Sonic the Hedgehog 3D model *DOWNLOAD*

give credit to creator (me) if used, made 100% froms scratch

No textures or rigs included:

warning: inculdes low/normal poly and high poly. High poly is REALLY high in polygons.

DISCLAIMER: Sonic is owned by SEGA / Sonic Team

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Author Sonicguy41 (3 months)
it actually works im so happy you see im making a video game called sonic
emerald city its coming along and this model really helped thanks man

Author Dash Theorist (5 months)
there no color, I cant animate with it, and the body parts are not

Author SuperMarioBro23 (3 months)
source filmmaker ou blender

Author kauzcagan x (9 months)
no texture?

Author PokemonGamer12345 (7 months)
Guys, the point of this is for 3D printing. Don't expect anything

Author Tudo sobre Tudo (7 months)
cara,posso te pedir uma coisa?

Author בן שרם (10 months)
very nice

Author Sonic Vids (1 year)
would this work for MDD? (at least thats what I think the programs called)

Author Rui César (1 year)
cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Author olle wieten (9 months)
it's awesome with the lightning like this, but why doesnt it have bones?
and textures?

Author kira140332 (1 year)
No way t...this is amazing i...I LOVE IT!!

Author TheSonicdude97 (1 year)
I tried inserting this into 3ds Max and it worked!! (Only for the low
polygon model though, it won't import the high polygon, it just says
"Improper file" or something)

Author Time's Minion (3 years)
@mactech1984 try Blender 2.61...

Author BlueSmasher10 (2 years)
On his youtube account is latest activity is all the way in 15 Aug 2010,
his site his still down and LinkSonic5 made a video. If you type in Rest In
Peace, Hero you'll find it, im very sad, he didn't deserve to die from a
brain disease.

Author Jeremy Guzman (3 years)
looks awesome

Author EPIKHBK1 (3 years)
wow are those shadows in the model?

Author Diamond Dust (1 year)
Wait Where is the Program-m link?

Author sonnyjim2001 (2 years)
time to put this is gmod :3

Author Princess Thalia Rose (2 years)
Hes not dead

Author sharmcat (3 years)
my comp cant open them... dose anyone know if i have to dowload something
or the other first???

Author supersonicfootykid (3 years)

Author Vvgirl98513 (3 years)
You nailed it! And his arm and everything are great. i compared.

Author EPIKHBK1 (3 years)
@BlueHedgehogZone who is athbucket?

Author RetroRag (2 years)
R.I.P., Athimator. This is a really great model

Author LeagueStudios (3 years)
why do i have haf to color the model

Author Mrsonicdude100 (3 years)
that amazing all you have to do is darken the fur and make his eyes more

Author nemesrolandattila (3 years)
what's the program if you created?

Author Lex Ryan (2 years)
can't get it to open in 3ds max, any help?

Author Diamond Dust (1 year)
Thanks !

Author Malahki Patterson (3 years)
@rodrigo32125 your a fagget

Author XSPEC Aviation LLC (3 years)
he used 3ds max also btw thanks this is a sick model not too hard to
texture either i just wish you had included the eyes but thats no big thx

Author Gaming is life. (2 years)
What programs can you use this model in cause I am making a Sonic Movie and
I don't want to waste all the development time for it.

Author SweaterSwagg (3 years)
Very nice model! Could you pm me about how to make the mouth?

Author Marik Ishtar (3 years)
so wat do i use this with?

Author rodrigo32125 (3 years)
@theretardedanimal1 YOUR MOTHER THAT BITCH

Author Eddie Possehl (2 years)
I will download this, use it in a video, and give u credit!

Author michał Kowalski (2 years)
what s program?

Author Fennec Foxee (3 years)

Author That Crazy Guy Productions (1 year)
Could I make my own model if I wanted?

Author TheBigChill10 (1 year)
This is really good!

Author ncshuriken (3 years)
I'm not a fan of Sonic but I know a great looking model when I see one!
Sick job man!

Author adnan8889 (3 years)
please tell what program do you use for to make this

Author SmokingJoePot (3 years)
can you upload the textures, plz?

Author mactech1984 (3 years)
I tried to open the high poly version in 3ds Max and it said "Improper file
format". Low poly works fine though...

Author UltimateGamerBoy123 (3 years)
O.O do you mind me using this for my video game: Sonic The Hedgehog: Speed

Author SuperLuigiBros11 (3 years)
i opened it with anim8or but none of the textures loaded... HELP

Author vladakisin (2 years)
can you animate him?

Author Olivia Zavare (3 years)
can you make models of sonic running because im making a game using unity

Author 300darkdragon (2 years)
what is this used for? blender?

Author supermcgrewbros3 (2 years)
for real!?

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