Haunted Investigators - Episode #1 Mansfield Ohio Reformatory Prison Ghost hunters
The team follows strange tapping noises, Many EVP's and one member is even pushed! Watchers beware!

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Author Andrew Ryan ( ago)
Andre, this would make a great backdrop...


Author Nikku4211 ( ago)
Fustrating. This is the most hardest to watch.

Author Rider 123 ( ago)
Ok One Thing IS Right Thats Creepy :(

Author Alexandra ( ago)
No such things as ghosts of the dead, only devils.

Author Radosław Suduł ( ago)
I can't believe how much bullshit there is in this video. Do you want to
know what does "I'm paying..." means? It means that Chris told Jenny to
"moun" and when she said she did not sign up for this, he told her that
he's the one who's paying here. There's no paranormal activity and all your
"ghostly" audio records are clearly fake. I pretty much like to watch ghost
videos and programmes (although I don't believe in ghosts and so I don't
believe any of supposed ghost vid is real), but this one is so clear bs and
fake that I feel nothing more than disgust that you treat people watching
this vid as some morons and think they'd believe you. Seriously, that's
just the worst made-up ghost video I've ever watched.

Author el tremendo ( ago)
" if you are really really hear make a noise" " ok this time for realsies"
"MAKE A NOISE LOUDER!". sorry but this style and the know it all attitude
does not work for me.

Author Josh Carlson (The night owl) ( ago)
Chris what did you mean when Jen said she didn't sign up for this and
replied but I'm paying? What did you mean by paying? Was it for that tub of
soda at the end? Love Rupert.

Author Bù Metsu Wrestling ( ago)

Author lorena99755 ( ago)
It's the best video ever made about ghosts and spirits.

Author Henry Townshed ( ago)
I don't know if its haunted or not, but i worked with a guy who was there
when the riots happened, and he said a lot of people died that day.

Author AndyDidIt Productions ( ago)
Cheap way to make a 1080p full spectrum camera

Author Nightcaster460 ( ago)
What Chris Bores did before becoming a game reviewer. 

Author Joker Guy ( ago)
These money whores faking to be ghost hunters where on south park prooves
nobody takes there show serious get a life dweebs 

Author DoucheBag FagNigger ( ago)
Gotta live the """"" psychic""""" that """ felt like crying""". LOL, Shea
clearly special and deserves attention!! Hahahaaa!!!!

Author DoucheBag FagNigger ( ago)
Bullshitting bullshitters with your FAKE videos.

Author Lucas Gonçalves ( ago)
E sa serie ghost hunter e de mais

Author Universal Light ( ago)
Universal Light Investigators Paranormal Videos

Author Gabriel Esparza ( ago)

Author Kurt Richard ( ago)
I swear he had more episodes of Haunted Investigators on this channel

Author NDVGaming ( ago)
Wow love the video so cool

Author spirit bonnie ( ago)
I was there just yesterday 

Author jasonwaste ( ago)
Reminds me of the old days when my friends and I were obsessed with ghost
hunting. We only had camera phones and a homemade ouija board and would
always end up getting too scared and fleeingr. We would get so excited when
caught some "orbs" xD 

Author PikaLink91 ( ago)
Very interesting. I went to watch this video after watching Chris' new
"Haunted Lighthouse" video, and I am very fascinated by this stuff, however
sceptical towards ghosts I may be.
I do however find it a bit rude to command a spirit. I mean if I was a
ghost, and someone, not only trespassed my territory, but then also
multiple times asked me to make noise, I would get pretty annoyed. Maybe
that is what the push on the stairs was. I mean Alan was the one
who agitated the ghost the most.

Author John Trollinski (Taldiran) (834 years ago)
Oh my god, this is hilarious for all the wrong reasons!

Author Ashley RainbowFace (760 years ago)
I went there yesterday 

Author giveagoodsong ( ago)

what was that?

Author SteveN ChewY ( ago)
Brooks was here, that's my last name :'(

Author TheBiffaman ( ago)
could the evp at 15.59 be french...for " the horde"

Author romantiqzombii ( ago)
LOL, why do you need a Buddhist Priest?

Author Sean Geahlen ( ago)
these mother fuckers are fuckin stupid. 15:00 that was clearly the chick
making some type of sound. all of the recordings were bullshit for real.
almost half an hour of my life wasted for this shit

Author neroloko12 ( ago)
people are having airsoft games there these days....

Author Motokoification ( ago)
Look, there is nothing!

Author jamie dennis ( ago)
I was there back year,s ago.... seen a lot ,, go on in there ,, I need to
make a book,, for real ,

Author SirCommoner ( ago)
Chris Bores me.

Author John Storm ( ago)
Chris Bores is a fucking faggot.

Author Cpt.Cold ( ago)
You didn't even go to Tom Hamcy's house, wow get rekt

Author Doug Quaid ( ago)
its show time ! (arnold schwarzenegger off running man voice)

Author Alexis Morales ( ago)
Very scary

Author Eric Villegas ( ago)

Author Joshua Seeley ( ago)
With all due respect your wrong

Author travis h ( ago)
i whent there on a school field trip we seen every wher to be seen in that
bilding som prity creepy things happend in one part of the bilding the
disinger made the light form an x inbetween 4 rooms

Author Dean Abdulrahim ( ago)
Do the ghosts have to sign releases before they get put on the show? lol

Author OnisionSupport ( ago)
you people are ridiculously stupid and impressionable >.>

Author OnisionSupport ( ago)
really hope all these haunting videos are just a joke.. cause you can't be
serious with this shit.. it's mind numbing to think people believe in this
shit.. no ghost, no god or gods, none of the afterlife crap is real... but
its kinda still fun to watch these videos I will admit lol

Author Gayla GorexX ( ago)
I live in Ohio. Been there and going back next month!! It's such an amazing
place, not just for these reasons either.

Author Edwina Sheridan ( ago)
Well that wasn't great and I doubt that was a child's voice
either,,,,,,,,Need more hard core solid evidence. Fancy getting paid by a
TV company to put this show out as entertainment.

Author kevin griffin ( ago)
just turned 13 im going there i live in ohio im scared lol

Author Sir Exploiter ( ago)
the lady said im not done yet i think

Author racheal kristoff-dunaway ( ago)
I'm going to this in october cause i finally turned 13 and i live in ohio

Author Ace Jr. Glaw ( ago)
holy shit your right

Author dickkickem ( ago)

Author Red Leroy ( ago)
16:25 if u look in the middle of the cell u see Jeff the killer.

Author CNialShawn ( ago)
Brave as shrimp this is the scariest thing I ever scene

Author Alfabritz ( ago)
This is bull I don't believe in this one.

Author Katie Hale ( ago)
I live in Mansfield Ohio :)

Author ItsLogicYo ( ago)
Going here on Friday ;)

Author Kaitlyn Diller ( ago)
I live in Ohio!!!! ~Kaitlyn

Author triciakitty ( ago)
I can't start a personal relationship with someone who I can't see, hear,
or share a beer with.

Author Brian Seibert ( ago)
i have something to point out. to be clear, I too am an investigator and I
know that this is real. that said, first, I'll start with facts, then on to
common sense. Fact:OSR opened in the late 1800's as a young men's
reformatory for minor offenders, then was converted into a men's maximum
security state prison. In the late '30s, the warden's wife died in the
warden's living quarters, and she is the only documented female death on
the property. so, female voice? young girl voice? how?

Author Porkapuffer ( ago)
he probably shot a gun before when you shoot a gun gunpowder smells sweet


Author Jei Young ( ago)
Lose the mineing headlight and the flash lights and invest in professional

Author Hobocheese4 ( ago)
Ghost on Crack

Author jimmyzee ( ago)
What's the difference? Wouldn't you rather watch new stuff than HD remakes
of old stuff?

Author jimmyzee ( ago)
lol how'd that work out for ya? Jesus' second coming is not able to be
known by man, stupid!

Author tearscratch31 ( ago)
wtf is this

Author firebreathingllama ( ago)
I used to love you Ohio! *rends sweatshirt* soiled it, soiled it, soiled it!

Author ross delman ( ago)
wakity wakk wakk wakk... a persona of persona arsoning these words. rest
these words as you wake up from where you stand

Author Reverend D ( ago)
That one EVP that was 'close to the microphone' I think was your female
investigator. She say's "I didn't sign up for this" and then you hear what
sounds more to me like "Umm uhh" Like affirming her previous statement. The
sound of the voice even sounds the same. I think without a camera to tell
if she was talking, you'd almost need to throw that one out. Just going on
what I heard of course, if she said she didn't so be it, I'm not sold on it
though personally..

Author TPrtn ( ago)
The end of the world is not in 2012, but JESUS CHRIST will come, that's for
sure ! Start a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST and you will be saved

Author ZAHID TASNIM ( ago)
dorset ghost investigaters is better

Author ADELAIDE FRIX ( ago)
in this episodes nothing is shown..

Author Iseull ( ago)
Spook Spookychasers!

Author GeneralWildDog ( ago)
Chris can you upload a HD version?

Author adrianeaglrck ( ago)
you don't wrap it up at the 3:30 because its the witching hour so you can
wrap up at 4:00 but only if you want to cut things short

Author adrianeaglrck ( ago)
this is HI-larious

Author bluediamondwarriors5 ( ago)
look here man that was my brother ok i can spell alot better than him

Author ViioIence ( ago)
you cant even spell the name of the city you live folks from
dayton are all rejects anyways..

Author ViioIence ( ago)
hey its me brian this is one of my other accounts I use ; )

Author Chelsea Goodman ( ago)
I work at the haunted prison experience there. So many freaky things have
went on.

Author Vaan Smith ( ago)
so are you still doing that

Author MOLLYlovesyou14 ( ago)
I went there last night!:))

Author austin ( ago)
Yeah im going there this weekend.... it looks awesome

Author luc4789 ( ago)
me too

Author Maddie Munchies ( ago)
Holyshit, im going here for the haunted house attraction, they turned it
into a haunted attraction. [=. PUMPED!

Author 5lucifer ( ago)
this should be a tv show

Author MySebastian81 ( ago)
Your a load of shite robbief20ify

Author KenseiTakesi ( ago)
epic! ghost are awesome and sreacy ! i hate ghost but still i love ghost O.o

Author AirTheWindy ( ago)
@Irategamer This is a joke.... Right???

Author Johnny Bravo ( ago)
You're a joke, right?

Author Dingalow ( ago)
So what we gathered from this was that when you hear a noise in a
dilapidated prison, it's a ghost! wwwwwooooOOOOOOooooo

Author wack erz ( ago)
this is awesome i ghost hunt to i never found stuff like this

Author jjunkers87 ( ago)
This is a joke.... right?

Author Cinemaserials ( ago)
12:00 Come on that was a foot step.

Author Cody Phelps ( ago)
people still have wedding in there ball room i help my mom deliver cakes
there lol

Author rhix ( ago)
Six people in "solitary" confinement? Why is it sad that it closed?

Author PheonixWeaver ( ago)
Of going in

Author PheonixWeaver ( ago)
I was here just yesterday this is what I felt: as we were walking in my
dads iPhone rebooted for no reason which I've heard is common here,,then
right when we walked in I couldn't deny a sudden trapped feeling which I
felt for the rest of the time I visited, then around the end when just a
few things to see left I saw the exit open and I had the strangest desire
to run out in joy, and the last thing I felt was, when in the cell blocks I
felt absolutely terrified of oing

Author PheonixWeaver ( ago)
Thumbs up if you've been here

Author Harrawesome (363 years ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think these are SUPPOSED to be a bit cheesy
for laughs. I mean, if u think about it, most of Chris's other stuff is! I
enjoy these for what they are, just some old fashioned fun.

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