knight of 9 wayshrine points

here are where the eight of the nine wayshrines are the other one which I forgot to add is east of kavach a little above the path so if you walk around there to the other town west of the impereal city you should find it. The song is Midnas desperate hour/ midnas lament, from the legend of zelda twilight princess.

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Author Joseph Caylor ( ago)
you've forgotten Mara

Author THE CREAT0R ( ago)
This idiot only showed 7 when there is nine

Author cliptomatic 2025 ( ago)
mara is missing

Author Oliver Pearce ( ago)
Kynarch is missing.

Author Crazy Chicken ( ago)
This video was very helpful :D

Author Lenny Face Gaming ( ago)
There is only eight that you name

Author Zac Harker ( ago)
Thank You for the video.
This has been most helpful and I will never be doing this again 

Author Kalvalla ( ago)

Author OceanHD Gaming ( ago)

Author OceanHD Gaming ( ago)
When you activate a shrine is it supposed to say continue your penance to
earn the gods' forgivene

Author Sneaky Asian ( ago)
+azzar1234 It's to the right of anvil.

Author Luiz Antonio ( ago)
I don't wanna have to do this ever again.

Author Adam Salt ( ago)
thanks helped me alot

Author Ethan Norman ( ago)
I had 2 talis shires and now can't finish it

Author r4t3dn1nj4 ( ago)

Author r4t3dn1nj4 ( ago)
ikr its like so blurred

Author Kevin Meisenbacher ( ago)
I've found way too many Akatosh shrines, and the stupid wayshrines map is a

Author Kevin Meisenbacher ( ago)
What are the names of all the shrines? And am I screwed if an Oblivion gate
destroyed the shrine of Arkay near Anvil?

Author Marco Gonzalez - Bredy ( ago)
This music is the most disturbing shit.

Author Conor Casey ( ago)

Author Conor Casey ( ago)
He forgot mara west of skip grad

Author MrDragons97 ( ago)
is it just me who has a proplem with this dlc. theres only 7 shrines 2 are

Author Andrew Thomson ( ago)
Thank u a lot

Author Arbiter (Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak) ( ago)

Author Sean Janson ( ago)
Holy crap you are a life saver I could not find the one southeast of the
Imperial City

Author SlavSuperstar777 ( ago)
These are only 8 i Counted them

Author Kindroth/MyC0Okie ( ago)
Thanks without this vid is be searching every pixel of that area ( the one
north of leyawin)

Author Jonathon Doucet ( ago)
r u using zelda music bro??? 

Author jeffrey Stutsman ( ago)
below me IKR? by game distance i believe each is within 47 meters of the
map pointed location(waysrine not main game)

Author jeffrey Stutsman ( ago)
guys come on look she forgot to add it but she added the missing one in the
discription if its i video that was uploaded she cant go back and put it in
so that should be good enoughbefore i even used utube i used word
directioal instrucion not a video i wasnt lazy either if i couldnt
understand something i read over and over way i see it you got no reason to
complain here

Author Tom McTom ( ago)
The prophet map blows unless you really knock what you are doing

Author gutmaster9000 ( ago)
For people who are wondering Mara is close to the road under the k of

Author gutmaster9000 ( ago)
Where's mara

Author shyCOREProductions (1041 year ago)
@98assassinscreed In the game the Prophet says: "May 8 and 1 guide you."

Author Jayden Hooper ( ago)
can you at least put in saying which ones are which?

Author Ethan Norman ( ago)
and u missed mara

Author Ethan Norman ( ago)
for the wayshrine of zenithar the 1 u missed it is north of bravil below
the y in valley

Author L1Wolf14 ( ago)
Thank you 

Author Bombatron ( ago)
Thanks for this awesome video! The one that is missing is the Wayshrine of
Mara. It is to the west of Skingrad and to the right of Kvatch where the
road takes a turn south.

Author chuck norris ( ago)
Omg thank you I was haring the map the guy gave me it is worthless it tells
you the shrines are like 20 miles away from the real location wtf so I
threw the map in the nibin

Author Jin Scroll ( ago)
Nice song love that one and you help me with kynareth on

Author Sunskry ( ago)
why is there legend of zelda song in an oblivion game!?!?!! what has the
world come to???!!!

Author Dominick Echevarria ( ago)
I couldn't find the one south east of the Imperial city Thank you so much

Author Demitrius Hill ( ago)

Author TLRM12345 ( ago)
Great vid helped a ton!

Author ridden1000 ( ago)
i love that song its from Zelda twilight princes :D

Author Theboxset ( ago)
i found two wayshines of talos? hmmm is this normal?

Author jellybean3264 ( ago)
well its a little lagy but still nice vid :)

Author tormentor309 ( ago)
thx bro 

Author Karrie McCarthy ( ago)
there is a oblivion gate u missed under chorrol over by fort carmala it is
really easy

Author slipknotxlad ( ago)
@GamerBoy575 go to anvil and go to chapel around there should be a preist
chanting stuff talk to him also ask random npcs about rumors and they
should tell you 'bout anvil chapel attack 

Author Isabella Tangherlini ( ago)
@genaricTallGuy Why don't you read instead? Or make your own video? 

Author Stev0 gotta gun ( ago)
hey why dont you make a side vid showing were the last one is??? also i
like the music

Author Stev0 gotta gun ( ago)
hey why dont you make a side vid showing were the last one is???

Author Stev0 gotta gun ( ago)
thanks for the tip, danm i thought they were shrines so i was way off!!

Author WRX_Crepes ( ago)
Thank you so much! You are the best!

Author zubborpions ( ago)
your missing one but orver all it good

Author James undisclosed ( ago)
@animaster16 you haven't it's fine

Author Luke Watterson ( ago)
LOL nice player xD

Author Drake Dickison ( ago)
in description it sais 8 of nine

Author lott ko ( ago)
@TTC1501 they were all correct

Author ExesAndOwes ( ago)
finally! someone with SPECIFIC locations. thanks a ton!

Author MrDD01990 ( ago)

Author SunnyD Solaire ( ago)
omfg ty so much! the hardest 1 was kynareth the 1 whick starts with a K may
have spelled it wrong it said the shrine was by the end of the river part
but it was all the way next to the pond like wtf map fail? tyyy

Author fred hut ( ago)
great vid man it helped me a hell of a lot

Author Sk1dz1nat0rz ( ago)
the point on the map that prophet dude gives you is wrrong some of them is
further up than the actual point ty for the vid it helped me 5/5

Author Emeraldking51 ( ago)
that really helped thanks

Author Bajeezus ( ago)
wow that map in the game was waaay wrong on alot of these ty for the guide

Author sorriiaa ( ago)
omg thank you soo much!! lol

Author Kenton Wheeler ( ago)
thanks man

Author Kenton Wheeler ( ago)
is there a way to edit your 3rd person distance and angle on the 360?
Please Reply

Author Argol228 ( ago)
Keneryth I meant XD

Author Argol228 ( ago)
Midna's lament <3 I was searching all around for Zeneryth. thanks for

Author Samantha Lee ( ago)
u r the best! by today im guna have all the shrins! good luck with ur game

Author drunk1monkey ( ago)
ya thanks that other maps a pece o crap

Author gambleZ144 ( ago)
you forgot skingrad n thanks

Author jizmacdacusha ( ago)
thanks a lot dude

Author TRUCKFARM ( ago)
im subscribing to thank you becuz im just so lazy lol

Author DUDEGLITCH ( ago)
great help

Author dean watts ( ago)
thx you

Author Patrick Cutlip ( ago)
i have the same problem, but it's not a different type of shrine and it's
with two zenithar shrines. the talos has a different name and i can't
complete the quest. anyone know how to fix this glitch?

Author Jasper ( ago)
well the names are all different :S

Author Sword Slinger ( ago)
If you didnt get mara its somewhere near skingrad

Author Sword Slinger ( ago)
nm i got it

Author Sword Slinger ( ago)
Hey can you post a better vid only the one north of anvil because i
lookedeverywhere and couldent find like do i go north of brina cross in

Author Max Campbell ( ago)
thank you!!! i had such a hard time finding the farthest one to the
east......i was wondering all over the place ...contracted red rage...and
still couldn't find it!! THANK YOU!!!

Author lightshot1 ( ago)
lol 1min 30sec video more like 30 min of looking back of where it was lol
but it did help a ton thx man

Author Sword Slinger ( ago)
ZELDA TP MUSIC I miss playing that game

Author youcantseeme54321 ( ago)
theres 2 north of anvil

Author Never-Ending Pocket Sandwich ( ago)
stendarr wuz a pain in the ass to find.

Author David Smith ( ago)
Thanks a lot man!!! On the map the prophet gave me, it showed that the
wayshrine of Stendarr was right next to Layawiin!!! I would have been
circling that place for hours!!!! You are a life-saver!

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