's is kinda pontless with a rubbish 1000 line wordlist for all
possible 8 chrs it would be well over 1.5TB... Most of the time you better
of with reaver to crack the PIN/ WPS 

Author montgal52 (7 months)
C'mon guys, get to the subject at hand. . .

Author Egidijus Urniezius (4 months)
Good video thanks

Author Shannon Weir (6 months)
My name is also Shannon :o

Author you tube 425 (3 months)
all this bull shit talking get to the ffffing subject.

Author ldchappell1 (9 months)
This stuff is way over my head. All I did was knock my neighbor's door and
offered him a barter deal for his WiFi password. I get unlimited internet
access and he gets unlimited access to my media file movie library. We've
been happy with this arrangement for 4 years. 

Author RandomStuffRightHere (9 months)
How to hack into someone's router?

Author TheMasterGamerNL (9 months)
Hack to learn, don't learn to hack <3

Author Ben ONI (7 months)
Shu tthe fucup

Author SitTightYall (11 months)

Author robert ledge (7 months)
using hacking and hacks in the title suggests a lack of technical

Author keith ellis (6 months)
Why would she have need to hack
my anything, explain how that's cool

Author Daniel Murray (3 months)
jesus, I'm feeling a bit over my head... but with this US internet police
state carry on, I think I should educate myself on this... f your look at
what education is, it is not to impose it is to draw out... education can
never really be wrong... anyway.. I am rabbiting on.. hang on, so are you
guys lol 

Author abdalaziz mohammed namoos (7 months)
how can hacking wifi password for WPA2-PSK. PLEASE HELP ME GUYS,

Author MrFreddiew1 (1 year)
did anyone actually get the password for this..All I get is routed to
survey pages and when completed still NO password to open the zip/rar

Author Mike Dickey (11 months)
the first 5 minutes bull sh..
too much playing around and not getting to the point
very adolescent presentation little meat

Author Mad Dog (4 months)
Good video thanks

Author Big Dog (4 months)
Good video thanks

Author rudy burgess (10 months)
you dudes talk to much just get to the point

Author Rodia 15 (4 months)
How does conboy (sp?) work? How would one get onto the internet to download
it onto that laptop if you can't get beyond the password to do that?

Author LaVila Brannagan (9 months)
sign up for free.

Author Dave Beddoe (9 months)
so you

Author Jerry Lifsey (10 months)
Good reason why to hardwire your house with CAT 6 in every room

Author AbbieHoffmansGhost (10 months)
Misspelled your own name: Theif5

Author Eve Cyborg (10 months)

Author Kevy Bevy (1 year)
How does this video even have this much spam? SPAM OVERLOAD!!!

Author Lo Vaz (1 year)
This is legit don't listen to people posting links to sites saying they can
crack pw's for you it will not work. Google is your friend...unless

Author blake tait (1 year)
Hak5, does it matter if it is in CCHP or TKIP? And how can I test this on
my network that is upper alphanumerics without editing any lists with my
actual 20 character passphraze?

Author mrgalikanookis (1 year)
wow i wouldn't follow any of these links below.. and you absolutely can
learn to hack wifi on youtube.. get Kali Linux, learn to run reaver..
google is your friend

Author Mike Higgin (1 year)
Hehehe if you wanto buy shoesringshatglassetc ATM cards only I laughing at
these guys 

Author Neel SEO (1 year)
If you have Wi-Fi connection near your residence it will help you to use

Author Ruby Cavender (1 year)
How do people not understand that you won’t get working WiFi hacks on
*The following WiFi Password Cracker is the only one that worked for me
actually.* It has been shared by another user online and for me and many
others it removed passwords multiple times. Let me share their free 2shared
link for everyone, there you go:

Author Felice Burson (1 year)
I have been looking around for working WiFi hacks but these ones are not
real :/
After looking over the internet for working WiFi hacks I finally found one
from RELOADED, the famous hacking team. They also provided a free MediaFire
link you can find here:

Author WobbleCat (1 year)
stupid password

Author Katriane Abel (1 year)
Hello, I downloaded your file but nothing is happening, probably fake.
Take the WiFi Password hack from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular
hacking group. You can get it over their mediafire link here for free: *(just click on skip ad afterwards)*

Author Piper Grullon (1 year)
You will not get working WiFi hacks from youtube, look in a hacking forum,
for example:
Take the WiFi Password hack from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular
hacking group. You can get it here for free:

Author Laurenzo M (8 months)
your tit good

Author (1 year)
Hacking WiFi Passwords with Cowpatty, plus Vista Security Hacks! -

Author Invoice Control e Impresion de Factuas (1 year)
Record Guinnes of spam!

Author Dante Konzerno (1 year)
I have been looking around for working WiFi hacks but these ones are not
real :/
Take the WiFi Password hack from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular
hacking group. You can get it here for free: *(just click on skip ad afterwards)*

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