Starting Fairbanks Morse Oil Engine Short version

Short version Starting Oil Engine

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Author Caleb Welte (5 years)
I'm guessing you have started one of these before. It's not often I see a
guy at a show starting these engines by himself. Usually 2 or 3 guys are
involved. Usually it's really old guys too!

Author pileofiron (8 years)
I love the sound of that engine!!

Author Karl2070 (1 year)
what model is this engine ?

Author Rumely1630 (6 years)
Yes One Cylinder, Two Stroke, Weighs about 4500 Pounds, Built in 1920

Author fivestander (7 years)
Sweet! One of my favorite engines!

Author gabriel bankov (1 year)

Author Rumely1630 (7 years)
It is Water Cooled by the water in the large Tank and water circulates by

Author biclink (4 years)
Love the engine, but lose the pony tail, like the 60s are over man

Author Rumely1630 (7 years)
This was originally used for generating electric power but was soon too
small and replaced with a larger one. It is rated at 15 Horsepower at 400

Author fireburst102 (4 years)
Great sound

Author Rumely1630 (4 years)
@biclink Um Ya... Actually I bought the Engine with what I Saved in
Haircuts... :) Now I'm Saving for a New Boiler for a Steam Tractor... :)

Author poweredparagliding (4 years)
Wow amazing! Did you restore it to its current condition?

Author Angus Hudson (7 years)
Wheres the cooling for that engine? Is it air or water cooled?

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