Blade Runner 2049 - Official Trailer (2017 Release)

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  • Cognissonance
    Cognissonance 1 month ago


  • Andre Cartwright
    Andre Cartwright 1 month ago

    So this is a reboot and a sequel at the same time? A lot of the clips are reminiscent of the original Blade Runner. Also, Atari is a megacorp in the future? They're not even that big now, and they were one of the original video game developers.

  • Harvey Birdman
    Harvey Birdman 1 month ago

    Batista is becoming the new rock

  • Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 1 month ago

    spoiler: ryan goslings facial expression in the trailer will be ryan goslings facial expression in the full movie

  • Adam Hasser
    Adam Hasser 1 month ago

    "I want to ask you some questions."
    "It's true. All of it."

  • New chanter
    New chanter 1 month ago

    I got the same bladerunner trailer ad before the video . wtf

  • Reeze The Vampire
    Reeze The Vampire 1 month ago

    Looks like this is going to have way too much action in it compared to the philosophical masterpiece that is the original.

    CJEJTHEDJ 1 month ago

    Who else compared to RedLetterMedia?

  • AnimationOverloadFilms

    That music tho!

  • Secretz316
    Secretz316 1 month ago

    Maybe I'm being overly optimistic but I'm getting a good feeling about this movie...

  • seema dave
    seema dave 1 month ago

    OMG! this is on my bday oct 6

  • Tristan
    Tristan 1 month ago

    Someone give me a quick rundown on what blade runner is

  • Joshua Edwards
    Joshua Edwards 1 month ago

    So I kind of have the same problem with this as I did with the Ghost in the Shell adaptation in both a lesser and greater sense. While GITS was a bit egregious with it's "reimagining" of the major it didn't look like a bad movie; it just looked like an over westernization of an eastern film. SO what does that have to do with the OG Blade Runner and BR: 2049? Well in the OG the media of the world, with only a few notable exceptions, was very Eastern, where as here it seems to be dominated by western models and concepts. There are a number of reasons why this might be from "ease of casting" to the director wanting people to be able to understand what the commercials said, or there might even be some in universe explanation but either way this quality feels like a lack of understanding to the purpose of the previous film and it's source material (albeit the two have their own differences).

  • Necrodor21
    Necrodor21 1 month ago

    isnt that too soon for 2049 movie?

  • Westward Mapping
    Westward Mapping 1 month ago

    If Ridley Scott does not include some reference to alien like he did with Prometheus, I will kill him myself.

  • Lost Fear
    Lost Fear 1 month ago

    I want his coat, that's my contribution...

  • retro phil
    retro phil 1 month ago

    out of all the bullshit, failed reboots. This one,....this - one looks promising.

  • Aaron Clark
    Aaron Clark 1 month ago

    I wonder if America will even make it to 2049 given our economy, there has already been so many store closings and bankruptcies.

  • T0K3N SM0K3
    T0K3N SM0K3 1 month ago

    whats up with that atari symbol?? lol

  • Kevin De Smet
    Kevin De Smet 1 month ago

    I'm glad I went to see Ghost in the Shell instead of waiting on this, looks pretty bad.

  • PadiWinchester303
    PadiWinchester303 1 month ago

    aaand harrison ford will die again

  • MatthiusSama
    MatthiusSama 1 month ago

    Roger Deakins might be the best cinematographer working today.

  • Willskull
    Willskull 1 month ago

    Hell yeah!!

  • monsterbrandman
    monsterbrandman 1 month ago

    who else had the old Blade runner game on PC back in the day?

  • GreekPanda
    GreekPanda 1 month ago

    I jizzed my pants when i saw Han Solo. This means Kylo failed to kill him.

  • mariuccio strega
    mariuccio strega 1 month ago

    That music...i missed it so much.

  • Michael Cobbs
    Michael Cobbs 1 month ago

    I can't wait to see this movie.

  • Full Life 3
    Full Life 3 1 month ago

    How the hell does Atari win the console wars? They went bankrupt a while ago....
    Edit:Also,at 0:47 does it say "SOVIET HAPPY" ? Wtf?

  • LukeEMH
    LukeEMH 1 month ago

    Bbbllleeehhh, was liking this until I found out Jared Buttface was in it. hope he doesn't take up too much screentime

  • BeoXS Gaming
    BeoXS Gaming 1 month ago


  • Helmuth Pape
    Helmuth Pape 1 month ago

    Could it be this time. . .could it really be that they make a sequel of an old iconic movie and don't mess it up? I really hope so.

  • TsimpoukiaMeDoseis Theodosis

    That've been America if Hilary won the elections lol

  • XPhantom RogueX
    XPhantom RogueX 1 month ago

    Swear that music is from prey...

  • Zombie Hunter
    Zombie Hunter 1 month ago

    all i cared about is Atari coming back

  • ALeXbLAdE
    ALeXbLAdE 1 month ago

    Gosling? Really? Anybody but him

  • Icemanz666
    Icemanz666 1 month ago

    Great year for cyberpunk .. GITS movie, whether you liked it or not the visuals were fantastic. So is this, get hype!

  • andy fenwick
    andy fenwick 1 month ago

    No Vangelis doing the music score or enough iconic actors in it like the Original. This has got to be one of the hardest sequels to make.

  • Rado Heineken
    Rado Heineken 1 month ago

    Really? Leto is in this?

  • Gerronemo Munchacho
    Gerronemo Munchacho 1 month ago

    I dont know what this shit about.. But Im in!

  • Michael Lemus
    Michael Lemus 1 month ago


  • ReactioNation
    ReactioNation 1 month ago

    hey i made a reaction mashup in my channel to this trailer if you guys wanna check it out :)

  • MrFuthisshit
    MrFuthisshit 1 month ago

    Why is Jared Leto in so many movies , he's not a good actor. Anyway this looks amazing !

  • aHairyWhiteGuy
    aHairyWhiteGuy 1 month ago

    I need to watch the first one now.

  • rafael piccio
    rafael piccio 1 month ago

    That Gun.

  • Prop
    Prop 1 month ago

    jared leto doesnt belong in this film. wtf. for him being an actor hes not a good onr at all. After his role as the joker in Suicide Squad i never wanna see him on the big screen ever lol.

  • MrCrackkkkkkk
    MrCrackkkkkkk 1 month ago


  • Gonk Droid
    Gonk Droid 1 month ago

    I've seen driving you people wouldn't believe...

  • Armand Rodriguez
    Armand Rodriguez 1 month ago

    So far, so good.

  • Georgek117
    Georgek117 1 month ago

    I'm far far too excited for this...if that's even a thing!

  • Enterthemind1
    Enterthemind1 1 month ago

    * Tarns on synthwave music *

  • Kasey Kubiniec
    Kasey Kubiniec 1 month ago

    How ghost in the shell should have looked

  • BigVtheVanity
    BigVtheVanity 1 month ago


  • Alotta Deez
    Alotta Deez 1 month ago

    that looks too good...i don't watch many movies in theatres but that has to be seen

  • Darenn Freitas
    Darenn Freitas 1 month ago

    love the setting but the movie looks kinda crap, still I'll watch it

  • BullyB33F
    BullyB33F 1 month ago

    Did anyone else notice the skimmer was flying between two Atari Logos 0:11

  • Edwin Lopez
    Edwin Lopez 1 month ago

    Looks good good. Leto seems like a good villain. The dude if he has something good to work with will deliver. Batista dude is killing it. Guardians of the galaxy, spectre and now blade runner. Good for him.

  • CarRamRod1992
    CarRamRod1992 1 month ago

    Isn't Deckard a replicant?

  • bdorrd
    bdorrd 1 month ago

    han solo dies

  • Edward Amadeus Alexander


  • MegaLaidback
    MegaLaidback 1 month ago

    I'll add it to my list of movies to watch on a bored rainy weekend.

  • Dardania Posts
    Dardania Posts 1 month ago

    King Kong trailer was really good but the movie was so bad

  • Rick wallace
    Rick wallace 1 month ago

    I am going to remain positive and am looking forward to this movie. if it's shit I'll just never watch it again...end of. The original will always be a classic great film.

  • Hey Adrian, Whatcha Playin'?

    Here come the "Is K a Replicant?" theories :)

  • CampusNova
    CampusNova 1 month ago


  • Vexxed Sprites
    Vexxed Sprites 1 month ago

    I have to say, after reading the book, and not particularly loving the film, I am just not interested in this.

  • SuperAvocado
    SuperAvocado 1 month ago

    Glad to see that they mantained that noir atmosphere. Looking forward to this sequel.

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman 1 month ago

    Jared Leto >>>>

  • Slider2k
    Slider2k 1 month ago

    I'm worried it would be style over substance.

  • Marmalada180
    Marmalada180 1 month ago

    I like the vibe. Hopefully this is a good sequel. Took long enough to make.

  • Romick Vieira
    Romick Vieira 1 month ago

    So, is this a reboot or continuation to last blade runner? if it is ill have to watch the 1st one, cuz ill watch this one for sure. Next week have alien covenant thats also 10000000% confirmed

  • pretipo
    pretipo 1 month ago

    1:45 It's Virgil from Fallout 4 :o

  • Elanas Jermakovas
    Elanas Jermakovas 1 month ago

    First Ryan Gosling in Fantasy movie? Something strange. From Drama boy to Fantasy :D

    ReaperBOMB GAMING 1 month ago

    So is gosling replicant ?

  • Keegan McNally
    Keegan McNally 1 month ago

    They keep rebooting everything and I'm still just patiently waiting for season 2 of Firefly 😐

  • Fernando Reyes
    Fernando Reyes 1 month ago

    Early in the 21st Century, THE TYRELL CORPORATION advanced robot evolution into the NEXUS phase - a being virtually identical to a human - known as a Replicant. The NEXUS 6 Replicants were superior in strength and agility, and at least equal in intelligence, to the genetic engineers who created them. Replicants were used Off-World as slave labor, in the hazardous exploration and colonization of other planets. After a bloody mutiny by a NEXUS 6 combat team in an Off-World colony, Replicants were declared illegal on earth - under penalty of death. Special police squads - BLADE RUNNER UNITS - had orders to shoot to kill, upon detection, any trespassing Replicant This was not called execution. It was called retirement.

  • Desolate Carnage
    Desolate Carnage 1 month ago

    The Atari logo is PERFECT!!

  • Rikon Vega
    Rikon Vega 1 month ago

    Looks great apart from the lead actor, same expression in almost every scene. Or maybe his a replicant??

  • xXXrayzerXXx
    xXXrayzerXXx 1 month ago


  • JeZter- 7
    JeZter- 7 1 month ago

    can't wait for 2077.

  • bigearedmouse17
    bigearedmouse17 1 month ago

    O.K. So it isn't, But it will be ?

  • Alejandro Ruiz Lopez

    All this Hollywood actors criticizing another Hollywoods actor performance... Nice! *sarcasm mode off*

  • Grampamurked
    Grampamurked 1 month ago


  • Dan Lodder
    Dan Lodder 1 month ago

    The city looks virtually identical to Ghost in the shell

    • Jeffrey Redding
      Jeffrey Redding 1 month ago

      Dan Lodder it is the future bro so the concept remains the what other future designs could they go with that wouldn't stray from the first film

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    TELEVISIBLE 1 month ago

    it is nothing like the blade runner ! this one is horrible , the cinematic style is cheap and boring !!!!

  • , I left you a comment.

    This is really a distopia thanks to Tony Stark, when Drax returned old and weathered, losing the bodypaint habits, he discovers the play is like nowhere.

  • cfbcfbcfbcfb99
    cfbcfbcfbcfb99 1 month ago

    the big question here is: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

    • Secretz316
      Secretz316 1 month ago

      I see what you did there...XD

  • The DOODL38UG
    The DOODL38UG 1 month ago

    1.31 Katy Perry?

  • DuffmanIRL
    DuffmanIRL 1 month ago

    At 2:15 what is the credits font?

  • CourierZero
    CourierZero 1 month ago

    Can't wait! Don't need to do much to be better than the first.

  • Ļ\/ccy 7
    Ļ\/ccy 7 1 month ago

    Why can't they just wait til 2k18! Damn!

  • Fábio Nunes
    Fábio Nunes 1 month ago

    i dont like goslind or leto i would prefer other actors im still hyped thou

  • Nathan Topley
    Nathan Topley 1 month ago

    The soundtrack made me cream

  • AgentCell
    AgentCell 1 month ago

    Did ya spot the ATARI logo at 0:11 ? Damn ATARI is coming back with a new console.

  • Frank Costanza
    Frank Costanza 1 month ago

    blade runner didn't need a reboot. make something new Hollywood instead of rehashing and bastardizing our beloved gems

    • Frank Costanza
      Frank Costanza 1 month ago

      Sarge019 l yeah fair enough

    • Frank Costanza
      Frank Costanza 1 month ago

      CommunistTeletubbie only a kid would throw a temper tantrum over what I said

    • CommunistTeletubbie
      CommunistTeletubbie 1 month ago

      how old do you think I am my gent you don't know shit stop assuming you know so much.

    • Sarge019 l
      Sarge019 l 1 month ago

      Even if this is bad (which i doubt it will be) it doesn't stop the original from being amazing. Just don't watch the new again if you don't like it and enjoy the original. I mean the first ghostbusters didn't suddenly become shit on the release of the reboot did it?

  • S. I.
    S. I. 1 month ago

    damn i'm so not hyped for this!!

  • nodinitiative
    nodinitiative 1 month ago

    At least we now know that Rick Deckard is human :-)

  • Jackie Logan
    Jackie Logan 1 month ago

    this movie is gonna be awesome

  • Zeaig
    Zeaig 1 month ago

    This just makes me sad that ghost in the shell couldn't look this good.

  • Emmett
    Emmett 1 month ago

    The sountrack at 1.00 brought me back to the first terminator era in the 80s...

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