Doom 2 Zdoom- Duke Nukem Wad

A duke nukem wad conversion for doom 2. Hope you enjoy.

Download link here:

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Author realtrisk ( ago)
My eyes! They bleed!

Author karekas ( ago)
the doom wad station just tells you about doom there are no wads there

Author metabog ( ago)
It's completely amazing.

Author AshHousewares445 ( ago)
Link now in description. Thanks for pointing that out.

Author kommandojoe ( ago)
Duke > DooM. Come at me bro

Author yoyoyoshio267 ( ago)
3225545788588757528173578125397812835815231563781 times?

Author Richard Simmons ( ago)
2:19 how many times has that happen to everyone?

Author Carlo Sitaro ( ago)
As old gamer, old map designer with Kenneth Silverman's Build engine I must
say: this is the best waste of time ever made. Because that's the way to
how downgrade all the innovative and better situations that Duke Build is
able to do compared to Doom Engine. That's real heresy guys, seriously :)

Author pamaquabqa ( ago)
@GuitarDeity credits also scared the fuck outta me

Author pUSSYcREAM ( ago)
Pistol is too slow. Devastator attack isn't what it should be. Ripper is
too slow. Shotgun doesn't even look like its being pumped. Monsters don't
make their proper pain/death sounds. Shitty remake of the theater movie.
All holes in the wall are already blown up. The video's gameplay audio was
too fucking quiet, and then you whip out the credits music which scared the
shit out of me. A piss-poor mod in a piss-poor video. Try harder.

Author Mr. Atari 2600 ( ago)
add the damn link damn it

Author 3lgar1 ( ago)
Where is the link?

Author Phobosdeimos1 ( ago)
Is there a proper TC wad that i can use to make DoomDuke maps?

Author doom3hell ( ago)
@ZygoInferior nice wad dude

Author 1ukeman ( ago)
@TehDoomer666 @sonicfanatic4949 You are fucking idiots. -_- Rockbox is open
source firmwire for digital audio players.

Author TehDoomer666 ( ago)
@Eggbert1x Whatever it is, GZDoom is better!

Author Eggbert1x ( ago)
@sonicfanatic4949 You are an idiot. do you even know what rockbox is?

Author Philemon Onesimus ( ago)
@Eggbert1x I spat out my gatorade after reading that. You are a faggot,
download GZDoom.

Author Insignia-17 ( ago)
ok, that shock gun (chaingun replace) is supposed to be teh devistator

Author jrs42098 ( ago)
This wad isnt zdoom. or if it is than i zoesnt take advantage of ANY zdoom

Author Brett Bates ( ago)
@SGTSHOOTnMISS If you used the Hexen engine (which is a very heavily modded
Doom engine from ID) you could hack the fly code for the jetpack.

Author SGT Batman ( ago)
too bad there is no jetpack, i wanted to fly in doom =[]

Author Eggbert1x ( ago)
I'm sure this has been asked several times but where can i get the wad
file? I want to play this on rockbox's doom emulator =D

Author slipknotboy555 ( ago)
man youre gay, fuck 360

Author KanadianSpaceProgram ( ago)
It looks more like a remake rather then a conversion. GJ either way.

Author razourik ( ago)
where the fuck is the wad?

Author Domagoj Krsic ( ago)

Author Dead Rat ( ago)
That's pretty nice, though pointless

Author Metaluna Zombie ( ago)

Author Illyea ( ago)
There's JonoF's port with openGL support and all that. The mouselook feels
crappy though.

Author Boogie Jules ( ago)
hahahahahaaa exactly

Author Quake161 ( ago)
AH no thank u. ill stick with my 360 version of Duke Nukem 3D

Author Manuel Paulino (1512 years ago)
how the fuck can i enjoy if theres no wad sheesh found abunch of vids like
these with no wads fucking tease

Author caiocollalto ( ago)
Hey man I was thinking.. why did you carry a left-handed pistol if the guy
is right-handed ?

Author Cody R ( ago)
I dunno, seems kinda pointless. Although, running the original game can be
difficult since there isn't a dedicated community making sure it can run on
the latest version of Windows.

Author bignekidbat ( ago)
same here I wanna play it

Author BlooditeDrakan ( ago)
Hahahahahaha A devastator as a chaingun.

Author mechaghostman2 ( ago)
The first level is however the most recognizeable but also the easiest on
any setting.

Author csontosdani ( ago)
this made in china ? duke nukem 3d better

Author hotbearfuzz ( ago)
Download link would be nice

Author DarkCecil05 ( ago)
Yea so I can play it!

Author DXSnakeEater ( ago)
you know what? I guess I will man ;)

Author DarkCecil05 ( ago)
Go and edit it DX

Author DXSnakeEater ( ago)
that's pretty good, although it lacks on serious occasions: No decorate,
all dehacked: Simply put thats still impressive for dehacked I guess,
although ironically, this will work with those 1.0 versions of zdoom, even
zdaemon, which stays in the wrong direction between crossing back to
classicness and taking a step to more modern games, in the old zdoom's are
not that well Slowish: First of all, the author should of sped up the
monsters, gosh dang it screw it I am remaking it to be mandatory.

who are you talking to?your trousers?

Author circulation211 ( ago)
lol, it just looks like D3D if it was made three years earlier

Author nl3paul3nl ( ago)
yeah whatever, duke is much better than doom.

Author yoni0505 ( ago)
WOW what a retarded moron, this was my point, i was sarcastic, idiot -.-

Author nl3paul3nl ( ago)
it is not a rocket launcher you fool, it is the devestator used as a

Author negifan ( ago)

Author Cloudentine ( ago)
Did you watch the video till the very end?

Author Cloudentine ( ago)
It's probably just a decorate change to the chainsaw

Author dukenukemfool ( ago)
whats the site?

Author yoni0505 ( ago)
why the rocket launcher thing electric? it got malfanction?

Author Howitzer89 ( ago)
Because Doom is superior to everything?

Author negifan ( ago)
hey where can i get this man?

Author MartinUK1 (1022 years ago)
That's really cool.

Author osten22 ( ago)
hm i guess they just thought it was fun to try and see how accurate they
could make it? I guess its a fun challenge

Author RetroRemmke ( ago)
LOL nice video but whats the point of making this when you just can use
JFduke or Eduke..?

Author xcrementor ( ago)
man wtf? devastator is lightinng gun?

Author PerfectHatred72 ( ago)
or ZDameon to play!!

Author PerfectHatred72 ( ago)
too bad it's only one map... yet the weapons stay throughout the rest of
DOOM II, who cares to play it with those Duke3D weapons? unless you're
bored as Hell!?!! I dont. There are so many great megawads out there and
TIME to level design your own!!!!! cool at first but whatever later!

Author Rkeely ( ago)
Lol nice

Author EdOscuro ( ago)
lol, if you use a source port with mouselook then it might as well be Duke
3D's engine

Author doomer3868 (1269 years ago)
lol we almost have the same name :P P.S. i like Duke Nukem

Author MyselfAgain ( ago)
Uh huh... that perfectly explains the doom growls that you can clearly
hear. *rolls eyes*

Author doomer79 ( ago)
Duke was such a great game, still love my classic Doom and DoomII but I
always liked Nukem! :)

Author standardbearer ( ago)
This is the craziest mod ever...:O

Author Greendayrocks789 ( ago)
how do u get wads to work with zdoom?

Author KingAreus ( ago)
hmmm... the devastator is the chainsaw, how sad... anyway nice vid, TC
looks cool

Author Hasuak ( ago)
Like, this is graphic replacement mod with new levels + horrible textures
because you don't use Duke3d palette? Shame on you people. Learn how to

Author Dhyan Deva ( ago)
This Port is awesome This people are genius

Author Corbachu ( ago)
Obviously the person who made this had no idea how to properly convert the
palette from Build to Doom. But it's okay. Decent effort ;), could've used
a more powerful source port though. 3/5

Author s1mm0nd2 ( ago)
its not mod, its the cell phone version of the game xP

Author jpb11380 ( ago)
haha i know idk y i said that

Author jackthemaster101 ( ago)
i wasnt making fun of him

Author jpb11380 ( ago)
dude whats ur problem, dont make fun of him

Author jackthemaster101 ( ago)

Author michalt441 ( ago)
That's for GP32 so you can play it on any doom emulator. C2Doom, PSP-Doom,
iPodDoom, DSDoom etc.

Author michalt441 ( ago)
Not crappy, it's awesome but only 1 level.

Author Atariangamer ( ago)
you know, you should be able to create a bit for bit replica of DN3D for
GZDoom or ZDoom. With DECORATE, polyobjects, DN style cameras, and slopes.
This should be hard to put together, but all the things you need are there.

Author yellowdart137 ( ago)
nice, but still needs lots of work. also seeing that zdoom is used why not
make the weapons more duke like

Author djlee025 ( ago)
Might as well just download the real duke nukem :\ the devastator at least
rocks on that one

Author Dangerousd777 ( ago)
oh lol your funny...

Author zaku266 ( ago)
Why are half the textures blue?

Author funnyhumorguy ( ago)
where can i get this ?

Author FurettiLamborgini ( ago)
why not just download duke nukem?!? =S or is that waaaay to simple?

Author Doomsdayman ( ago)
this is just a DN3D mod

Author Vicky Bueno ( ago)
Again, cool to me but boring! Nice video though

Author CrazyMan2345 ( ago)
when the aliens die, i here the scream from the Imp from doom.

Author DakotaLeeCorbin ( ago)
I heared that

Author Flexlex12 ( ago)
how come he picks up the rpg and afterwards its still lying there... fake
video !! xD

Author WadaHolic ( ago)
If your making this in ZDoom then why don't you take advantage of its
DECORATE feature to create that awesome reload animation for the pistol
(for example)

Author IconOfSin24148 ( ago)

Author Pressack Weck ( ago)
Duke3d is not abandoned, the best site is Abandonia

Author bangloday ( ago)
Do you know what's the best site, or download for complete and original,
freeware, abandon wharever... for Duke Nukem 3D, for PC? thank you for the
post =)

Author asdfasd7 ( ago)
horrible. it's just a sprite change, nothing really more

Author AshHousewares445 ( ago)
Yes, i kno

Author SonicFan127 ( ago)
So the wad is only a true one level tc right? The rest is just a sprite

Author RatchetSK ( ago)
It isnt Doom! Its Duke Nukem...

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