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  • Haani Chew
    Haani Chew 13 hours ago

    Floyd mayweather is good but like the saying goes great things come in small packages and there is a big difference between USA and Ireland my take Conner will take him so good luck if this fight goes down

  • Raj Parmar
    Raj Parmar 17 hours ago

    Shut your Fooking Mouth ,....

  • addiejonez
    addiejonez 1 day ago

    Connor wins or lose he ain't got non to lose. Floyd on the other hand it's a different story. Boxing is his life and if you lose to an MMA fighter it's tough to swallow. I say Connor win or lose you are still a champ for stepping outside your own zone.

  • Carlos Rosario
    Carlos Rosario 1 day ago


  • Giovannie Pinzon
    Giovannie Pinzon 1 day ago

    Floyd would fuck him up any day!

  • Jorge Luna
    Jorge Luna 2 days ago

    #boycott floyd vs.mcgregor.

  • DukstarGaming
    DukstarGaming 2 days ago

    a lot of white boys gonna get butthurt when mayweather destroys mcgregor.... 😉😁

  • adrian cronin
    adrian cronin 3 days ago

    conor mac scrout. what a scum bag .

  • SanctumStudios
    SanctumStudios 3 days ago

    Defs got ripped on crappy suit/jacket

  • john McClain
    john McClain 3 days ago

    Come on really Man U know it's a good pay day this boy is ready for a beating he's thinking about retiring richer than ever

  • Wyatt Staggers
    Wyatt Staggers 3 days ago

    Conor seems like a respectful guy to interview

  • Ichigo Bankai
    Ichigo Bankai 3 days ago

    Connor just wants money, since UFC is only paying him pennies. LMAO

  • محب المطيريLoving Noah

    fooook you bitch McChicken

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 days ago

    I'm a fan of both mma and boxing its not about which discipline is better its about the fact that if this shit happens, its gonna be HUGE and I'm definitely gonna illegally stream that shit online:)


    This guy just made ifl tv even more entertaining

  • Michael Ward
    Michael Ward 3 days ago

    mcgregor is such a fucking drip. cant stand him

  • Noartist
    Noartist 3 days ago

    Only way Floyd the Fluff would fight him is with big ass boxing gloves on in a strictly boxing match.

  • SuperMillwall1885
    SuperMillwall1885 3 days ago

    Hands down the greatest trash talker of all time in combat sports.

  • Karl unknown
    Karl unknown 3 days ago

    that Irish Plumber is a fucking prick

  • Etcher
    Etcher 3 days ago

    2:38 bloke vaping in the background while a "top athlete" like McGregor is interviewed. A perfect allegory for the UFC.

  • MuddaFuckinMcgregor

    coked out of his skull

  • morgan williams
    morgan williams 3 days ago

    im a boxing fan and i have alot respect for this dude...a true fighter in every sense...good luck!!

  • money maker
    money maker 3 days ago

    maan im telling you conor has a legit shot against floyd everytime conor predicts whats giong to happen it happens 100% and you can see it in his eyes . hes gonna shock the sports world like nobody ever did before trust me there are limits but nobody ever broken that rule what hes planning to do and theres always gonna be something to be broken and thats the perfect guy to break the rule that the best mma fighter with no boxing fight will beat the best boxer ever and theres gonna be sombody in the future where the best boxer ever with no mma fight will beat the best mma fighter in the ufc

  • AlexFPS
    AlexFPS 3 days ago

    Yeaaah dat 50k rolex 😁👍🏻

  • sacke Tsiftsis
    sacke Tsiftsis 3 days ago

    Omfg i want his COAT !!!!!!!!!! what is it called how much does it cost ?

  • Em Dee
    Em Dee 3 days ago

    theyre milking the fuck outta this hype

  • Jonathan Reynolds
    Jonathan Reynolds 3 days ago

    Kick his monkey ass Conor!

  • Terry Sibley Jr.
    Terry Sibley Jr. 3 days ago

    One of my fav fighters in the UFC, now let's be realistic. This isn't the 1st 2nd 3rd etc etc time Mayweather has faced a big puncher. With catlike reflexes not even Canelo could catch Floyd like that and he's a very very good boxer with heavy hands and only 1 loss (by mayweather). Now 2nd thing I should mention. Conor has good hands yes but he struggled against a C level boxer in the UFC "Nate Diaz" ...... This is what's going to happen . Conor is going to get paid okay 🤷🏼‍♂️😂 and mayweather is going to embarrass him making him miss.i can't say "easy win for Mayweather but I will say challenging because when Conor has landed his left hand on every fighter he faces they drop. The odds of him winning is very low I jus don't see him having the stamina trying to catch him . "Challenging " win for May-weather not easy because anything can happen

  • YeshuaMyLord
    YeshuaMyLord 4 days ago

    You need to learn how to focus it's the 3rd videos I see totally out of focus ...

  • Plums Of Steel
    Plums Of Steel 4 days ago

    Baguettes in the dial 😳😳😂😂😂

  • Declan McCartney
    Declan McCartney 4 days ago

    Conor changed your bum life Kuggy

  • Metin S
    Metin S 4 days ago

    you both fags go fight each other and stop crying

  • Gino Pacino
    Gino Pacino 4 days ago

    ich mag ihn einfach nicht mit sein scheiss pelz mantel lebt er in sein eigener scheiss film ufpate oder was mein gütness!!!!

  • sun sea sensei
    sun sea sensei 4 days ago

    is conner on cocain here lol

  • SoldierDemps
    SoldierDemps 4 days ago

    Mate, he is coked up to the gills!

  • Kungfoo Joey
    Kungfoo Joey 4 days ago

    Just after the video ends the men in white coats come along and put him to bed.

  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt 4 days ago

    conor was bout to knockout this guy in the end LOL

  • David Baldor
    David Baldor 4 days ago

    Conor did a line or two before this interview

  • Simon Dimes
    Simon Dimes 4 days ago

    over confidence dont mean Jack shit

  • Igor Miladin
    Igor Miladin 4 days ago

    You dont have A chance!!!!!

  • Conor_Mcgregor
    Conor_Mcgregor 4 days ago

    My eyeballs are going to knock floyd out.

  • Kemal Cetin
    Kemal Cetin 4 days ago

    This motherfucker talking like a fucking faggot

  • qwertyuser09
    qwertyuser09 4 days ago

    How much Coke is he on !??

  • Alesso
    Alesso 4 days ago

    listen conor gonna win 200% no chance

  • Gypsy Ambassador
    Gypsy Ambassador 5 days ago

    that is tru.. he well schok the boxing world of floyd !

  • Vincent Reynoso
    Vincent Reynoso 5 days ago

    You, Conor, would have lost ALL your U.F.C. fights if they would have 100% wrestled you, but they were dumb and you smart.

  • Vincent Reynoso
    Vincent Reynoso 5 days ago

    You, Conor, would have lost ALL your ufc fights if their would have 100% wrestled you, but they dumb and you smart.

  • torro pit
    torro pit 5 days ago

    Hope McGregor knock that ahole out

  • Michael 500
    Michael 500 5 days ago

    Connor is talking shit to get a payday Bc he knows he going to lose

  • Lee Thaw
    Lee Thaw 5 days ago

    can not wait to see mayweather fuck him up

  • Toney fast
    Toney fast 6 days ago

    Floyd is going to kick his ass the only thing McGregor is going to get is a big check Nate kicked McGregor ass twice or should i say the McGregor and Nate fight was a draw

  • Bartholomew Henson
    Bartholomew Henson 6 days ago

    boom. the interview is done

  • shalaking
    shalaking 7 days ago

    is it just me who can notice that Conor has just done a fat line of coke before that interview

  • Kamikaze Gs
    Kamikaze Gs 7 days ago

    OMG this fagit again

  • darren Korbry
    darren Korbry 7 days ago

    mcgregor talks sense...cant wait until he ko's mayweather

  • Imran Faux
    Imran Faux 7 days ago

    Conner mc is up front fighter and floyd is like a chicken type of fighter it's gonna be this century top fight and Defiantly gonna brake barriers between Mma and boxing and lot more this sort of fights gonna take place soon!

  • mbeec1
    mbeec1 7 days ago

    2 months later and he's only just reportedly signed his part of the deal with the UFC. This fight ain't happening.

  • amir ba
    amir ba 7 days ago


  • Jason Lunnie
    Jason Lunnie 9 days ago

    Conor is exactly the guy floyd isn't and the guy to destroy him. the world will laugh at floyd.

  • Mister Greeno
    Mister Greeno 14 days ago

    McGregor.................................................................................... Off his head.....................

  • Kerry Hart
    Kerry Hart 15 days ago

    Gotta love tha MAC!
    Who da fuck is dat guy!!!

  • Supreme555
    Supreme555 16 days ago

    I bet the ref will be kenny bayliss..floyds uncle

  • Joey Grego
    Joey Grego 21 day ago

    conors the man 👊

  • JerreMuesli
    JerreMuesli 22 days ago

    Another proof that rich people have the worst taste. WTF is he wearing?
    Huggy Bear called.. he wants his pimp coat back.

  • ya ya
    ya ya 24 days ago

    SHUSHHH!,,,stop begging!

  • عالم الكرة
    عالم الكرة 24 days ago


  • عالم الكرة
    عالم الكرة 24 days ago

    fucking pimp!

  • Kingplayz
    Kingplayz 25 days ago

    I like Conor McGregor more than mayweather but mayweather would beat him in a boxing match

  • Helios601
    Helios601 27 days ago

    what a fud

  • maneomkar18
    maneomkar18 27 days ago

    irish pig barking like a bitch

  • maneomkar18
    maneomkar18 27 days ago

    this irish pig is so irritating

  • NxTLvlApx
    NxTLvlApx 27 days ago

    The same law of reality says that Floyd will beat Conor and Trump will never become president.
    Fuck reality and fuck floyd.

  • asad riaz
    asad riaz 27 days ago

    Connor friend u have one of those 50 grand rolexes and your getting gassed.How many do u think Flloyd has?u dickhead

  • shanksy lad
    shanksy lad 28 days ago

    fuck him and his mink coat

  • Martin Jönsson
    Martin Jönsson 1 month ago

    Irish Viking!

  • Pen & Paper
    Pen & Paper 1 month ago

    Fuck Ireland and fuck Conor McGregor. This is America.
    USA Floyd Mayweather.

  • The Viking
    The Viking 1 month ago

    Thank god he pointed out how expensive his items were, because I didn't respect him up until that point. Putting Conner in with Floyd is as silly as matching an MMA guy with an elite boxer...... oh

    PRO MIX 1 month ago

    you have done well with this channel been watching since you started. You deserve every penny you make kugan

  • King Joe Cetti
    King Joe Cetti 1 month ago

    I love Mayweather but I'm going for Conor McGregor because he is the underdog. I'm Italian and Irish, but race never has applied to me. it would be a great victory for Conor McGregor and pay day. but he's stepping in Floyd's world. I hope it happens in late June around my son's birthday or mine the 2nd of July. can't wait to see it happen.

    WORLDS BEST CLIPS 1 month ago

    fuck CMCGREGOR .. SHOW OFF DUM ASS.. Manny will send you straight to the grave with some natchos and your 50k Rolex .. Floyd is dam exp in boxing history .. well you really gotta big mouth which gives you publicity and that's your plan and that's what you want just publicity and money ...your fucking pussy CMCGREGOR...

  • Jimbo Love
    Jimbo Love 1 month ago

    Mayweather already won in the FACE OFF!

  • Harris Khan
    Harris Khan 1 month ago

    Why did you stand on lord aleems car you bitch

  • allen nsn
    allen nsn 1 month ago


  • billysm8
    billysm8 1 month ago

    has he been coached how to talk by pretty boy floyd?

  • James Bond
    James Bond 1 month ago

    Well it's good to see someone decent on this channel rather than Silly Hoe BlowJob Saunders (Billy Joe Saunders)...

  • navegador
    navegador 1 month ago

    conor your fight with mayweather was just fake, you're just a little guy that wants some atention

  • Andrea Barnes
    Andrea Barnes 1 month ago

    conor should stop piggy backing off mayweather. conor muppet.dont even try n put yourself in the same league as mayweather.

  • Luka s
    Luka s 1 month ago

    gaygregor rat stop copying floyd lifestyle scum u never be on his level

    • Luka s
      Luka s 1 month ago

      fuc u mungoo ur boi is trash tmt fo eva

  • linop412
    linop412 1 month ago

    This is why Conor is the highest paid UFC athlete. Its not only his skill, its because he has so much charisma and personality. So many of these fighters are like talking to a dodo bird. Now, on a side note.... Conor will never beat Mayweather haha. I wish he could, cause I hate Mayweather with a passion, but it just won't happen. The only way that miracle takes place is if Conor can actually catch him with a devastating left hand and get lucky. Mayweather is just way to fast for him and Conor doesn't have the condition for a 12 round boxing match. He just doesn't. Its a totally different animal.

  • clorox bleach
    clorox bleach 1 month ago


  • Daniel Herrera
    Daniel Herrera 1 month ago

    This guy has a 95k outfit on!

    GOAT haha

  • Mac Diesel
    Mac Diesel 1 month ago

    I know Conor is going to school Floyd but I promise it will take 4 rounds and Conor is going to be fast and move like nobody's ever moved. His left will drop Floyd and I have no love for mayweather since he ripped off a waitress that took care of him and his partners at a party one night, Floyd left without tipping her which 15 percent tip on his bill was 7500 dollars. now who the hell loves Floyd now. I would rather nate and conor go into a trilogy. Fk Floyd mayweather jr.

  • Wake N Bake
    Wake N Bake 1 month ago

    Mcnuggets always acts like he's coked up

  • Joseph Wisey
    Joseph Wisey 1 month ago

    What does he say at the start?

  • Leroy Lambers
    Leroy Lambers 1 month ago


  • MrCraiggyT
    MrCraiggyT 1 month ago

    Conor will put Floyd to sleep. end.

  • chingo28
    chingo28 1 month ago

    nigga on that good fish scale huh?

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