This Is What People Will Look Like In The Future

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  • This Is What Humanity Will Look Like by 2050
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    If you’ve ever thought about how humankind will change in the future, then you’ll love watching our video about how humans will look by 2050 and beyond. The National Geographic’s 125th-anniversary issue looked at the “changing face of America” and explained why, in a few decades time, the population would be multiracial.

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  • flame's gaming channel

    Hi talko! if this get pinned that means the talko reads all of our comments! :D

  • Karla Arizpe
    Karla Arizpe 10 hours ago

    Oh my god we will look like alieens!...

  • Alexandra Walkings
    Alexandra Walkings 20 hours ago

    And this is the reason why I'm against races mixing

  • eat more sleep more care less

    if we don't stop extreme war we won't have a 20,000...

  • edith dijkie
    edith dijkie 2 days ago

    most of the people wil look like brazilians.

  • Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein

    In other words, promoting Jewish orchestrated white genocide through race mixing a.k.a the *Kalergi Plan*.

  • Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein

    Race mixing is disgusting and genocide. These people are HIDEOUS. These hideous mutt race "people" are the children of the KALERGI PLAN, a Jewish plan to genocide the white race and replace it with an "Afro-Asian" race ruled by the Jews. LOOK IT UP. The founder of the EU admits it in his biography!

  • Wen Wen YÚ
    Wen Wen YÚ 3 days ago

    1:43 take the L ppl Says Talko

  • Sara Alkhars
    Sara Alkhars 3 days ago

    great video content, tricky title.. not what I was looking for!

  • Ahora ya
    Ahora ya 4 days ago

    Really, it just means Asians and Hispanics assimilated by the White Anglos same way as Italians, Slavs or Irish before. That is why the percentage of Asian and Hispanic women marrying to whites is so high. In the case of White Hispanics, assimilation by White Anglos is being even taking place more rapidly.

    So, the truth is that most Americans by 20150 will not look multiracial as most Latinos (who are usually a mixture of Europeans, Africans and Indigenous peoples) but will have assimilated a great part of the Hispanic and Asian minorities.

  • giulia salfi
    giulia salfi 4 days ago

    posso incrociarmi per 6 secoli ma i miei discendenti avranno sempre il mio naso aquilino, mio figlio non ce l ha ma ce l avranno i nipotini

  • giulia salfi
    giulia salfi 4 days ago

    not the jewish and muse m in the future with a big noose

  • DatPandaSophie Minecraft and Roblox


  • Deja-Rae Latimer
    Deja-Rae Latimer 5 days ago

    You hear that racists the norm will be mixed race!

  • m1791 w
    m1791 w 5 days ago


  • Anne Müller
    Anne Müller 6 days ago


  • Isaac Gibbs
    Isaac Gibbs 7 days ago

    Where my lightskins at?

  • Elenohr
    Elenohr 8 days ago

    there is no such thing has race, we are all humans with different cultures and colors depending of where we came from.

  • Ivy Tran
    Ivy Tran 8 days ago

    Oh mah gosh it talk too fast I barely understand half of it

  • Dani XD
    Dani XD 8 days ago

    I feel like people need to stop population because that's why they are thinking of colonization in space wich I think will just take space from the other creatures out there :(

  • nyreekrikorian
    nyreekrikorian 10 days ago

    do you think we would have time travel and go back in time and visit earlier earth? Perhaps this is why aliens (as claimed by witnesses before such knowledge was available to them) looked the way they did... large heads and eyes?? They're not alien but are our great great great... grandchildren! Is there a sci-fi movie like this?

  • LEOR Moorey
    LEOR Moorey 10 days ago

    no more white people cool

  • gwenn stills
    gwenn stills 10 days ago

    weed out the genetic pool, eliminate diseases by genes, propagate high iq humans and stop over breeding imbeciles who cant sustain themselves

  • Rylin Marie
    Rylin Marie 10 days ago

    I'm that mixed kid 🙂

  • Imeh Smith
    Imeh Smith 10 days ago

    Why is OVER HALF of this long ANNOYING vid talking about STUPID Ass American standards & biases & race where EVERYONE on earth since mixed‼️

    Least u r some hermit living under a rock, men...& their dick, has entered female pussy of EVERY RACE, creed, kind, & color & begot kids as long as he was able to bust a nut.- which was since man walked their earth‼️‼️

    If this REALITY was Not the case, humans would be extinct‼️

  • Gaba Ruizh
    Gaba Ruizh 10 days ago

    hispanics are a mixed culture

  • Sandra
    Sandra 11 days ago

    so we are going to look like aliens?

  • LPS Apple
    LPS Apple 11 days ago

    Nice vid


    in 2050 I will be 50 years old now I am 16 1 and a half. by Oct, I will be 17 in this 2017 year

  • Thea Moe
    Thea Moe 11 days ago

    Assign written record letter tube necessarily boom.

  • Bošnjakinja
    Bošnjakinja 11 days ago

    New fucking world order .....
    Are you people that DUMB , don't you even see what's behind this campaign?
    THİS İS A GENOCİDE against every race and culture , race mixing isn't naturall for human beings a thousand of years, we have to STAND AGAİNST the destroying of human race ....
    Every single race is beautiful on it's own way, that's how the mother nature created us , every race and culture should be preserved like it is.
    They want to make hybrids without identity , without feeling of belonging somewhere in this world , those type of hybrids are easiest to be controlled and manipulated ....

  • Atticus Dewberry
    Atticus Dewberry 12 days ago

    Humans with fully functional brains (pineal glands) are fully evolved and do not want/need biologically integrated technology (robot bodies). This is an agenda that's being pushed for some reason and every time I hear it I perceive it as a threat to the Human race. i.e. some kind of Elitist future Terminator/Skynet scenario.

  • Joseph Nduwimana
    Joseph Nduwimana 12 days ago

    hi future people

  • Kellyyy H.
    Kellyyy H. 12 days ago

    i always forget that i'm not biracial XD

  • vijitha vasu
    vijitha vasu 12 days ago

    hey don't wait for 2050 I am a girl with half American half Indian and half Armenian girl in 2017

  • Miss Telly
    Miss Telly 12 days ago

    the genocide of today's native Americans: marrying out...

    So when we all look the same, how will we celebrate diversity?

  • asomnsb
    asomnsb 12 days ago

    yes but then again back in the day they thought we were going to have flying cars n well that didnt happen

  • Anna-Maria Corelin
    Anna-Maria Corelin 12 days ago

    why do america thinks that they are the world? I am not in america, please be specific in your titles. How will people look like in the future, in America. Thank you

  • Sadie Sanford
    Sadie Sanford 13 days ago

    This is a good video, but now, already, I doubt there is a human being in urban areas that is one straight race. I recently did a DNA test on ancestry, and I'm from SO MANY different cultures.

    LENA PATEL 13 days ago

    Hello Children of the future! Yes, most comments on YouTube are hateful. Yes, the racist is trying to build a wall and a travel ban at this time. Yes, they are foolish! Continue to mix until color is no longer an issue. Love children love!! 😉😘

  • acidceed
    acidceed 13 days ago

    anime has been futuristics all this time. huge foreheads and smaller rest of the face

  • Manayacat AJ
    Manayacat AJ 13 days ago

    *biracial babies*

    But- mate I was white

  • Ashley Hopkins
    Ashley Hopkins 14 days ago

    they will have purple or red eyes

  • Lebanese Lily Pril
    Lebanese Lily Pril 14 days ago

    The more there is variation is your looks race the prettier you'll be.

  • Lebanese Lily Pril
    Lebanese Lily Pril 14 days ago

    I'm already contradicting my features,skin color hair..My skin is Japanese white..My figure Model European Victorian Gothic...My hair African...My nose Lebanese...

  • ElephantsLover
    ElephantsLover 14 days ago

    Big eyes? Big head? Denser hair? We look like anime characters in the future!

  • kia ra
    kia ra 14 days ago

    future humans are giving me nightmares

  • dreamy girl
    dreamy girl 14 days ago

    Yeah and people Used to say that we can teleport and have flying cars in 2020. YEAH

  • Maryam Omar
    Maryam Omar 14 days ago

    I''m already multiracial 😎

  • marina bazi
    marina bazi 14 days ago

    although this may sound stupid but i don't like to think of growing older .....everything comes with the word "future" gives me anxiety...anyone else ? please don not tell me i am the only one lol

  • Ian Meadows
    Ian Meadows 15 days ago

    I'll be like 60 in 2050

  • Simi Hussain
    Simi Hussain 15 days ago

    So the little grays with large eyes and big skulls in other words are not am alien race but humans from the future!

  • 90's Baby 80's Baby Heart

    Multiracial = better/bigger gene pool

  • Andreia Galvão
    Andreia Galvão 15 days ago

    The racism in this comment section is fucking unreal

  • Gloria Sarp
    Gloria Sarp 15 days ago

    south park already predicted it many years ago

  • Sarah Wolfrom
    Sarah Wolfrom 15 days ago

    Mind control bc they are exterminating white people- pay attention

  • Rachel Lalite
    Rachel Lalite 15 days ago

    lets all mix races yall☺😊

  • Kristen225
    Kristen225 16 days ago

    hahahaha @ 100,000 years from now. As if we won't kill each other off before that

  • Ishita Vasani
    Ishita Vasani 17 days ago

    very boring

  • kittenjewel101
    kittenjewel101 18 days ago

    blackxican haha love it

  • Aubrey Balberan
    Aubrey Balberan 18 days ago

    Salute to the Foreheads!!!!!

  • Luna
    Luna 19 days ago

    very simplistically naive...Europe and all previous European dominated countries like America & Canada will look like this.
    But Africa,India,China,Iran etc will probable continue to be 90% or more the same racial & ethnicity that started out a thousand years ago. Those nations number in the billions while European +_______ mixtures will number in the millions.
    Shanghai will still be 99% Chinese while London will be less than 10% native British stock & places like Los Angeles sharing a similar fate with Euros less than 10% in the future.
    Its a one way street.

  • Luna Holub
    Luna Holub 19 days ago

    I consider myself biracial because my father is ashkenazi Jewish as far back as it goes and my mother is white. Most people don't take my claim as not white seriously, but I have different hair, different facial features and an entirely different history and culture. I consider myself not white because I honor my heritage, and my lost family members from WW2.

  • Sabaad xayaad
    Sabaad xayaad 20 days ago

    Lol we humans can change in color hair and eyes but we have never ever been monkeys or apes

  • kirsten Gibson
    kirsten Gibson 21 day ago

    to be honest i dont think humans can get anymore beautiful than we are now like i definitely dont want a massive nose and side blinking eyes love you talko please pin this please could you do a video on facts about pretty little liars ? xxx

  • Maxi Szabó
    Maxi Szabó 26 days ago

    "This is what people/humanity looks like in 2050" and she just talks about the US.

  • Joel Melma
    Joel Melma 26 days ago

    this shit already happened on latinos countries. so why is this about the future 😑

  • electricbutterfly65
    electricbutterfly65 28 days ago

    a bunch of bullshit....

  • Nola Girl
    Nola Girl 29 days ago

    Did anyone else catch that she said states instead of stats?

  • Courteney Chishiri
    Courteney Chishiri 1 month ago

    I was born in the wrong generation😫

  • Kaylee Rector
    Kaylee Rector 1 month ago

    Isn't most of everybody today mixed? Everyone is mixed with something so the future will be exactly how it is now

    • Kaylee Rector
      Kaylee Rector 7 days ago

      Cell Out Souled Out yes I'm aware that there's more white ppl in the world. I'm just saying there's probably a small percent of ppl who's 100% one ethnicity. They might be white but they can still have other ethnicities mixed in them but of course that doesn't change the fact that they're white. but sorry if I offended u with my previous comment. I hope u can understand what I'm trying to say

    • Cell Out Souled Out
      Cell Out Souled Out 7 days ago

      You must be extremely sheltered and living in a multicultural echo chamber. The vast majority of America is White and no other race. Just because you live in a Benetton ad doesn't mean everyone else does.

  • Sonia Soto
    Sonia Soto 1 month ago

    Woe that was a lot to take in..

  • Y Chromosome 99
    Y Chromosome 99 1 month ago

    By 2050 blacks will be long extinct. At an alarming rate they're killing each other. Plus the bi racial individuals.

  • LN TN
    LN TN 1 month ago


  • Marady Mon
    Marady Mon 1 month ago

    In 2050, I will be 58

  • Theslimest Slimes
    Theslimest Slimes 1 month ago

    I'll be 45 in 2050 because I was born in 2005. MATH

  • Alexandra Time
    Alexandra Time 1 month ago

    If this is just 30-40 years from now, how come people from 1960 (aka my dad) still look like what they would now?

  • Trinity wortham
    Trinity wortham 1 month ago

    What about woman rights

  • Trinity wortham
    Trinity wortham 1 month ago

    You talk toooooooomuch

  • Evelyn grande
    Evelyn grande 1 month ago

    The girl in the thumbnail is how I look like now bru!

  • Kira Swan
    Kira Swan 1 month ago

    In 2050, I'll be 47. DAMN.

  • Bob Abooey
    Bob Abooey 1 month ago

    The Illuminati's plan is well in progress..they have already brainwashed and programmed white women to lay down with knuckledragging primates to produce mud babies..Bravo Gents Bravo

  • Healthy Fit Tips
    Healthy Fit Tips 1 month ago

    From the picture I can see which race (looks wise) is dominating. It's no wonder really, there are more brown people in the world than white. look it up.

  • Danielle Tukuafu
    Danielle Tukuafu 1 month ago

    What if or future generation looks at us and thinks: WOW I can't believe I was related to THAT

  • Alyssa Houseknecht
    Alyssa Houseknecht 1 month ago


  • Repeal or Recall
    Repeal or Recall 1 month ago

    Some people will. But not all people, in fact in the near future most of Leftist America will be extinct, due to Homosexuality, Bad drugs and disease. Now My dad was that color and due too my white mother, I'm lighter and due to my white wife, my daughters are Whiter. In many cases it goes the other way, Blacker and Blacker. Now History has shown that the Races won't change much. You see, around 711 AD the Moors invaded Europe and mixed with the people, as did the Mongols before them at the end of the Roman Empire, but after the dust clears, Europe was White again. I'm 65 and have studied this all of my life as I had several Mixed family friends growing up in the 1950's. Usually these stories are used to stir racial unrest.

    • Repeal or Recall
      Repeal or Recall 1 month ago

      Let me also point out that according to scientific studies, We ALL came from one Eve from Africa. If that were true, and it's not, we are all "Negroid". I am, but most of you aren't.

  • Iðunn's Apples
    Iðunn's Apples 1 month ago

    Hell no

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Prior to the unconstitutional, illegal and anti-American Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, America was a 85-90% majority White nation -- basically what the Founding Fathers envisioned, an ethno-state for their White/European descendants, was summarized in their words: "Only white persons of good character are eligible for American citizenship."

  • Verdell Shannon-Murray

    This was pretty interesting speculation. If our brains DO get larger, I would hope that means we're using more of it. Otherwise it's a terrible waste of space. I would expect with that extra mental fusion, it would be easier to speak telepathically. It would make more sense on planets where breathing is difficult. Just a thought.

  • Sunny Mallaya
    Sunny Mallaya 1 month ago

    here is a prediction for 2050 "people will be still predicting future and defining people by  race and ethnicity"

  • CbabyG
    CbabyG 1 month ago

    lol eat that Trump

  • Kristina Amy
    Kristina Amy 1 month ago

    With pharmaceutical/street drugs,pollution,foods,water/drinks and so much more... I think humanity will end up with more disfigured ,mutated and extremely overweight with severe health and mental disorders in the future.

    BLEACH DRINKER 1 month ago

    I'm half Asian and European. The reason why I'm not specific is because I don't know if the asian is 100% and I don't know which european countries I come from. I really need a dna test

  • Bella Clements
    Bella Clements 1 month ago

    i'm half white half mexican XD

  • Elayna oliver
    Elayna oliver 1 month ago

    So basically in the future, we will all look like anime characters??? COOL!!

  • Quad07
    Quad07 1 month ago

    Yeah well I don't want the whole of Europe to be interracial. It's wrong, Europe is a white continent. Why should the race be removed from it's native continent?

  • King hj
    King hj 1 month ago

    imagine a asian with big lips and a humongous ass💍

  • wingless angel
    wingless angel 1 month ago

    Am I the only one who prefers this voice

  • Eraiser Rain
    Eraiser Rain 1 month ago

    Look at all these salty ppl in the comments lol...

  • Nope.
    Nope. 1 month ago

    goddamnit I wanna be in the future now

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