Myanmar Sexy Model and Singer, Jenny's Hot Performance

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Jenny's Hot Performance
Modeling Contest of Fatherland Company
April 2, 2010
Hmyaw Sin Island, Kandawgyi Park, Yangon.

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Author Fighter (3 years)
if sleeping with sponsors to get on the stage and wear uncomfortable
clothes is the changing? Way to go dum asses!

Author White Flagss (11 months)

Author Jme Soe (3 years)
@naysar56 hell yeahh !!

Author mgmg24772 (2 years)
@babykachin ဟုတ္တယ္

Author cobrafizzo (3 years)
can she sing...? I think not...

Author mingalabaa (3 years)
This is disgusting. She is not showing the outline of her pussy from the
front view by spreading her legs to the audience but she is showing to the
world. How nice Ho!

Author Wai Lwin Zaw (4 years)
LOL.. Copy of Baby V.O.X - By Chance Baby V.O.X disbanded in 2006. She
still copy them. haha

Author tin tin tin (3 years)
is now 2010 that's why things have change .

Author Fighter (3 years)
@cindy600 i'm not with military goverment. But i don't want to show that
viedo to foreigner whenever i talk about my people. The truth is none of
the burmese culture is left to show that we are the burmese. All they know
is military and the people who kill monks. I'm saying that at least we
should try to love our cultur and maintain our pride.

Author TheRpaytoo (2 years)
ဂ်င္းနီကို မွုတ္ခိုင္းခ်င္လိုက္တာ အဆီဗွုးခါေနတာေလးကို

Author Aung Hein (3 years)
what, to ur ass?

Author Bungnisan (3 years)
Jenny needs a BIG cooK someone could u hel her.... Myanmar PORN STAR
dannnnnnnnnnn that means she showing over here How good to Fucking so hard
the best right here

Author Aung Hein (3 years)
Hey, she is surviving and doing her job. What r u doing! sucking d**k in
other countries>?

Author 123Sandar (3 years)
why did she wear like this.Did she forget she is Myanmar. So sad.

Author babykachin (2 years)
ငါတို႔ႏိူင္ငံမွာမကဲရေတာ ့သူမ်ားႏိူင္ငံမွာ သြားကဲတာ ေလ ေစာက္စိ ထေနတဲ့ပံုစံ

Author 123Sandar (3 years)
SHINYEOK8580 Did she really famous in Myanmar.

Author Soe nyein oo (1 year)

Author april yadana (3 years)
Oh... Saw Ba Oo Gyi fuck ur grandma that u can't stand ???? cummon accept
the reality... asshole

Author patedawtmi (3 years)
very good for F..................

Author tharo41 (11 months)

Author kyaw thet Win (2 years)
i like it !

Author flusherking (3 years)
ကင္ဖုိကားရုိေနတယ္။ ကီးလုိကားရုိတယ္။

Author Thaw Paw (1 year)
woow...........! i never see it woow........!

Author Fighter (3 years)
@cindy600 living under the rock is better than sleeping under somebody
else's......whatever that is!

Author Ma Kee (2 years)
ဆြဲလုိးမယ့္ ရုတ္နဲ႔ေအာက္ကေကာင္ေတြ လုိးၾကေဟ့

Author thawng thawng (3 years)
r u ok

Author Kap Sangpu (2 years)

Author zmcpye (4 years) words...;\

Author code0tc (3 years)
If this performance is meant to call music, omg.. damn. Bad vocal, sad
routines. Disgusted with her music and performence. What a whore!! Seeing
the previous posts reminds me of my beloved country. All my sensations goes
to real burmese talents like Khin Maung Toe, Lay Phyu,..... alot more that
I don't wanna put names on anymore.. Forever burn in hell ( Burmese
Military Government )

Author Cyn Than (3 years)
@alonelay coz its 2010...u gotta stop living under the rock dude

Author zawwintunmdymm (1 year)

Author mgmg24772 (2 years)

Author truecolordude001 (2 years)
I heard she got a lot of money after sleeping with U Tay Za

Author kyawnayminleo1 (3 years)
aplus0819@ မင္းညီမတို့ အမတို့ေတာင္ သူ့ေလာက္လွ လို့လား....

Author dracular448 (2 years)
သီခ်င္းဆိုတာမဟုတ္ဘူး ဖင္ေကာင္းေၾကာင္းၾကြားေနတာေလၾကည့္၇င္းနဲ့လီးေတာင္လာၿပီကြာ

Author Bungnisan (3 years)
EWWW jenny... i'm really sick of you. you should take off all ur clothes
and sing in front of peoples. tht's will be better for you.

Author slai kwee (9 months)

Author 1ayuumalay (2 years)
Bitch ur people say that u guy are myanmar
Fucking. girl

Author ခ်စ္ ျပည့္ (2 years)
AIDS ေၾကာက္ဖူးလား? ဂ်င္းနီကိုခ်ခ်င္တာ... မိုးယုစံဆိုေတာ္ေသးရဲ႔

Author ko ye (3 years)
@123Sandar I really wonder ,like you, maybe she wanna be famous in these
ways she might thought.

Author sorryimnotuptopar (3 years)
tough crowd. LOL

Author apkaung apkaung (3 years)
look good but i don't know what level of Myanmar girls standard?

Author d3athb4dizh0n0r (3 years)
i would definitely do her!!

Author youlay1 (6 months)

Author yukikoakaemo (2 years)
ew camel toe and she's fat

Author iMM Moe (4 years)
Sooooooo fat..........

Author Aung Hein (3 years)
what pride! going backward is the pride? you stupid ass moron. This is part
of culture and it is called evolution. cultural revolution is needed in

Author Cyn Than (3 years)
@alonelay you need to calm down! she is a performer and everyone deserves
to enjoy themselves and music bring ppl together its universal language. it
has got nothing to do with the culture, are you saying that our culture
don't let our people to just dance??

Author tin tin tin (3 years)
@qiansweety hehehe

Author Lian Xq (3 years)
I dont like to look the other girls since i see u like that ///

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