Haunted Investigators - Episode #1 Mansfield Ohio Reformatory Prison Ghost hunters
The team follows strange tapping noises, Many EVP's and one member is even pushed! Watchers beware!

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Runtime: 23:58
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Author PikaLink91 (23 days)
Very interesting. I went to watch this video after watching Chris' new
"Haunted Lighthouse" video, and I am very fascinated by this stuff, however
sceptical towards ghosts I may be.
I do however find it a bit rude to command a spirit. I mean if I was a
ghost, and someone, not only trespassed my territory, but then also
multiple times asked me to make noise, I would get pretty annoyed. Maybe
that is what the push on the stairs was. I mean Alan was the one
who agitated the ghost the most.

Author Zetroid the android (12 days)
I was there just yesterday 

Author John Trollinski (1 month)
Oh my god, this is hilarious for all the wrong reasons!

Author Ashley RainbowFace (2 months)
I went there yesterday 

Author NDVGaming (6 days)
Wow love the video so cool

Author jasonwaste (13 days)
Reminds me of the old days when my friends and I were obsessed with ghost
hunting. We only had camera phones and a homemade ouija board and would
always end up getting too scared and fleeingr. We would get so excited when
caught some "orbs" xD 

Author Dharu Manyo (3 months)
What the hell? Is that a ghost or a fucking kazoo?
[pause for laughter]

Author giveagoodsong (7 months)

what was that?

Author Sean Geahlen (9 months)
these mother fuckers are fuckin stupid. 15:00 that was clearly the chick
making some type of sound. all of the recordings were bullshit for real.
almost half an hour of my life wasted for this shit

Author SteveN ChewY (8 months)
Brooks was here, that's my last name :'(

Author romantiqzombii (9 months)
LOL, why do you need a Buddhist Priest?

Author Motokoification (10 months)
Look, there is nothing!

Author jamie dennis (11 months)
I was there back year,s ago.... seen a lot ,, go on in there ,, I need to
make a book,, for real ,

Author John Storm (11 months)
Chris Bores is a fucking faggot.

Author neroloko12 . (10 months)
people are having airsoft games there these days....

Author TheBiffaman (9 months)
could the evp at 15.59 be french...for " the horde"

Author SirCommoner (11 months)
Chris Bores me.

Author thecalifornialilly (2 years)
go back to reviewing games

Author Glenn Salagoste (2 years)

Author FairysRule206 (2 years)
Thumbs up if you've been here

Author MrAntiBrent (2 years)
BS like all the other ghost shows. Why the fuck do ghosts hate the day? The
only "appear" at night when your mind plays the most tricks on your brain.

Author johnkaz14 (2 years)
@Zaiko0131 yea the building is falling down of course its going to make

Author Jørgen Røstadsand (2 years)
You're a joke, right?

Author bluediamondwarriors5 (2 years)
i live in daton ohio

Author MOLLYlovesyou14 (2 years)
I went there last night!:))

Author CNialShawn (1 year)
Brave as shrimp this is the scariest thing I ever scene

Author Iseull (1 year)
Spook Spookychasers!

Author ZAHID TASNIM (1 year)
dorset ghost investigaters is better

Author adrianeaglrck (2 years)
you don't wrap it up at the 3:30 because its the witching hour so you can
wrap up at 4:00 but only if you want to cut things short

Author supermorshu64 (3 years)
@Spulegence ever hear of being nice? those are also sounds that ghosts make.

Author jjunkers87 (2 years)
This is a joke.... right?

Author piggly947 (2 years)
At about 15:23, I heard a weird moan.

Author Edwina Sheridan (1 year)
Well that wasn't great and I doubt that was a child's voice
either,,,,,,,,Need more hard core solid evidence. Fancy getting paid by a
TV company to put this show out as entertainment.

Author Vallentine08 (3 years)
sorry for the spelling down there, but u get me lol

Author MrLulzmaker (2 years)
Horrible... just awful.

Author Fourwind (3 years)
@Toyman1982 Have to admit, those are some nice puns.

Author cuentasish (2 years)
dam chris bore reviews games and make haunted investigator shows,man he has
a life

Author Porkapuffer (1 year)
he probably shot a gun before when you shoot a gun gunpowder smells sweet

Author ReloadXPsiPlays (2 years)
Yeah, maybe we'll outgrow opening a "grow up" statement with an insult ;)

Author WlatDsieny (2 years)
im going there this weekend

Author FiTTyFouR (3 years)
@pleasesubme1000 Thts awesome man

Author OnisionSupport (1 year)
you people are ridiculously stupid and impressionable >.>

Author Shaun Swain (2 years)
I fucking hate IG but i gotta admit.....i enjoyed this

Author Vaan Smith (2 years)
so are you still doing that

Author michael white (3 years)
Ghost exist.. We have souls.. So does every living thing.. Anyways you
should go into more detail about the methods and tec your using... Your
crew.. Who are they?.. What backgrounds do they have and you chris.. Whats
your interests in all this... You pay for this? You should try lights out..
How the hell did you get access to that prison.. Howd it feel being inside?
I mean if your gonna do a show like this and go to the trouble then i want
some better production value.. But awesome job man w

Author MySebastian81 (2 years)
Your a load of shite robbief20ify

Author FF98Productions (1 year)
What's the difference? Wouldn't you rather watch new stuff than HD remakes
of old stuff?

Author Samuel Savage (2 years)
guys just chill out. just because its your opinion statement or whatever,
you shouldn`t be that harsh because of different beliefs.

Author ViioIence (2 years)
hey its me brian this is one of my other accounts I use ; )

Author betyahateme dontya (2 years)
some people are full of shit and some people arnt ive had weird experences
and seen things that dont make sence i used to live in a house with a
perminent tiking like a grandfarther clock and stood over in bed by my dead
grandfather every night for a couple of months he would get closer and
closer until he was actuly face to face...

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