THE DARK TOWER - Official Trailer (HD)

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  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman 3 hours ago

    I wonder if they'll mention pennywise or the turtle

  • Doug Reed
    Doug Reed 6 hours ago

    Hmmm...I'm provisionally on-board, though with serious misgivings. Idris Elba has the chops, though I'm not sure the presence, to pull-off Roland. Jeffery Wright would have been a much better choice. And while Matthew McConaughey certainly seems to check-off many of the boxes, he's just plain wrong for Randall Flagg. I think an unknown actor with some sort of ephemeral, otherworldly quality would fit the bill. As for Jake, if what we saw was any indication, they just plain fucked-up with him. Big time.

    As for the plot and world changes, I don't know man. What they did to the story looks like it could be interesting, but it seems such an overhaul and simplification...I don't see how it could possibly do the original story justice. Plus, I don't think the filmmakers understand it's a dying, worn-out _universe_, not just world, that Roland comes from.

    I guess I'll just try to forget the books while watching this. That seems to be about the only way there's any chance of enjoying movie adaptations about 95% of the time.

  • David conway
    David conway 7 hours ago

    There's nothing atmospheric about this trailer, everything seems....sterile.

  • Brent Sehn
    Brent Sehn 8 hours ago

    wtf is this..... (facepalm)

  • Paradigm Storytime
    Paradigm Storytime 11 hours ago

    This doesn't FEEL like the dark tower.
    I don't mind that they changed the plot, they had to do a lot of condensing, also apparently it's a sequel. I don't mind who they cast as Roland. It just doesn't feel like the dark tower.
    It certainly looks cool though.

  • Arma 3 play and tutorial

    0:03 how it feels to use the awp

  • Haru Akiyama
    Haru Akiyama 12 hours ago

    dat badass reload

  • Simpletonium
    Simpletonium 13 hours ago

    Hey it's Isran from Dawnguard!

  • Sylis
    Sylis 13 hours ago

    “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”

    ― Stephen King, The Gunslinger

  • scooterthefrog
    scooterthefrog 14 hours ago

    This is a fucking mess.... Pulling things from way out of sequence and changing the cannon. Here's an idea, if you want to tell your own stories, write them instead of changing existing properties! Will not be watching. *fixed typo*

    • The Caper NAHH
      The Caper NAHH 13 hours ago

      scooterthefrog I read somewhere Stephen king said the movies are based after Roland finds the tower and the story is reset which gives them the allowance to make changes

  • Angie W
    Angie W 14 hours ago

    I love how some people in the comments are already judging the movie before seeing it. It's like saying you don't like a food before trying it. People picture Clint Eastwood in this role but the days of the old Westerns are over.

    • David conway
      David conway 7 hours ago

      Roland isn't some muscular hulking dude with a shaved head he's this gaunt ragged ,haunted figure with faded blue bull shooters eyes. Javier Bardem would've nailed it.

    • Paradigm Storytime
      Paradigm Storytime 11 hours ago

      well, the trailers are pretty much the free samples you sometimes get in grocery stores. It's tasting it before you buy the whole package.

    • Joe Hansen
      Joe Hansen 13 hours ago

      Learn a thing or two about the books and you'd realize from the trailer alone how badly they fucked this up.

  • HazeDaMaze 13
    HazeDaMaze 13 14 hours ago

    I freaken love the book, so the movies gotta be good. hopefully we see some sequels for the other books, because the crazy train from book 3 and 4 is a cool character and I think that might make a cool movie

  • Alex Harrison
    Alex Harrison 15 hours ago

    Lit. Think these gun fighting scenes in this movie will remind me of equilibrium

  • Michael Albaladejo
    Michael Albaladejo 15 hours ago

    Love how the Ennio Morricone's Watch sound from A FEW DOLLARS MORE is used.

  • Yousef Al-A'ssaf
    Yousef Al-A'ssaf 16 hours ago

    Lucian's new gameplay trailer is lit 👌🏼

  • greybacksan14
    greybacksan14 16 hours ago

    Is anyone notice the song Carillion From Ennio Morricone ? Western Classic !

  • Cosmic Jellyfish
    Cosmic Jellyfish 17 hours ago

    Destiny really ripped this off

  • Nate Ford
    Nate Ford 19 hours ago


  • Jeffrey Gamett
    Jeffrey Gamett 20 hours ago

    So awesome! Gunslingers are like Jedi cowboys. Love it.

  • Creole Chef
    Creole Chef 20 hours ago

    I hope the rest of the movie is as good as this preview.

  • Revelation1:15
    Revelation1:15 23 hours ago

    The women will go crazy over these two fine looking men. I am a female and I will see it for sure.

  • Sue Banks
    Sue Banks 23 hours ago

    come on August 4th!!

  • Mark Tee
    Mark Tee 23 hours ago

    McConaughey looks like the bad guy from rise of the guardians

  • Before I say this, I'm ugly.

    McCree the Gun Slinger

  • pipebearbound
    pipebearbound 1 day ago

    Roland is supposed to be white, why is the actor portraying him black?

    • Angie W
      Angie W 14 hours ago

      +justin perry As far as I know, there is no interracial relationship in the movie, so the race of the main character would be irrelevant. Although if they wanted to keep the racial tension in there, they could have just made the love interest white if they wanted to include a romantic relationship.

    • Anthony Nsekela
      Anthony Nsekela 15 hours ago

      pipebearbound why does Hollywood portray historically black figures as being white ie Egyptians?

    • justin perry
      justin perry 18 hours ago

      race does play a slight factor in the second book. because Odetta/Susannah is black and there is some racial tension between her, Eddie and the gunslinger, mainly on her part. but after that, it's not a real issue, like at all. and the gunslinger in the books, is white, he's described as looking kind of like Clint Eastwood.

  • Robert Cuffe
    Robert Cuffe 1 day ago

    hoping this is set after the final book, as he passes through the door back to 'the man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed'. This time with the horn of the eld. finally redemption for Roland?

    • markhb1
      markhb1 1 day ago

      Here's your answer:

  • latieraeve
    latieraeve 1 day ago

    LETS GOOOO!!!!

  • JPWhatsItElder
    JPWhatsItElder 1 day ago

    Do any other trailers synchronize the gun shots with the music? Looks like we might get just one movie guys/gals/y'all.

  • Heo The Hermit
    Heo The Hermit 1 day ago

    *Everybody dies some just need a little help*

    He looks like lucian from league of legends 😂

  • KremIsis
    KremIsis 1 day ago

    all of King's usual readers know that once King wants a character to be black he writes it explicitly, but... I personally doubt he didn't give his approval on this choice. Since the writer is alive and he accepted a variation it must be considered perfectly fine. I think some special effects substituting dialogs -as it always happens with blockbusters - will disturb be much more.
    By the way, McConaghey is mind-blowing in this role. If you don't like the casting, spare your money. Ain't it easy?

  • Akranosh
    Akranosh 1 day ago

    the tune from few dollars more making me feel nostalgic

  • Daniel van Niekerk

    I am not going to watch this. why could they just stick to the book and let the character be what they are? The gunslinger is not black. why must liberals always mess-up something good by forcing their view of the world into it?

    • SearedSavage 98
      SearedSavage 98 16 hours ago

      If it's relevant to the character and story, sure.

    • Charles Garcia
      Charles Garcia 1 day ago

      In the Shawshank Redemption the character of Red is white. But in the film Red is played to perfection by Morgan Freeman. Now when I reread the short story I always see Morgan Freeman and hear his voice. I'm sure Idris Elba will do an excellent job...and liberals had little to do with his casting. Economics did.

    • Josh Vander Veen
      Josh Vander Veen 1 day ago

      I mean... as a conservative man myself, don't go to it. But I sure as hell am. Idris is a great actor. The Wire made me love him. I'm sure you'll miss out on a great movir.

  • Eternaldarkness3166

    I never thought I'd be so excited for a movie/genre I have no idea about.. can't wait.

    • Vitima Chisambi
      Vitima Chisambi 1 day ago

      Eternaldarkness3166 am so excited to watch this movie like a mf

  • GyroThePro
    GyroThePro 2 days ago

    You do not aim with your hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. You aim with your eye.

    You do not shoot with your hand. He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. You shoot with your mind.

    You do not kill with your gun. He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. You kill with your heart.

  • Thisbeautifulblackwoman Singsheartout

    Idris Elba will make this movie hype

  • Robert
    Robert 2 days ago

    Roland's suit is too. He had a shirt and a hat, and pants the color of rain or dust.

  • Andrew Tolbert
    Andrew Tolbert 2 days ago

    I'm really looking forward to this. People are becoming so negative with every passing year. Look at the positive.

    • Aholiab Thomas
      Aholiab Thomas 1 day ago

      Andrew Tolbert people see a black person and lose their minds

  • The Burgundy Ghost
    The Burgundy Ghost 2 days ago

    I like Idris Elba, I like MM, I like the Dark Tower series. This kinda looks meh. Hope I'm wrong

  • Don .P
    Don .P 2 days ago

    Hollywood Has Fallen.......

  • Melchiah The Obscene

    I really hope this isn't going to be awful, but Sony has developed a nasty habit of destroying everything it touches.

  • Michael Vandergriff

    It's nice to see Charles Minor has found another career after being fired from Dunder Mifflin!!! So glad for him!

    • Seth
      Seth 1 day ago

      Michael Vandergriff minor? I hardly know her!

  • Tim Harrington
    Tim Harrington 2 days ago

    Ka is a wheel. There are other worlds than these. If you've read the books - ALL of the books - then nothing about this film should upset you, or surprise you, as a fan. I'm really looking forward to this movie.

    • Tim Harrington
      Tim Harrington 2 days ago

      Ryan Polvado, Very substantial, yes. If you haven't read through all of the books - and I mean completely through the Epilogue of Book VII - then, you may want to stop reading. Spoilers to follow...


      After Roland reaches the top of the Tower, he realizes that he's done this before. Numerous times. The Tower keeps sending him back to the beginning of his quest, because he keeps getting it wrong. Remember, Roland is very intelligent, but not creative at all. Each time the Tower sends him back, it changes something. In the books, we see that the Tower has given him the Horn of Eld (the one that he left in the dirt by Cuthbert's body on Jericho Hill). So, it isn't out of the realm of possibility that the Tower has the ability to also make Roland a black man. We're uncertain if the Tower is resetting his quest in his where and when each time, or if Roland is moved to another where - a parallel where - where he happens to be black. Because of this, nearly any alterations to the story told in the books can be explained. This is also why the movie has been referred to as a "Sequel" to the books, even though it's telling the (almost) same story.

    • Ryan Polvado
      Ryan Polvado 2 days ago

      Daniel Caster I was confused why they casted Rolland the way they did as well. If I remeber correctly the books had a substantial race sub plot did it not?

    • Tim Harrington
      Tim Harrington 2 days ago

      I think many don't understand why so many fans are bothered by Roland being black. They're being accused of being racist, when in fact, we understand that because racism is a large influence for several characters in the book and their relationships with each other, it radically changes the story by casting Roland as a black man. If he meets Susanna Odetta Holmes in this turn of Ka, their relationship could be very different. That said, she (well, Detta, anyway) is also very sexist. She hates white men the most, but she hates men in general. Their relationship could still work out just fine.

      Those of us that have read ALL of the books need to be patient with this, and patient with others that have read some, but not all of the books. Stephen King has had a vested interest in this, and there's a reason why it's taken this long to come to screen. He's involved with it, and I trust it will be worthy of his name.

    • Daniel Caster
      Daniel Caster 2 days ago

      Tim Harrington I am too. as a fan, I understand. I still don't understand why Roland is black but from the way he talks in this and looks, I sense the gunslinger in him

  • FQ Vermis
    FQ Vermis 3 days ago

    You can write "It´s a SEQUEL!!!1!!!" all you want in the Comments, these Sony assholes will still rape this epic Story. Sony are part of North Central Positronics, they serve the Crimson King and this is their attack on the Tower.

    • Matt Graham
      Matt Graham 10 hours ago

      Jerusalem's lot is one of my favorite short stories.

  • Jason Luong
    Jason Luong 3 days ago

    who here actually read every single book from the dark tower series, if this movie is a sequel. They setting themselves up a big down fall.

    • SoccerBoyAP
      SoccerBoyAP 1 day ago

      I just finished book two. I started because I saw this trailer and talked to a coworker who said I this is definitely a series to read before Hollywood does to much. Hoping the movie does it justice but i'm already having doubts especially if they want to go beyond just this movie.

    • Jason Luong
      Jason Luong 2 days ago

      may the hollywood gods do justice to this great series of books. it be sad to see it bomb, since this mr. king's masterwork.

    • Jason Luong
      Jason Luong 2 days ago

      wizard and glass was a great prelude to how Roland became the last gunslinger. enjoy the book my friend. and yes i hope the movie does the entire dark tower series justice. not sure if they only going to do one movie. or do multiple ones. roland and the dark tower story is just too big to fit in a 1 and half hour movie.

    • Coads 1
      Coads 1 2 days ago

      I am about halfway through Wizard and Glass currently. Loving the story so far. I really hope they try and do the author (Stephen King) justice.

  • Liliann31
    Liliann31 3 days ago

    love it excited to see this - great casting

  • DeShepotye
    DeShepotye 3 days ago

    Director has forgotten the face of his father!

  • Joseph Chastain
    Joseph Chastain 3 days ago

    People it's a SEQUEL to the books!!! learn to read news articles!

    • Jason Clement
      Jason Clement 3 days ago

      Dude Roland got kicked back in time and everything "reset" again but this time with the Horn of Eld.

    • Jason Luong
      Jason Luong 3 days ago

      da fux. how could this be the sequel to the books. the man in black randal flagg. died in the last dark tower series book with the crimson king who threaten the dark tower. If this is a sequel, i'm sure stephen king wants to puke on this sequel.

  • indeed
    indeed 3 days ago

    why is the gun slinger black...

    • Kiya Lytle
      Kiya Lytle 22 hours ago

      Cuz maybe they wanted the gunsliger to be black, you got a problem with that

  • LuciaVidiella
    LuciaVidiella 3 days ago

    This looks nothing like the book

    • Baz Buk
      Baz Buk 3 days ago

      LuciaVidiella boohoo cry me a river. it still looks awesome to me.

  • TacoMaster
    TacoMaster 3 days ago

    Haven't read the book but I'm still gonna watch this film lol I really don't care about the major changes

  • Dave Ryerson
    Dave Ryerson 3 days ago

    This looks terrible. It's like someone told them about the King books, and they said, "Yeah. We're not doing that. We'll throw in a couple lines from the books, and it will be good. Use the rest of this other script we have."

  • Alejandro Mujica
    Alejandro Mujica 3 days ago

    1:50 the plaster man from vol.3!!

  • Ashes Mandalay
    Ashes Mandalay 3 days ago

    So we know the tower falls anyway and they come to NYC in the third act for a final showdown. Thanks for killing the tension of the movie, movie trailer.

    • Gregory Craig
      Gregory Craig 3 days ago

      Ashes Mandalay not at all what happens...

  • TheCobruhAlienat0r
    TheCobruhAlienat0r 3 days ago

    For a minute I thought The Gunslinger was the rich guy with the yacht from Fear The Walking Dead

  • Crazy Wolfgang
    Crazy Wolfgang 4 days ago

    Idris Elba will do this movie justice.

  • Grape Vine
    Grape Vine 4 days ago

    What a disgrace! A black man playing an abvious white role. Totally ruined this series of books for me, who in the world who read the books hadn't pictured Roland as a Clint Eastwood type. Even illustrations in the books ALL have Roland as a brooding white cowboy figure. So how on Facebook earth did they choose a Black Pommy!!!! as Roland??????

    • bozbozp
      bozbozp 1 day ago

      Grape Vine black children read books and pictured their dads, granddads and uncles as the clint eastwood 'type'. with green eyes, blue eyes, amber eyes, grey eyes, brown eyes and black eyes. because black men are born with all these colors. amazing huh. and there were black gunslingers/cowboys/clint eastwood type, just not on white tv. ......o(a)bviously you didnt read enough or have the imagination of a black child. what a disgrace(a white child with all the privileges and still no imagination to figure out things for himself unless it is spelled out for him). sss

  • Haidar Fadhil
    Haidar Fadhil 4 days ago

    i love the trailer

  • Edward Moran
    Edward Moran 4 days ago

    I wont be seeing this movie specificly because they chose a Black actor for a specificly White Role. Lots of other wont be either but (((Holywood))) cares far more about their agenda then they do money. LOL I wouldn't watch it for free.

    • The real Weeb
      The real Weeb 2 days ago

      Edward Moran Alrighttttttttttttttttttt. Where were you when an American played main role in movie The Great Wall.

    • JimmyDaKoik
      JimmyDaKoik 3 days ago

      For fuck's sake, there is no "agenda" other than "make money by appealing to the largest possible group of consumers". Or as it's always been called "good business sense". I get why they recast Roland. I would prefer he be white, not because the character was originally white, but because Odetta had issues with Roland *because* he was white. It was an actual plot point in the story. It'll be interesting to see how that character and that part of arc are dealt with. Having said that, I'll wait for reviews from King fans I trust before I see this at the theater.

  • Alientroll Thompson

    Hollywood board rooms have killed the movie industry. Leave the marketing teams out of the creative process... ( same goes with the gaming industry).

  • Hirdesh Jaiswal
    Hirdesh Jaiswal 4 days ago

    Finally son it's gonna happen. Huge fan of idris

    • Priscilla Fleurantin
      Priscilla Fleurantin 3 days ago

      Hirdesh Jaiswal really cool dude man I met in Miami didn't even know he was British until I heard talk this was after he finished the wire

  • Afro Kazama
    Afro Kazama 4 days ago

    This movie looks hype

  • Krystel Thamrin
    Krystel Thamrin 4 days ago

    Wtf? The Dark Tower is unadaptable...

  • IrkMcSpamtroll
    IrkMcSpamtroll 4 days ago

    A Kid in King Arthur's Court reboot?

  • Javier Del Toro
    Javier Del Toro 4 days ago

    so uh

    Stephen King himself said that a major requirement is how quick the actor's draw is. Race is not of any concern.


  • Caitlin
    Caitlin 4 days ago

    1:50 "Did you tell the kid that whoever walks with you dies by my hand?"
    "Be a lot cooler if you did"

  • Joseph Diforte
    Joseph Diforte 4 days ago

    I wonder what it would've been like if the guy who plays the gunslinger had been deadshot. He looks more intimidating than Will Smith.

    • Clayton Anderson
      Clayton Anderson 4 days ago

      Personally, I think Idris would have been awesome as Deadshot. But (not saying it would have been impossible) he is already in the Marvel Universe. He plays Heimdall in the Thor movies.

  • milllosh
    milllosh 4 days ago

    hmm... 0:22 Enyo Morricone - Carillon, from For A Few Dollars More.
    Maybe Sixty Seconds To What? can be expected too. I am not sure if that's a good thing or bad.

  • Gregory Craig
    Gregory Craig 4 days ago

    I'm so sick of the idots in the comments... what is hard to grasp... it's a sequel to the books and if u had a actually read the books as u claim u would know why this make sense... also would explain why Roland could b black... also why some things might have changed or is done in different order or not done at all... Jesus people stop ur bullshit and enjoy the new journey u stupid assclowns

    • Gregory Craig
      Gregory Craig 2 days ago

      Bitter Butter I'm sure they could mentioned in the movie a couple times preparing for the sequel

    • Truthwithin
      Truthwithin 2 days ago

      If Roland is black, then Susanna needs to be white as well...

    • Bitter Butter
      Bitter Butter 3 days ago

      I'ts ok for me tbh but I just REALLY hope they throw some Susanna and Eddie Easter Eggs..

  • Shekelmancer
    Shekelmancer 4 days ago

    I don't mind that the main character is black, but it seams that he is black just for diversity. I understand why fans of the original series don't like this change as it strays from the original Steven King vision and they could of gotten more actors that fit this appearance. Only time will tell if this movie is good or not, and there is no reason to hope it won't be! :)

    • Shekelmancer
      Shekelmancer 1 day ago

      sara tafuri I agree Idris Elba is a great actor and I never said otherwise. I'm not really a guy who remembers actors or anything like that but I did like his role in Pacific Rim and the Jungle Book (great remake btw). I know it's ridiculous of me and maybe even a bit racist to assume that it's for diversity, but I tend to be very very skeptical when it comes to book/video adaptations considering how easy they are to be horrible. Let's hope you are right and my skepticism is just for nothing! :)

    • Anime Radiance
      Anime Radiance 2 days ago

      Shekelmancer you sound stupid lol thats not how it works but okay. I can tell cause u say sjw that you're probably an idiot lol that looks at extremist ppl.

    • sara tafuri
      sara tafuri 3 days ago

      I'm a fan of the original series and I think it's a great pick. Idris Elba is a phenomenal actor and it looks like he can capture the character well. It's called fiction, so I don't really care if they change some things. But then, I've never been one to be overly attached to characters and details between books and movies. I usually just enjoy them for what they are. It's ridiculous to assume that they chose him just for diversity's sake. They probably chose him because he is totally awesome.

  • Big Stuff
    Big Stuff 5 days ago

    We don't need anymore guns in the hands of black folks.

  • Reto Berna
    Reto Berna 5 days ago

    The less informed people are on this comment section, the more self-righteous they seem to be.
    This picks up where book 7 ended. There will be sequels with Eddie & Suze. The series will be done justice to.

  • Gio Zibzibadze
    Gio Zibzibadze 5 days ago

    why the niBBa ?

  • Connor Deschain
    Connor Deschain 5 days ago

    this'll be interesting, granted it seems like the movie scrapes out some things but that can be expected through any movie adaptation let alone one with a such a long series. But, they don't show anything with Eddie or Oddeta/Detta/Susanna (sorry if I butched the spelling) they also didn't mention Susan or that whole book at all in any major way. I think the movie is going to be good but an iffy adaptation from the book but I suppose we'll have to wait and see

    • Tim Harrington
      Tim Harrington 2 days ago


    • Connor Deschain
      Connor Deschain 5 days ago

      same, since the book series was so long and drawn out they would have to chop out SO much to male it into a single film unless the film was unbelievably long. However, I tried to look into it but I couldn't find anything, only suggestions that it's a sequel which doesn't make any sense since -----(SPOILERS)----- Jake died in the books for a final time. I suppose it's possible since at the end of The Dark Towers final book it told of Roland being sent back in time to the beginning of the first book with the lines "The man in black fled across the dessert, and the gun slinger followed" but in the last few pages it mentions Roland touching the horn of Eld which in the previous time laps had been left in the battle of Jericho Hill, so King could have been hinting at a change in ending with that small but crucial detail by implying that this Roland was more sentimental by not only keeping the horn but risking his capture in grabbing it at the end of the battle after Cuthbert had died

  • moonbastic
    moonbastic 5 days ago

    I'll see it. And I'll like it. And I'll hate it for pissing on one of my favorite all-time series.

  • Faldor the Great
    Faldor the Great 5 days ago

    I'll reserve judgement till I see it and I'm not a book purist or anything AND I know that they angled it as a "sequel" to the books.

    All that being said, I watch this trailer and see Roland in a fight scene with Walter while his voice over is the gunslinger's code/mantra/whatever and I feel like the people who made this movie don't understand the meaning behind those words at all.

    If you have read the books, just think about how Eddie (who is not in the movie, boo) defeats Blaine the Mono. Then watch the stuff that plays while that voice over is happening...yeah my expectations are low. Hope it surprises me though. :/

    • Jaconian
      Jaconian 5 days ago

      It could also be that they shortened the code/mantra for the sake of the trailer and that it is used in entirety in the film. That's what I'm thinking/hoping for anyway. It is kind of a long winded speech for the climactic end of a trailer.

  • Happy Farmer
    Happy Farmer 5 days ago

    For people that are complaining about how long the movie should be or that should be a tv series, you are not entitled for the industry to do as you say. You already read the books, you got your money worth, and the experience, be kind to one another and mature a bit while your at it.

  • Jay Lin
    Jay Lin 5 days ago

    No Oy? I cannot wait though!!!! Yassssss!

  • ghosttimer
    ghosttimer 5 days ago

    You can't condense a series of books into a 2 hour movie and expected to do it justice. If anything it might get people to read the original source. If you want it to be like the books you need to make it a TV show and even then it won't be exactly like the books.

    • stalzy
      stalzy 4 days ago

      "A film, serving as a sequel to the events of The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower is currently scheduled for release in August 2017 with Idris Elba as the lead character; due to the nature of the ending of The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower, it will adapt moments from The Gunslinger"

      Do your fucking research first

  • AverageLuke
    AverageLuke 5 days ago

    *_K...But when are they going to make a Michael Vey Movie ??_*

  • Mike Brooks
    Mike Brooks 5 days ago

    A movie from one of my favorite series ever? Dreams do come true... Hope it's a good one!

  • Larsopar
    Larsopar 5 days ago

    I can't friggin wait!!

  • Pierre-Luc Mayer
    Pierre-Luc Mayer 5 days ago

    This fucking sucks! And is fucking awesome at the same time. Can't wait!

  • tutankhatenll
    tutankhatenll 5 days ago

    I'm phukin ancient :D
    I read these books as they were released, and now this movie opens on my 50th birthday. What a gift :)

    • Bitter Butter
      Bitter Butter 3 days ago

      Oh how I envy you.. It must have been a wonderful adventure! Happy Birthday :D

  • daniel malpica
    daniel malpica 5 days ago

    why..... soni.. WHY YOU JUST KILL SO MUCH POTENCIAL!!!!!

  • Stephen Tkacs
    Stephen Tkacs 5 days ago

    Too bad there's not enough time to listen to all the audio books again before this movie comes out.

  • ShadowXg0z
    ShadowXg0z 5 days ago

    the man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed

  • Benjamin Long
    Benjamin Long 5 days ago

    The amount of people who don't know this is a sequel is appalling. Just chill.

  • Benjamin Long
    Benjamin Long 5 days ago

    A few seconds after 1:49 you can see the mansion in its form where it chases Jake. The more I watch this trailer, the more similarities I find.

    • tutankhatenll
      tutankhatenll 5 days ago

      Benjamin Long I'm wondering if the guy that grabs and runs with Jake will reference Gasher. Just a thought.
      I'm hoping for a very entertaining movie ;)

  • Razvan Popa
    Razvan Popa 5 days ago

    Yet another movie to stand testimony for one simple fact: most humans don't read.

    • Xig
      Xig 5 days ago

      You mean how you don't realize it's a sequel? ... Or do you not realize how the series ended?

  • MrMacGee
    MrMacGee 5 days ago

    Just from the trailer you can tell that they took enormous liberties with the story's plot. I am skeptical at best.

  • Eric 3peat
    Eric 3peat 5 days ago

    The Dark Tower is going to be Awesome it's look familiar to The Matrix type like The Lost Boys.

    • Jesus Perez
      Jesus Perez 5 days ago

      Eric 3peat you do realize that tower conncets to pennywise world the dome world and the most world and their respective movie or shows

  • matt2244
    matt2244 5 days ago

    Wow this might be better then his maximum overdrive movie.

  • Force Creator
    Force Creator 5 days ago

    This is an insult to the novels. Hollywood B.S.

    • Gregory Craig
      Gregory Craig 4 days ago

      Force Creator u do realize Roland in the new spin of the wheel very well could b black u dumbass

    • PapaBird
      PapaBird 5 days ago

      Caleb Strife hopeful for the movie, but this trailer looks awful.

    • Caleb Strife
      Caleb Strife 5 days ago

      this is a sequel you do know that right?

  • TylerTheGoofer Boi
    TylerTheGoofer Boi 5 days ago

    this looks cool

  • Lil Phucker
    Lil Phucker 5 days ago

    Looks lame

  • couldntgivafuk
    couldntgivafuk 6 days ago

    This feels nothing like the books......

    • Breakingbad33
      Breakingbad33 4 days ago

      +Daniel Tsiperovich Not just Hollywood. Sony. They just love pumping out garbage cash grabs.

    • Daniel Tsiperovich
      Daniel Tsiperovich 5 days ago

      We could we realistically expect . . . it is Hollywood, after all.

  • GrecianPrince
    GrecianPrince 6 days ago

    Watch Chimes - Ennio Morricone

  • Dtee Tee
    Dtee Tee 6 days ago

    I've been waiting forever to see Mathew as a bad guy!!! I recon he'll kill it, such a good actor... but so is idris.
    All in all sooooooooo excited!

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