Morning Guitar Instrumental Music to Wake Up Without Coffee

Calm and positive music to wake up and start your day right.

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►The OCB (One Conscious Breath) relaxing music series helps you calm down. These music are great for relaxing, meditation, yoga, massage, learning, studying, reading, thinking, sleeping, working, dreaming, traveling, etc. Original, calming and peaceful tunes created and uploaded on YouTube every week.

Composer: Ferenc Hegedus | OCB Relax Music
Title: Boating in the Clouds
Publisher: Lynne Publishing
© 2015 All Right Reserved.

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It means it's just one track.This video was made for long relaxation, meditation or massage.

►If you want to license these tracks for use in your own projects, then please visit:


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Author Eric Perkins ( ago)
I wish I could play this on guitar. #ifyouhavethetabsletmeknow

Author Sammy_sand_Utube Yt ( ago)
about 7:40 for the sound of ringtone

Author DHYAN AMRUT ( ago)
Thanks for this beautiful music.

Author Oreo The Fox ( ago)
I wake up and listen to this everyday, its very calming

Author aeovid ( ago)
So smooth, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

Author Zahrya Toregano ( ago)
My teacher plays this when we do work

Author Kerri Beason ( ago)
I would really like to hear this without the bird sounds. Is that possible?

Author Cedar Lay ( ago)
Yeah this isn't working for me I need some heavy metal Metallica type stuff

Author Aylin 1234 ( ago)
Listening to this awesome music and studying to my chemistry quiz, it really helps 😄

Author Guus 1400 ( ago)
this is too short when i need to wake up without coffe i scream **FUCKING FUCKERDIE FUUUUUCK** first for like 4 hours

Author ragamic felisilda ( ago)

Author Lakshman Mindey ( ago)
Superb Music ,Its really refresh my mind ,I think i was addicted to it...

Author Hans Zarkov ( ago)
that bird can really play guitar!

Author Bambang A.Hadi ( ago)
But it is repeated in 3 hours on and on....

Author mr jay ( ago)
am here an wondering if the whole day could be a morning ........................ listening without coffee , have a great day everyone.

Author nikos ignatiadis ( ago)
Very nice

Author Laeeqah Mahomed ( ago)
this really helped me focus on my work and forget about distractions 😄 thank you💙

Author Laura B ( ago)
the stupid bird sounds need to go lol. I LOVE the music especially the beginning but the bird sounds uggghghhghghghgh

Author linda idda ( ago)

Author mhmd rizal ( ago)
love this

Author FreeSpiritHippie ( ago)
Listening to this as sleeping music, hahah! Good stuff!

Author New Experiences ( ago)
love this

Author Karima Alim ( ago)

Author مشاري دكتور مهجول ( ago)
انا سعودي ورقع المريكي

Author MPFercu ( ago)
It's a coffee cup filled with love and a melancholic guitar wishing you all well!

Author Forrest Stevens ( ago)
lowkey... this is better with coffee

Author ricardo varona ( ago)
I am having coffee , this is good music ,THANKS

Author Ahmed Asuoni ( ago)
I love too much ❤️

Author Maaziah Powell ( ago)
Thanks you for such beautiful music..Everyone enjoy your day..Today should always be our favorite day...One Love ✊❤

Author Saskia Limbourg ( ago)
wake up? nnnnnnow lay a littel bit more and drink a cup of thea😂

Author Sammy_sand_Utube Yt ( ago)
I will use this to sleep good luck to me hope to be awake in morning

Author Bryan Binayas ( ago)
where can i get the tabs for this song?

Author isayuship ( ago)

Author isayuship ( ago)

Author Cathy Childs Morrison ( ago)
I don't drink coffee any more but recall the fog I was in on waking until I had a cup. It's amazing how, once I kicked the habit, I was functional and happy the moment my eyes opened. All that said, thank you. This is a welcome sound track for my life.

Author yashal.imaan baig ( ago)
I think it would have been accurate if the title was 'Music to go to sleep even after taking coffee'. Awesome music though:)

Author Evolvedhybro 75 ( ago)
Groovy. I'm gonna get a guitar one of these days. Soon as it can, I hope

Author RandomAtics ( ago)
Good thing this came along, I quit caffeine a while ago.

Author Kunal Sampat ( ago)
beautiful music :) thanks so much!!!!

Author Lauren Cryer ( ago)
love this, thanks! : )

Author Laura Rosa Pasillas de Hinojosa ( ago)
Me gusto mucho...y si despiertas con un animo muy reconfortante

Author Vishnu E ( ago)
I really like it a lot
gud mrng friends

Author David Osentoski ( ago)
Sorry, but today I need coffee AND this on speed 2...

Author Fırat Akdoğan ( ago)
It is to sleep even with coffee, i guess

Author shermain prosper ( ago)
Love this

Author Chase Radigan ( ago)
If I have to see one more pathos-ridden Ernesto commercial before listening to some relaxing music, I swear I'll give the marketers heart failure > .>

Author Ivan Kušaković ( ago)
How to find tabs for guitar for songs like this?

Author kkkfts ( ago)
My wife died yesterday. I'm free now. :)

Author SUPERPOOKY100 ( ago)
what no coffeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Author Marko Lazić ( ago)
Very nice music

Author Lupita Capuchino ( ago)

Author Catherine Mitchell ( ago)
I love this kind of music, it is so soothing and it relaxes me!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Author David Boyd ( ago)
Very deceptive title. This is three hours of the same piece over and over again. You need lots of coffee to put up with this nerve-wracking repetition. Just delete all the repetitions and repost it as just the one piece. If I want to hear it more than once (very doubtful) I can just het "replay".

Author Leimizar ( ago)
I've always wondered what's in the cup; I bet it's coffee :)

Author Soufian Rzini ( ago)
Good morning I hope you have great day !

Author sblem ergela ( ago)
Where's my coffee??

Author PistonPete ( ago)
Ahh 3 hours...
This is how much time it usually rakes to move my lazy ass out of my bed ^^

Author Adrian Kurowski ( ago)
Love ♥

Author Rachel Stocks ( ago)
i might try learn something like this on my guitar to wake my boyfriend up like it did to me

Author الحمد لله ( ago)
Very good 😃😃😃😃

Author Emma Werenchuk ( ago)

Author Perth Home Cleaners ( ago)
Still needed coffee but great music:)

Author Nichalas Silva ( ago)
This song makes me relaxed

Author Mike Blackport ( ago)
Is it beer-thirty yet?

Author Assault gamer ( ago)
I'm not forcing anyone to be a Christian

Author Assault gamer ( ago)
and if you can't do something ask the Lord to help you. you don't have to

Author Assault gamer ( ago)
well... I'm hoping that all.. and I mean all.. have a good night anything that gets you stressed.. putt it out of your mind go ahead and smile meet your friends again at school if you have it don't be sad be happy. don't let anyone get you mad or sad or dipressed greet your neighbor's. don't worry about anything hug your parents when you go to school say hello to your friends and say hello to your teacher and I promise that tomorrow will be a great day I will pray for you all. :)

Author Airene Barago ( ago)
How can I download the music?

Author mimi zainol ( ago)
Tried a few instrumental music to kick start my morning .... but revert to OCB ... you're awesome!! Thanks ....

Author anthony suanque ( ago)
Yes, right now l'am listening and having my coffee after going to my work. Good Morning and have a nice day.

Author Daly Vega ( ago)
Hola hay alguien ahí

Author tiffany bittman ( ago)
Good music. we don't take-away my coffee.

Author xXwhitesheep111Xx minecraftroblox ( ago)

Author Elisabeth Elaine ( ago)
Do you have tabs or sheet music available for your music? I would love to be able to play this. it's so beautiful :)

Author Sagittarius A* ( ago)
Anyone know where I can get that mug? It's super cute!

Author Merfe Lapurga ( ago)
This is so relaxing for me. Great sound in the morning indeed.

Author tillybinkie ( ago)
Without coffee??!!

Author debarshi roy ( ago)
Whats the root note for the song?

Author prash mib ( ago)
good morning

Author R Fritzley ( ago)

Author Moizg Obregón ( ago)
Animal Crossing comes to my mind listening this

Author Shanti Sambangan ( ago)
fell soft sun sine in the morning at North Bali
Shanti Natural Panorama view hotel Bar & REstaurant
Good morning good poeple.....

Author Mohand Yaha ( ago)
good morning .

Author Free Music ( ago)

Author Veronika Csikós ( ago)
recalls the music of jamie winchester...

Author Marion Fiedler Music ( ago)
This is wonderful. I wish you a good morning, too. Thanks for sharing this. It made my day.

Author Abhishek Pathania ( ago)
Really! something Calms and Soothing...

Author worachot masuk ( ago)
i think that music is sad :(

Author Abrea Aida ( ago)
very soothing! make my soul happy and alive..

Author Teresa Tuttle ( ago)
beautiful music to wake up to. thank you!

Author PYROLORD6 ( ago)
I didn't get any sleep at all last night, so this helps take the egde of a little bit, but I need lots of coffee to function today. Great music to shower to.

Author Beni Murdani ( ago)
good morning all.

Author Ms. Sunshine ( ago)
I really have enjoyed this music. Love me some guitar music. Thank you for posting!

Author Nathan Hawks ( ago)
Very nice guitar! Maybe a little less birds as you go :) But, all in all, thanks for sharing this. It is really nice and relaxing to hear.

Author jabid khan ( ago)
Nice miet you

Author Quad Canary ( ago)
:) nice, that's it

Author avantika sharma ( ago)
this made my beginning fr day really awesome thnks.....
good morning all of u ....hv an awesome day

Author Eileen Schatz ( ago)
Buenos días bendiciones

Author Sabrina Rosa ( ago)
Good morning everyone !!

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