knight of 9 wayshrine points

here are where the eight of the nine wayshrines are the other one which I forgot to add is east of kavach a little above the path so if you walk around there to the other town west of the impereal city you should find it. The song is Midnas desperate hour/ midnas lament, from the legend of zelda twilight princess.

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Author Luiz Antonio (5 months)
I don't wanna have to do this ever again.

Author hobbitg3 (5 years)
i cnat fin mara help me please

Author animaster16 (4 years)
your welcome I just had such diificulties reading the map and couldn't find
any help on youtube but when I figured it out I desided to post a video. I
wish my oblivion game didn't break on me =(

Author Luke Watterson (3 years)
LOL nice player xD

Author Sword Slinger (5 years)
ZELDA TP MUSIC I miss playing that game

Author azzar1234 (4 years)
hey could u explain the location for mara ! its the only one i need and i
cant find it..... where i look on the map it is talos !!!!

Author jizmacdacusha (4 years)
thanks a lot dude

Author Ethan Norman (2 years)
for the wayshrine of zenithar the 1 u missed it is north of bravil below
the y in valley

Author TTC1501 (3 years)
thanks i couldnt find the one south east of imperial city the wayshrine map
was way off on that one

Author Isabella Tangherlini (3 years)
@genaricTallGuy Why don't you read instead? Or make your own video?

Author sorriiaa (4 years)
omg thank you soo much!! lol

Author jellybean3264 (2 years)
well its a little lagy but still nice vid :)

Author Patrick Cutlip (5 years)
i have the same problem, but it's not a different type of shrine and it's
with two zenithar shrines. the talos has a different name and i can't
complete the quest. anyone know how to fix this glitch?

Author gutmaster9000 (1 year)
Where's mara

Author InuDog1998 (2 years)
@98assassinscreed it says eight of nine probably because there's ONLY
eight, because she/he didn't get all nine... heheheh.

Author Kevin Meisenbacher (9 months)
What are the names of all the shrines? And am I screwed if an Oblivion gate
destroyed the shrine of Arkay near Anvil?

Author animaster16 (3 years)
@98assassinscreed I added it in the description you just have to read it
all... I hope I don't cause any difficulties =(

Author azzar1234 (4 years)
i went over all locations again and found it, think the game
glitched...thanks thou !!!

Author animaster16 (5 years)
are you going to the right ones? because there are about 17 wayshrines but
only 9 of them are right.

Author stevslam (5 years)
the quests are very short after you find all 9 wayshirnes I have completed
the Knights of the Nine

Author Rampagedd (5 years)
The shrine called Mara on the map he gave me isn't there! the shrine is,
but its called zalroth or something?! n it should be called Mara, because
now theres 2 shrines called zalroth n none called mara... its the one east
of kavach. =/ what can i do?

Author fred hut (4 years)
great vid man it helped me a hell of a lot

Author iTouchHacksKid (3 years)
missing one but thanx

Author 202waffleman (9 months)
thnx i was having some trouble with talos

Author Anel972 (3 years)
I had trouble with kynareth, its way off on the map.

Author hobbitg3 (5 years)
i can find mara where you find it?? please help me

Author gambleZ144 (4 years)
you forgot skingrad n thanks

Author Sk1dz1nat0rz (4 years)
the point on the map that prophet dude gives you is wrrong some of them is
further up than the actual point ty for the vid it helped me 5/5

Author BoodieBob1 (10 months)
You forgot Mara

Author zach dehovitz (6 months)

Author drunk1monkey (4 years)
ya thanks that other maps a pece o crap

Author tormentor309 (2 years)
thx bro

Author animaster16 (4 years)
I think I explained mara's location in the desciption but if I didn't then
I'll try to find out which one it is because I don't know the names just
locatoins. LoL XD

Author FRUiiTb0Ot3R94 (4 years)
finding these took the piss

Author stevslam (5 years)
thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Kindroth/MyC0Okie (1 year)
Thanks without this vid is be searching every pixel of that area ( the one
north of leyawin)

Author Jappeke007 (5 years)
well the names are all different :S

Author Demitrius Hill (2 years)

Author bullettotheskin (5 years)
when i go to the last one, the mara one. it is talos, and that is 2 talos's
and it wont let me finish because there is 2 talos ones and instead of a
mara one. and there is 2 talos ones. is there a mara one near a talos one?
thanks on showin me were the other ones are tho.

Author osdy3 (5 years)

Author Adam Salt (5 months)
thanks helped me alot

Author ThewolfmanMW2 (4 years)
Is the one at 0:51 the shrine that ends in th?

Author lott ko (3 years)
@TTC1501 they were all correct

Author Blackflame869 (4 years)
wow that map in the game was waaay wrong on alot of these ty for the guide

Author dragoonmaster1781 (5 years)
thanks a lot u helped me a ton, Id been on this part all week if it wasnt
for u

Author Sunskry (2 years)
why is there legend of zelda song in an oblivion game!?!?!! what has the
world come to???!!!

Author incredablejunky (3 years)
@animaster16 hold down right trigger zoom in with Lt zoom out with rt

Author Jayden Hooper (2 years)
can you at least put in saying which ones are which?

Author ridden1000 (2 years)
i love that song its from Zelda twilight princes :D

Author stevslam (5 years)
thanks I found it

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