Doom 2 Zdoom- Duke Nukem Wad

A duke nukem wad conversion for doom 2. Hope you enjoy.

Download link here:

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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 3:05
Comments: 143

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Author gamingguy9143 (3 months)
the doom wad station just tells you about doom there are no wads there

Author Insignia-17 (4 years)
ok, that shock gun (chaingun replace) is supposed to be teh devistator

Author xcrementor (6 years)
man wtf? devastator is lightinng gun?

Author EdOscuro (6 years)
lol, if you use a source port with mouselook then it might as well be Duke
3D's engine

Author Atariangamer (7 years)
you know, you should be able to create a bit for bit replica of DN3D for
GZDoom or ZDoom. With DECORATE, polyobjects, DN style cameras, and slopes.
This should be hard to put together, but all the things you need are there.

Author Cody R (5 years)
I dunno, seems kinda pointless. Although, running the original game can be
difficult since there isn't a dedicated community making sure it can run on
the latest version of Windows.

Author Eggbert1x (4 years)
@sonicfanatic4949 You are an idiot. do you even know what rockbox is?

Author IconOfSin24148 (7 years)

Author Corbachu (7 years)
Obviously the person who made this had no idea how to properly convert the
palette from Build to Doom. But it's okay. Decent effort ;), could've used
a more powerful source port though. 3/5

Author Snake886 (7 years)
thank you that answers one of my questions my second is how do I get
heretic or any of my heretic maps to work properly with zdoom because I put
the heretic wad in the same folder as zdoom and it could not run the first
level so what should I do.

Author yoyoyoshio267 (2 years)
3225545788588757528173578125397812835815231563781 times?

Author AshHousewares445 (7 years)
Yes, i kno

Author yoni0505 (6 years)
WOW what a retarded moron, this was my point, i was sarcastic, idiot -.-

Author Dangerousd777 (7 years)
oh lol your funny...

Author djlee025 (7 years)
Might as well just download the real duke nukem :\ the devastator at least
rocks on that one

Author Danswan24 (7 years)
sorry pressed the post button to soon... anyway he dosnt even pump the

Author metabog (1 year)
It's completely amazing.

Author Danswan24 (7 years)
bad wad he dos'nt

Author WindowsMaster1985 (2 years)

Author RatchetSK (7 years)
It isnt Doom! Its Duke Nukem...

Author MyselfAgain (6 years)
Uh huh... that perfectly explains the doom growls that you can clearly
hear. *rolls eyes*

Author michalt441 (7 years)
Not crappy, it's awesome but only 1 level.

Author Philemon Onesimus (4 years)
@Eggbert1x I spat out my gatorade after reading that. You are a faggot,
download GZDoom.

Author bignekidbat (5 years)
same here I wanna play it

Author negifan (6 years)

Author Dead Rat (5 years)
That's pretty nice, though pointless

Author PerfectHatred72 (6 years)
or ZDameon to play!!

who are you talking to?your trousers?

Author DarkCecil05 (6 years)
Yea so I can play it!

Author kike384 (7 years)
lol, i got that wad

Author jpb11380 (7 years)
haha i know idk y i said that

Author SonicFan127 (7 years)
So the wad is only a true one level tc right? The rest is just a sprite

Author Colicedus (7 years)
Its not too bad... I have seen worst.

Author doom3hell (4 years)
@ZygoInferior nice wad dude

Author HinataChan30 (7 years)
No mod for the Devestator?

Author MartinUK1 (6 years)
That's really cool.

Author mechaghostman2 (6 years)
The first level is however the most recognizeable but also the easiest on
any setting.

Author Paul Fisher (7 years)
lol who would spend time on this conversion jeez

Author AshHousewares445 (7 years)
not all doom sounds

Author Greg Enright (7 years)
Actually, juanroman86, this is Doom/Doom2, but a new level, created using
graphic files and sounds from Duke Nukem 3D. It's what's known as a TC -
total conversion. Not all of the sounds were replaced it would seem. The
'fireball' and 'imp death' sounds are definitely from Doom/Doom2 - that's
typical of TCs as they're only amateur efforts and don't often have much
quality control.

Author Mike Wass (7 years)
1/5, not that great

Author fpscallum (7 years)

Author jpb11380 (7 years)
dude whats ur problem, dont make fun of him

Author Illyea (5 years)
There's JonoF's port with openGL support and all that. The mouselook feels
crappy though.

Author Brett Bates (4 years)
@SGTSHOOTnMISS If you used the Hexen engine (which is a very heavily modded
Doom engine from ID) you could hack the fly code for the jetpack.

Author Metaluna Zombie (5 years)

Author juanroman86 (7 years)
this is just duke nukem with doom sounds

Author RockmanNeka (7 years)
eh, coulda been better, preffer the real deal over this tho. ^^

Author doomer3868 (6 years)
lol we almost have the same name :P P.S. i like Duke Nukem

Author gamecock930 (7 years)
i literally see no difference in this from the regular duke nukem
3d.....the taser instead of mini rocket launcher i guess, which isn't as

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