Halifu Tsegemey by Ataklti H/Michael

The great Ataklti H/Michael

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 5:34
Comments: 27

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Author aregawi ekubay (3 months)
all right this best traditional music .i like it.

Author kamal abdalla (5 months)

Author kingofadwa Ethiopia (6 years)
this man is my hero!

Author mullened (6 years)
great song! great voice! thanks for sharing

Author borchamu (5 years)
I'm not a Tigrayan but there's something about Tigrinya music that hits you
right in the heart. Powerful stuff.

Author senny abraha (1 year)
l cant believe he pass awy R I P

Author Ethiofekade (5 years)
oh my god.i didnt know he is passed in peace ,may god rest your
soul in peace

Author yeyelyiyex (6 years)
thanks so much Tigray haftey/hawey... for amending the title. So much

Author azmarino (5 years)
Great! Very talented guy.

Author muller tesfa (4 years)
Rest in peace.I realy like all his songs.

Author Nimi M (6 years)
wow...beautiful!! i love TIGRAY!

Author wedimesebo (6 years)
tigray, thanks for posting this great song on of my fav
ataklti's songs r.i.p

Author solomonpilot767 (5 years)
very nice music thanks 4 posting and,A te plus!

Author tigray (4 years)

Author honey2chinu (5 years)
Am happy to see him again kidmeyka keyble halifa nefska we love u a lot

Author GUMAONE (5 years)
What a voice and talent he had. RIP, AtaKlti.

Author tuberpie68 (3 years)
@abysinnianlion That was just a thought I had. I never try to get people of
cultures not my own to change their cultures. It was just an idea, in case
some of these artists wanted some version of this music to be know & loved
world-wide, & wanted to be a star world-wide.

Author 1HABESHA (5 years)

Author Yirgaalem Gidey (1 year)
Unbeatable singer ever.......................

Author tuberpie68 (5 years)
Thanks for sending me several videos, with this kind of music, axum3000!.
It's great music, but know it won't become popular, here in the U.S.A.,
unless a certain element that Rock & Roll, & Reggae have, is integrated
into it. This is the quality of some of the notes having much more contrast
between them. Compare this music with R&R &Reggae. Mark my words the 1st
Ethiopian to do this music with that R&R-Reggae element,& to get it heard
here, will become a super rich, global superstar!

Author ethioNiGisT (6 years)
R.I.P Atakilti another life cut too short

Author Alex Belay (2 years)

Author abysinnianlion (3 years)
@tuberpie68 No, its better to preserve tigrynia, than to make it a watered
down version for the purpose of attaining global superstar. keep the
uniqueness of it

Author Merhawi Tesfai (2 years)
im eritrean american and i like this singer

Author yeyelyiyex (6 years)
Tigray haftey/hawy... Would you please amend the title to "Halifu tsegemey"
rather than "Tsegemey" alone... so that it would have a positive
conotation...? Thanks for the add though... The late Atakhlti was nice
figure... his facial expression on da stage was outstanding. God Bless his

Author wediagame (6 years)
Atakilti is great!!! RIP

Author kamal abdalla (6 months)

Author Solomon Weldesamual (10 months)
Always remembered, the king of traditional Tigrigna music.

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