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Author Chris Snyder (2 months)
My girlfriend is Vietnamese, born and raised in Ho Chi Minh city. She
watched this and said the accent is great, but when she imitates the ladies
talking smack in Vietnamese to each other it sounds like absolutely
nothing. Like just a bunch of noise and gibberish.

She used to work in a nail salon and she said all of this is so true. She
said she has even heard other girls use the "No honey, that yo finga, do
like that" excuse before! lol

Author prtybrneyez18 (3 months)
The original one she did of this is so much better

Author Patrick Trieu (4 months)
Lol!!!!! She does the best vietnamese women impressions!! lol... BTW,
vietnamese people always compliment others and tell the truth all the time!
When they give you compliments, take it! We really,REALLY mean it when we
compliment you!

Author Diana Dime (3 months)
If you're from San Jose you already know she's accurate love our nail
salons though

Author Malorie Sponseller (2 months)
"Nail Salon" - Anjelah Johnson Official Video:

+Kristie Waterfield​

Author viengthevidproduction (6 months)
lmaoo! did she actually speak vietnamese? it sounded like she did. If so
please someone please translate

Author orlandotj1 (4 months)

Isnt this considered racist? I personally think shes funny, but..

Author knurri (13 days)
Gorgeous and funny...what more could a guy want?

Author Gaby Hernandez (2 months)
I just went to do my nails today and my friend show me this video.. this is
the exact same thing that they did yo me.. they charge you for everything
lol.. so true and funny! ! She is awesome

Author Nancy Nguyen (2 months)
I love her so funny😃😄😀

Author ERISS8 (2 months)
She is freaking hilarious!!!

Author Sylvia Lopez (3 months)
Her vietnamese is natively fluent

Author Debraca Shelton (22 days)
Omg you are funny qnd my new freind

Author Tamber Bliss (1 month)
Yep can't understand a word they say .. LOL

Author DoubleDJDave (20 days)
hahaha love the accent she puts on!

Author amber lawrence (7 months)
OMG she talk just like them
Lmbo 😂😂😂😂

Author harasnicole (9 months)
I don't get my nails professionally done, but I used to go with my mom when
I was still too young to stay at home alone, and this was just spot.
freaking. on.

Author My Book Habit (1 month)
I crack up each and every time I watch this video. She is HILARIOUS and so
on point.

Author solange ruhana (2 months)
To be honest you reminde me from someone oh, and you are soo funny and i
liked valet fart

Author yingdiskette (2 months)
She is corny!

Author Stacy Matthews (1 month)
Got talked in the gel and it didn't even last a week! Sounded just like you
I couldn't stop laughing. They it was crazy!

Author Tj Woodruff (1 month)

Author Kinglovesyoutodeath (1 month)
Why you don laak?

Author duyen pham (2 months)
do u think that's funny?? I'm a manicurist and.... I'm living in U.S that's
not my second language. btw you're racist.. And I was not cheating anyone
to get money, WE just want to get the better life. don't do that any way.

Author Carlos Barrera (2 months)
This isn't even funny at all. Who pays to go to these shows? This is

Author Abby Grimson (2 months)
This is so funny, so so true :D

Author erick nogueda (3 months)
Lol 😅😂😂😂😂😂

Author brandon hudson (3 months)
funniest video ever

Author gillian price (19 days)

Author M blatcher (5 months)
"Nail Salon" - Anjelah Johnson Official Video:

Author Annie Suzie (3 months)
So hilarious - love you :)

Author Tricia Starrr (14 days)
She nailed this....hilarious.

Author Josalyn Berrios (5 months)
Your to funny

Author Dominic Thorng (4 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author noa castillo (15 days)
She ment cristalgel💁 chinees

Author brandon hudson (3 months)

Author ohMamarazzi (9 months)
I can't get enough of this! What a freaking hoot! 

Author Lizzy and Jaxon (5 months)
What song is at the beginning 

Author Susan Ngo (2 months)
She makes me wonder that what will happen if people in another Asian
country laugh at you if you try to speak their language like this?

Author Ernesto Gomez (2 months)
Spot on! Hilarious work

Author jesus mane (5 months)
omg this was literally my life td at the nail salon

Author Lauren Nelson (1 month)
"Nail Salon" - Anjelah Johnson Official Video:

Author Tommy Smith (5 months)
Me and my bro in law go to the barber then take my sister to the salon and
it is just like this to the T. The asian women do talk english then in
their language and it's like they are talking about the
this (that's why this is so funny). I saw AJ's show on Netflix and she is
so good, so funny: she tell jokes, I think she raps and dances too...her
show is so cool check it out

Author Jaime Pj (26 days)

Author Miranda Gomez (2 months)

Author Jeremy Wallace (5 months)
She is so hot!!!!!!!!
I'm in love

Author Sharon Morales (4 months)

Author cali moorman (4 months)

Author Grace Williams (7 months)
I love her 😂😂😂

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