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  • Basically ALWAYS HAVE A MILK BUCKET, but retro just used this title so i felt inclined to put him in the title. Also go sub to Shortgamer he edited the videooooo



    Pack: ultra 16x blue edit by cuds

    Song: Various song from my Stream Playlist


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  • Kabir Playz
    Kabir Playz 2 days ago


    Better get popcorn

  • _iDragon_
    _iDragon_ 2 days ago

    RETRO SHOULDVE COPYRIGHTED billy makes better content.

  • al3
    al3 2 days ago

    how do u get big heads to show?

  • FastSpore2
    FastSpore2 3 days ago

    Poison doesn't throw faster

  • Elias Edelo
    Elias Edelo 3 days ago

    Whats next, "Always Have a lava bucket" or what😂

    • itsPower
      itsPower 3 days ago

      always have an empty bucket

  • Elias Edelo
    Elias Edelo 3 days ago

    Giga-drill nerf???

  • Nick10 The Gamer/ Nick10MLG

    that sexy voice at the end "holy shit" 😍

  • strawberry nectar
    strawberry nectar 4 days ago


  • AJDS
    AJDS 4 days ago

    Where is the road to 7 star???

  • urezgf
    urezgf 4 days ago

    What's the mod that when you kill someone their head is really big? Pls answer soon

    • Tem
      Tem 3 days ago

      nevermind its a mod

    • Tem
      Tem 3 days ago

      its a texture pack, just look up big heads pack and it should be there

    • Brainiax260
      Brainiax260 4 days ago

      Juan Acosta plugins are server side...

    • Juan Acosta
      Juan Acosta 4 days ago

      urezgf oh I though it was a plugin in Hypixel, it makes sense being a mod lol im so dumb

  • TheePaint
    TheePaint 4 days ago

    yow imagine having to gigadrill every game to win

  • Esuseni
    Esuseni 4 days ago

    All I can say is why

  • Abstergent
    Abstergent 4 days ago

    scotty what do you use to edit your videos?

  • LEKS02
    LEKS02 4 days ago

    Can anyone suggest me some good 16x16 texture packs

    • LEKS02
      LEKS02 4 days ago

      Juan Acosta ty

    • Juan Acosta
      Juan Acosta 4 days ago

      LEKS02 Ngal or Huawhi infinite, mentally orange edit, maybe some of the paradox ones. Those were the only I could think in a moment xD

  • Levery
    Levery 4 days ago

    We only had 40 poison pots, that was kinda unfortunate

    • Levery
      Levery 3 days ago

      The strat is not a 100% accurate you know, but yeah I didn't have the best teammates but I don't really care tbh

  • SolrFlares _
    SolrFlares _ 4 days ago

    Pots Don't Fall Faster

    He need some milk

  • TheMonsterGamer
    TheMonsterGamer 4 days ago

    Which program did u use for recording?

  • Zeakchi
    Zeakchi 4 days ago

    I swear this is gonna be a trend......

  • bckktt
    bckktt 4 days ago


  • bckktt
    bckktt 4 days ago


  • bckktt
    bckktt 4 days ago


  • Interitio
    Interitio 4 days ago

    sick triggerbot

  • ZBlaCkRiNG SMB
    ZBlaCkRiNG SMB 4 days ago

    always ??? its the first tinme I saw u with milk and I never heared you say MILK

  • Mobis
    Mobis 4 days ago

    Guys please sub and like my vids and I'll do the same! <3 tysm have an amazing day!

  • Ophyosy
    Ophyosy 4 days ago


  • Morgaan
    Morgaan 4 days ago

    These boys need to take poisoning lessons from Grubbae

  • Natalie Yang
    Natalie Yang 4 days ago

    who needs water buckets anymore? milk is the necessity

  • PrettyGoodish
    PrettyGoodish 4 days ago

    poison is annoying in skywars but you can't do anything about it

    • Juan Acosta
      Juan Acosta 4 days ago

      PrettyGoodish Thats why I dont play insane lol

  • Judd Shiloh
    Judd Shiloh 4 days ago

    LOL Scott you got the texture pack wrong in he description it's Ultra 16x Blue Edit not Latenci 16x Black and Gold Good job :)

  • Michał Grzonkowski

    This Levery guy has 250 hypixel lvl WOW. Impressive

  • GoliathanGR
    GoliathanGR 4 days ago

    350th view and 50th like RESPECT

  • selihot
    selihot 4 days ago

    Because this comment will get lost in the sea of comments, might as well tell everyone that im in scotteh's closet typing this

  • Sam Memes
    Sam Memes 4 days ago

    for those who wonder what is the pack its Ultra 16x Blue edit

    • Tem
      Tem 3 days ago

      no, hes not wrong. its ultra 16x blue edit

    • Darrell Vaughn, III
      Darrell Vaughn, III 4 days ago

      Sam Memes it's in the description ur wrong

  • StrengthVIII
    StrengthVIII 4 days ago


  • h5aa
    h5aa 4 days ago

    potions don't throw faster :/

  • JagiThePug
    JagiThePug 4 days ago


  • Eternal
    Eternal 4 days ago

    you weren't joking around in the stream... LOL

  • Jack Callaghan
    Jack Callaghan 4 days ago

    Anyone else like their own comment to get the ball rolling?

  • ImCrypta
    ImCrypta 4 days ago

    I was waiting for this vid from the time u said u will do it in ur stream <3

  • Chapter Book
    Chapter Book 4 days ago

    He needs some milk! 🥛

  • xEkon
    xEkon 4 days ago

    If anyone has a 5+ account they are wanting to sell friend me on discord Wxzeh#7653

    • Keukaaa
      Keukaaa 4 days ago

      xEkon Too lazy to get it yourself?

    • Chapter Book
      Chapter Book 4 days ago

      xEkon cmon you gotta play and earn 5 star you can't just buy it

  • ϟwiftyyy
    ϟwiftyyy 4 days ago

    3 mins

  • ToxicatedMemes
    ToxicatedMemes 4 days ago

    I am earrlyyyyyyyyyyy. Like my cocmmmentttt pleaasererteeee :(((()))

  • firedomi
    firedomi 4 days ago


  • Crazycam08
    Crazycam08 4 days ago


  • Gaming with Jaeger
    Gaming with Jaeger 4 days ago

    I prefer to always have a milf bucket

  • Vig
    Vig 4 days ago


  • Plumpmeerkat
    Plumpmeerkat 4 days ago

    dong sammiches

  • AlexPlays x
    AlexPlays x 4 days ago

    acc tbh idc if im 1st lol

  • Jeffrey George
    Jeffrey George 4 days ago


  • Pie Man
    Pie Man 4 days ago

    Is this better than Retroslime

  • AlexPlays x
    AlexPlays x 4 days ago


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