Can a Metal Fidget Spinner Slice Galaxy S8 Completely in Half?

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  • Dharmendra Singh
    Dharmendra Singh 1 day ago

    These guys including TechREX are mentally unstable they need to consult a psychiatrist.

  • 100%Gamer
    100%Gamer 1 day ago

    He looks like a monkey

  • Ethan Brody
    Ethan Brody 1 day ago

    Finally, someone smart enough to know it is RPM not MPH

  • Kaylynn Lee
    Kaylynn Lee 2 days ago

    fidget spinner or not it's been in beast mode since day one😈☠

  • Sumit Solanki
    Sumit Solanki 2 days ago

    Bro why u do this waste of money please give this phone

  • PyroTechnic
    PyroTechnic 2 days ago

    Wow a fidget spinner how exciting , there not cool anymore and that is not a fidget spinner and this video is gay because it has a fidget spinner

  • doggirl4life
    doggirl4life 3 days ago

    What do you do with all of the phones you test

  • wlsdn0128
    wlsdn0128 3 days ago

    He is showing a proof that Galaxy phones don't explode!!! NO MORE Bomb Jokes on Samsung Galaxy ;)

  • Zed PLAYER
    Zed PLAYER 4 days ago

    dont forget about s8 giveaway

  • Alex Parente
    Alex Parente 4 days ago

    like I said in the other video's keep up the good work on ur channel and in all ur video's💯🖒🏼

  • Joseph Guitarrist
    Joseph Guitarrist 5 days ago

    you are the best youtuber ever i hope i can win the fidget spinners #bestyoutuverever

  • Micah Meredith
    Micah Meredith 6 days ago

    what do yall do with yalls trashed electronics

  • Sanic The Noscoper
    Sanic The Noscoper 6 days ago

    Hello Darkness My Old Friend...

  • Max Lucas
    Max Lucas 6 days ago

    DJ, come home big boy we miss u lol bye

  • Christina Ward
    Christina Ward 7 days ago


  • Hamza Ki Vidz
    Hamza Ki Vidz 7 days ago

    Nicely destroyed

  • thickheart28
    thickheart28 7 days ago

    But can it fit through your gyno

  • Gerleah Rice
    Gerleah Rice 7 days ago


  • Kumyle Ali
    Kumyle Ali 8 days ago

    Hello gizmoslip can I get s8 giveaway me plzzzzzz

  • Ross Ross
    Ross Ross 8 days ago

    what's inside?

  • Sam Gregory
    Sam Gregory 8 days ago

    have u tried putting an iPhone in a jar of peanut butter and dropping it?

  • Sam Gregory
    Sam Gregory 8 days ago

    have u tried putting an iPhone in a jar of peanut butter and dropping it?

  • kqawesome
    kqawesome 8 days ago

    Grinding that innocent beauty was like directly grinding my soul

  • EsthersMission
    EsthersMission 8 days ago

    Carla is SO cute!

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose 8 days ago

    if i see one more fidget spinner im gonna kill my self

  • Landon Melton
    Landon Melton 8 days ago

    U should take a chainsaw to an iPad

  • Rosemary Santos
    Rosemary Santos 9 days ago

    I absolutely love your videos and I would love to win that Samsung galaxy S8 so that I could be able to watch even more of your videos and I just love you so much. so I hope you choose me to win the giveaway!!!😊🙄😀😁😎🙂😋

  • Callum Williamson
    Callum Williamson 9 days ago

    Industry judgment southwest planning plain northeast economist though.

  • Bryce Evans
    Bryce Evans 9 days ago

    karla i meant

  • Bryce Evans
    Bryce Evans 9 days ago

    karas channel is super cool just subcribed

  • Bryce Evans
    Bryce Evans 9 days ago

    i will look at the channel sounds cool

  • Camden Blackburn
    Camden Blackburn 9 days ago

    How much is that in mph

  • Expert God
    Expert God 9 days ago

    it's going to be awesome

  • akhil bhartiya sahitya parishad

    gizmo can you try can a soccer ball protect a iphone 6s,6or 7

  • Law Draws
    Law Draws 9 days ago

    Can I please with the giveaway my brothers phone fell of a table and I gave him mine Good luck everyone 🙂🙂

    KARL CRUZ 9 days ago


  • Crazy Girl
    Crazy Girl 9 days ago

    If you know that these are song lyrics and what song they're from, here's a virtual fist bump! I don't have the emoji lol

  • Jb2k 2194
    Jb2k 2194 9 days ago

    the s8 is gonna get destryod

  • Karen Woodard
    Karen Woodard 9 days ago

    Are you going to give out the fidget spinners

    AMERICAN YOUTUBER 9 days ago

    here i cant even buy a phone i m using my dads computer

  • Elden Lázaro
    Elden Lázaro 10 days ago

    mejor regalame un s8 😰

  • Jaskaran Singh
    Jaskaran Singh 10 days ago

    dude wht abt the giveaway u said about in the previous video

  • Richard Thurlow
    Richard Thurlow 10 days ago

    go for the back again

  • Harry Diesel
    Harry Diesel 10 days ago

    send me one galaxy S8!!

  • Vir Tv
    Vir Tv 10 days ago


  • Jimmy Jommy
    Jimmy Jommy 10 days ago

    This should be a power tool vs phone video, not a fidget spinner.

  • Jett HB
    Jett HB 10 days ago

    high quality isnt even a good enough description for samsung phones

  • Nelwyn
    Nelwyn 10 days ago

    Props to Samsung for making a battery that won't explode under this kind of abuse.

  • ka ka
    ka ka 10 days ago

    Is gizmoslip bentimm1

  • Kyutie Panda14
    Kyutie Panda14 10 days ago

    can Plastic Container potrotect phone

  • Christopher Morales
    Christopher Morales 11 days ago

    use a bunch of water bottlez

  • Danny B
    Danny B 11 days ago

    Can a bullet get through it?

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly 11 days ago

    Can 100 popsockets protect an iPhone from a 100 foot drop?

  • Joe Wooten
    Joe Wooten 11 days ago


  • Tashif Ahmad Khan
    Tashif Ahmad Khan 11 days ago

    Can you please make videos on other mobile phones other that apple and Samsung
    For example you can make a video on Google Pixel or any other like 1+

  • Abby Epley
    Abby Epley 11 days ago

    what a waste

    the whole time i was like give one to me

  • Kaine Kaine
    Kaine Kaine 11 days ago

    Kill yourself.

  • Gym Shark
    Gym Shark 11 days ago

    This guy makes the stupidest fucking videos I swear

  • Joshua Rivera
    Joshua Rivera 11 days ago

    Since your blowing money out you ass here do some trick shots

  • elizabeth olivera
    elizabeth olivera 11 days ago


  • Aziris0214
    Aziris0214 11 days ago

    Dude just love your videos so muchhh

    MOHAMAD ACTION 11 days ago

    I m love you

  • Maggie gomez
    Maggie gomez 12 days ago

    when are u going to have tube fidget spinner giveaway

  • Famlit Llama
    Famlit Llama 12 days ago

    Thats one edgy fidget spinner if I've seen one

  • MissDeerie
    MissDeerie 12 days ago

    Can a VR set protect an Iphone7?

  • Matthew Valadez
    Matthew Valadez 12 days ago

    I'm only staying subscribed until July 4th for that S8 the I'm gone from this channel

  • MacGlencoe
    MacGlencoe 12 days ago

    I know he gets a lot of money for people watching his videos, so he can buy more phones, but fr he would get a LOT more views if he had a video of him giving them to poor people or something.

  • MacGlencoe
    MacGlencoe 12 days ago

    before I watch this video I know the answer: No

  • N.Gamer HD
    N.Gamer HD 12 days ago

    oh god its just A fidget spinner😂

  • Mohamed Ziyadh
    Mohamed Ziyadh 12 days ago

    shy do you always try Samsung phones??
    ehy don't you try iPhone!!!!!

  • Teejay Wood
    Teejay Wood 12 days ago

    Galaxy/iPhone covered in golf balls? might be better than bouncy balls on concrete. :p

  • Ashley Lister
    Ashley Lister 12 days ago

    She Built that pretty good

  • Jenissa Conway
    Jenissa Conway 12 days ago


  • Anthony Ashoori
    Anthony Ashoori 12 days ago

    he looks like Dirk Nowitzki

  • Tia Kyle
    Tia Kyle 12 days ago

    Why y'all breaking iphones you know have much IPhones apple makes a year like just ship me a iPhone XD

  • joey mcallister
    joey mcallister 12 days ago

    r.i.p s8

  • ItzYazanPlayz IYZ
    ItzYazanPlayz IYZ 12 days ago

    a link to get money fast

  • Tomi K
    Tomi K 12 days ago

    this is real s8

  • best at being me
    best at being me 12 days ago

    still waiting for fidget spinner beyblades

  • Nathaniel Pfrimmer
    Nathaniel Pfrimmer 12 days ago

    Try putting a phone in a Vhs case or Pringles Can

  • Erza Draper
    Erza Draper 12 days ago


  • kunai 447
    kunai 447 12 days ago

    wish i had a fidjet spinner like that

  • salazar omg
    salazar omg 12 days ago

    my name is brandoen to💪😂

  • David Dean Angelo
    David Dean Angelo 12 days ago

    that not an fidget spiner but an asshole

  • omg falafel
    omg falafel 12 days ago

    that thing is not a fidget spinner they only have a maximum of 3 ends as to keep the rotational force goong

  • Zombie Ian
    Zombie Ian 12 days ago

    Hey gizmo you should do a case with 1000 m&ms on it ps love your videos

  • tony ingram
    tony ingram 12 days ago

    Yes it will cut in half

  • Alex Head
    Alex Head 12 days ago

    sup man

  • king slayer
    king slayer 12 days ago

    sometimes the things this guy does is sort've dumb and we know it wont survive or stay alive before he even does anything to the phone

  • Gaming Legend
    Gaming Legend 13 days ago

    Can nachos protect Samsung galaxy s8

  • acqueline Boroughs
    acqueline Boroughs 13 days ago


  • therigman 2014
    therigman 2014 13 days ago

    how about trying out the fidget spinner saw on a zombie head with the zombie go boom guys

  • Michael Maffei
    Michael Maffei 13 days ago

    You should ask for recommendations from fans instead of hopping on to treads to get views.

  • Austin G
    Austin G 13 days ago

    I could really use that phone..

  • The Plauge creator
    The Plauge creator 13 days ago

    I would love a new phone mine broke and I relley need a new one

  • Hunky Rusty
    Hunky Rusty 13 days ago

    For your next video, you should wrap a phone in saran wrap. Bye the way I love your channel.

  • Nitesh devkota
    Nitesh devkota 13 days ago

    dont forget about the s8 bro
    llove your videos

  • Stuff O'Clock
    Stuff O'Clock 13 days ago

    try putting a i phone in a plastic water bottle and then see if it can survive a 100 foot drop. try with water and then without. thanks ;)

  • Stuff O'Clock
    Stuff O'Clock 13 days ago

    try putting a i phone in a plastic water bottle and then see if it can survive a 100 foot drop. try with water and then without. thanks ;)

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