Shaquille O'Neal Believes The Earth is Flat 🏀 NBA Goes Flat Earth!

Shaquille O'Neal, Kyrie Irving and many others in sports are coming out questioning the shape of the earth. Research Flat Earth

More info on The Flat Earth International Conference 2017



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Celebrate Truth - John 14:6 - Blessings

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Author Celebrate Truth ( ago)
Shaquille O'Neal, Kyrie Irving and many others in sports are coming out questioning the shape of the earth. Research Flat Earth

More info on The Flat Earth International Conference 2017



▪If you enjoy my work, I would love your support▪


Celebrate Truth - John 14:6 - Blessings

Author KP LLC ( ago)
This is real big! Ballers can have their Copernicus, Galileo, Newton. We have real intellectuals like NBA players and Hip Hop Artists.

Author Mike Eells ( ago)
People are waking up.......!!!!!

Author You Know Youve Been Trolled ( ago)
Its interesting... watching a cult from without. The amount you have to pervert your psyche to actually believe the earth is flat is completely asinine. You can actually take measurements yourself with common tools to find out if the earth is round. There are many methods to do it, each reaches the same conclusion. The earth is a sphere, the evidence is irrefutable..

Author The one ( ago)
Go buy yourself a telescope. All celestial bodies are sphere. Moon, Sun, stars and other planets. Don't be stupid.

Author Allen Ahmaad Asar'el ( ago)
It is flat. You can't prove it's a globe without FAKE ASS NASA then shut your shit. MY EYES and logical thinking tells me it's flat. My ancient african ancestors (the people who were here FIRST and were the original scientist) had it correct the first time.

Author Wild Bill ( ago)
Baha, ha. Flat earth believers a.k.a. science class drop outs are right that we are all a product of what we see, hear, and learn from other people. Your conspiracists nature and explanation can just as easily be turned against you to say you're just following a smaller heard of cows that believe the earth is flat but have zero evidence, math, science, resources, nothing. You guys have absolutely nothing to prove your case. Please, please, do not teach your children this stupidity. And stop voting for Donald Trump because I know you did.However, you can prove the FACTS that add up by working very hard like I did and becoming a scientist and investigator… which is somewhat synonymous. Prove it to yourself rather than being a sheep. Why not prove you're theories with conventional real solid science. And if you don't believe in real science and reality, and MATH! ... then create a better one for us all and make it a better world and (like all the other real scientist that I had to bust their ass with hard work) then you can become famous at the same time! Maybe even prove a thing or two in science that is wrong today, but not that the earth is flat! But I'm sure you'll just keep pushing memes! Lol.Oh, I forgot, this could all be virtual reality and we are just in the matrix? Neal, Please! Unplug me, please ... I want to see the real world! Baha ha ha. And for any Bible thumpers, no, just no. I believe in God and that has nothing to do with how the earth is. And if you're going to give me some quotes from the Bible, no, the Bible was written by fallible men, where it appeared to them that we were under a dome and such. Sorry.
Kudos to the click bait and the cash generated from the herd of suckers. And OMG… I just swear now I just saw the PayPal link above – how convenient! If any scientist is backing this up, then they are probably assured dropouts that likely couldn't handle the real job and it's stressful responsibilities, or is a crook in on the cash generating click bait! Think about it people! Sorry to be so firm, but it's a ridiculous notion. It's also a huge waste of time and throws a lot in the face of hard-working scientists, educators, investigators, and does absolutely nothing to help or promote the human race!

Author Alex Miles ( ago)
Shaquille O'Neil, I can only say "How Great Thou Art", Man, remember that in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Author Blue Nirvana ( ago)
Flat Earth firmament Dome Giants string holding up Sun & Moon robot Penguins guarding Arctic Ice wall, what's next? I almost look forward to Nibiru making its return to get rid of all of these moronic ideas

Author Leo Veyne ( ago)
I can't believe I'm leaning towards a flat earth view, few month back I would of called these people retards, this is very unsettling for me.

Author Baptiste Barabas ( ago)
another one bites the dust.......

Author Moises Nolasco ( ago)
How did he ended up talking about the earth

Author caessarion ( ago)
flat dec 15 all these people are stagnating, fe is more than shape it's globalism, it's how we live. Our mindset as humans needs to change as important creative kind beings. I can see that NOTHING is going to make that happen. The shiny new dome will keep us from FREEDOM.

Author Sergio ( ago)
They do this on purpose to make it sound like it's just a stupid trend, until it passes.

Author richard ray archuleta ( ago)
what a bunch of bullshit

Author Bible Truth Ministries ( ago)
Im sure Shaq have know this truth for years. My question is why now? And who gave this puppet permission to speak this truth and why?

Author Jack O'Scratch ( ago)
Okay, Jesus FUCKS. Why is the sun ALWAYS visible somewhere on the earth? When it is night in the USA, it is the middle of the day ion Europe. Call anyone in the UK from anywhere in the continental USA. It is morning every hour somewhere on the planet. You don't need NASA to PROVE that. All you need is a jet or a cell phone, unless they are myths too. If the earth were truly flat, it should be light everywhere on the earth at the same time until the sun goes underneath it and vice versa. THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT. CASE CLOSED. You FUCKS are GODDAMN FUCKING RETARDS. Dumb ass uneducated stupid fucking babel HICKS.

Author Johan Swan ( ago)

Author Craig Snyder ( ago)
Shaq is a proud mason. Be careful

Author Jerry Smith ( ago)
if you dug a hole all the way to china and poured water down it. are you thinking it will stop or shoot up in china? people that think water can stay on a spinning ball dont understand water. They just say gravity explains everything but no one has ever explained gravity.

Author Googszz ( ago)
Dumbest thing he ever said? Sick globehead.

Author Jack O'Scratch ( ago)
Shaq is a dumb ass uneducated fucking goddamn retarded moron. No doubt his religious views are the reason behind this stupid fucking belief. All flat earther mythology is due to STUPID RELIGIOUS BELIEFS THAT HAVE BEEN TOTALLY DEBUNKED BY SCIENCE. YOUR FUCKING MADE UP GOD ISN'T REAL, GODDAMMIT. SHAME ON YOU, YOU UNEDUCATED FUCKING MORONS.

Author Justin Time ( ago)
god bless shaquille o neal!!

Author Stephen C ( ago)
Congrats Flat have Tila Tequila, Shaq, and B.o.b on your team..while us "globe earthers' have all the geniuses and astronomers LOL.

Author Mr. Drobot ( ago)
You should rename this "Shaq KNOWS Earth is Flat!!" It's not a belief to most now...In fact, it's quite obvious that Earth is NOT a spinning ball suspended magically in a Star field!!

Author ptick16 ( ago)
Just when I thought people couldn't get any dumber. I seriously hope he was only kidding. Ask him when a plane is flying from the NY to Europe, why do they take a route that curves up to the north? It's because the curvature of the earth actually makes the distance shorter than going beeline straight! Would someone please give Shaq the number to Neil deGrasse Tyson? Maybe Mr. Tyson can "enlighten" him, and all the other "flat earthers".

If those that commented here about being "flat earthers" themsleves, then our education system has truly failed us. I really don't know how to respond to people that don't believe the earth is round. They've already displayed a complete lack of comprehension, or just no intelligence in general.

Author aramistech ( ago)
I agree with him. The earth is flat no doubt about it. NASA is just putting out fake images and cgi videos

Author dodismom ( ago)

Author Tim Starz ( ago)
The earth is NOT a SQUARE :-D

Author Lisa Lisa ( ago)
It's a square

Author Frank Gonzalez ( ago)
Shaq is a mason, can't be trusted

Author SHINI GAMI ( ago)
We all agree it's flat but he was flashing around his Masonic ring just last year. This is rather odd don't you think. They could be telling high paid celebrities to slowly come out with the truth. Still weird though what are your thoughts?

Author Serqet 333 ( ago)
Yeah, but it's not flat. We are living inside of the earth. The earth is a spherical, concave, container for the entire universe. Light is bending and your eyes are being tricked. Research LSC Earth!

Author Ephesians_6:12 ( ago)
† ♥

Author Markus Rock ( ago)
They are all Shills. They are spoon feeding us the truth about Flat Earth ONLY to throw some people under the Bus and then claim to be the Real truth, when really it is them still and you will again follow and believe what ever they say. It's predictive programming at it's finest.

Author needtoknow204 ( ago)
Earth is flat!!

Author beehive ( ago)
Shaq is controlled opposition... they can't stop the truth.

Author Ninja Nicoya ( ago)
shaq is right

Author Rademenes Polański ( ago)
he is muslim... all muslims belive earth is flat.... Ice Cube, Akon and Ellen Burstyn too

Author jonangus75 ( ago)
Shaq is a proud Freemason,, this is all starting to seem off. We don't need these celebrities and their false gods. This is the establishment attempting to hijack the FE revelation, massive deception is coming.

Author David Helms ( ago)
This is nothing more than a slow controlled release of the truth by the illuminati. Of course they know that the earth is flat and they are slowly taking control of this information

Author don jean ( ago)
Shaq is right

Author Aussieinthefight ( ago)
Look hate to say it, but these guys are masons/Bhoule they are running a psyop. to discredit flat earth.

Author CONtheory Sphereist ( ago)
"i drive from coast to coast and the shit is flat". shaq is a freemason shill(who loves to show off his masonic ring) making retarded comments in order to make flat earth sound dumb. Could it be more obvious?? cmon now

Author Cindy Oakes ( ago)
hmmmmm...I wanted to share this but the share icons are missing :(

Author Keilalachelle84 ( ago)
the 🌎 is flat though read a bible

Author Sven3xs ( ago)
Yes, I know, Shaq is a Mason, and this type of thing is why I am one of the very few that agree it's a Psy-op - but wait! - That's doesn't mean it's not true!
"Psy-op" merely means it's a "Psychological Operation", and it doesn't take much research to find out the very best one's ever pulled off, utilized things that we true. Just because the evil one's are using it to divide, or whatever other goals they have in their cross hairs for their psy-ops, doesn't mean they're not true. Just think on that (honestly) for a tad bit, brothers and sisters.

Author Sven3xs ( ago)
Well'p..that did it, Shaq is now the greatest Basketball player of all time. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with Basketball ;-) (so I guess he's tied with Kyrie Irving, lol ;-)

Author Chris Jackson ( ago)
Well, he is correct about the Earth being flat. Earth is also Not a planet, and both the planets and stars are small, covered in electric arcs, are uninhabitable for dozens of reasons, and they are not one thing like you were taught. Earth has never been photographed from space. We've also never been to the moon. Being a freemason, Shak is supporting the Satanic pedophiles. Crypto Jews, the same people who want 7/8 of all people dead. Freemasons worship little boys colons. Sick, I know. The Talmudic Jews dream and conspire how to rape 3yr old baby girl, gentiles, ( white baby girls). People if you don't know these few things you are asleep. Wake up and learn. There are few untrue conspiracies, very few. There are tens of thousands of true conspiracies that you need to be familiar with. Research!

Author arensel84 ( ago)
Strange indeed. Shaq is a self proclaimed Freemason. He announced this live on a sports show while commenting about his freemasonry ring.

Author kevin rudd ( ago)
shaqs a mason.... there the ones that lie to you...but they get the celebs to say it so it seems stupid...because they cant defend it...

Author O O ( ago)
The ball is dead!

Author mark wells ( ago)
cant stand that freemason. but good for him

Author Michael Boris ( ago)
Solve' - Coagula
Ordo Ab Chao
Be not deceived by any means!


Author bee zap ( ago)
shaq mentioned he is with kyrie saying its flat on shaqtin a fool. He also sorta mocked him in another episode, you might wanna include those too. great stuff keep up the good work

Author harambe in Guantanamo ( ago)
Is anyone else a little wierded out by these occurrences?

Author kittehbear23 ( ago)
they've been compartmentalizing everything and everyone in the space industry. it's possible only a few hundred people genuinely knew the entirety of the deception. even though Shaq is a mason, he might not be entirely a puppet.

Author Dennis Karnes ( ago)
Color me SHOCKED.

Author Adventures With Wild Warrior Bill ( ago)
there is no stopping flat earth... the up and coming generation will be the deciding factor, the mass awakening cannot be stopped!

Author Kevin Hess ( ago)
can we all atleast agree that u can be an idiot whether or not u believe in a round earth or a flat earth?

Author Jungle Jargon ( ago)
Book the 14 hour Qantas flight from Australia to South America. It's the same amount of time that it takes to get from New York to Japan.

Author William Genske ( ago)
I love the way he is so emphatic about his comments. He doesn't even hesitate.

Author Jamaal Williams ( ago)
Shaq is a Freemason and probably on his way to hell as of today.

Flat earth is false and it seems to be getting in the way of spreading the Gospel message as it is being idolized by some Christians

Author scobev ( ago)
suck on that, globetards!!

Author Brent Philip Sorensen ( ago)
Freemasons saying the earth is flat hmmmm like Shaq I'd be questioning their intent!!

Author markksargent ( ago)
Grr, you had me by 8 minutes on this one!

Author Matt O ( ago)
lol guys its fake news. im a flat earther but hes only saying that because he was told... aint nobody comin out talkin about fe but they didnt speak on 9^11 or the rest...

Author William Genske ( ago)
Excellent! Awesome!

Author DITRH ( ago)

Author turn off your tv ( ago)
von brown proved with v2 rocket that earth is flat.

Author Ørjan Bråthen ( ago)

Author Subway Boomin ( ago)
The truth shall set you free! The truth is coming out!

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