I found an underground safe house with MUCH more stuff...

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  • stas podgurskiy
    stas podgurskiy 8 minutes ago

    если ты такой пиздатый диггер, нахера тебе монтажные склейки?

  • Lee Sheridan
    Lee Sheridan 52 minutes ago

    you could do with a head torch

  • fonquisha watermelon

    interesting but couldnt see much. tun your torch down

  • Kenn Tollens
    Kenn Tollens 9 hours ago

    This looks something out of a video game

  • Dave Hester
    Dave Hester 11 hours ago

    This is bullshit

  • Josh Millar
    Josh Millar 12 hours ago

    can i just point the legs and feet you walked by at 4:30 down in the gully for the pipes

  • James O'Neill
    James O'Neill 12 hours ago

    imagine going through that blast door then hearing it slam shut and lock behind you.. nightmare.

  • BeastMode Overseer
    BeastMode Overseer 13 hours ago

    Its like real life Fallout Lol finding loot XD

  • iAcela - Minecraft
    iAcela - Minecraft 14 hours ago

    Probably a drug house.

  • chechu
    chechu 14 hours ago

    how do you find those places?

  • Daly Solorzano
    Daly Solorzano 14 hours ago

    Are these houses for sale.

  • aserta
    aserta 17 hours ago

    Depending on where this is, i think it might be a cold war era (storage at least, going by boxes mainly) site. At the very least, that's the vibe i get from it. Funny how we spend a ton of money on electricity, and yet, there's places like these that just fall off the deep end. I know of a site that's under a flat within half a click from my own, it is completely off the recorded grid, and has been powered since before 89. The owner of the storage that it is linked in (a friend) says he's never had anyone come to him for it. He's too afraid to fully use it, and too chicken shit to totally take ownership. And no, i'm not going to disclose.

    • aserta
      aserta 16 hours ago

      On a second look, this site has been cleaned by the officials. Certain things tip you off on it. The bathroom being a major giveaway. What's really weird is the pressurized water. I wonder how stale did it smell...

  • Angelo Bianchi
    Angelo Bianchi 17 hours ago

    3:40 vaccines?

  • Trent D
    Trent D 18 hours ago

    fallout 4 irl

  • hocky364
    hocky364 20 hours ago

    Where is this if you could say by any chance

  • Bobert Killerclone
    Bobert Killerclone 21 hour ago

    Thats so cool

  • XTreme LaZY
    XTreme LaZY 21 hour ago

    no paranormol activities????

  • Kents
    Kents 23 hours ago

    hellou u are from lithuania??

  • Erica Bittle
    Erica Bittle 1 day ago

    What i would give to have a few of those gas masks and vintage first aid kits

  • Farmer James
    Farmer James 1 day ago

    it's called a basement

  • babyrazor
    babyrazor 1 day ago

    nice..where's the guns & ammo? We found an old bomb shelter once but all it had in it where ancient crackers & laxatives.

  • bullsballs
    bullsballs 1 day ago

    cold war paranoia made people do strange things.
    I wish we had lived together, rather than swing erections at each other...
    just think of what could have been done with all that wasted money if we had cooperated.

  • salty squid
    salty squid 1 day ago

    how do you manage to just find stuff like this? Like how do you actually come across it

  • ItzZatax
    ItzZatax 1 day ago

    well if there is a zombie apocalypse you know where to go

  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin Lee 1 day ago

    buried alive in the earthquake thats coming from God true

  • RuaRa
    RuaRa 1 day ago

    it's all Russian stuff, so either you're in Ukraine in some old soviet block or somewhere in ex soviet state

  • Nelson Socarras
    Nelson Socarras 1 day ago

    So it was a storage of gas masks lol

  • Jan Lebeda
    Jan Lebeda 1 day ago

    yuo see, is just comrade Vladimirs place to hide kvass from capitalists !

  • wesley
    wesley 1 day ago

    Why don't you take some stuff

  • Евгений Анохин

    Круто, автор нашел советский бункер=) кто сюда попал после просмотра видео от зомби чез?
    кстати, надо брать в такие места счетчик Гейгера, страшные места с табличками "ЗАРАЖЕНО"

  • Motiejus.
    Motiejus. 2 days ago

    Tai kai Civilines sleptuves rado su elektra ir visais daiktais maistu!

  • devinhallsworth
    devinhallsworth 2 days ago


  • annA48126
    annA48126 2 days ago

    No food, medical supplies, bathrooms, sleeping accommodation?
    And only one toilet, one chair?

  • Big_Dawg3081's PS4 Gaming Channel

    I know exactly which bunker I would take over in the event of an emergency too bad I live in Florida and the ain't none worth a fuck

  • Milan Čížek
    Milan Čížek 2 days ago


  • Players GT
    Players GT 2 days ago

    Eik tu nx dar Lietuvoj... Sovietmeciai /Holly fuck and This is in Lithuhania SovietTimr

  • siskokidd
    siskokidd 2 days ago

    Would be nice to see more detail on things handled. A more narrow lens camera would do wonders.

  • NeTORT -_-
    NeTORT -_- 2 days ago

    тэк блеять по русским бункерам ходим

  • Primeval
    Primeval 2 days ago

    Reminds me of the cheat rooms on Bethesda games xD

  • Drew4078
    Drew4078 2 days ago

    Someone owns that, you are trespassing for sure!

  • Кирилл Иваника

    Русский ббункерр)

  • nameless noname
    nameless noname 2 days ago

    where are any located not that'd you'd tell but in the us about where east west coast etc

  • grendel 59
    grendel 59 2 days ago

    it still had power?

  • csnation
    csnation 2 days ago

    Loads of gas masks.
    Might want to keep a marker on your map in case you need it :P

  • darcy thomson
    darcy thomson 3 days ago

    why dont you take more of the stuff you find

  • Michael Corini
    Michael Corini 3 days ago

    u know u can steal everything and sell them to a militar base ye? or just sell those thing (like masks) at isis or something like this.

    Ez money m8

  • DDch
    DDch 3 days ago

    Там написанно по Русски? WTF бункер в Америке РУССКИЙ БУНКЕКР!

  • Shawn Thompson
    Shawn Thompson 3 days ago

    Like a old place like that would still have Electric in it

  • Tyler Chu
    Tyler Chu 3 days ago

    Yoo it's rust

  • Ashley Moyer
    Ashley Moyer 3 days ago

    you need to clean this and organize it. then when something happens you can bring your family and friends down there and be safe and protected.

  • Ashley Moyer
    Ashley Moyer 3 days ago

    where is this???

  • pmessinger
    pmessinger 3 days ago

    That's no "safe house," more like "emergency bunker."

  • tino van der zwan phono cave!

    you found $100.000,- worth of WWII militaria
    with the unknown factor, it could be as much as $1000.000,- of surplus WWII stuff in there!!

  • Greedo in a speedo
    Greedo in a speedo 3 days ago

    I would have taken all those gas masks I'm in love with them

  • Jan Nahorski
    Jan Nahorski 3 days ago

    Where is this located in? State only if you don't want to give up more info.

  • AresZeus1
    AresZeus1 3 days ago

    It's the new Vivos underground luxury survival bunker!

  • ᵯṓṓṅḽḭḡḩṯ

    Russian language

  • ᵯṓṓṅḽḭḡḩṯ

    там по-русски всё..

  • Syedyounus Hussaini

    what a engineering at that period wow

  • Joe Hanna
    Joe Hanna 4 days ago

    This is a classic bomb shelter somewhere in the former eastern block... probably USSR, judging by the signs

  • TheDoobsterShow
    TheDoobsterShow 4 days ago

    i was waiting to hear a ghost say get out ........

  • Luke Griggs
    Luke Griggs 4 days ago

    Feel like im playing fallout 4

  • Higor Guedes
    Higor Guedes 4 days ago

    I like this fps game, what is it's name?

  • chris bobobo
    chris bobobo 4 days ago

    pile of shit

  • Steven Olsen
    Steven Olsen 4 days ago

    This is like living Half Life 2

  • Michael Cheselka
    Michael Cheselka 4 days ago

    Atom bomb shelter with water and electricity. Make a metal note on account of North Korea.

  • jacob reyes
    jacob reyes 4 days ago

    I wanna do this it seems super fun and lit

  • Dude FM natural
    Dude FM natural 4 days ago

    You go aaaaalllllll this way to this place and you don't take anything,I didn't even know what they were, you're the definition of a dickhead

  • Decimus
    Decimus 4 days ago

    Looks like an old fallout shelter from the 70's-80's

  • mugsytop
    mugsytop 4 days ago

    someone will turn the handle one day and lock you in.

  • Zac Staylon
    Zac Staylon 4 days ago

    OH Hell yes dude.. No bs, Straight to the goods. Love this video! How amazing, and quite generous of you to share the moment AND your discovery(ies).. Thank you for filling my adventurous spirit full of satisfaction today!

    Peace be with you on your journeys!

  • Lee Ackroyd
    Lee Ackroyd 4 days ago

    No firearms?

  • Lee Ackroyd
    Lee Ackroyd 4 days ago

    I guess your sorted for judgement day. lol

  • Chase Barnes
    Chase Barnes 4 days ago

    This is one of the coolest videos I've ever seen. God I'd actually ENJOY living down there

  • Josh Morgan
    Josh Morgan 5 days ago

    Pops out in Disney Land

  • pcstudios3
    pcstudios3 5 days ago

    the lights are on?

  • Feet Thong
    Feet Thong 5 days ago

    Why is the lights working????

  • David Doven
    David Doven 5 days ago


  • bobmister
    bobmister 5 days ago

    this is fake

  • Pjeteh
    Pjeteh 5 days ago

    Ex-soviet countries had a bunkers like this organised under the civil protection plan. So you see gas masks, iodine tablets, gas mask filters etc...
    Very interesting :) but nothing eerie and horryfying. Keep up with the good vids !

  • kek23k
    kek23k 5 days ago

    Who's been paying the electricity bill?

  • J.C. D.
    J.C. D. 5 days ago

    why don't you take any of the stuff

    • Maggie Bacon
      Maggie Bacon 3 days ago

      Most likely because it's simply stealing. If he's ever found with that sort of thing, he could probably get in trouble. I would expect that there are quite a few places where he explores that it'd be considered illegal to go to. Trespassing, that sort of thing. Nabbing a few things here and there might not seem like a big deal, but I would assume that if he was ever found with them he could be charged or at least fined in some cases.

  • Habki
    Habki 5 days ago

    Why dont they have porn magazines in there?

  • Abiabbimelulu
    Abiabbimelulu 5 days ago

    medal of honor new gameplay...

  • Single Hot Mom in Your Area

    You should just bring a empty bag and fill it with old russian gas masks and start selling it on ebay
    Lotta money to be made

  • Judess 69er
    Judess 69er 5 days ago

    the dramatic effect is interesting definitely movie quality but the fact that its chopped together and not one whole thing leaves me just feeling like its fake

  • mark marchiafava
    mark marchiafava 5 days ago

    a narrative of where you are and what you are seeing would be quite helpful to the viewer

  • Levi Blackwood
    Levi Blackwood 5 days ago

    if you ever find an anvil let me know please!

  • Melvin.OhMyDoggo
    Melvin.OhMyDoggo 6 days ago

    How do you find places like these

  • Drunken Pinguin
    Drunken Pinguin 6 days ago

    Can you maybe climb soon with James Kingston or Mustang Wanted ( if he still alive.. )

  • Timo Zerulla
    Timo Zerulla 6 days ago

    Did you ever steal sth. from bunkers like this?

  • Conner Emer
    Conner Emer 6 days ago

    .3 seconds at everything. Hope you saw enough to know that there was some shit there. Clothing of some kind, mostly.

  • HeyItzCho
    HeyItzCho 6 days ago

    Couple of questions:
    1) aren't you scared? AT ALL?
    2) does at least one person know where you're going or where you are before you go in your adventures?
    3) Do you usually take anything from the sites you visit? Like a trophy or a memento?

  • john brand
    john brand 6 days ago

    that is a bunker dude for sure look at how ready that person was

  • T Q Pham
    T Q Pham 6 days ago

    Sucks if someone close the door behind you and lock it.

  • Isacc monighan
    Isacc monighan 6 days ago

    How does the electric still run?

  • Evan Milner
    Evan Milner 6 days ago

    Me: *trying to grab everything*

  • Endeavour
    Endeavour 6 days ago

    Probably some cold war bunkers

  • TheRealjOsH
    TheRealjOsH 6 days ago

    where do you fin this stuff

  • Dante Kania
    Dante Kania 6 days ago

    can i have one of those GP5s ( the task masks)

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