Sonic the Hedgehog 3D model *DOWNLOAD*

give credit to creator (me) if used, made 100% froms scratch

No textures or rigs included:

warning: inculdes low/normal poly and high poly. High poly is REALLY high in polygons.

DISCLAIMER: Sonic is owned by SEGA / Sonic Team

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Author foxy gamer pirate ( ago)
is aweosome realy

Author The original Five nights at Tubbyland ( ago)
The model is for cinema 4D?

Author Top World Games ( ago)
It has the classic Sonic?

Author S0raJr ( ago)
Any where I can find animations for this?

Author christian lowe (SomeMLGGamers) ( ago)
where's the mouth?

Author TheJojoNetwork ( ago)
damn, it's a shame he died, he was a good modeler and animator, may he rest
in peace.

Author FistMist ( ago)

Author SuperMarioBro23 ( ago)
source filmmaker ou blender

Author Dash Theorist ( ago)
there no color, I cant animate with it, and the body parts are not

Author PokemonGamer12345 ( ago)
Guys, the point of this is for 3D printing. Don't expect anything

Author Olle ( ago)
it's awesome with the lightning like this, but why doesnt it have bones?
and textures?

Author Tri Bass Music ( ago)
no texture?

Author בן שרם ( ago)
very nice

Author TheSonicdude97 ( ago)
I tried inserting this into 3ds Max and it worked!! (Only for the low
polygon model though, it won't import the high polygon, it just says
"Improper file" or something)

Author Sonic Vids ( ago)
would this work for MDD? (at least thats what I think the programs called)

Author Rui César ( ago)
cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Author Killerkira981 ( ago)
No way t...this is amazing i...I LOVE IT!!

Author problematic ( ago)
um...its the music from sonic unleashed

Author JuanKe234 ( ago)
Very relaxing music

Author mykal coleman ( ago)
For me it becomes an empty file

Author mykal coleman ( ago)
Do you extract it to blender or what

Author Lucas Souza (Luk Label) ( ago)
What software i can use to edit this model?

Author TheBigChill10 ( ago)
This is really good!

Author JansenM ( ago)
Such a shame Blue Core made a mess of this model with the Fan Film. Still,
at least it's a tribute to you in some way. I never knew you, but I hope
you're doing good "up there", bro.

Author tacomadness35 ( ago)
nice i like it ima use it in my game im making i will give u credit thanks
alot bro

Author TheMysteriousshadow1 ( ago)
do i credit u as ur youtube username?

Author Freddy Fazbear ( ago)

Author FramiX Dash ( ago)

Author Smith DoesGaming ( ago)
He's so cute :3

Author José Joaquim ( ago)
cinema 4d?

Author Enchanted Hood TV ( ago)
how do you download it

Author rodentlover100 ( ago)
then go to Folder Options and uncheck "hide extensions for known file
types" then click apply

Author Your boy, Josh T. ( ago)
Could I make my own model if I wanted?

Author Joshua Bjork ( ago)
hey, i downloaded this to make sure it would work. now that i successfully
downloaded it, i have a question. im planning to make a big sonic animation
but i wanna use classic sonic. i only really downloaded this because im
having trouble getting sonic's dimensions down myself so i thought id study
yours and make my own. yes from scratch. ill show you when im done if you
want. the question is, do you want credit for mine since im using yours as

Author The BetaCrew ( ago)
won't open in blender?

Author dumontier dylan ( ago)
je vais le refaire dans minecraft 

Author Dan Rossner ( ago)
RIP, you will be missed... As will what your work could have come to be.

Author sonicfan4612 ( ago)
can this model work on gmod

Author vladakisin ( ago)
can you animate him? 

Author RKADE101 ( ago)
*.* wounderfull

Author Darkwarzs ( ago)

Author Mork ( ago)
RIP, he will be missed

Author Alexdroid980 ( ago)
How do I bring Sonic into Blender?

Author Gavy ( ago)
nice model 

Author 300darkdragon ( ago)
what is this used for? blender?

Author LagAttack ( ago)
I'll use it

Author michał Kowalski ( ago)
what s program? 

Author Lovey Dovey ( ago)
Bad grammar 

Author Lovey Dovey ( ago)
TMI jk wow thats sad now we wont have a modeler

Author supersonicultra ( ago)
a brain disease

Author Lovey Dovey ( ago)
How is he dead?

Author supersonicultra ( ago)
he is a friend of his made a video he has been dead for mor than a year

Author Lovey Dovey ( ago)
Hes not dead

Author Alex Lerenard ( ago)

Author theSYNQmaster ( ago)
this download is a .3ds file, I don't know if blender supports it.

Author Alex Lerenard ( ago)
yes i know and can i downal sonic for blender or i can't

Author theSYNQmaster ( ago)
Do you know blender is a program?

Author Lovey Dovey ( ago)

Author Alex Lerenard ( ago)
t take this question, beacuse i take my blender on the bin and... WHY i
take that, SH**!!!

Author Lovey Dovey ( ago)
is this for blender??

Author RetroRag ( ago)
R.I.P., Athimator. This is a really great model

Author maximilian200057 ( ago)
How Do you Open It?

Author TheRealSonicVa ( ago)
That's sad! :(

Author 10RexTheWolf01 ( ago)
I didn't think sonic had fur just skin

Author Lito290 ( ago)
how... how do you know?

Author mrpeanut188 ( ago)
D: Holy crap.

Author Lex Ryan ( ago)
can't get it to open in 3ds max, any help?

Author FatalBlur ( ago)
Why don't you download and find out, it's not like it's a 2 gb download?
Also, if you knew anything about animating "a Sonic Movie" you should know
that you can export 3d models as obj's and that file is compatible with
almost any 3d program...

Author Zed Shark ( ago)
can you use this character model in Unity 3D??? If not could you give me a
link to one you can use

Author BlazeHedgie ( ago)
Wow this render is absolutely beautiful :D

Author Eddie Possehl ( ago)
I will download this, use it in a video, and give u credit!

Author Donavan★ ( ago)
how do i open sonic file? it wont let me D:

Author ChaosX79 ( ago)
this is for blitz sonic?

Author mixk89 ( ago)
where did you make it? In blender? I will download it i i will make a video
with it, I will put all that credits on you! sorry for my bad english

Author Eggbomber101 ( ago)
ah.....sonic unleash music...*Kicks back* Nice 3D model :)

Author Redler Red7 ( ago)
@hedgehoggy147 one of my friends who knows him personally said so.
apparently it's some sort of brain damage

Author Blitz 'n Burst ( ago)
@redlerred7 Just out of curiosity, where did you find this out? Just

Author LeagueStudios ( ago)
@icefalldes how did u get the high poly to work

Author Xrhstaras. G ( ago)
thanks man graet work this model was helpfull!!!!!!!

Author LeagueStudios ( ago)
i downloaded this and it wont run on my 3ds max

Author LeagueStudios ( ago)
why do i have haf to color the model

Author Paper Ark (451 year ago)
@sharmcat Blender more than likely. its free 

Author FennecFoxee ( ago)

Author WhenCookiesFly (325 years ago)
Thats fucking nice.

Author Joshua Bates ( ago)
Ridiculously that's just simply amazing!

Author Robert ( ago)
will this work with lightwave

Author Samy Crossette ( ago)
@livyz02 Dude, the guy who made this video is dead...

Author Music Master ( ago)

Author XTheNumberOfTheBeast ( ago)
This Model Is Just... Perfect.

Author Redler Red7 ( ago)
stop asking questions from this guy, he's literally dead.

Author Ezio Auditore ( ago)
ma a cosa servono questi 3d model?

Author The Insane Mentalist ( ago)
@mactech1984 try Blender 2.61...

Author The Insane Mentalist ( ago)
@livyz02 he might not but i might =D

Author Olivia Zavare ( ago)
can you make models of sonic running because im making a game using unity

Author 3rdAgePvM ( ago)
@Athimator what program did you use?! i really want to make working
animations and models D:

Author SuperSonicFootyKid ( ago)

Author RelaxHashy ( ago)
he passed??

Author BlueHedgehogZone ( ago)
@AWESOMEHBK1 The guy that made this model... :(

Author RelaxHashy ( ago)
wow are those shadows in the model?

Author RelaxHashy ( ago)
@BlueHedgehogZone who is athbucket?

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