Breitbart Editor Alex Marlow | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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    Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow joins Bill for a conversation about right-wing media, Russian meddling, and free speech.

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  • Runtime: 14:29
  • Tags for this video:  Alex Marlow  Breitbart News  Eddie Izzard  Comedian  actor  political activist  author  Believe Me  a Memoir of Love Death and Jazz Chickens  Ian Bremmer  the Eurasia Group  Malcolm Nance  US Counterterrorism Intelligence Officer  The Plot to Hack America  How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election  

Comments: 2 287

  • Joe Peoples
    Joe Peoples 1 hour ago

    Listen to the language he uses. He's definitely good at the spin using terms like "established media" in order to agree but also discredit the topic he's agreeing with. Might as well be pulling his teeth to get anything concrete out of him.

  • DestroyerMariko
    DestroyerMariko 2 hours ago

    He did a heck of a lot better here than in the overtime segment. Too bad he couldn't keep it up, he was so close to seeming like a reasonable person.

  • vezelay77
    vezelay77 6 hours ago

    Why are both of them saying "If someone made Obama Caesar?" It actually happened. Obama was Caesar in the play. I'm surprised that Bill glossed over that. I expect people from Breitbart to do it, but not Bill.

  • Kaufee
    Kaufee 12 hours ago

    Obama did get stabbed in an adaptation of Julius Caesar.

  • Little John
    Little John 18 hours ago

    Breitbart, pls start operations in India

  • kylehspano
    kylehspano 19 hours ago

    Comparing Trump to Caesar is completely unfair... Caesar was a brilliant commander and military strategist, and was widely loved by the Roman people

  • OMaster Flash
    OMaster Flash 23 hours ago

    Corporations pulled out from Brietbart due to pressure from their customers different from going on online

  • LazyJack2003
    LazyJack2003 1 day ago

    Actually I am a bit disappointed with Maher here. Did he try to be nice ? Where was his attacking spirit ? Alex Marlow certainly did not need any balls for this appearance. A missed chance .

  • Steve Burnside
    Steve Burnside 1 day ago

    This is why I love Bill Maher. He's actually open to talk to anybody before just shitting on them.

  • Tejaswi R
    Tejaswi R 1 day ago

    wow. I actually listened to a conversation without someone shouting. rare

  • kkkkkkkkkkk
    kkkkkkkkkkk 1 day ago

    terrorists traveled to other countries so a travel ban would be helpful

  • Y Liu
    Y Liu 1 day ago

    When they are in decline they become very sensitive, they lost their confidence and they have no more sense of humour. When they have problem they always say all are the Chinese, Russia or other country's fault. When they steal they think everyone else is the thief or spy. When they have very bad track records (they have declared so many wars since WWII) they condemns others about "human right violations", and so on. When their media, their government and their markets have been controlled by the interests groups they endlessly remind other countries to follow the rules of "free speech", "democracy" and "free market". When they consume so much cheaper "Made in China" in their daily life and their country borrowed so much money from China they say China is just a copy-cat and would collapse soon ... funny, isn't it?

  • Y Liu
    Y Liu 1 day ago

    Trump phenomenon in the USA or even in the Philippine shows that the so called "politicians" in any party of the country could not be trustable, they represent only the interests of some particular groups, not the majority of working classes. That is the reason why they could not finish their home work, and they have punched above their weight to export their religious radical "Democracy" around the world, sometime with the military force. Invasion of Iraq, "Color Revolution", ISIS and so on, are all its real by-products. Donald Trump is indeed the better choice of USA, he tells a lot of truth that the main stream media, parties, politicians and country leaders have been trying very hard to hide and cover. Trump lets USA population to know clearly and think deeply what would be the priority of the country and their leadership: home work! USA's main enemy is not Russia, not China, not Muslim ... USA's main enemy is itself. There are too much liars in USA politicians. Except two parties, USA majority want to have another alternative: a CEO of company to manage the country, although a bit of naive, at least he has long time experience of business, better than previous presidents, like Obama, who even never ever has had any local administration experience, except his lie (instead of as he promised that he would cut the USA debt to half in his first term, he doubled it.) or his good presentation. We are happy that Trump points out the main problem of USA and rejects the western political correct (ideology-driven democracy). He is trying to manage the country with technocratic professionals, something like China?

  • Y Liu
    Y Liu 1 day ago

    Alex, as a Chinese, I support you. Trump rejects the most USA media because they have been releasing so much false news not only about Russia, but also about other countries, like China, except their internal political false news against Trump.

  • Joshua Willis
    Joshua Willis 1 day ago

    There WAS a Caesar play featuring an Obama character and no one gave a shit. It's fucking art, Bill.

  • Joshua Willis
    Joshua Willis 1 day ago

    God damn it Bill! How is Russia the first thing you bring up after implying Breitbart is "anti-truth"? What a fucking waste of a great attack.

  • Phil Cheng
    Phil Cheng 1 day ago

    This video make me to read some Breitbart News website pages.
    I really don't think the news and the editor himself are doing any wrong, but a lot of the comments there are racist and prejudiced. Mr. Marlow can keep defending your position, unfortunately those reader you get definites what you are doing.

  • TooManyChoices1
    TooManyChoices1 1 day ago

    Came to see if Bill would slip in more racist remarks, stayed for the "collusion apology slap" lmao 😂!!

    Hey Bill? What did President Obama do about, " the most serious attack on our country since September 11, an adversary is aiming an arrow at our heart", or did you FORGET IT HAPPENED WHILE OBAMA WAS THE PRESIDENT😒! WHERE WERE YOUR CRIES THEN? What did President Obama do about the hacking again? Oh yeah, he told them to, and I quote "cut it out".

    Double standard much 🙄....

    PS- 12:54 "politization" is not a word.

  • Charly Moffit
    Charly Moffit 1 day ago

    "This is the biggest attack since 9/11" holy fear mongering batman

  • Charly Moffit
    Charly Moffit 1 day ago

    Bill Mahr is losing it...he wishes he was on the "correct" side but his HBO show would be gone. I mean this is the guy who made the greatest joke "Islam is a religion of peace...a piece of you there and a piece of you over there" lol

  • Based General
    Based General 1 day ago

    Kudos to William Maher. He may be a leftist but at least he is willing to engage us and he is fully committed to free speech. And he hates Islam. He's one of the only good ones left.

  • Annette DuCharme
    Annette DuCharme 1 day ago

    Somebody tell Bill that there was a production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar where the actor that played Caesar was obviously supposed to be Barack Obama. The production happened in 2012 at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Here's the link: Now, since neither you or Alex Marlow knew about this production, I would say it was a safe bet that liberals did not lose their shit over it.

  • souris verte
    souris verte 1 day ago

    beitbart what a joke...we need bernie

  • alice brown
    alice brown 1 day ago

    Don't you find it interesting that those who would destroy everything we stand for use 'free speech' and democratic freedoms to destroy those same freedoms? This guy is one example, no matter how smoothly he speaks (forget his lack of proper grammar).

  • alice brown
    alice brown 1 day ago

    The sign of an uneducated buffoon is their ignorance of adverbs: 'adequate' instead of 'adequately' 'Democrat' instead of 'Democratic'.

  • David Kerpan
    David Kerpan 1 day ago

    Alex marlow is a lying scumbag

  • LineaDeus
    LineaDeus 1 day ago

    Republicans do have balls, but they don't fight better. They just simple appeal directly to the majorities worst ignorance, narcissism, self centeredness, bigotry, xenophobia, hate, and prosperity of self at the absolute expense of others. And the majority throw themselves hook line and sinker under that boot of power and into a megalomaniacal sand box of personal illusions. Demonstrating the lowest form of Darwinism. Evil always wins, unless good begins to combat this vile oligarchy.

  • okyouknowwhatever

    This guy makes a lot of sense. Good guy!

  • ATEC Atec
    ATEC Atec 1 day ago

    Also you have to consider that many Americans don't see Russian interference as that bad of an attack. They helped provide 100 % truthful information. It's not like Russia changed the votes on the voting machine or something. Most Americans consider Edward Snowden a Patriot, not a traitor for the same reason. People would rather know the truth. All of this is Hillary/dnc own fault for using an unsecure email account.

  • Sebat caballero
    Sebat caballero 2 days ago

    they are racist,despicable and deplorable .. what an Ass holes these republicans are

  • Michael Alexander
    Michael Alexander 2 days ago

    Rotflmao....bds fears?

  • Jack Nicolazzo
    Jack Nicolazzo 2 days ago

    Bill, Bill, Bill I was warming up to until you decided to play the 'Trump's supporters are the racist' card. You fucken idiot...

  • Gabriella T
    Gabriella T 2 days ago

    Breitbart is a propaganda site, plain and simple.

    And the reason democrats have been losing races is because they're running a bunch of centrist, corporate democrats whose policies often do not prioritize the working and middle class. The democratic party needs to return to its roots. That's the movement Bernie started. There is now a rift in the democratic party between Corporate Democrats and the New Deal Democrats. Hillary represented one wing of the party, and Bernie the other. Just as the republican party fractured in two with the rise of the Tea Party, so too has the Democratic party fractured in two with the rise of the Berniecrats. The Berniecrats favor a single payer healthcare system, strong regulations on the banks and corporations, unions and labor protections, a $15 minimum wage, and strong social safety nets (things the centrists do not typically support).

  • Micro Aggression
    Micro Aggression 2 days ago

    Maybe I should be with your wife... and the guy giggles. what a cuck...

  • Mr. Womb: Lord of Unmerciful Torment

    This dude is a master debater (hehe), and Ben Shapiro is his Petri dish mini-me.

  • Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice

    I've definitely read clearly sexist/racist articles on Breitbart several months ago
    but does anyone know if Breitbart's changed recently?

  • Bad Apple Garage
    Bad Apple Garage 2 days ago

    Alex was resonable and honest .
    Simple truth from a good man.

  • 84mahb
    84mahb 2 days ago

    He is cute!

  • Reel Deel
    Reel Deel 2 days ago

    This is the problem with the current political parties. The left relies on logic and facts, yet lacks a sexy exterior whereas the right is so suave with their words they can get away with ignoring facts and science.

  • Kevin Zielinski
    Kevin Zielinski 2 days ago

    Bill got owned..simple as that

  • South Efrikan
    South Efrikan 2 days ago

    Breitbart rocks! ❤️❤️❤️❤️💎💎💎💎💎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💃💃💃💃💃❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋❤️

  • John Jones
    John Jones 2 days ago

    He did get stabbed when he was Julius in the play!

  • Donald Berry
    Donald Berry 2 days ago

    Alex Marlow's point goes to Corporations controlling BOTH the news and our government. No surprise here, just more obvious and more powerful than before. Money now rules too much, in too many areas. Get rid of Citizen's United and put back controls on banks!! They nearly sunk all of us in 2006-7. The will do it again if wee allow it. They affected our elections also and are still doing so.

  • John Jones
    John Jones 2 days ago

    That left of center ship sailed with billionaires who bought the media. Time to find new material.

  • Trains
    Trains 2 days ago

    Alex Marlow sounds a bit like Sean Spicer.

  • Steve Casull
    Steve Casull 2 days ago

    Bill, shouldn't "American Muslims" already "be on our side?" Maybe you should take a stroll through the various Muslim areas in America. Don't go at night. You should also be made aware (the MSM ignores) that there are Islamic extremist training areas here in the US. Maybe you should show YOUR American devotion, and have VICE News look into it. Wake up Bill.

  • Rebecca Rivera
    Rebecca Rivera 2 days ago

    "I don't think that's fair."  Yeah, Bill, because it's the truth!  And looks who has the unmitigated gall to suggest that Breinbart is partially responsible for some of the violence that's been going on...especially when it's the people like Bill Maher who have been the real haters.

  • Marra Weber
    Marra Weber 2 days ago

    Fuck off Bill Mahr you corporatist supporting neoliberal piece of shit

  • corvanphoenix
    corvanphoenix 2 days ago

    There was a JS with Obama as Julius, in the early 2010s. You don't know about it because Liberals didn't shit themselves & call their moms to cry it out.

  • Heather Daniels
    Heather Daniels 2 days ago

    Stop normalizing these haters and substandard journalists. They post opinion pieces and "articles" with no sources, dysfunctional links, and, I'll be generous- rampant misparaphrasing. Bill, maybe Democrats aren't on your show because of THAT. Oh- and your unchecked sexism. Why can't you applaud guests for having a spine rather than "balls?" Why can't you discredit people for just being whiners instead of "whiny little bitches." You'll apologize up and down for using the N word, rightfully so. The word Bitch should not be in your mouth either. Have you ever thought about the half of humanity you insult every minute on your show? If not, that doesn't make you much different from Breitbart.

  • Harvey Curley
    Harvey Curley 2 days ago

    When Obama was president they did the Roman Cesar note

  • ridewave444
    ridewave444 3 days ago

    Maher was so grateful for this guy to come on he practically got on his knees and kissed him. Pretty softball.

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 3 days ago

    Thank you Alex

  • Done Rite
    Done Rite 3 days ago

    Alex Marlow Killed it!

  • srr 99
    srr 99 3 days ago

    Obama was ceasar in a play and did day and right wing outlets reviewed the play and gave it glowing reviews. And no liberals cared.

  • Gabe Thomas
    Gabe Thomas 3 days ago

    I wish the right was better at defending the travel ban. The best defense is to mention that the countries listed in that ban were set during the Obama administration. And that ban was for 6 months not 3.

    To be clear it was a ban on citizens from a country, not their religious beliefs. That little factoid apparently has been lost to the ether.

  • Armando Avila
    Armando Avila 3 days ago

    We're all Americans. This was a great conversation.

  • Lucas Jeffrey
    Lucas Jeffrey 3 days ago

    Respect to both parties! Thanks!

  • Kiwihouse2005 B.
    Kiwihouse2005 B. 3 days ago

    There was no collusion from Russia. This is a globalist lie who use their msm propganda machine and blackmailed pedophile politicians to spread untruths inorder to manipulate public opinion.

  • David Perry
    David Perry 3 days ago

    Damn it Bill, Hillary WAS the lesser of two evils, and Bernie voters couldn't stomach her. You just continue backing the establishment democrats who just continue to lose. If Hil won, it would be four more years of the same, and then either four more years after that or a different Republican. Bernie would have trounced Trump and everybody knows it. The DNC and Hillary are the reasons why the Dems lost again. It was NOT because of those of us who want the oligarchy to end. We need a true Progressive who will actually help Americans. Not establishment shills like Hillary. Fuck you Bill Maher for talking shit about us true Progressives. You Neo-Liberal Corporate Hack.

  • Miguel Avellaneda
    Miguel Avellaneda 3 days ago

    If i go to their website,would I find a black,muslim,woman or at least,not White,man journalist?

  • shanells spirits
    shanells spirits 3 days ago

    first wear a tie. then talk that shit to a blk man. 2 bitches. 3rd bill maher needs to be lynched

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 days ago

    I'm with Alex. He's reasonable.

  • Wes Kitlasten
    Wes Kitlasten 3 days ago

    I agree MSNBC (and others) should apologize for attacks that prove to be unjustified. Has Breitbarf ever apologized for anything, including flat out lies? Shame on Bill for letting that slide.

  • fuser
    fuser 3 days ago

    You know Mr Bill Maher i saw your show where you stood up against islam i got respect for you but then just like every body you soften up again and you defend islam are you kidding me? when will you liberals are gona understand this people dont want a dialog middle ground or negociate i thought you were smarter than that you are the kind of people that the only way you will learn when you have a knife to your throut or do you think they are on your side or like you those fucker will cut your head off believe that

  • Christopher Blake
    Christopher Blake 3 days ago

    Bill Maher is a rare breed of "let's try and discuss this thing, this so called difference...." regardless of gender, color, party preferences, or where you come from. he has directors, actors, musicians, politicians, activists, rappers, rockers, animators, to name a few....that are invited on his show....that is freedom of speech and opinion. I love this show.

  • Charles Finn
    Charles Finn 3 days ago

    I thought only fox gave softball questions. Bill you was so soft on this guy. I fell asleep. have you lost your fire, and is now just doing your show for the money.

  • MrTerraincognita
    MrTerraincognita 3 days ago

    And here you see one of the main differences of this show to shows on for example fox news:
    Despite Bill Maher being a left wing comedian opposing almost everything his guest stands for, he lets him speak out, does not yell at him incoherently and doesnt use scam tactics to to make him lose it.
    He even tells his audience to be fair with him.
    THATS how its done, THATS how you get a political discurse.

  • Eleriol84
    Eleriol84 3 days ago

    This is exactly what the world needs to go back to. Having 2 people from 2 different points of views calmly and making there points and both coming out of it with a better understanding of eachother.

    Its the polar opposite to what we are doing these days.

  • Deborah Keefe
    Deborah Keefe 3 days ago

    I like this guy! He's right wing organization! He's honest!

  • Phillip McConnochie

    meh and?

  • Mr. Bullet Club Biggz The Verbal Assassin

    Put that White Supremacist website out of its misery.

  • Мартин Рачев

    From 17 agencies who confirm that Russia hacked the pres. el. 16 comfirmed that Irak have nuclear weapon.

  • Carolyn Larke
    Carolyn Larke 4 days ago

    Wow! So many levels to this. Russia is an old, treacherous, country. The 'old world' is seasoned. Now, there is the net. Alex, I'll buy your dinner to talk awhile. The US got played in 2016. Our citizens got played because we cannot find Russia on the map. Why are we here?

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas 4 days ago

    Milo replacement

  • Jack D
    Jack D 4 days ago

    LOL the right doesn't like corporations exercising freedom of contract when it affects their $

  • Brngsh
    Brngsh 4 days ago

    2:06 Look at his face. Tell me this isn't the face of a lying hypocrite.

    Don't push that naive pacifying "at least he's willing to talk" vomit on us.

    The thing is with the far right, is that in serious settings like these they moderate their tone and put on a play. They know their words are frivolous, but the intention behind it remains racist, bigoted and violent.

    Don't normalize these radicals.

  • Ken Havens
    Ken Havens 4 days ago

    Keep protesting and boycotting Breitbart, they are nazi sympathizers.

  • Norman Harrison
    Norman Harrison 4 days ago

    As a fellow Berkeley grad I LOVE IT when alumni are capable of articulating their right-leaning opinions

  • Ricoone
    Ricoone 4 days ago

    "When you do, we will". Lol, fuck you, Bill :)

  • Brian Dobbs
    Brian Dobbs 4 days ago

    Disappointed bill does not know, that they Actully did it with Obama as Ceasar

  • dancinfool2006
    dancinfool2006 4 days ago

    Bill, you don’t have to imagine a production of Julius Caesar featuring a President Obama version of the title character. It happened in 2012, at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, in collaboration with the Acting Company. So, how angry did liberals get over that production? Not even a little bit.

  • Christopher Breaker

    The words Maher uses are so devious. "Hack the election", you mean hack the DNC and make truthful corrupt emails public. That is all that happened. No election machine or ballot was manipulated by Russia. That is an attack on the DNC, not America. Democrats lost with the entire mainstream media lying and fighting for them. Trump annihilated the Democrat media complex. It still exists but now has far less power. The truth has a certain ring to it. When people hear the truth it can have enough power to counteract even the most aggressive propaganda. The right is now using the same dirty tactics the left has been using for 50 years. But the left doesnt know how to fight it.

  • Daniel Bodey
    Daniel Bodey 4 days ago

    equal rights to animals !

  • Lord Akuna
    Lord Akuna 4 days ago

    Bill Maher fell off

  • abhilash messi
    abhilash messi 5 days ago

    Mr Maher could you do an episode on mental illness?

  • Puppy Tail
    Puppy Tail 5 days ago

    This jackass makes me vomit! He is a brainwashed conspiracy theorist that is going to release his memoirs in a couple of decades and admit he was duped by Russians! and beg for forgiveness of Americans! Of Course if there is going to be an America by then! NO THANKS TO HE AND HIS BOSSES INCLUDING TRUMP!

  • Charlie Hutch
    Charlie Hutch 5 days ago

    before commenting it is required that you take an I Q test and :post in your comment your result

  • Gazerich
    Gazerich 5 days ago

    People still watch Bill Maher? After being wrong about Trump winning and saying house N***** live on air I thought people learned their lesson. This guy should have stayed making great T @ A movies like Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death.

  • Greg Hammond
    Greg Hammond 5 days ago

    I am all for banning non-Americans from the country if the law is made retroactive to the year 1491

  • Brandon Guadamuz
    Brandon Guadamuz 5 days ago

    I am sick of bill maher giving a platform for demagoguery

  • Ras Hb
    Ras Hb 5 days ago

    Not relative//// since " ossof" lost the election just now, I think democrats are understanding what choosing Hilary over Bernie last year did to their party and their massage

  • jan cam
    jan cam 5 days ago

    " their 2012 season, during which Delta Airlines was a Business Circle
    sponsor - The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis presented an Obama inspired
    Julius Caesar co-produced with The Acting Company."

  • Lita Santos
    Lita Santos 5 days ago

    Nice to be able to debate free speech. We don't have free speech in Australia.

  • Jude Windmill
    Jude Windmill 5 days ago

    Russia narrative = a construction with no basis in fact

  • SlowerMinds
    SlowerMinds 5 days ago

    Democrats are just republicans who support gay marriage and abortion rights. Fuck you Bill Maher.

  • vmaewood
    vmaewood 5 days ago

    Very interesting interview. Alex Marlow (in this interview) is an intelligent, calm, reasonable interviewee. I was glad to hear Bill tone his rhetoric down in kind. I will have to take a look at and perhaps listen to some of Alex's radio programs.


    where have they been racist? despicable? violent? still waiting for examples after a year and all i see are liberals kidnapping people, liberals attacking old people, liberals attacking police, liberals attacking kids with bike locks, liberals throwing bombs at people, liberals stabbing horses, liberals stabbing people in the subways, liberals shooting people at a ball game, and liberals trying to shut down the conversation, and anyone who spends 5 minutes on youtube can not only see there's no weight behind those liberal accusations of trump supporters but that they are in fact guilty of every single one of those things they accuse the other side of being when they cant even point out a single example of it!! this is why liberalism is a delusional mental disorder and why people are fleeing "progressivism" at rates never seen before.

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