Is pork is allowed to eat Reality of pork in Christianity Zakir Naik vs Christian 2of2 by pakipowerboy

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Author bigcotie ( ago)
The law is the ten commandments . are they not enough ? Jesus said to love
one another as you would love yourself men and demon . until those laws are
followed fully we should stick to being good to one another.

Author Gloria Gagane ( ago)
Thats not correct,Jesus came to fulfil the law, so the law brought death,
but believing in Jesus brings life

Author 9056666 ( ago)

Author AMIN VOICE ( ago)
I've been reading the comments and wow so much hatred for what first off
muslims do believe in Jesus pbuh as for pork it's not lawful to eat in any
holy book now if you choose to eat it then that's between you and your lord
it doesn't mean a person is going to hell for it God is the most merciful
most forgiving all knowing all seeing etc. this is just a reminder so do
what you want to each it's own just be a good person pray and do righteous
feeds. As salamu ilakum

Author Ashley Kongari ( ago)
Reading only verses 9-16 in Acts 10 can be misleading. One needs to know
the background and what happened after that. How did Paul and other
disciples react to this action on part of Peter? This was the beginning of
gospel being preach to the Gentiles. They were called unclean and God said
you cannot call anyone unclean. But this refers to people and not to eating

Author Ashley Kongari ( ago)
Some have quoted Acts 10: 9-16 to suggest that God said that it was
acceptable to eat pork. Leviticus 11 talks against pork. Reading from the
Acts 10:1, you will see the background. It was a time when the disciples
preached only to the Jews but Cornelius was a Roman and wanted to know God.
There was a cultural barrier. God wanted this barrier broken. So, he
prepared Peter to do so with this vision and said, "Kill and eat!" Whole
chapters 10-11 make it clear that Gospel was for everyone!!!

Author GODandPEACE ( ago)
Muslims don’t eat pork because that would be cannibalism. 

Author CINTERPOL ( ago)
lol isnt this dude in the terrorist list in the UK why doe he have so many
videos lol.

Author Ibnsyed6 ( ago)
Whoever made that disgusting comment wasted his time making a new account
just to hate on this video wow.... they really gotta rethink their life.

Author LoveSoul ( ago)
(Acts 10:9-16) This chapter reconfirms that Jesus Christ made ALL FOODS
CLEAN! “Surely not, Lord!” Peter replied. “I have never eaten anything
impure or unclean.” The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call
anything impure that God has made clean.” So, there you have it Christians
are ALLOWED to eat pork. God Bless, Praise Jesus. Hallelujah. 

Author LoveSoul ( ago)
As for the context of (Matthew 5:17-20) Dr. Zakir Naik does a fantastic job
of doing what he always does best, taking it out of context. “Do not think
that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to
abolish them but to fulfill them. For truly I tell you, until heaven and
earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen,
will by any means disappear from the Law UNTIL EVERYTHING IS ACCOMPLISHED.”
In John 19:30 Jesus says “It is FINISHED/ACCOMPLISHED” 

Author LoveSoul ( ago)
Regarding (Mark 7:18-23) Jesus declares ALL FOODS CLEAN! Period! In fact
the Qur’an is not opposed to this fact of the Biblical text, but rather in
agreement! “(I have come to you), to attest the Law which was before me,
and to make lawful to you part of WHAT WAS (BEFORE) FORBIDDEN TO YOU...”
(Surat-u Ali Imran 3:50)

Author LoveSoul ( ago)
Muslims are obviously repulsed by Christians eating pork, just as the
Children of Israel were under the Mosaic Law. The pig was strictly
forbidden in the Old Testament (Leviticus 11:7-8) & the Qur’an (Surat-ul
Baqara 2:173) Pork was forbidden in the OT to keep the Children of Israel
separate from pagan & Idolatrous filth, because they were the Chosen
Nation. It was a common practice among neighbouring pagan tribes to offer a
pig as a sacrifice to their idols.

Author Kurosh Kaviani ( ago)
whaere does this hate come from? are you ok?

Author Kurosh Kaviani ( ago)
?? instead of insulting folks why not give a reason in why he deserve your
insult??? or maybe you find him to be correct on the subject but your igo
can not accept it

Author Big79249 ( ago)
Green living” is a popular topic these days. To many people, it means
recycling, taking short showers, using energy-efficient light bulbs,
carrying cloth bags, buying locally-grown foods, and riding public
transportation. These are all good steps, but they will not benefit the
planet nearly as much as switching to a vegetarian diet. Living green
ultimately means eating green. In order to call attention to the meat
industry’s devastating impact on the environment.

Author Sadik Turan ( ago)
why do u have so much fear? just live your own life and let the others go
their own way, ur life is based on hating muslims.. i feel so sorry for u..

Author RBC ( ago)
i hope u die soon in a toilet

Author عبدالله العنزي ( ago)
People who eat pork aren't christians, muslims or even jews. In the bible
it is mentioned that pork is strickly forbidden same in islam I'm a muslim
btw Also in the jewish book pork is forbidden.

Author Freddy van der Merwe ( ago)
man this cunt can talk shit,mikimikimikimiki sounnd s like rasgbangie

Author Freddy van der Merwe ( ago)
the Koerant is afrikaans means news paper 

Author Freddy van der Merwe ( ago)

Author Freddy van der Merwe ( ago)
bacon is verry lekker yum yum !not monkey macon no WP!

Author masorlie sorlie ( ago)
I am a Christian, but more like a Muslim when it comes to food.

Author masorlie sorlie ( ago)
God was the One who said that pigs are UNCLEAN. He never changes His Word!
Jesus is the Son of God. He always agrees to what His Father tells Him.
What is unclean to God, is unclean to Jesus, and should be unclean to
Christians as well as every human being! Pig is not food, nor rats or mice,
which are in the same category, UNCLEAN animals! UNCLEAN animals are not
considered to be meat. 

Author chimoio100 (1905 years ago)
"is pork is allowed to eat reality of pork in christianity?!!!!!!" what the
fuck are you smokin?!!!! wheres mine!!!!? makes me hungry for reality of
pork......mmmmmm pork! "pakipowerboy" eerrr no...illiterate twatboy is more
like it.

Author jxcess3891 ( ago)
according to me naik saab is the only intelligent muslim because only he
knows that 2+2=4 rest all muslim still think that 2+2=5. I advice all
muslim to take coaching in maths from dr baba naik

Author Mike A ( ago)
what book, chapter, and verse in the bible would it say that? thats exactly
why i said I'm not speaking to you anymore.. its because your un educated
and you haven't studied the bible and thats why you make un educated
statements like this! 

Author Mike A ( ago)
i have no idea what you just said but neither i know nor you know how great
the qualities of god is and yes we believe that jesus is the BEGOTTEN son
of God. i don't get where your getting at.. that you don't agree? well your
un educated clearly because i could say you believe in mohammed as a
prophet. I'm not going to continue this argument with you because your very
uneducated about not only christianity but about your own religion. so go
study your books 

Author Mike A ( ago)
islam is Not a continuation of christianity for you guys do not believe in
Jesus Christ the son of god and we don't believe in mohammed as a profit.
And i am doing a little bit of research when i have time thats why I'm a
christian on a muslim based video.. but i see your close minded and
wouldn't even research christianity.. watch this this video: A confused
Muslim caller gets owned and continue watching the whole video! 

Author Mike A ( ago)
it is said not to judge.. for me as a christian could judge you as a muslim
and the actions you do as individuals.. but that isn't any of my business
it is what is written in the Quran that i judge not what the followers do
because non of us are perfect. so unless you read the bible and study it to
its full extent than go asking questions. because if you did i bet you
would have converted by now.

Author tigernov6 ( ago)
Where is the full video??

Author rubiyaparvin ( ago)
If you break it purposely, Allah may forgive you or he may not, it is his
wish, we do not have any knowledge on that. So it is better to follow all
the rules perfectly

Author salista1 ( ago)
If you broke one commandment; you will not be in the kingdom of heaven?? -

Author salista1 ( ago)
I disagree with some points in his argument...

Author Hamza5274 ( ago)
First guy

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