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Author Mersha tekle (4 months)

Author Almaz Lemagufa (6 months)
Baunat kalahywot yasemalin mengista sanayatin yawarsiln

Author weldesenbet Bogale (9 months)

Author weldesenbet Bogale (9 months)

Author Redet Shiferaw (4 months)

Author Getu Shirbaga (7 months)
Zemari melkt yasemaln

Author chernet berhie (10 months)

Author Soufi Soufi (11 months)

Author Kally Makabo (1 year)
Kalahywot yasamalin manigisita samayatin yawarisilin tsaga manifasi kidusin
yalibisilin yagaligilot Zamanihin Egizabher Amilak yarizimilin Amen !!!

Author Negash (1 year)
Nic mezmur god bless you

Author kibnesh mesele (1 year)

Author Kally Makabo (1 year)
Kalahywot yasamalin manigisita samayatin yawarisilin tsaga manifasi kidusin
yalibisilin yagaligilot Zamanihin Egizabher Amilak yarizimilin Amen !!!

Author Rakeb Kidanemaryam (1 year)

Author Tarik Matebe (1 year)
best mezmur ever!

Author maki adam (1 year)

Author mebrahtom tesfalise (1 year)

Author numofan (6 years)
Hi - I am an American Protestant Christian, and I think this mezmur is
really beautiful! (I also believe in baptism, holy communion and more.)
Even though some of our beliefs differ, we all say that Christ is saviour
and Lord. May God bless you!

Author Israel Woldegebreal (5 years)
i'm eritrean and i think that all of us that have been raised by the east
should relish that we have the oldest heritage and must make sure we carry
our heritage with pride.

Author Measwit Altaye (1 year)
i love this zemari!!!! zemari melaket yasemalen

Author numofan (6 years)
Thank you for explaining this. It's good!

Author Nhial Junior (1 year)
no doubt, c im from Australia and most of the teens out here don't go to

Author lionzion22 (4 years)
@teddythefrency You mean Mezmur is Amharic. I'm sure fellow Ethiopian Oromo
have a different word. Ethiopian is no language.

Author Robin coc (3 years)
god bless every orthodox

Author danieal452 (7 years)
1adon Tanks for sharing, nice orthodox Mezmur, but please give the video
clip it's proper titil, "Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur" because it is Mixed
with the Nefakiyan(Pente)mezmur. Tanks again.

Author Zleul (6 years)
mezmurun ewedewhalew

Author DweezyBeSteadyMobbin (5 years)
@FrunzaDeLut Its means hymn or a spiritual song

Author eden mulu (4 years)
wow am so proud bcz am ethiopian and cristia ye egziyaber bereket kehulachn
gar yhun amen

Author christi4514 (4 years)
God bless Orthodox religion, Betam des yemil mezemur new, I alwys listen
this mezemur.

Author seble wongel (2 years)
Egezeabeher yebarekhe

Author Ella Stiniguță (5 years)
@mereatetsion,i see.thank you and God bless!

Author nakfa (4 years)
@lionzion22 Mezmur is geez not Amharic

Author mereatetsion (5 years)
mezmur means church songs. please do not use insulting words,God bless u
all my brothers & sisters.

Author CandyforMEplz (2 years)
let's be strong :)

Author christi4514 (4 years)
LOve this mezemur God bless you. Ewentem menfsen yadesal.

Author kurkah2007 (7 years)
wow..nic..n tnx a lot 4 uploading it!!! when i say im Orthodox Tewahdo i
fill proud and God bless you guys i am very proud to be a tewahedo

Author sami yeamer (5 years)
i like Ethiopian culture specially orthodoxe

Author 1adon (7 years)
yeah thanx i think i should uh. well i will do it as soon as possible and i
am glad that u have enjoyed it.

Author gebre berhane (2 years)
God bless orthodox tewahdo

Author Gidaju Endale (1 year)
God bless U,Deacon.

Author Marko Stanojevic (4 years)
God bless Ethiopia!

Author Abel Zemen (1 year)
kaleheywet yasemalen

Author Amr Hamed (5 years)
i like this muzmure good meang and thank you GOD blees u

Author stepsschool (6 years)
thank you for posting! fulfilling

Author Etsegenet Ayele (3 years)
He got such a nice and amazing vocie

Author Biruk Tesema (1 year)
keeps my soul lift higher.;god bless u.

Author Aman Adu (1 year)

Author christi4514 (4 years)
God bless Orthodox religion

Author fiherleethiopia (5 years)
this mezmure its the one of part in my life

Author TheAdickta (6 years)
nice song.

Author Ja Roha (1 year)
I missed my freshman university time. It's that time when this song was

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