home and away 4021 pt 1

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Author Malin Høyland Kvåle (5 years)
What's with the dude in the corner? :D

Author fred moss (5 years)
I love Beth she is so warm and fun.

Author cakeandbluejello (7 years)
yep thats her

Author bluepriya (6 years)
ye lol

Author NataschaO (4 years)
How old is Martha supposed to be here?

Author learninhowtabend01 (5 years)
true but i don't think she was asking him and even if she was she probably
didn't want him to show her she just wanted him to tell her.

Author solveer (4 years)
Haha, Martha shouldn't been so silly with Jack.. They are meant to be! XD

Author McIndependent (5 years)
love jack and martha in the earlier episodes....Paul O'Brien is a hotty!!!

Author Niamh Power (5 years)
Aww Jack is sooo funny and cute i love him to bits:) Miss him so much am
watching old epis to remember him
lol:D...................x................. I might sound like a five year
old but anyway if you right a comment saying like i am weird or whatever
and press audio preview it so funny haha iv been doing it for like 15 mins

Author Erika Borg (5 years)
lol Lucas. Jack and Tony make me laugh. they r a gr8 family...and coming 2
thnk of it the oldest one is the one who is still in the current home and
away . Poor Flyn...He shudnt hv died. I cnt bel more then half of the
characters in these eps left home and away and most of them were killed

Author littleun (6 years)

Author brighteyes149ss (6 years)
does anyone know the episode when the holdens first arrived in the bay

Author angelwings202 (7 years)
the doctor at the beginning, is she the doctor that died in the car
crash...when she was on the way to give hayley the real paternity results?¿

Author randomness954 (7 years)
i love jack!!!

Author redroxi (5 years)
Martha was like 'Wheres the fuse box?' The jacks 'Ill show you' Then shes
like 'No i can find it on my own' Why the hell did she ask in the first
place?? lol

Author Ellie Harland (4 years)
i wish beth neva died and mattie neva left

Author lubymagic (6 years)

Author brighteyes149ss (6 years)
thankyuuuu =]

Author bluepriya (7 years)

Author homeandawayinsane (6 years)
is this when flynn had cancer?? why is he in hospital??

Author spuds141 (5 years)
awh jack's all dead now, he was just arrivin there! omg martha got soooo
much skinnier since this

Author bluepriya (6 years)

Author Fiona Boyle (6 years)
i love the holdens!!! so hot!!!! :)

Author Snæfridur Adda Thorsteinsdottir (5 years)
he was shot

Author Nataliee999 (6 years)
lucas and matilda are so in love

Author catshats123 (6 years)
I love beth and tony together!

Author bstm8ts (5 years)
Jack && Martha Are Soo Cute In Tha Early Epis..:) I Luv Them Soo Much...Im
Soo Sad Bou Jack Dyin Im Watchin Tha Early 1s Wi Him In It..:(

Author 1pinkballerina (6 years)
if you watch the repeat of h&a on channel 5 in the morning it has the
little sign language man

Author liam holloway (6 years)

Author serenawow (7 years)
the hottiest family ever!!!!

Author bluepriya (7 years)
lucas and jack r wel hotttttttt!!

Author maison212 (6 years)
wat episode does robbie cme into it

Author XxxxClaiRexxX (6 years)
I LOVE THE Holdens, mii fave Family in summer bay!

Author HPemio101 (2 years)
Jack is soso hot :D

Author pop137 (5 years)
i officialy luv you THANK YOU FOR POSTING IT!!!

Author Mussa2575 (1 year)
Well i think she's 18 here

Author A4ification (5 years)
Yea she was the best!! wouldn't mind her being my mother if she was single
in real-life she can date my dad =) I'll be happy. She was a Cougar

Author danielle burton (2 years)
Tony's a really nice neighbour LOL. Very friendly !

Author Olivia Rolfe (6 years)
jack and lucas r so hot thanx for the vid

Author Rich87 (6 years)
lucas didnt change much

Author Kisa (7 years)
Poor Flynn, having the same dream over and over again.

Author OneTreeHill83 (7 years)
What's the deal with the sign guy in the corner?? :P

Author Snæfridur Adda Thorsteinsdottir (6 years)
SPOILER! Does anyone else think it's weird that flynn had that dream
exactly 100 episodes before he dies?

Author ksrox2006 (6 years)
Flynn's in hospital cos he was shot

Author chari0t (7 years)
He is a deaf teller:P

Author MKAfan221 (6 years)
I LOVE THE Holdens and the Hunters

Author 1202463 (5 years)
luv at first site 4 both brothers

Author backstreetbabexxx (2 years)
i think martha is 22

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