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Author Stephanie Smith (8 days)
Men, if you've never been to a nail salon, this is EXACTLY what it's like.

Author Ross Chester Master (23 days)
have a laugh ... for April's fool

Author Yeguada Herrera (2 months)
lmfao. only 4 dolar more. its better for you hahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Author jennmasta649 (3 months)
lol one day I went to get my nails done and some guy was doing another
lady's nails and there was a show on the TV with a bunch of hot girls and
he was trying to play it off like he wasn't looking until he knocked the
little dish with the acetone all over the floor...then the lady doing my
nails went all crazy on him in a different language LMAO i literally died

Author Chelsea Underwood (4 months)
@john doe She was on Mad Tv so she doesn't need advice from an idiot like
you! And of course you don't find the nail salon bit hilarious because you
aren't a woman. You don't get why it's funny. She IS hilarious and you need
to stfu. 

Author LookBehindYou (2 months)

Author cassandra vartanian (2 months)

Author danny ho (2 months)
lol she said happy new years in Vietnamese @ 4:44

Author Rudy Enciso (46 minutes)

Author cherisse neverson (1 day)
Not as funny as the furst time she did it when she was younger.

Author Dora Delarca (3 days)
She so funny. 

Author Amberbambipuckett (7 days)

Author Jessica Warinner (5 days)
This is SO true!!!!!! lol

Author javajessify (7 days)

Author OTAKU (10 days)
This is funny

Author Arianna Gonzalez (24 days)
so funny

Author Jeremy Duong (2 months)
I am Asian and this is so true... I laughed so hard when I saw the cartoon

Author My LIfe as Monee (1 month)
This so funny! Because it's so true! 

Author Belinna Zheng (1 month)
XD~~~~ She keep adding more money.. Aahaha > 0 <

Author benxmoken (4 months)
Racism is dead. From all the comments I read, it was mainly viet commentors
that had neg responses. Let your pride down for a change cause some of you
know old school Vietnamese are some of the most racist people in the
country. my ex-money hungry wife parents are racist and talk ly dat. I dont
like this video cause im hispan, I like it cause shes spot on in showing
how old school viets are. Dont get booty hurt its only the truth. Viets are
very prideful people and its ok to be, just take a joke when you hear one.
Keep it up AJ.

Author Elizabeth Costa (15 days)
To funny n that's how the be for real lol lol lol lol 

Author PrincessCelestia19 (4 months)
and THAT! is why i dont ever go to get my nails done.

Author Ty Bailey (2 months)

Author Rifted (2 months)
sounds like kimmy j

Author George Cantu (2 months)
Haha too funny. Shes my new girl crush. Wish I would meet somebody as funny
and cool is this chick seems.

Author Alayna Ayres (29 days)
I love your shirt hehe

Author jonwiley (3 months)
No. I don't like this version. There's an earlier version that is much
funnier, seems fresher, too

Author Vuthahero Dap (1 month)
Herny... Why u dong lie,,,,?? hahaha :D Vietnamese

Author Lisa Moersdorf (15 days)
Hysterical. She hit the nail on the head with this routine!
Gotta watch it.

Author witlene francois (2 months)
Gah lee so many but hurt Asians.... It's not like she talking bad she
talking real

Author Thomas Siewert (2 months)
the audience ruins this bit, mindless "I KNOW THIS BIT I LOVE IT

Author Sarah Gomez (1 month)
Lol oh honey thats why you no bave boyfren

Author Jean Oren (4 months)
It's like this every time I get my nails did! LOL

Author Vinh Le (2 months)
Im not really like it. Coz its make i feel bad about asian nail salon. I
mean my feelin :)

Author Luna Ravenstorm (4 months)
Spot on.

Author Amy Dinh (2 months)
Not all nail salons are like this 😡

Author Ttuba Thanh (2 months)
Her accent is more Thai than Vietnamese

Author Cheri Golden (6 months)
Love this video

Author Valerie Candela (3 months)
Hahahahaah beta fo yu 

Author Mischa W (2 months)
When I get my nails done (which is rare these days) they always ask about
my nationality b/c my mom's asian.

Author Kittykitten420 (2 months)

Author Michelle Whiteley (2 months)

Author TGreat (2 months)
This is funny first time and every time! Thanks for sharing your talent

Author Vincent Wood (1 month)
honey why u like. its so sexy lol

Author Sonia Rivera (26 days)
Love it

Author Brandon Patterson (1 month)
Lol people think she's racist but in her full routine she makes joke about
all races. I think she's hilarious 

Author Ly Toan (2 months)
fckin racist bitch. i think it was not cool.

Author Audry Brillantes (1 month)
Racist Jokes Are The Best

Author Janay Andrews (5 months)
do you like cretill jell

Author nalisarai (1 month)
this is hilarious!!!

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