This Will Revolutionize Education

Many technologies have promised to revolutionize education, but so far none has. With that in mind, what could revolutionize education?
These ideas have been percolating since I wrote my PhD in physics education:
I have also discussed this topic with CGP Grey, whose view of the future of education differs significantly from mine:

I think it is instructive that each new technology has appeared to be so transformative. You can imagine, for example, that motion pictures must have seemed like a revolutionary learning technology. After all they did revolutionize entertainment, yet failed to make significant inroads into the classroom. TV and video seem like a cheaper, scaled back film, but they too failed to live up to expectations. Now there is a glut of information and video on the internet so should we expect it to revolutionize education?

My view is that it won't, for two reasons: 1. Technology is not inherently superior, animations over static graphics, videoed presentations over live lectures etc. and 2. Learning is inherently a social activity, motivated and encouraged by interactions with others.

Filmed and edited by Pierce Cook

Supported by Screen Australia's Skip Ahead program.

Music By Kevin MacLeod, "The Builder" and by Amarante Music:

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Author Siranat usawasutsakorn ( ago)
Well Sometimes static picture may make student think wrong especially for confusing lesson but sometimes detail in textbook is missing. I'd say it would help and together with careful management they will revolutionize education.

Author selema molopa ( ago)
Very interesting. Where can one get the articles you have done.

Author WarsInAction ( ago)
I agree teachers got me into the subjects I now enjoy. It is hard to beat a good teacher

Author WarsInAction ( ago)
khan academy reference hype1

Author shir itzhaki ( ago)
Then most teachers have failed

Author Schulfrei Deutschland ( ago)
Homeschooling is far better. Look at the studies. This video of Veritasium is pure propaganda and clickbaiting. And it's insulting all the self-learners on the world. Very-Tacium would be more appropriate than Veritasium. Thank you for this pre-fact video. Now go back on the internet and read some studies on it... oh sorry... you can't learn from this revolution... then search a teacher who will teach you about self-learning, homeschooling, internet, wikipedia, khan-academy and google. That teacher will revolutionize your education ;)

Author Piyush Kedar ( ago)
education will revolutionize when the human will revolutionize, we must not forget that humans like other animals have evolved for survival and breeding. learning is just added feature for helping in survival. We may have evolved learning but are not fundamentally programmed to learn, especially if it is not help much in survival. Kids mind follow this base rule, even though adult may get fascinated by learning and go beyond basic learning, children do not understand the value it adds to there life. And hence the performance issue, no way of teaching is gonna revolutionize the learning process, it's already developed in our genes, the ways to understand things around. We can take only a limited amount of knowledge over a period of time. bombarding information beyond that limit, will just be discarded, just like all the other stimuli that we receive in our life. We are being that are made by evolution. Our biggest weapon is time. Any revolution is against our basic genetic model. Hence, we resist change so often, fear the unknown,etc. What the point I am trying to make here is, education can not be revolutionize,cus humans can not be, it's a very slow process that we are made with, and only process we can change with.

Author Family Foe ( ago)
i've always wanted to become a teacher. and videos like this show the importance of a teacher.
Nice work Derek

Author Cathy Meaw ( ago)
Great information. I have believed so.

Author nattyphysicist ( ago)
Maybe the technology should be put into helping students to find good teachers.

Author Ann Priess Maclean ( ago)
But DeVos will ABSOLUTELY revolutionize education; into the ground.

Author Tom Hayes ( ago)
This guy comes off like kind of an arrogant little moron.

Author R3tr0001 ( ago)
keyword: last word of the video. a *caring* teacher ;) thats why im becoming a teacher myself cause there are too many noobs out there, OR (hopefully) i, personally, stumbled upon ALL of them back at school and so we could expect a very low to inexistent ratio in our daily lives.

Author Ko Knoppers ( ago)
sooooooooooooooooo spot on

Author Purely Science ( ago)
First of all , you have to stop this race of grades... Only then, they will get into true learning.

Author Nate ( ago)
Actually, I would argue youtube and other video sharing sites are/have revolutionized education. Over the course of my education (Currently a freshman in college) I've had only one or two teachers who did what you describe in the video.
Most of my learning comes from youtube videos. Why? You mentioned the answer in the video at around 5:45. The purpose of a teacher most people imagine, transmitting info from their minds to their students', is what most teachers have become. They don't inspire learning or curiosity. Rather they stomp it out, homogenizing their students. It's difficult to feel important when countless students are treated the same way as you. When your teacher fails to make you feel curious, to feel important, it becomes impossible to accept their teaching.

For this reason I would argue the role of teachers is fading from education. Students who perform well are those who have been inspired to learn from role models who are not teachers i.e. parents, older siblings, etc. If students achieve this academic curiosity it will be easy for them to learn from youtube. The information is all there, you just need to go and get it.

Unfortunately, I feel our education system stomps out the will to learn. But that's a comment for another video lol.

Author Solar Energy ( ago)
Well if the most important thing is what happens inside the students head then human's Cybernetization is the Key

Author The How-To Scholar: Education ( ago)
This video and commentary are 100% what I've been thinking. I recently started my YouTube channel because I feel it is such a powerful medium to deliver my content to students, other teachers, and anyone else interested. I am excited to see how the role of a teacher will change in the coming years. Thank you Veritasium for making this video and I wish I found it earlier!

Author Nathan keane ( ago)
I go to a private school and we use iPads rather then books

Author Teh Yong Lip ( ago)
unfortunately most of these motivating teachers only exist in the internet

Author Cameron Clements ( ago)
If the job of a teacher is to inspire, challenge, excite me to want to learn and to make me feel special then every teacher I have a ever had has done none of those things. I get inspired by people like Casey Neistat, Gary Vee, Prince ea and other YouTubers that want to see others succeed these people have given more inspiration in my life than any teacher I have ever talked to. In my opinion I think "education" is useless when you're being forced to learn and do things at a place that is supposed to make you want to learn. I've found that when I'm motivated to do something I invest myself in it and I'll actually want to do it and get it done but that doesn't happen in a class room. I'm simply expected to do something and learn something that I do not want to learn and even have knowledge that it won't even help me in my future life. For example mathematics. Education needs to change and right now nothing has changed except the use of technology :(

Author Alex levine ( ago)

Author kaushal kavekar ( ago)
Education should be a process which includes set of experiences. technology is mere a tool.

Author Ted Williamson ( ago)
I found that when I was helping coworker learn how to control a software application, the best way for them to receive the information is not for me to tell them how to do it, but give them hints on how to figure it out on their own. 95% of my coworkers preferred this method because they got to feel smart when they figured it out. The enthusiasm that I heard in their voice as they told me how they figured it out made them feel so happy and smart. On top of all of this, they would remember their finding so well that they would never ask me the same question twice. They more I did this type of training, the better they were at figuring things out and also they would get really good at explaining how things work within the software application. So, this is why I think teachers should be really good at putting together content that will inspire the student to figure out part of the material on their own. Of course, this won't work for the entire learning process. They need to be told some parts while other parts can be up to the student to figure out on their own. Ted Williamson

Author Expand Carp ( ago)
Laziness is here.

Author Timwi Terby ( ago)
This video fails to address the single most important ingredient to learning, and that is motivation.

The reason no technology has ever revolutionized education is because insufficient technology isn’t the issue. The issue is insufficient motivation. You hinted that it is the teacher’s job to engage the students and to make learning fun and interesting, but there is one fundamental aspect to our system that no teacher can change or address: Education is compulsory. All students are expected to complete certain curricula, whether they want to or not. Whether they’re interested or not. Whether they’d rather learn something else that’s not on the curriculum or not. This is the number 1 top impediment to motivation in schoolchildren, and for hundreds of years we have never addressed it, and nor does this video address it. To really revolutionize education, we need to rethink what education fundamentally means. Does it mean to stuff people into classrooms (with or without technology) and shove something down their throat against their will? Does it mean to teach people how to pass tests rather than understand concepts? Or should we sit down and have an honest debate about what *really* encourages actual learning?

Author timothy hinkley ( ago)
Did the printing press make people smarter.

Author The Earth Is a Cylinder!! ( ago)
They should make sure that the teachers are good and are doing their job well. I've seen some very bad teachers who literally hated kids, and they're keeping them because they are old and experienced. But they're just old and tired.

Author Purely Science ( ago)
Whatever , education is gonna remain a race for grades😥

Author Lucas Delgado ( ago)
Is there any link to the research Derek cites at 4:48?

Author tezzo55 ( ago)
:-) So true, a teacher should inspire a student to self learn, and the best way to do that is for the teacher to always be learning, especially from the student. i'm a teacher of 42 years. Mr Neil Hammond (below) has the right idea, and i bet he is a superb teacher. Hats of to you sir! :-)

Author John Hein ( ago)
So what you are saying is: technology can be helpful and can be a great tool but it can also be harmful due to the fact that technology generally reduces work and the work is part of the process of achievement which in this case is comprehension of concepts and facts (Thinking about the problems and ways to solve them) but work is hard and we naturally want to lower our workload therefore we create technology in order to lower our workloads creating the problem of being lazy and how to stop being lazy? ..... not just being an @$5 that is just what I got from this. Is that correct-ish? Please only host reply, thank you.

Author Tomcat ( ago)
Explains what makes a teacher important, can't remember a teacher like that

Author Dave Armstrong ( ago)
You definitely excite my educational desires. Great points. Looking back, my best teachers challenged me to be my very best and excited me to discover new information and operational modalities. Well done...

Author Leo ( ago)
I should show this to my teachers... because of the bologna treaty , they just tend to spit facts as fast as they can, and dont care if you're learning and understanding or not...

Author Dark Star ( ago)
Teachers are obsolete, because they don't do that fancy stuff that you said. "Inspire" pfft! They spew facts, and that's it.

Author BornSerious ( ago)
I wish I had had inspiring professors in college 38 years ago. Most of them behaved as if we students were a bother to them. Some would teach facing the blackboard and immediately erase what they had written. A shy young man like me didn't stand much of a chance despite all the latest technology. I graduated but never worked a day in my field ... never had a mentor and nobody cared.

Author Toggle of Baelgun ( ago)
The social process of learning? Teaching in groups will always reduce the education average of the whole. The slowest are left behind and the fastest are held back. It is a recipe for mediocrity.

Author Life4YourGames ( ago)
Congrats, you've learned that motivation is the true problem xD

Author Matt Le Blanc ( ago)
you are a great teacher! we need more people like you. with love from India. :) -Syed kaleem

Author The_Son_of_Al ( ago)
I had a couple of thoughts while watching this:

1. What role could technology have in reducing the cost of education in the future. If there ever was a time for that to happen, it would be now, but would have been even better 15 years ago.

2. Could technology improve education by exposing more people to the best lecturers/educators available. Technology could enable the best lecturers to reach a much larger audience and thus benefit the most students. I had so many professors in college who for one reason or another were absolutely terrible lecturers. I can't say if they were solely focused on their research or they just didn't have a gift for teaching others, but in more than one occasion my experience in that subject and my grades suffered dramatically.

Author Prachi Rahate ( ago)
For me, learning & understanding is self thing & teachers are needed to tell whether what to learn next. Like to provide a structure/map/steps to learn what first & what later.
A school student don't know where to start like whether he/she should first go for algebra or calculous.

Author kyle persons ( ago)
I'm in university for biophysics I don't attend any of my classes provided the teacher uploads the information id prefer to learn in the comfort of my home

Author kainthevampireduck ( ago)
that's because education is a 19th century thing done on purpose to make dumb workers for the industrial revolution, not to really educate people. (at least that's what I got from a video I saw about education...)

Author Boristosh Gaming ( ago)
Groups and categorizing is the problem , stupid kids slow down the smart ones!!

Author Lukáš Fireš ( ago)
6:00 The job of a teacher is to inspire, ....
That is exactly the very problem of current education - we feed our children with information, examine them, but for what? To give them meaningless marks. I forgot almost everything I "learned" upto university, but one sentence changed my attitude towards learning: "You don't have to know everything, you have to know where to find it when you need it!"

Author BoldFuturesAcademy ( ago)
So you are saying that an Idiot cannot ever get a PhD, right?

Author TJ Kopcha ( ago)
Good video - overall idea is spot on. Tech won't revolutionize anything. But I think you under-emphasize the critical role of the teacher. If the power of learning is in treating it as an internal process, then the teacher should play a role in guiding, supporting, and stimulating thinking throughout that process. That goes way beyond simply 'being supportive' or caring - it requires a good amount of training and experience to do this well. I'll add that I think you missed out on some key research that is highly relevant (you focus on Mayer's multimedia principles for some strange reason, which are only remotely relevant in K12 classrooms). In mathematic and science, Mary Kay Stein and colleagues have spent years studying how teachers can play a role in increasing cognitive demand. It's not easy, but it's highly beneficial when it happens. My own field of Learning, Design, and Technology also looks at the design components that support more complex approaches to learning. There's also work being done on the role of failure in learning, and how it can support longer-term gains and improve problem solving abilities.

Author TroddinSod ( ago)
I hope I never meet this emasculated dingbat in person while I'm holding a baseball bat.

Author Igor Ferreira ( ago)
The truth is, each person feels stimulated and learn by different processes. What works form me, might not work for you. As you also mentioned, each student have a different pace of learning. And hundreds other characteristics that differs from person to person.
While our educational systems insists on put everyone in the same room, going through de exactly same process of learning, neglecting individual characteristics, the result will be the same. Whose fault is that?! It is clear for me but, this is another long discussion.

Author Zoe Doten ( ago)
I literally agree with everything this guy's saying

Author Seeking Chasing ( ago)
i hate teachers
the broken system should have a change
the so-called education is just a way to maintain the economic system nowadays,
which in fact not a sustainable system and will collapse one day
its foundation is wants and resources are limited,
therefore, a big shift is needed

Author anonymous ( ago)
MOOCs might not have revolutionised the education but they did bring best teachers in reach of masses in third world countries like mine.

Author Chad Hurley ( ago)
I don't think Derek should condone the burning of public libraries.

Author Азиз Юсупов ( ago)
What do you think about Khan Academy?

Author Marushia Dark ( ago)
There IS one definitive way in which technology can revolutionize education and that's in terms of labor costs. As I write this, your video has 1.4 million views. Trying to replicate that in a social setting with one teacher per hundred students, or even per thousand students would be hugely expensive.

Some social encouragement may be necessary in some instances, but by and large people share things with their friends and family, or are self-motivated to go out and learn a particular topic. That's how I found your videos, for instance. ^_~

In terms of political policy, YouTube and MOOCs would greatly reduce the administrative costs of education while still providing as great or greater quality as you might get in the average classroom. Something like Khan Academy provides an education that's ACTUALLY free, versus what politicians mean when they say free, which is really just "paid for with someone else's tax dollars."

Certain subjects and certain teachers may be exceptions, but as a general rule this would be an overall improvement. And there's really nothing stopping those exceptions from moving to online media either. In fact, it would be more beneficial from a cost-benefits perspective that they do.

Author idontlisten2you ( ago)
well as always Veritasium is correct. And this is how teaching should be. But the way teachers are being taught "how to teach" has to change. Teachers need to achieve their targets of the class. If one student falls behind, and has alot of difficulties, it falls behind and is left behind... Teachers need to center the students not their targets...

Author Lukas Prochazka ( ago)
I think in those studies nobody seems to identify a individuals....maybe when there is no significant difference means in general there is no the best technique, but for some is best animation, for some text books and for some still graphics...

Author Jules Hammond ( ago)
The one incontrovertible fact of all teaching theories or practices is that they are superseded by other theories and practices which are usually the result of 'new research'. This makes teachers always wrong and researchers always right unless the further dimension of political agenda reverses the status quo, which it rarely does. Also, there is an industry of professionals who are dedicated to explaining why research proves modern practice to be bankrupt pretty much before it adapts in any case. Oh, I have so may happy experiences of being trained and then untrained as a former teacher....

Author zed1stwizard ( ago)

Author Austin Lightner ( ago)
And now its VR.....

Author Sam's Minecraft ( ago)
could the title be more detailed, please?

Author Daniel ( ago)
Maybe try to let students pick what classes they want _before_ college? I mean, am I not the only one who doesn't want to take AP Stats, AP Economics, AP Calculus BC, Computational Modeling, and Linear Algebra in 12th grade, and instead, take programming, or game development / design classes, etc? I'm pretty sure students are more successful in learning what they're _actually_ interested in learning...right?

And it makes no sense that teachers keep telling you that "your school prepares you for college by mandating AP classes." That's just BS. Colleges let you switch majors, from what I've been told. How is locking yourself into a major "prepping you for college?" And on top of that, we have tests, exams, AP exams, quizzes, projects, homework left and right, college applications, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and more. I can't believe the DoE expects us to care about our averages filled with classes we couldn't care less about, as well as extracurriculars.

The educational system is just terrible, at least in NYC.

Author Erson Rasyadan ( ago)
my country has designed a curriculum thats supposed to excite the students and set the teachers only as a guide. Turns out no significant change occured. the idea was that students should find their own material and seek teachers if they find any trouble. However, only tiny percentage of students that even bothers to find materials on their own. Hence, the old method is used again so that students, excited or not, have no option but to study

Author Luka Milic ( ago)
If the point of teachers is to inspire kids to learn they are doing a very baaaaaaad job at it

Author Pladimir Vutin ( ago)
So, in reality, educational has not changed since the ancient times?

Author Ezra Ross ( ago)
I used one of those video disks in class the teacher had from a long time ago and thought that it was cool (it kind of was)

Author REAPMYFURY ( ago)
Someone show the teachers this statement. Maybe we'll get their lazy asses to inspire someone about the subject they are suposedly "passionate" about. instead of piling on homework and watching students squirm.

Author Fazal Hakim ( ago)
Thank you sir,

You really made me happy.

Author RickyPro ( ago)
(A tablet and Khan Academy)

Author VGfanman5602 ( ago)
If I can offer a question, if technology does not revolutionize education because education is so reliant on teachers inspiring their students, can technology revolutionize this inspiration? What I mean is, I absolutely agree that an ideal teacher is one who inspires the students to learn, and that once a student has the desire to learn then much of what happens after is dependent on him or her. However, from my personal experiences, many teachers (to be cynical, most) don't actually provide this inspiration. So can technology bolster this inspiration? Can technology give students a drive to learn when the teachers fail to do so?
Thank you for your time, and your fascinating video.

Author Padurariu Catalin ( ago)
No matter what your topic is, please don't clickbait.Unsubbing

Author David Estrada ( ago)
I always wonder if anyone can learn top elite education like MIT, Stanford, Harvard and become crazy scientific from NASA, DARPA and Google all of that crazy places, studying without going to school, i mean, from Internet and Books, its really posible to learn by self-tought. And some adivices!! Thanks.

Author SnowyCoder ( ago)
6:17 really? Then I saw only a few real teachers in my entire life

Author David Kennedy ( ago)
I've found two things key to effective learning:

You have to want to learn... it has to be important to you.
and the learning process needs to be enjoyable --- as fun as possible for the given subject matter.

Both are important, but the first point is most important -- it has to be important TO YOU.

I had typing class in school.. I didn't have the willpower to not cheat and look at my fingers, and I didn't learn anything. Later on I learned how to type, and very well - by playing video games... a massively multiplayer game (ultima online) where if I looked away from my screen, it would likely mean my guy would die. It was important to me and it was fun.. and I learned to type without even trying.

Author VodShod ( ago)
I have had few if any teachers that made me feel important, many of them seemed to go out of their way to put me down and tell me I would never amount to anything. Many Teachers would not allow talking in class and would make you feel stupid if you asked any questions. My C++ Teacher Quote "I am not here to teach you I am here to make sure you read the book" he also would refuse to look at the programs and if you asked for help he would just tell you to redo the entire program. One teacher I had would only lecture and when I went to office hours he would recite what he said in class. I told him I didn't understand it in class and I would like him to explain it a different way and he responded "That is the only way I know how to teach."

I have never had a teacher ever go out of their way to help me, they used the excuse that they could not give anyone special treatment. You say that education is based on the interactions between teachers and students? Are there really teachers who care what the student has to say? Are there any teachers that care at all about the students? I have never seen any.

Author Racoon in the closet ( ago)
Couldn't have put it better.
While it is certainly rewarding to teach yourself something, it's often incomplete information.
The resources on the internet should be used to aid in teaching, rather than replacing it.
This is coming from someone who spent a year teaching themselves Calculus, and from that I can say it was a very fulfilling but incomplete experience.
I missed most of trigonometry and lots of pre-calculus, and as such I didn't have a thorough enough understanding to actually develop mathematical intuition.
Eventually I went back and worked through those things, which was easier now that I had been working with Calculus for awhile, and even then there's probably still some stuff I missed.
Short version:
There's no substitute for a truly good teacher.
Even despite how some teachers might try to use the internet as one.

Author Ray ( ago)

Author Christian Renato Molinas Gonzalez ( ago)
Technologies may not make a significant diference on the way students learn, but they make learning,more enjoyable...Also,we must think on phenomenons such as bullying,and how can these make the student's experience much,much harder...

Author maximkazhenkov11 ( ago)
Teachers are irreplaceable because their primary job isn't to teach kids knowledge and skills, it's to KICK THEM IN THE ASS FOR NOT DOING WORK.

Author Pyroslav x ( ago)
But it ALL DID revolutionize education! Yes nothing completely replaced paper printed textbooks yet, and maybe never will, but so what.
You, i mean all the people, scientists, teachers etc. just grossly overestimated how big a revolution should be to deserve its name. Well perhaps that IS what a revolution looks like, you do not need/want bunch of heads chopped off ;-)

Author Hustle Union ( ago)
if you want to educate people make "smart-porn". you heard it here first people.

Author Mehmet Mert Yıldıran ( ago)
Tarkan Physics

Author Teh Yong Lip ( ago)
99% of the teacher exist to demotivate the students rather than inspiring, they spew out all the facts from the book and hope to finish the syllabus as fast as possible and earn their money, i still prefer online learning

Author Mateus Gonçalves ( ago)
School and formal education is actually a joke. It was never about teaching, school is only good for giving certifications and helping you step higher in the bureaucratic pyramid. You can't expect to learn at school. You either learn by your own researches or don't learn at all. It might be that YouTube help a little bit to make your own research, but information in YouTube is way too digested. Kids must go to the source. The sources are books, some very old dusty books in public domain, sometimes easy to find like in the Gutenberg Project. No cartoonish video will be as dense and precise as books.

They should destroy all schools and open libraries where schools are. And should put some good old books in these libraries. And in the end, to get certification, you wouldn't need to prove you've been in a classroom for 4 years listening a slow talking teacher and writing academic essays that nobody reads — just prove you know the subject and that's enough.

Author Crafty Shawn ( ago)

Author Marko Morales Kalamar ( ago)
we have the worst teachers and dont inspire us students in any way. Wich rly isnt fair based on the fact that ur grades limit your amount of choices for jobs.

Author shysterrtube ( ago)
you're wrong. you are confusing formal education with Education.
only formal education is tought in groups by one person. 100 years ago that is how most people got most of their information about the world. Today everyone gets their info from a variety of other sources. statistics show that within a year most people will have forgotten 80% of what they learned after graduation, without reinforcement (other than school).

Author shysterrtube ( ago)
writing revolutionized education
schools revolutionized education
radio, film, TV, the internet and YouTube have revolutionized education.
how can anyone argue that they didn't. hindsight is for idiots.

Author Tayo Hatch ( ago)
But... but.... VR? :(

Author Hexbugman213 ( ago)
Smart boards are actually a good thing for education, they are everywhere and very useful

Author skating hippo's ( ago)
WTF i was subscribed and now im not??????? why did youtube unsub me????

Author skating hippo's ( ago)
but most teachers don't care or just have a huge god complex

Author Omega Gaming Alpha ( ago)
Michael gove revolutionised British education for the worse :-)

Author K31TH3R ( ago)
This conclusion makes the same mistakes as the studies that generalizes the effectiveness of technology in education. It should be up to the students how they want to learn a subject. Some people prefer books, some prefer videos, some prefer interactive software, some prefer a teacher.

A subject shouldn't be taught to achieve exam scores, it should be taught to someone who is actually interested in the subject and wants to thoroughly explore it. If they're not interested, they will end up forgetting everything they learned a few years later. A classroom is a terrible place for someone to learn about a subject they actually enjoy. I have learned more about my curiosities from the internet than I ever did in all my years in a classroom. There are multiple types of media for nearly every subject, and I guarantee the most intelligent and interested people don't want it strictly parroted and skewed from an average teacher.

Author Kenny Johnson ( ago)
Unfortunately through my experience most teachers could care less about their students, or had favorites that they spent their whole attention on. I pretty much self taught myself or had to learn in my later year.

Author Mister Theguy ( ago)
At our school students are getting computers instead of books

Author ArcDuc ( ago)
I guess cyber school does not exist.

Author andvil01 ( ago)
Education is, since the dorn of time, someone who knows stuff sitting by the campfire telling stuff to someone who do not know it yet. By technology we can move the teller in time and space, but it is still a teller. So the teacher is a teller of stuff, even of there is more tellers on youtube. I can do something in my class you can not on youtube. I can interact. You can explain stuff one way. When I explain, I can do it by questions. I can play the devils advocate, I ask "what if?", "what do you think?" or "Can there be more ways to see this?". And I do it differently to different students. Some I give an extra challenge or just open up a door on the other side of the room. For others it just confuses, so you keep it simple. No technology can do that yet. Still the good teller by the campfire interacting whith his audience, telling the young hunters how to trap games. And the next morning he send them out to try themself.

Author talha naveed ( ago)
I prefer going over recorded lectures on my own so i can pause, rewind and take my time to understand it properly in one go. I think that with guided tutorials is the best way

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