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Author Kelly Renee ( ago)
This is so on point!!! 😂😂😂

Author Dolores Leyva ( ago)
the salon is exactly like this lmao

Author Tara Tasset ( ago)
her first one was better

Author Murder Mamii ( ago)
I'm Asian and for all the ppl who is afended I find it 60% funny ☺️

Author ashley's the boss ( ago)

Author M4nd9 P1n3s ( ago)
This is racist, but it's in a funny way 😂

Author khoianha10 ( ago)
Could anyone tell me why people laugh when she said the names: Tammy, Tina
and Jenny?

Author I'm Always Right ( ago)
The funniest

Author Jonathan Moore ( ago)
The staff at the gay bar I work at goes on retreat once a year and it's
tradition to paint each others' toe nails poolside. We were listening to
this while doing each others' nails and just dying laughing. You are

Author SHAELYNN SMITH ( ago)
This made me laugh so hard.

Author DALE thebelldiver ( ago)
Good comedy; thanks.

Author Famm ( ago)
when she did the whole vietnamese accent at the end she kept say happy new
year in vietnamese 😂😂

Author Gemini M ( ago)
The last part is spot on... you know they slagging u off with a smile

Author Jach Jach ( ago)
SO TRUE!!! She's so pretty

Author yamatowarp ( ago)
I crack up so hard laughing when she said quit or gel

Author jose denis molina ( ago)

Author TREVOR Sargent ( ago)
jane Langley here it is

Author niickole olivas ( ago)
You know Anjelah I love to laugh and your so funny but I think it is just
amazing how seeing you do what you do makes me want to be better at just
being me and being funny. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for being

Author Louise Belcher ( ago)

Author John Smith ( ago)
my dream woman

Author Hawa Sesay ( ago)
the acent😂 not tryna be racist😂

Author joshua bapp ( ago)
thhhaaats racist!

Author Willie Roland ( ago)

Author mlp ben the pony ( ago)
love ya jokes hope you do more stand up comey
and i just subscribe you just now

Author MyNinja619 ( ago)
LOL, there's always a Jenny.

Author odes za ( ago)
sigh, lol every nail salon experience . 😉 😂

Author Ramiro Vigil ( ago)

Author The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials ( ago)
This is so real life, it's a real struggle lol. Hope to connect with some
of your viewers! Great job!!

Author BratayleyFanforever love ( ago)
when I went to get my nails done a man asked me do u have boyfriend where u
going tonight

Author North Sea Brent ( ago)
Jiggy jig me love you long time.

Author Jonas Bickford ( ago)
omg this is the funniest angela johnson alongside the bonquisha one😂

Author Hey It's Zumpi ( ago)
Hahah !!! I'm also Vietnam and literally my whole family does nails and I
was born in England so I'm actually like Britain but i sounds exactly like
that !!

Author Kayla Patton ( ago)
thanks for the best nail video that was the most funniest video

Author Cory Morgan ( ago)
Is this accurate? Is this how nail salons are? I've never been in one.

Author Dalilah Barradas ( ago)
I've watched it like 20 times and it's still funny

Author Dalilah Barradas ( ago)
this is hilarious!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author sansqueue ( ago)
Que? Press"numero dos por espanol?" This puta siesta having a fiesta with
her Cholo's churo in her bongo? Que?

Author Allison alleycat ( ago)
you know its funny she didnt put the part where when they take u into the
wax room to like wax ur legs they will be speaking on the outside of the
door like the door is closed and like all of a sudden the tech who is
waxing u reaponds and ur like wa where huh? lol

Author Bombshell nailS ( ago)
So funny and cute, you gotta love the ladies at the salon.

Author Madison Nguyen ( ago)
nice accent

Author SHAELYNN SMITH ( ago)
Can't stop watching this

Author Jerrica Kernal ( ago)
I am so sorry if this is offensive,..but it is literally what it's like

Author Vân Anh Nguyễn Trần ( ago)
Is she a stand up comedian ?

Author henry ford ( ago)
I go every two my pretty viet nail tech.!!

Author Caitryn Donofry ( ago)
Her accent is on point!! <3

Author AluminomSiren 92 ( ago)
Same thing happens to me when I get my nails done lol.

Author Alexis Koelliker ( ago)
She said "Do you want acrylic gel"

Author teknologik101 ( ago)
I swear I've never seen a manicurist that isn't Vietnamese...

Author E⃟r⃟e⃟n⃟ Y⃟a⃟e⃟g⃟e⃟r⃟ L⃟o⃟L⃟n⃟e⃟s⃟s⃟ ( ago)
my name is tammy XD Tammy su XDDDD

Author Argentina Islas ( ago)
OMG the girl from Our family wedding Awesome didn't know she was a comedian

Author Shanyia Corbin ( ago)
hahahaha your on dubsmash

Author PEACHFACE24 ( ago)
The owner of the nail salon I go to always asks how mom is lol

Author Nastasshia Myers ( ago)
You're so funny. Now I have this stuck in my head

Author Quang Nguyen ( ago)
This beaner is dump. Trump will deport your
mother fucker back to Mexico

Author Basic Biotch ( ago)
So relatable.... " how your mom " LOL my mom says this all the time

Author Andy Garcia ( ago)
she funny and fine !!!!

Author Kenya Bennett ( ago)
I loved your videos u are so good

Author Kenya Bennett ( ago)
I loved Ur vids u are so good

Author Kenya Bennett ( ago)
I loved Ur vids u are so good

Author Ave Bunny ( ago)
This is hilarious because it's so accurate

Author Arieayna Downer ( ago)
I seen it animated before lol

Author Arieayna Downer ( ago)
lol I love it

Author TitoPlays Toons (TitoTrill) ( ago)
I would smash XD

Author Khanh Huynh ( ago)
Don't used jokes on people's race and occupation. You are very ignorant and
insensitive to make fun of people who actually lower themselves to clean
your nails for you. why don't you stay the fuck home and clean your own
nails. Can you imagine yourself doing that kind of work. Cleaning people's
hands and feets and get laugh at. You don't see people go around laughing
and making fun of landscape worker. Or people standing at Home Depot
waiting to be pick up for work. People sneaking pass the U.S. border to
find work. Think about what you say before you publicly insulted your own
intelligence. In my opinion you are the one that should be laugh at.

Author Kookie Fun ( ago)
hahaha this is so funny i cant stop laughing

Author Tiffany Ford ( ago)
She's SO funny!!!

Author Cvmry polk ( ago)
i love this soo much!

Author Chona Soriano ( ago)
You are so good!!! Some more funny videos honey

Author Sewtana .Nash ( ago)
I swear it's seriously just like this lmao I can't believe how relatable
this is 😂

Author Minty Mint ( ago)
My mom works there

Author Minty Mint ( ago)
Oh I know that shop

Author Phuc Le ( ago)
You make me laugh so so hard just like when I watched the first one long
time ago, and I love the Asian accent she does too.

Author Anna Liza Peredo ( ago)
hahah so funny

Author Lurich “BEAUTIFUL_BOWS” Broughton ( ago)
Is she a tomboy,not trying to be mean because I love her so much

Author Sarah Larsen ( ago)
Perfectly said. I'm laughing so much here. Seen it several times. So well
done and said 😂😂

Author Sandy Nguyener ( ago)
It's almost accurate lol

Author collectiveSpirit 01 ( ago)
laughed way too hard

Author Sophie Marie ( ago)
jodi arias

Author kmeccat ( ago)
excellent !
Great timing, accent and expressions. Two thumbs up...

Author Alexia Stewart ( ago)
that was hilarious I have watched like 10 times and it is still not old

Author LanaThatVlogs ( ago)
I got one question for you.... Do you like crittle gel for your nails?

Author LanaThatVlogs ( ago)

Author Underrated Critic ( ago)
I love the Asian accent she does. It's very soothing to listen to.

Author Hailey Moore ( ago)

Author Ricardo Venegas ( ago)
Anyone know the name of the song in the beginning?

Author Yee Xiong ( ago)
This bitch nailed it! LMAO!

Author JUSTIN4LIFE ME ( ago) brought me here

Author Stephanie Rammajammerolltidebama ( ago)

Author Habiba Yehia ( ago)
No it's different

Author Lolo luong ( ago)
Her accent is on point

Author TuQuynh Pink ( ago)
Omg I laughed so hard 😂 I'm Vietnamese and I have like 3 aunts that work
at a nail salon and 1 of my mom's friend works at a nail salon😂 one is
names Jenny and the other is Tiffany😂😂

OH by the way! The accent was amaZING!! But when she was actually trying to
speak Vietnamese, it was just gibberish and sounds

Author Joe Piervincenti ( ago)
Girl I don't know who makes me laugh harder you or Chris Rock

Author Lexie Gillette ( ago)
this in my opinion is the best thing ever!

Author Habiba Yehia ( ago)
She is not saying it right she mixed up the words

Author Jill Walker ( ago)
I wish Angela was on MY TEAM. I am in love!

Author Elizabeth Gill ( ago)
Am I the only person who didn't find this funny?....Not one single bit of
this whole video made me laugh...not even smirk.

Author Alice Jivvy ( ago)
why do Americans have to cheer after every other sentence? it's so annoying

Author Laura Gasser ( ago)
My friends were talking about this and I was like "what" and they told me
to watch it and I'm so happy I watched this video. It's amazing XD

Author Kemyra Edwards ( ago)
I love your videos

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