Martin Garrix - Animals | Launchpad Cover - Bruno Bartolome


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Author Aluminum Toast ( ago)
Why a re people talking shit nigger about this?? Its not bad just because the beat is off.

Author jaz carrizo ( ago)
Sossss el 1 la puta madre, desde hace 4 años veo este video y sos el mas crack!!!

Author Nagareddi Kunchikorve ( ago)

Author ian criz ( ago)
waek kayu malapit na

Author xiong lol ( ago)
what is this song name?

Author kira kaname ( ago)

Author J.D.R.R ( ago)
esto sera una licuadora :V

Author cosmiuz ( ago)
Mh....not very very good. Tempo is missing a lot.

Author Frag Hawk ( ago)
ur remix sucks the original is 100x better than ur shit

Author Kevin BASILIO RAMIREZ ( ago)

Author justanother hckid ( ago)
i think this is amazing.
and you bunch of douchebags just can't be satisfied, always finding something is missing.
if you think you can do better, let me see you ffs...

Author Prajjval Tiwari ( ago)
21M views wow

Author BH gaming ( ago)

Author OlegOXA ( ago)
ed vr.





Author lord macabre ( ago)
como se llama lo q esta al lado de LAUNCH PAD

Author あ あ ( ago)

Author mitha the gamer ( ago)
looks like a woman's hand

Author Ervinna Mona ( ago)
song yes

Author Ervinna Mona ( ago)

Author J.D.R.R ( ago)
OMG que licuadora

Author J.D.R.R ( ago)
█░░▀█▄▀▄▀██████░▀█▄▀▄▀██████ ░░ ░ .............░▀█▄█▄███▀░░░ ▀█▄█▄███

Author Chimney Chap ( ago)
You might want to get a reverb pedal.

Author Alhaji Saccoh ( ago)
you lost my like at the end

Author Дмитрий Омельяненко ( ago)

Author 5Maxfor5 ( ago)
This man`s have talent !!!!!

Author EDM MuSic Việt ( ago)
very good

Author Mikichicho Lopez ( ago)
está bien chido :):):)XD

Author Ashique Choudhury ( ago)
come one guys. keep all your criticisms to yourself and just appreciate it. At least he did all of this on his own. give him some credit.

Author danywilds64 ( ago)
amigo comprate un ampli mejor y una buena mescladora

Author sudhir shahi ( ago)
Awesome. .

Author Robin Lundqvist ( ago)
So bad, can't keep up with the beat

Author young Nastyman ( ago)
bella raga porco ddio

Author Mehedi Islam ( ago)

Author Xavier891 XD ( ago)
He played wrong

Author Sherry Williams ( ago)
yall are just hating u can't do this! at least he's trying his best to make something even if it sounds a bit weird to u he still worked his ass off to buy this equipment and actually post it so just stop hating 😐

Author player cyx2 game cs 1.6 ( ago)
хуя се 21 лям просмотров)

Author Emily Gomez ( ago)
Nice I really liked it

Author AnythingSugested 4U ( ago)
Thats pretty impressive

Author Theo Clement ( ago)
god I hate these videos, make your own music.

Author youssef youssef ( ago)
1:26 wow 😍😍😍😍

Author Ondra Hájek ( ago)

Author Катя Шуренкова ( ago)

Author Firman Ardiansyah ( ago)

Author Damiano Persia ( ago)
scusa ma non la said fare 😞

Author ずんずんずんどこきかず ( ago)

Author thunderdome ( ago)
The ritm si bad puagggggg

Author Rogier Roelofs ( ago)
dat is crazy

Author DJ CU3 ( ago)
Great hob but speed is off a little

Author Rumiah Binti Parasim ( ago)
carolhew. cat😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

Author Corde L ( ago)
I like sound the best music !

Author Tanya Джокер ( ago)
как музыка называется?

Author t.o.t ตุ๊ดซี้ i sad ( ago)

Author Luis Vázquez ( ago)
muy loco paraser eso

Author Sr Douglas ( ago)

Author Сергей Шаповалов ( ago)

Author Tim R ( ago)
How did he earn so much views with such song?

Author Teguh Trion ( ago)
project file plis :)

Author Fernanda Retana ( ago)
quiero uno sabes cuanto cuesta. 😜😜😜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Author Bayron Hernandez ( ago)
alguien sabe como se llama la canción del minuto 1:28

Author Mr Adamai ( ago)

Author Влад Головнев ( ago)
Я украинец)))

Author David Li ( ago)
The best of the best, good dubstep.
A question where they sell the launchpad

Author Mar Dabrowski ( ago)
Super muza podoba mi się

Author Venz-Launchpadder ( ago)
Why so many dislikes btw nice job :D

Author Aaron CHEKROUN ( ago)
it's no beautiful

Author Izus Twentyfour ( ago)

Author yawn. ( ago)
lol windows 90?

Author Lucas Badaro ( ago)

Author Myles Miller ( ago)

Author xXx_420_360_HaX0rDaN0uSkoupah#sWaG#l3g1t_darud3w33dstorm_360_420_xXx ( ago)
The sound clipping makes me cringe so hard.

Author GRAZA ( ago)
This is GOOD!! Nice job

Author Daanyal Zaidi ( ago)
wot r the tools he used

Author Daanyal Zaidi ( ago)
wot r the tools he used

Author X MarkD ( ago)
you fucked up almost every single beat XDDDD

Author Elcin Elcin ( ago)

Author ArLexx PLAY ( ago)
SHOWWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Raiana Costa ( ago)
Martin Garrix - Animals | Launchpad Cover - Bruno Bartolome

Author CiaranDoesThings ( ago)
it sounds like a windows xp remix

Author dreicqb ( ago)
Audio is really bad in this one

Author Tim J ( ago)

Author Karthik AK ( ago)
great!!! Hater's dislike it!!!!

Author Blackdesign99 Games ( ago)
No se Luis parece Falso xD

Author QuantumAsteroid ( ago)
keep up the awesome job

Author The Drowned ( ago)
Wow, this is so fucking bad that this guy MUST be a troll.........

Author Corrosif ( ago)
This sucked.. SO BAD.

Author mert kablan ( ago)

Author Russian ( ago)
This is why I hate new technologies giving stupid fucks WITH NO FUCKING SENSE OF RHYTHM MAKING THIS UGLY LAUNCH SOUNDS. This is even not creative. Not even music. Total shit.

Author Tima Channel ( ago)
я 1 русский ?!

Author ThePencil901 ( ago)
When you buy expensive music production controllers and don't even make your own music with it

Author Shell Miller ( ago)
but also cinda bad

Author Shell Miller ( ago)
this person is realy good at this wow

Author Tohid Alam ( ago)
1:19 to 1:23 is he fingering

Author PivanZone ( ago)
me da cancer idiota y el beat,meda asco

Author Christian Seiler ( ago)
Its amazing :-)

Author Mirsha Esther Becerra Miuranda ( ago)

Author Miguel M. R. M. ( ago)
Más vale un vídeo que mil palabras.....

Author Олег Олег ( ago)

Author Diego De la Rosa González ( ago)
tempo tempo tempo TEMPO TEMPO TEMPO...

Author juan diego ramirez villota ( ago)
q chimba de eletro me establece la rabia y el odio me calma

Author Stijn Takken ( ago)
Nog ff oefenen

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