Mama June Shows Off 300 Pound Weight Loss in Red 'Baywatch' Swimsuit

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  • Flappy Pancake
    Flappy Pancake 1 day ago

    Holy shit, I watched the show a few years back and she looks like a super model compared to her past self.

  • Wolfendoom
    Wolfendoom 6 days ago

    Never thought I'd hear weight kid and mama June in the same sentence

  • Cristal Valadez
    Cristal Valadez 22 days ago

    Has there been any more episodes after the one with sugar bear and the argument ? ... I havent seen any and :c

  • Ritchy050
    Ritchy050 29 days ago

    can't fix ugly.

  • Marigold Greenfield
    Marigold Greenfield 1 month ago

    No way she's size 4 !

  • Cyn V
    Cyn V 1 month ago

    She has the same weird voice that Milley Cyrus has...

  • A Unqu1etM1nd
    A Unqu1etM1nd 1 month ago

    She high as hell

  • Dienane Fleurival
    Dienane Fleurival 1 month ago


  • Shanae Webb
    Shanae Webb 1 month ago

    Her eyes

  • Alessandra Leigh
    Alessandra Leigh 1 month ago

    Shes NOT a size 4. It doesn't matter what size she is but don't feed us bullshit. Maybe a size 8 or 10

  • BigSkippy1263
    BigSkippy1263 1 month ago

    I'll bet anybody $5.00 that she gains it all back. Just like Kristy Alley (sp).I. Hope she doesn't.

  • gelo amor
    gelo amor 1 month ago


  • Eileen LeValley
    Eileen LeValley 1 month ago

    Stoned from pain killers left over from her surgery.

  • Sharissa Davision
    Sharissa Davision 1 month ago

    definitely high af

  • Sara Palko
    Sara Palko 1 month ago

    Alana is next

    • liloboy911808
      liloboy911808 1 month ago

      Sara Pxlkø That little tubby should of been first

  • Sara Palko
    Sara Palko 1 month ago

    She is beautiful

  • Nicholas_Albino 925
    Nicholas_Albino 925 1 month ago

    she's on a good one. She looks high af. 0

  • QY L
    QY L 1 month ago

    Her face seems a little unbalanced after losing all those weights.. I mean I probably should say something nice😂 but I just can't help it.

  • Dimitroula K.
    Dimitroula K. 1 month ago

    She looks great, no denying it, but is it just me or does she appear to be "stoned" as she is talking?

  • WinterBelleMC
    WinterBelleMC 1 month ago

    good for her u fire mama june :P

  • Frank Taylor
    Frank Taylor 1 month ago

    its jenna shea

  • S Woods
    S Woods 1 month ago

    it will take her sometime to "fit"into her new body but most important is shes healthy...good luck to her and the rest of folks who are trying to get healthy... its not easy

    RICH SOUL 1 month ago

    She looks higher than a giraffe pussy😂😂

  • celyncapo
    celyncapo 1 month ago

    Bikini bod? Or one piece?

  • Laura Martin
    Laura Martin 1 month ago

    ...oh you are so beautiful......

  • zazoo wine
    zazoo wine 1 month ago

    what wrong with her eyes? and she sounds slurry

  • Joni Taylor dawson
    Joni Taylor dawson 1 month ago

    What photo though,,,,photoshopped af.

  • Thai Koon
    Thai Koon 1 month ago

    Bitch still ugly

  • Midnight Star
    Midnight Star 1 month ago

    And new teeth.....!

  • Krissie
    Krissie 1 month ago

    She didn't "drop the weight" the surgeon took it.
    Next surgery, eyelids so she can keep her eyes open.
    addicted to pain meds

    • Sammixo
      Sammixo 1 month ago

      Krissie right she did the surgery a year ago

    • Krissie
      Krissie 1 month ago

      Watch the video again, he says "she dropped 300 lbs"

    • Sammixo
      Sammixo 1 month ago

      Krissie yes she did, they only take the extra skin and to shrink her stomach the rest was her, my grandmother had the same surgery and didn't keep up with it and gained the weight back. You have to exercise and eat the right foods. In the beginning you lose weight fast but doesn't last long, you have to keep up with it.

  • Candice Smith
    Candice Smith 1 month ago

    She looks high af.

    • Elisa Rios
      Elisa Rios 1 month ago

      Candice Smith yes but the media wants to interview her while on her journey all the way. So your going to get interviewed while on pain meds.

    • debra liles
      debra liles 1 month ago

      Candice Smith
      yes thank you! Someone said it!! Yeah Yeah I get she's had painful things done but good land wait till your off the meds!!

    • Cynthia Hernandez
      Cynthia Hernandez 1 month ago

      Candice Smith she look like she just shot up some heroin and is dozing off.. lol

      RICH SOUL 1 month ago

      Candice Smith Ok😂😂

  • veronica gonzales
    veronica gonzales 1 month ago

    its not photo shopped , its just air brushed on the photo kinda like when the parents pay the photographer for their kids school picture, other than that she looks awesome!

  • Amanda Brookman
    Amanda Brookman 1 month ago

    She is not a size 4.

  • Cat Bird
    Cat Bird 1 month ago


  • Chelsea S
    Chelsea S 1 month ago

    she is not a size 4..maybe a size 10?

    • Karina Márquez
      Karina Márquez 1 month ago

      Chelsea S the thing w sizes is that are different now,,,, old 10 is the new 4 or something like that

  • akumbu sylvia ohuche

    But I thought she said we wouldn't see her in a bathing suit. she looks good..yeah!

      CHIPPY CHIPS 1 month ago

      akumbu sylvia ohuche well most fat girls don't like to expose skin...

  • Dizzy Baby
    Dizzy Baby 1 month ago

    Haters will say its Photoshop 😂

    • Dizzy Baby
      Dizzy Baby 5 days ago

      wendy van abelen see how everyone is hating in the comments lol i bet they're jealous obese bitches. No diss to fat ppl cause I'm fat! but no need to hate on mama Junes transformation

    • wendy van abelen
      wendy van abelen 5 days ago

      Dizzy Baby always

    • Artemis Hearth
      Artemis Hearth 1 month ago

      Genuine weight loss doesn't need Photoshop, but once you use a knife as a resolution to weight loss, it drops down too quick leaving you with excessive loose skin :D Nothing is tight, everything jiggles. So what's the point? Just take your time, it may take 5 years but shit man, it beats having a saggy body. Hard work only pays off over time.

    • Milhouse
      Milhouse 1 month ago

      Dizzy Baby Not haters but people smart enough to know what fake looks like.

    • Florence Love
      Florence Love 1 month ago

      Hahaha she is HEAVILY photoshopped.

  • Tellitlike Itis
    Tellitlike Itis 1 month ago

    Wow good for her.

  • Soundafek
    Soundafek 1 month ago

    Congrats to you Mama June, size 4? c'mon guys..

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