home and away 4021 pt 1

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Author Mussa2575 ( ago)
Well i think she's 18 here

Author danielle burton ( ago)
Tony's a really nice neighbour LOL. Very friendly !

Author HPemio101 ( ago)
Jack is soso hot :D

Author NataschaO ( ago)
How old is Martha supposed to be here?

Author Ellie Harland ( ago)
i wish beth neva died and mattie neva left

Author solveer ( ago)
Haha, Martha shouldn't been so silly with Jack.. They are meant to be! XD

Author Malin Høyland Kvåle ( ago)
What's with the dude in the corner? :D

Author Erika Borg ( ago)
lol Lucas. Jack and Tony make me laugh. they r a gr8 family...and coming 2
thnk of it the oldest one is the one who is still in the current home and
away . Poor Flyn...He shudnt hv died. I cnt bel more then half of the
characters in these eps left home and away and most of them were killed

Author learninhowtabend01 (292 years ago)
true but i don't think she was asking him and even if she was she probably
didn't want him to show her she just wanted him to tell her.

Author fred moss ( ago)
I love Beth she is so warm and fun.

Author pop137 ( ago)
i officialy luv you THANK YOU FOR POSTING IT!!!

Author Snæfridur Adda Thorsteinsdottir (2023 years ago)
he was shot

Author 1202463 ( ago)
luv at first site 4 both brothers

Author Niamh Power ( ago)
Aww Jack is sooo funny and cute i love him to bits:) Miss him so much am
watching old epis to remember him
lol:D...................x................. I might sound like a five year
old but anyway if you right a comment saying like i am weird or whatever
and press audio preview it so funny haha iv been doing it for like 15 mins

Author redroxi ( ago)
Martha was like 'Wheres the fuse box?' The jacks 'Ill show you' Then shes
like 'No i can find it on my own' Why the hell did she ask in the first
place?? lol

Author bstm8ts ( ago)
Jack && Martha Are Soo Cute In Tha Early Epis..:) I Luv Them Soo Much...Im
Soo Sad Bou Jack Dyin Im Watchin Tha Early 1s Wi Him In It..:(

Author McIndependent ( ago)
love jack and martha in the earlier episodes....Paul O'Brien is a hotty!!!

Author spuds141 ( ago)
awh jack's all dead now, he was just arrivin there! omg martha got soooo
much skinnier since this

Author Snæfridur Adda Thorsteinsdottir ( ago)
SPOILER! Does anyone else think it's weird that flynn had that dream
exactly 100 episodes before he dies?

Author Nataliee999 ( ago)
lucas and matilda are so in love

Author MKAfan221 ( ago)
I LOVE THE Holdens and the Hunters

Author ksrox2006 ( ago)
Flynn's in hospital cos he was shot

Author brighteyes149ss ( ago)
thankyuuuu =]

Author littleun ( ago)

Author liam holloway ( ago)

Author brighteyes149ss ( ago)
does anyone know the episode when the holdens first arrived in the bay

Author catshats123 ( ago)
I love beth and tony together!

Author maison212 ( ago)
wat episode does robbie cme into it

Author lubymagic ( ago)

Author homeandawayinsane ( ago)
is this when flynn had cancer?? why is he in hospital??

Author Rich87 ( ago)
lucas didnt change much

Author Olivia Rolfe ( ago)
jack and lucas r so hot thanx for the vid

Author Fiona Boyle ( ago)
i love the holdens!!! so hot!!!! :)

Author XxxxClaiRexxX ( ago)
I LOVE THE Holdens, mii fave Family in summer bay!

Author bluepriya ( ago)
ye lol

Author bluepriya ( ago)

Author serenawow ( ago)
the hottiest family ever!!!!

Author bluepriya ( ago)

Author randomness954 ( ago)
i love jack!!!

Author bluepriya ( ago)
lucas and jack r wel hotttttttt!!

Author Kisa ( ago)
Poor Flynn, having the same dream over and over again.

Author Barbro-Katrin Didriksen ( ago)
He is a deaf teller:P

Author OneTreeHill83 ( ago)
What's the deal with the sign guy in the corner?? :P

Author cakeandbluejello ( ago)
yep thats her

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