Conair Nano Silver Steam Straightener

Sugarcain Entertainment, Canadian online entertainment magazine, puts the Conair to the test.

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Author Doriibabes Cee (5 years)
i have this .. its okay.. i put it on the highest and its okay you have to
go twise to get it really straight

Author fashioncocoaluv101 (2 years)
start at the top and keep starting at the top........dont take the
straightener away then continue at half way don the hair. BTW I JUST ORDERD
:D sssssssoooooooooo excited!

Author IXslalmlulellXI (1 year)
Would this product be good for a guy, 16, medium length hair?

Author xxstarxcorexx (4 years)
She doesn't know how to straight her hair that's her problem! 1st she takes
too much hair for one time! 2nd she doesn't know how to hold the
straightener! ahahaha she is a little bit like ''with too left hands'' :D
sorry for the words that i have used but..this is what i think!

Author HensenGirls (3 years)
wow it straightend it a lot for curly hair

Author sadchalupa (1 year)
why is this under music? O_o

Author Lihlian (1 year)
Usted tiene un cabello muy bonito, no necesita de una plancha. Yo compré
una plancha como la suya e va a llegar en mi casa hasta viernes. :) Besos!

Author dogieluver354ily (4 years)
its like $70.00

Author Sequoia Sanchez (3 years)
the bottoms aren't that straight

Author chilis24 (3 years)
how much did it cost?

Author Orlena Cain (4 years)
Good point - but with any straightener you should use a product with it
that helps keep humidity at bay.

Author bluelips4226 (3 years)
they look like babyliss 23o pro radiance straghtners

Author Lidi e Tião (2 years)
passou mais de uma vez,o cabelo ficou marcado e duro,...parece ta sujo pq
nem ta mexendo e ta super embasado

Author Lola T (4 years)

Author livetolovesome182 (2 years)
how much is it

Author Doriibabes Cee (5 years)
its not that expensive.. i got my for $97.98 at wal mart when it first came
out... the results are okay

Author James BOnd (4 years)
omg i swear to god yesterdy i was at walmart and i found it and its price
was only 20 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author EmH89 (5 years)
Her hair looks very nice straight but i also think it's nice curly....

Author Baykins (3 years)
@strawberryscoops10 I AGREE!! ice had mine for a bit over a year and my
hair always comes out dry and messed

Author kinzinxo (4 years)
she isnt even doing it right, i can see the creases in her hair from

Author ifuckedyourtiger (2 years)
@livetolovesome182 $30 on Amazon now:)

Author purplepixi18 (4 years)
"nano silver" only means that it kills bacteria.... it has nothing to do
with how the iron straightens.

Author Manahit (3 years)
she doesnt know how to str8 hair

Author La Reine (1 year)
yeah, my friend has very thick and curly hair, and it works beautifully!

Author Sabrina Elkiza (2 years)
Your doing your hair wrong

Author coolmaxii2sweet (5 years)
her hair is too stick straight after using needs to be softer and
silkier :0

Author cindystube09 (4 years)
i have this n i love it, it doesn't dry out ur hair like the normal kind

Author snwbrdr1602 (4 years)
she needs a hair cut. her hair is FRIED!

Author smoothsailing19 (5 years)
i have this one and i'm in love with it <3

Author Paloma Calasans (2 years)
A chapinha nem ta quente o bastante pra alizar, ¬¬

Author Rebekah B. (5 years)
i like it, but i don't seen to find any steam coming out no matter how high
i put it on and no matter how much water i put in the resevoir only little
drops of water seem to come out, can anyone can tell me how theirs works,
and if it does that

Author Suzana Maia (1 year)
prefiro a nano titanium que é melhor que essas porcarias que vemos na teve
nem tudo da poly shop é bom tenho produtos que são maravilhosos mas essa
prancha é enganação.

Author ptkafsh (4 years)
well that explains everything.

Author FuzzyXpickles (4 years)
nvm... haha

Author Jasmine M. (3 years)
Um, I hope you know you need a BRUSH.

Author fknyanet6787 (4 years)
walmart fer $40 and no steam all very sily and smooth im in loev with it.

Author utevon (4 years)
i have the worst thick frizzy curly hair in the world. its seriously
unattractive, but inm getting this fer christmas and i saw the infomercial
on this and i wasnt sure on it but after seeing this ? i cannot wait ! : ]

Author bashaer saud (2 years)
i love it

Author AliyetteLondon (2 years)
sooooothing away those curls! lmao

Author Orlena Cain (4 years)
Sugarcain Entertainment online - a source for great product reviews.

Author fknyanet6787 (4 years)
my straightner works wayyy better. just by one pass on the hair your hair
is smooth shiny and very very straight its the remmington its the blue and
gray one BUY IT<3

Author milla29it (1 year)

Author Jana Silva (2 years)
q cabelo nojento

Author Prettyylicious (4 years)
@arabellax0 Maybe Try Small Sections Like You Would use for any hair!

Author charliiebabiie (4 years)
where did you buy your remmington?

Author mszprincesstoria (3 years)

Author supplement31 (4 years)
thts always true. but i mean just try what works out u know, but yeah i
know what u mean hunny

Author vexion15 (3 years)
So that's her naturally curly hair? lol how does it work on black hair?

Author TapOrTakeANap (4 years)
hey thanx =)

Author cutieclara5 (4 years)
its 100 bucks

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