This Will Revolutionize Education

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  • Many technologies have promised to revolutionize education, but so far none has. With that in mind, what could revolutionize education?
    These ideas have been percolating since I wrote my PhD in physics education:
    I have also discussed this topic with CGP Grey, whose view of the future of education differs significantly from mine:

    I think it is instructive that each new technology has appeared to be so transformative. You can imagine, for example, that motion pictures must have seemed like a revolutionary learning technology. After all they did revolutionize entertainment, yet failed to make significant inroads into the classroom. TV and video seem like a cheaper, scaled back film, but they too failed to live up to expectations. Now there is a glut of information and video on the internet so should we expect it to revolutionize education?

    My view is that it won't, for two reasons: 1. Technology is not inherently superior, animations over static graphics, videoed presentations over live lectures etc. and 2. Learning is inherently a social activity, motivated and encouraged by interactions with others.

    Filmed and edited by Pierce Cook

    Supported by Screen Australia's Skip Ahead program.

    Music By Kevin MacLeod, "The Builder" and by Amarante Music:
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  • 8 jen
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  • Taskinul Haque
    Taskinul Haque 1 day ago

    Youre very much. Social constructivist aren't you ?

  • Eedu
    Eedu 2 days ago

    kids don't learn much in school anymore. If we want to know something we just search videos about it on yt.

    GIAAMTV 7 days ago

    I think you scratched at something here and I would have loved to see this explored, the subjective nature of learning and educational tactic. Now for me I have social disorders that make traditional forms of education (sit down, shut up, read a book and learn) very difficult to grasp and even more difficult to learn from, regardless of the mass acceptence, impotence and overall use of it. For example, spoken, passionate and communicative lectures, convocation and filmic learning can inspire and engage me more so then, reading, testing, rinse and repeat. Learning is subjective and even more so when subjects like art or drama are incorporated, there is no one answer, but many, many forms and techniques. so I would argue that some educational forms and reforms have been created and initiated as of late that have enabled people like myself to be more proactive in their own learning, then when calculated form a story that one could come to reasoned justification that education over the years has revolutionised. but in most of the areas explored here You're right, nothing has been revolutionary, but new ways have helped many millions of people enter education that find traditional learning difficult.

  • alex bluestein
    alex bluestein 12 days ago

    big problem with your argument, many teachers don't care about you, or if you pass or succeed. Some dont inspire and they just push information into your head. plus no matter how much your teacher cares about you or inspires you, if they are teaching you too fast or too slow that will f up your learning. sometimes tech is the only way, the only reason im passing my science class is my background knolage and the internet, my teacher is incompetent and does not understand the subject herself. teachers may help but they sometimes end up being usless.

  • fr89k
    fr89k 13 days ago

    Some of my professors recorded their lectures. I think it was super helpful and I also didn't attend all lectures. I could speed up the whole thing, when the professor was super slow, or I could pause the lecture to think about that or get additional information from other sources or try to do an example of what the professor just explained theoretically... If that was just as helpful to others as it was to me, professors would just need to hand out the video content and update it every once in a while...

    • fr89k
      fr89k 13 days ago

      However, when it came to really learning for an exam, I also preferred to meet with other students. At least for the difficult exams. Not only forces you to focus on learning instead of procrastinating, but it's also very helpful, as not everyone knows everything, but if you combine the brain power of 4 or 5 to-be-engineers, it is very likely that the group can solve all the mysteries of the lecture ;)

  • Rigo Luna
    Rigo Luna 14 days ago

    Personally I don't think many of the people who claim that they will "revolutionize education" care about how the students think, they are mostly in it for the money they can make selling their product.

  • Yadir Sánchez
    Yadir Sánchez 15 days ago

    Oh crap... I guess that's why I want to ditch my online Master's...Not very "social" in there...

  • sasha lavoie
    sasha lavoie 16 days ago

    i dunno, do you really need to pay somebody to get you inspired to learn something? if you are that interested then you will learn by yourself

  • sasha lavoie
    sasha lavoie 16 days ago

    artificial intelligence will revolutionise education

  • Jilk Owez
    Jilk Owez 16 days ago

    I think MOOCS are the way forward. You can get rewarded with points if you do well on them and then can get rewards. You can also go at your own pace so one level fits all. It would be cheaper and you could see exactly how well a child is doing. You could do it at home in remote areas or in cities, just a updated school. Courses like udemy or treehouse are the kinds of things im talking about; but for general lessons as well.

  • JochCool
    JochCool 17 days ago

    Is that why making summaries or writing essays also work so well? Rather than just reading a text, you're making it yourself?

  • Đại Hùng
    Đại Hùng 20 days ago

    Piaget and Vygotsky will always stay relevant

  • An Qin
    An Qin 21 day ago

    1200 years ago in China, Han Yu, a philosopher who contributed the development of Neo-Confucianism (I wiki-ed it), had written a article called, 师说, or A Discussion of Teaching in English, answered the question of what a teacher is, in 6 characters. “師者,所以傳道、受業、解惑也。”, that is, to put it in a simply way with the right order, "education of principle of the universe, professional education and answering questions asked by their students".

    • An Qin
      An Qin 21 day ago

      Despite of which principle of universe they have used 12 centuries ago, luckily this article has been used in the fundamental education for all Chinese students, and being part of the culture.

  • Vini
    Vini 21 day ago

    The internet will revolutionize education. Universities will become irrelevant.

  • johnny dss
    johnny dss 21 day ago

    Education has evolved, not revolutionized. You see smartboards everywhere, books are getting digital and now you have stuff like Khan academy who do show succes.

  • Polla Fattah
    Polla Fattah 22 days ago

    I think these are not really predictions instead they are just selling catch phrases as everybody tries to sell its product as the "Next Grate Thing"

  • ceegers
    ceegers 24 days ago

    Too bad some teachers think their only purpose is to transmit knowledge from their head (or even just from a book) to yours. These are of course the worse ones.

  • Sakura Dragonborn
    Sakura Dragonborn 24 days ago

    As a teacher and as a former student, I must say, I loved this video very much. And I do realize that there are teachers that do not try to understand how a student's mind is working. But there are always 2 people in every education - teacher and student. So a teacher cannot educate a student, that has no interest in understanding and focuses only on passing the exam and I see this happening every year.

  • Yeanz Chen
    Yeanz Chen 26 days ago

    while teachers are killing every passion a student has for learning, I'm glad that I survived and continue to be a science geek

  • ThinkingSpeck
    ThinkingSpeck 26 days ago

    Knowledge is actively constructed by the learner, yeah. Would be good if more teachers and administrators knew the Freirean pedagogy stuff like you clearly do.

  • Cesar M C
    Cesar M C 27 days ago

    2:30 - Portuguese Class 
    1) navio afundou
    2) telefone toca

  • Estelle Zanga
    Estelle Zanga 1 month ago

    When we measure the impact of education techniques and we look at increases "access to education" through technology rather than increases in effectiveness, then we see interesting results. Technology can bring education to people who would not have access to it in any other forms, and that's a big revolution.

  • Niels Rasmussen
    Niels Rasmussen 1 month ago

    Computer programs capable of adapting to your learning speed, doing a proper program and explaining your problems which is all possible with an advanced and well fed AI, would be able to revolutionize education, for the first time ever.

  • Neil Axe
    Neil Axe 1 month ago

    p.s another great vid and a great chanel. keep em coming pls.

  • Neil Axe
    Neil Axe 1 month ago

    the main purpose of teachers is 2fold. 1st it is not to teach it is to trian..."stand up, sit down, wait for the bell...wait for it...wait for you can go." The second purpose is to free up 2 adults per child to go to work and pay taxes. Which explains why teachers are under paid. The last thing they want to do is educate the masses because that would be cruel wouldn,t it? to be aware of how you are being farmed but to be helpless to do anything about it, like being awake for your own vivisection. Ah.. it's late, I'm moody. Forget it.

  • Γιαννης Ιωαννου

    thank you, for caring

  • smb10011001
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  • Sarah P.
    Sarah P. 1 month ago

    Omg, I've programmed the f. turtle. Someone know the name of that program?

  • FelheartX
    FelheartX 1 month ago

    I totally agree with the point of this video, but doesn't that mean that the *real* question would be more like "What behaviours exactly maximize engagement of the students, their willingness to learn, their thirst for knowledge??"

  • Syed Sholok
    Syed Sholok 1 month ago

    Then there is our history teacher who calls are retards and idiots....

  • Antonio Carlos Filho


  • alex wildner
    alex wildner 1 month ago

    2.29 I like that he put the tape

  • AkaiAzul
    AkaiAzul 1 month ago

    I think text over a presentation or video works, when it's like closed captioning. When I'm learning, I find CC can helps me understand exactly what was said for the same problem animations have over static graphics: that is, spoken words are fleeting.

  • Alexander Bjerve
    Alexander Bjerve 1 month ago

    This reminds me abour Prince Ea

  • Alexander Bjerve
    Alexander Bjerve 1 month ago

    We almost only have online books at my school.

  • Joakim Andersson
    Joakim Andersson 1 month ago

    I don't wanna sound like an asshole but maybe this is why psychologists should have more of a say than engineers when it comes to teaching and learning...

  • Aaron Conlon
    Aaron Conlon 1 month ago

    You sir are an excellent teacher

  • Vishva Kumara
    Vishva Kumara 1 month ago

    But it sure does improve accessibility to education. Thanks to YouTube, I have learnt many things that would otherwise require to enroll and follow a course, which I would be too lazy to do than watch and try to do/build it myself.

    • Vishva Kumara
      Vishva Kumara 1 month ago

      What you say makes a lot of things make a lot of sense. Like if I watch a video about Arduino or Raspberry Pi, and then I can go out and buy it and experiment myself. But for something like Archery, I would better be getting help from a coach because a coach can give personal advice and see faults, and that is very important because it is a skill to be mastered than a science that can be easily repeated over and over by following simple instructions..

  • Horrorkid 908
    Horrorkid 908 1 month ago

    What will revolutionize school is a change in the system. School teaches nothing useful, and it is all about memorization and not actually learning. I am currently a freshman, almost at the end of the school year onto a sophomore, and I can safely say that high school is bulls*it. It is so stressful, and is probably one of the most unreasonably hard things I've ever done in my life, and all of it... is for NOTHING. I hate school, homework, tests, teachers, studying, dress codes and other stupid rules, and how much school is like a dictatorship. You really have no freedom in school, and the things that teachers teach are downright unrealistic compared to the real world. I was never taught useful things like how to do first aid, how to pay bills and taxes, and basically anything having to do with money, the laws in the country I live in, how to socialize, and a fu*k ton of other things. But hey! At least I was taught about what chlorophyll was, even though I don't want to be a scientist.

    Most likely, no one is going to read this comment, but if you do, please spread the word.

  • Drool Alot
    Drool Alot 1 month ago

    Education is an industry..... Algebra has been around before the pyramids and they make a next textbook every year for profit

  • Sam Gall
    Sam Gall 1 month ago

    What you say a teachers real job is is really not what happens in my school at least. Most teachers act like they hate their job and don't care about students only following orders from the corse guide on what textbook to read from the whole lesson

  • Šimon Hrabec
    Šimon Hrabec 1 month ago

    Hi man, thanks for the video! I am very interested in education and how the traditional process can be improved. Over my recent university years I have made some observations:
    1.) MOOCs are great, but they miss human contact. It is kinda studying alone. I cannot talk about the stuff with classmates as I would normally would. Also if I dont understand something I cannot interrupt the teacher at the moment and ask him to explain something more or to challenge his proposed ideas.
    2.) I think we should combine videos/reading for transferring the information and then just be in class to discuss these things or solve some problems - use the classroom for its most valuable things it offer - dialogue, immediacy.
    3.) People wanna do courses from scratch. There has been a lot of things done already. Teaching a language? Let people learn the vocabulary with Teaching algorithms? Tell students to watch MIT OCW video about the topic before the class. Dont write your own Linear algebra book, let them use the famous Introduction to LA written by Gilbert Strang.
    4.) Education should be about creativity, finding new ways to approach things, experiments, yet, teachers and school are extremely rigid and unwilling to change or modify the system if a new things is proposed.
    5.) People should not be told things (such as A^2=B^2+C^2) - people should be given problems and understand why we want to solve it first. How would a worker figure out whether he has a right angle between 2 walls he built (Pythagorean theorem)? Why should I write readable code? Give students task to program something and then another task to modify it and them tell them to modify example well designed code. They will understand that rewriting their ugly code for hours was wasted effort.
    6.) I miss learning by doing. Sometimes the best way to learn something is not by studying it in the first place, but by doing that when doing something else. Lets say TEX - teach people it and they might forget. Give them a chance to get bonus points for writing linear algebra HW in TEX starting from simple things and they will appreciate that.
    7.) peer reviews are great - do work and then evaluate the same task of someone else (or also your own as well).
    8.) I think it has been written at multiple places - when a test or HW is done, people should see the results/correct solution ASAP so they still remember what they have done. Exams are not for evaluation, but also crucial for learning itself. Checking my quiz a week after I wrote it and I have no idea why I have written the things I have.
    9.) I think one advantage of classical universities is also that they are complete - they have some well (more or less) defined syllabus and offer a package of courses for a given major.

  • Peter Neufeld
    Peter Neufeld 1 month ago

    Education IS the revolution.  Sharing the experience of life for the better of all started at a fireside and continues today in the classroom.  The storyteller or teacher is the most important part of the experience.  Information alone means nothing without context. A teacher is needed to help make an abstract concept have personal relevance.  The inspiration to learn came from my teachers and today that desire to learn is fueled by everything around me.  One person helping many to begin walking the path to personal education should be the highest calling of all mankind.  Acknowledging that would be the true revolution in education.

  • ItsPlushy
    ItsPlushy 1 month ago

    my teacher is a sex offender

  • Kotaprolu Nagamani
    Kotaprolu Nagamani 1 month ago

    does your YouTube channel has any speciality from it's name

  • annej
    annej 1 month ago

    teachers make me want to learn less. I'd be more interested in learning about things if my teacher didn't shove it down my throat and make me learn it

  • Laser Games
    Laser Games 1 month ago

    Actually the internet/tech/youtube/khan academy WILL revolutionize education. Why? Technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper which means it reaches more and more people globally. Even people in countries with extremely poor education systems will eventually have all human data at their finger tips. Youtube/khan academy come into play because they have the structure required to teach a curriculum that is likely more engaging than following links through Wikipedia. IMO greatly increasing access to knowledge through the internet/tech is comparable to the impact of the printing press, revolutionary.

  • Jorge Monteiro
    Jorge Monteiro 1 month ago

    Very interesting!

  • rockets-don't-make good-toast

    teachers don't do a good job at there job if the math proficiency rate is 32%
    which it is.

  • Alexei Sirotinin
    Alexei Sirotinin 1 month ago

    Thanks man! Really only today for some reason I got the idea of Who the teacher is and what his mission is. I met just 6 persons during school, university times who were the teachers. the rest were whatever else.

  • Matt Ball Bonsai
    Matt Ball Bonsai 1 month ago

    I feel like every school, teacher, minister of education, and student needs to watch this video.

  • Aviral Aryal
    Aviral Aryal 1 month ago

    What limits learning is what can happen in student's head.
    -Veritasium 2014

  • Rafael de Carvalho
    Rafael de Carvalho 1 month ago

    Have you ever hear about "Escola da Ponte" in Portugal? They do exactly what you said about change inside students heads. You should take a look into their project! ;)

  • Kirinin Kiri
    Kirinin Kiri 1 month ago

    He literally says smart people are smart. deal with it.

  • kittali
    kittali 1 month ago

    I hated the turtle thing! Give me a book any day over the computerized classroom learning

  • Charles
    Charles 1 month ago

    What you say is very nice I think. But you miss the most important point : Does the student wish to be guided to knowledge with happy self-enthousiasm or is xe forced to sit in a classroom because parents basically force them to using psychoaffective violence ?

    Well, I'll consider you fit in the first situation so I can think you're a very good teacher :-)

  • Shubham Ware
    Shubham Ware 1 month ago

    bravo 🙋best explained... u pertinently caught the key point in learning. this video surly has revolutionize my idea of learning and teaching as well 🙆🙆🙌

  • Donald Yasnyi
    Donald Yasnyi 1 month ago

    These videos are often excellent. This one is not, because see it misses what a teacher really does to help students learn.

    Teachers must to all the things identified in this video in addition to organizing the material in such a way that the student has a framework for learning it.

    Learning is based on the ability of the student to organize the material in his head. It is different (although similar) from student to student. It depends on the students previous learning and current state of knowledge. The teacher shows the student how to get from where he is to where he needs to be. The student does not know that in advance, but the teacher does. That is the main reason for having teachers.

  • Becauseimparanoid
    Becauseimparanoid 2 months ago

    "youtube will revolutionize education" he said
    2 years later, that isnt the case
    Kinda ironic isnt it?

  • Cristina Abrantes
    Cristina Abrantes 2 months ago

    Great video! Thanks for it.

  • Elnur Aliyev
    Elnur Aliyev 2 months ago

    This was one of the best videos I have seen this month

  • James Foerch
    James Foerch 2 months ago

    Teachers rock: I guide my middle school students at the Grand Rapids Public Museum School to create and deliver planetarium presentations. For visiting school groups I create interactive star programs. Thank you for recognizing us.
    'Mr. Jim' Foerch

  • Chris Axell
    Chris Axell 2 months ago


  • Timothy Strong
    Timothy Strong 2 months ago

    Maybe because our educational system is run by the government so there is no incentive to improve?

  • Dingly Do
    Dingly Do 2 months ago

    I think the main problem of the education is the teacher them selves. (No I am not suggesting to kick out all teachers). A can mention a couple of things that go wrong in the classroom (most of the time)

    1. Competition
    a. I know some schools do this but there are certinaly others that don't. I think competition is a really important thing when it comes to education. Because when competing it inspires you to try to out think your opponent and there is a goal to a competition unlike when just sitting on a chair listening to someone wondering what is the point.

    2. Method of explanation
    a. This is where usually most things go wrong. What I notice in schools (especially in America and in Math) is that the approach that they use to teach you is way too "childish". They try to hold your hand and show you each and every step on a test you just answer everything mainly from memory. When teaching someone you have to make sure they are curios, now I am a highschool freshmen and I have never been in a class teaching a group of kids, but that is the way I prefer to be taught. But one very common example in math class is when they give you an equation. For example the equation "A^2 + B^2 = C^2", imagine you are in a class, re-learning the equation. And this is how the teacher intrudeces this to you. "Today we are gonna learn about how you can figure the hypotenuse of a right triangle. To do this you put one leg in A and the other in B then you square them and add them. Then you find the square root of C. Here is a handout then you have a quiz" To me that sounds like the teacher missed many opportunities. The teacher could have given proof of the equation, who made, why was it made, how was it made, ect... Instead he just introduced as a straight forward thing and that is just boring and gives no curisosty or wonders.

    These are my thoughts on teachers I tried to keep it short....mostly becuase I am in a hurry to watch all the other videos veritasium...

  • inertiaforce
    inertiaforce 2 months ago

    Veritasium, it was your videos on inertia and gravity that got me interested in the subject to study it on my own and got me to choose this name on Youtube.

  • Max Lee
    Max Lee 2 months ago

    AI will revolutionize education. Do doubt.

  • Mateusz Wąchalski
    Mateusz Wąchalski 2 months ago

    Well, the system is slowing my education

  • NekoMouser
    NekoMouser 2 months ago

    Anecdotally, I NEVER understood chemistry. I barely passed it in high school and college. Then, when got my hands on a modern online textbook with animations and interactives that I never had growing up, it all clicked. I'm no expert, but man I get things I never did before. That said, that was the only subject that it noticeably helped in. My brain just needed that extra kick and hand-holding in that subject for some reason.

    But yeah, I've worked in the industry and helped develop tools that do good real-time analytic analysis of student performance--giving teachers breakdowns by question and standard of where a student is making a mistake, sometimes very specific to the mistake being made (maybe multiplying by 10 instead of dividing by 10 in step three of a math problem). But even then, the mistake is in the student's head. No amount of analytics in the world can change that without solid research on how to overturn misconceptions and mental errors. You want to revolutionize education, you have to invest in the research on how learning AND unlearning truly occur and then use that to inform the tools. The tools are just tools and will never revolutionize things by themselves.

  • LiquidZero
    LiquidZero 2 months ago

    your on screen text threw me off and I had to skip back to re-watch that segment...

  • LazlosPlane
    LazlosPlane 2 months ago

    My teecherz were veri ve,ri gud;

  • Jason Roach
    Jason Roach 2 months ago

    you must be one heck of a teacher, because you inspire me to learn... at the age of 40

  • Jamal H
    Jamal H 2 months ago

    I use an iPad in my school. they are compulsory. it works like a text book and some of the khan academy lessons are really great.

  • Harkabeer Singh
    Harkabeer Singh 2 months ago

    The truth is the majority of do not care about any of good stuff, like making it interesting for the students. That is a really sad and true fact.

  • Michal Valta
    Michal Valta 2 months ago

    If that really IS the role of the teacher, all the teachers I met so far were terrible failures. But I don't think they would agree with you that it is their role. Because, I don't think they ever gave it a thought..... You know, it's just a job..... "Who cares about their future, I am in a bad mood, screw them"...

  • psyekl
    psyekl 2 months ago

    The primary trait I find missing from educational sources where the teacher is absent is the anecdotes and off-syllabus, but on topic, conversations that can only be gained from personal interaction with someone with experience in the subject being taught. Technological and research sources are fantastic for the "perfect" factual details of the topic, but only a real person can truly "flesh out" the intricacies of the subject matter.

  • Jesse
    Jesse "SuperWaffle57" 2 months ago

    would dislike for clickbait, but its a good video so i will like

  • googlr
    googlr 2 months ago

    "in a social environment, with other learners, and a caring teacher."
    So let's make our priority to virtualize a good school environment. Now, theoretically, all we need for education is a virtual reality headset and free online schools.

  • David Urry
    David Urry 2 months ago

    Let's be real. A teacher's "job" is to focus children on a learning objective. It is not to be responsible for the social or emotional well being of the student. If they can excite and motivate that's a bonus but when you make the teacher responsible for these things rather than the student, you are making the teacher responsible for emotional states in another human being and that is what many people call "co-dependent" or an "enabler".

    To be clear:
    Teacher -- responsible for presenting the information and evaluating the student's learning.
    Student -- responsible for learning and demonstrating the information.

    You can argue till everybody's blue in the face about how to present and how to evaluate but none of that excuses the student from learning it and demonstrating it.

  • G. E. M. J.
    G. E. M. J. 2 months ago

    You are the guy that is revolutionising the Education!!!!

  • elamathi veeramuthu
    elamathi veeramuthu 2 months ago

    "all of this is best characterized as an EVOLUTION not a REVOLUTION" man...... you can come up with really good understandable punch lines...i mean i just love the line

  • Louis McKenna
    Louis McKenna 2 months ago

    I tell you what will revolutionize education, Veritasium!
    I have learnt more watching these videos than I ever would at school

  • Majed Ahmed
    Majed Ahmed 2 months ago

    you talk about it = you going round and round
    you don't know it = straight you don't need to remember it you recognise it
    if you can simplify it to its principle then
    you only speak of Idea and concept ...!

  • Shailesh Dagar
    Shailesh Dagar 2 months ago

    The main point is that these animations lack interaction and I haven't seen a single video where they mention the role of vocabulary. It is too formal in animation, which dulls the content. A good teacher make use of these things efficiently.

  • Paul Wray
    Paul Wray 2 months ago

    Yep, it appears there is no royal road to enhanced learning. Mayer's work on multimedia learning (which you seem to be aware of) is one of the few scientifically valid, usable results. Most of constructivist learning is unscientific twaddle, but oh-so-popular for so long now that many accept it without question or thought. Studies have shown that good teachers don't even make very much difference to learning (although they may make a huge difference to how the student feels about learning).

  • joshron99
    joshron99 2 months ago

    I notice that Veritasium's vids are now prefaced with a 14 or 15 sec ad with no way to bail out. (I didn't notice this to be the case in previous videos but I may be wrong-- I'm a recent subscriber). Although the uploads are excellent, I won't endure through a commercial (unless I chose to)-- a bit arrogant (or greedy) to require it as I see it.

  • Sebastian Martin
    Sebastian Martin 2 months ago

    but computers have revolutionized education. just not directly sitting in the classroom

  • Siranat usawasutsakorn

    Well Sometimes static picture may make student think wrong especially for confusing lesson but sometimes detail in textbook is missing. I'd say it would help and together with careful management they will revolutionize education.

  • selema molopa
    selema molopa 3 months ago

    Very interesting. Where can one get the articles you have done.

  • WarsInAction
    WarsInAction 3 months ago

    I agree teachers got me into the subjects I now enjoy. It is hard to beat a good teacher

  • WarsInAction
    WarsInAction 3 months ago

    khan academy reference hype1

  • shir itzhaki
    shir itzhaki 3 months ago

    Then most teachers have failed

  • Schulfrei Deutschland
    Schulfrei Deutschland 3 months ago

    Homeschooling is far better. Look at the studies. This video of Veritasium is pure propaganda and clickbaiting. And it's insulting all the self-learners on the world. Very-Tacium would be more appropriate than Veritasium. Thank you for this pre-fact video. Now go back on the internet and read some studies on it... oh sorry... you can't learn from this revolution... then search a teacher who will teach you about self-learning, homeschooling, internet, wikipedia, khan-academy and google. That teacher will revolutionize your education ;)

  • Piyush Kedar
    Piyush Kedar 3 months ago

    education will revolutionize when the human will revolutionize, we must not forget that humans like other animals have evolved for survival and breeding. learning is just added feature for helping in survival. We may have evolved learning but are not fundamentally programmed to learn, especially if it is not help much in survival. Kids mind follow this base rule, even though adult may get fascinated by learning and go beyond basic learning, children do not understand the value it adds to there life. And hence the performance issue, no way of teaching is gonna revolutionize the learning process, it's already developed in our genes, the ways to understand things around. We can take only a limited amount of knowledge over a period of time. bombarding information beyond that limit, will just be discarded, just like all the other stimuli that we receive in our life. We are being that are made by evolution. Our biggest weapon is time. Any revolution is against our basic genetic model. Hence, we resist change so often, fear the unknown,etc. What the point I am trying to make here is, education can not be revolutionize,cus humans can not be, it's a very slow process that we are made with, and only process we can change with.

  • Family Foe
    Family Foe 3 months ago

    i've always wanted to become a teacher. and videos like this show the importance of a teacher.
    Nice work Derek

  • Cathy Meaw
    Cathy Meaw 3 months ago

    Great information. I have believed so.

  • nattyphysicist
    nattyphysicist 3 months ago

    Maybe the technology should be put into helping students to find good teachers.

  • Ann Priess Maclean
    Ann Priess Maclean 3 months ago

    But DeVos will ABSOLUTELY revolutionize education; into the ground.

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