Conair Nano Silver Steam Straightener

Sugarcain Entertainment, Canadian online entertainment magazine, puts the Conair to the test.

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Author Notorious Pink ( ago)
Nume ❤️

Author monicaloveish ( ago)
no no no part it in thin sections then u need to appy a smoothing serum go
from root to ends slowly not zooming threw the hair u have wavy to curly
hair u done a nice job practice tho

Author stephaniepretty ( ago)
I have that straightener, it sucks, pulls on hair wayyy too often. I bought
a CHI which is much better, but nowadays I have moved onto the Sedu

Author TheDarthMaul420 ( ago)
this girl does not even know how to straighten her hair?! what a terrible
someone please revoke her womenhood 

Author Deb Morgan ( ago)

Author Deb Morgan ( ago)
BEST straightener ever. I just bought it for a second time. (My first one
died but last led a good 7 years!) I will not buy another straightener
except this one and I have never had split ends or breakage from using this
and I straightened with this straightener 3-4 times a week!

Author Mel Stevens ( ago)
the karmin g3 is amazing... check it out!

Author Tayllorist ( ago)

Author Lorrane Moreira ( ago)
no fez tudo errado n adianto porra nenhuma

Author Marcela Cardoso ( ago)
Gente!! A maneira que ela estáfazendo a chapinha está completamente
errada,além de pegar a quantidade de cabelo errado,ela tenta fazer o cabelo
modelado para fora,provavelmente ela estava com a cabeça suja/ou estava com
muito creme no cabelo o que explica os fios sem vida!!! E quem tem a
I-steamer conair sabe muito bem que se usa água destilada para melhores
resultados....Os produtos da Polishop são ótimos...

Author Cristiele gularte ( ago)
resultado ridiculo, comprei a escova rotative e é uma merda, decho meu
cabelo super alto e seco..aff

Author Andréa Maria ( ago)
Comprei a escova rotativa e partil meu cabelo vendi ñ compro mas nada da
poly chop, eles pra vender tem uma labia maravilhosa nem tudo q parece é,

Author Suzana Maia ( ago)
prefiro a nano titanium que é melhor que essas porcarias que vemos na teve
nem tudo da poly shop é bom tenho produtos que são maravilhosos mas essa
prancha é enganação.

Author milla29it ( ago)

Author Juliana Moreira ( ago)

Author Nadine mina ( ago)
seco e sujo

Author alriston e taynan Vilarinho ( ago)
essa prancha não dá o resultado que mostra na propaganda se o cabelo dela
que é um cacheado liso não ta bonito imagina em um cabelo mais cacheado
ainda/?? vai ficar lindo pra não dizer ao contrário né?

Author Rebekah Mikaelson (1706 years ago)
tbm acho

Author IXslalmlulellXI ( ago)
Would this product be good for a guy, 16, medium length hair?

Author La Reine ( ago)
yeah, my friend has very thick and curly hair, and it works beautifully!

Author jennpenn5 ( ago)
How can you straighten without combing or brusing out each section first?
That would bother the crap out of me.

Author faith ( ago)
I have really curly thick hair and I gets my hair perfectly straight I love
it so much

Author Yasmim Malheiros ( ago)
ficou horrivell !!!!

Author sadchalupa ( ago)
why is this under music? O_o

Author Lihlian ( ago)
Usted tiene un cabello muy bonito, no necesita de una plancha. Yo compré
una plancha como la suya e va a llegar en mi casa hasta viernes. :) Besos!

Author Cibelly Ines ( ago)
Vc deve ter passado algum creme antes da prancha né..

Author sabrina elk ( ago)
Your doing your hair wrong

Author Dream Station ( ago)
A Super N00b with a God Straightener on her hands =/ its even sad to watch
how badly she actualy do it .-. i got that Straightener its awsome i got
outher Straightener but they make the hair dry and for most good they are
they cant make all hair straight as that one also make the hair get back to

Author AliyetteLondon ( ago)
sooooothing away those curls! lmao

Author fashioncocoaluv101 ( ago)
start at the top and keep starting at the top........dont take the
straightener away then continue at half way don the hair. BTW I JUST ORDERD
:D sssssssoooooooooo excited!

Author Jana Morena ( ago)
q cabelo nojento

Author ScarySituations ( ago)
um, do you even know how to straighten your hair?

Author 2010zv ( ago)
Ficou horrível!

Author Ashley Whitlock ( ago)
The straightener is 28$ at Ross or cheaper. I have the same one. You can
check out my videos for how to get super shiny and not tangly hair with
this straightner. I suggest using a shampoo like biosilk or something
similar to it.(:

Author Jackie Araújo ( ago)
The worst!!

Author Paloma Calasans ( ago)
A chapinha nem ta quente o bastante pra alizar, ¬¬

Author Lidi e Tião ( ago)
passou mais de uma vez,o cabelo ficou marcado e duro,...parece ta sujo pq
nem ta mexendo e ta super embasado

Author ChayyneeBieber ( ago)
I'd be more impressed if her hair looked healthy. Sorry.

Author ifuckedyourtiger ( ago)
@livetolovesome182 $30 on Amazon now:)

Author HotRecordingArtist ( ago)
I have this. It costs over $100, and it works very good. I always use the
steam with it, because I have thick hair. The girl in the video is not good
at straightening hair. It holds the style between 1-3 days, I use the
highest temperature for best results, before I starighten I use CHI heat
protectant. Nice iron

Author bashaer saud ( ago)
i love it

Author livetolovesome182 ( ago)
how much is it

Author Manahit ( ago)
she doesnt know how to str8 hair

Author Manahit ( ago)
@LyricLoveXoo IKR!!!!

Author chilis24 ( ago)
how much did it cost?

Author OffTheCreamyCrack ( ago)
@kinzinxo Yes! Please, I'm pretty sure this iron works well. It's just that
she's doing it all wrong... sorry OrlenaCain, but you should sections
smaller and have a smooth pull through your hair. Maybe if you detangle
your hair before even using the conair iron, with the comb up, your hair
will glide through smoother and you won't have creases.

Author Patricia Rabaneda ( ago)
Vira essa pontas mew ¬¬'.. rsrs, essa chapinha é magnifica!

Author Nina Rivera ( ago)
i recommend ghd more. ghd is wayyyy better.

Author Nina Rivera ( ago)
but she has such beautiful curly hairrrrr.... :[

Author vexion15 ( ago)
So that's her naturally curly hair? lol how does it work on black hair?

Author karenz101box ( ago)
oh and btw the water thinks doesnt do anything! u like straighten ur hair
than the water things sprays and u have to repeat!

Author karenz101box ( ago)
Its the worse straightener I ever used, this is so not true, her hair is
still curly at the bottom and I'm sure its all tangled and damaged!

Author Bailey Hawkins ( ago)
@strawberryscoops10 I AGREE!! ice had mine for a bit over a year and my
hair always comes out dry and messed

Author strawberryscoops10 ( ago)
DO NOT BUY THIS STRAIGTENER , i had this for over a year now & i hate it it
NVER LASTS FOR LONGER THAN 2 HOURS , as soon as you mess with your hair or
it rains ; it goes away just like that I justed ordered the Sedu Ceramic
Tourmaline Flat Iron from and i know FOR A FACT THIS one will be
way better !

Author Sequoia Sanchez ( ago)
the bottoms aren't that straight

Author xEMOxBRAN3Yx ( ago)
@accrawford599 lol XD

Author Alejandra Soto ( ago)
your voice annoys me... >=[

Author Alex4ever230 ( ago)
conair sucks babyliss pro is really good i got mine at tjmaxx for 30 bucks

Author Jurandir Ross ( ago)
amanda is so beautiful!

Author Khushi Kaur ( ago)
hey i want to buy dis and it looks some ppl said no and can u
tell me if it is wroth it and it i buy it wat products should i use. Also
my hair are just like ur's bt longer :)

Author Jasmine M ( ago)
Um, I hope you know you need a BRUSH.

Author Allisonhermendaz ( ago)
that punk (*** ***) isn't even doing it right

Author allisonnwonderland ( ago)
it looks horrible,not the way you straighten but what the product does to
your hair there is like no life or natural movement to it,it just stays in
one position,like when you move your head the hair moves with it.

Author PacosTacosPendejo ( ago)
my hair is thick n wen my sis straightin it takes bout 2 or 1 hours 2 do it
n it does straight but everytime i sweat it goes poofy again so i rather
have da instyler rotating iron

Author Kiara Rose ( ago)
that cameraladies phony voice is annoying. ive watched several reviews on
that product. it seems like a dream come true @ first, till it stops
working. And that girl does not know what she's doing.

Author pigscale ( ago)
ugh I can see creases and it makes the hair look like hay! No thank you!!

Author Prettyylicious ( ago)
@arabellax0 Maybe Try Small Sections Like You Would use for any hair!

Author Jacqueline Sammut ( ago)
the best review i have seen. Thanks very much but that is not a good result
for me . Sorry!!

Author hawaiigirl58 ( ago)
well, it doesn't look like it did a very good job...

Author miichellexbabii ( ago)
ya and she needs like a comb to go down with it, too

Author DoggieLuv10 ( ago)
if you section your hair it will straighten it better.

Author xFunFakesx ( ago)
donde vives, donde la compraste y cuando te costo XDDD

Author cinthia0012 ( ago)
yo tengo esa!! :)

Author kinzinxo ( ago)
she isnt even doing it right, i can see the creases in her hair from

Author purplepixi18 ( ago)
probably about 350 degrees.

Author purplepixi18 ( ago)
"nano silver" only means that it kills bacteria.... it has nothing to do
with how the iron straightens.

Author catclaire6 ( ago)
@carlitagrimaldi615 ... So true! I have hair that curls out words and I
want them straight.. but now and then I like to have them curly, like
wave.. but my hair is so

Author Dylan Luciw ( ago)
mmmm, a 40 dollar straightener, cheap. too bad it does not work good, a ghd
or kqc would get that dont in half the time, plus your tips would not still
be curly.

Author carla Grimaldi ( ago)
u know how many people with straight hair want ur curly hair!!! ugh

Author Hammer SmashedFace ( ago)
i have not too thick but not too thin hair, what temperature is good for
hair like mine?

Author pshwelikeha ( ago)
i have this straightner & its my best frienddddd! i have reallly thick wavy
gross hair naturally but i have really pretty straight hair when i use
this(: <3

Author Macy64CP ( ago)
ur hair is better curly

Author Zara Bee ( ago)
theese people r gay.... But this straightner does exactly wats its opose 2
do..i have ad this straighner 4 a year now..i luv it n its the best one ive
ever had..b4 i use 2 have like seven hair starightners nd they just didint
do what their sopose 2 do..but thi is the queen straughtner..i would
recomend it 2 anyone who has curly or frizzy hair (like me looool), its
works a dream.....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

Author 101fanofTwilight ( ago)
It kind've looks like she frying her ends. so whatch out.

Author dogieluver354ily ( ago)
its like $70.00

Author bananasocks52 ( ago)
is it worth buying i have reaaly curly thick hair

Author Kevin Santana ( ago)
pero eske tenías gomina o espuma se te keda todo duro :s

Author ptkafsh ( ago)
well that explains everything.

Author Orlena Cain ( ago)
Good point - but with any straightener you should use a product with it
that helps keep humidity at bay.

Author Orlena Cain ( ago)
Sugarcain Entertainment online - a source for great product reviews.

Author Orlena Cain ( ago)

Author Orlena Cain ( ago)
I work on The Shopping Channel in you said that.

Author supog ( ago)
h0w much is that pr0duct?? pLease repLy i'll wait god bless

Author ptkafsh ( ago)
wow your voice. You should work on hsn.

Author xxstarxcorexx ( ago)
She doesn't know how to straight her hair that's her problem! 1st she takes
too much hair for one time! 2nd she doesn't know how to hold the
straightener! ahahaha she is a little bit like ''with too left hands'' :D
sorry for the words that i have used but..this is what i think!

Author fknyanet6787 ( ago)
walmart fer $40 and no steam all very sily and smooth im in loev with it.

Author charliiebabiie ( ago)
where did you buy your remmington?

Author fknyanet6787 ( ago)
my straightner works wayyy better. just by one pass on the hair your hair
is smooth shiny and very very straight its the remmington its the blue and
gray one BUY IT<3

Author Lola T ( ago)

Author supplement31 ( ago)
thts always true. but i mean just try what works out u know, but yeah i
know what u mean hunny

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