$39 Massage Vs. $490 Massage

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  • “I have no idea what’s happening to my body right now."

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    Beautiful African woman relaxing spa salon Face Body massage concept
    anttoniu/Getty Images
    Woman wearing face mask being pampered with spa treatment
    Rocco Baviera/Getty Images
    Beautiful young woman relaxing at spa salon Face Body massage
    anttoniu/Getty Images

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    Four Season Los Angeles
    Aqua Thai Spa
    Tikkun Holistic Spa

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  • Nodir Alimov
    Nodir Alimov 3 hours ago


  • Tahlia L
    Tahlia L 10 hours ago


  • Sebastian Leahy
    Sebastian Leahy 12 hours ago

    Do worth it Pancakes next episode!!!

  • José Andrés Pérez Pérez

    (GONE SEXUAL) not clickbait

  • E.L Barker
    E.L Barker 15 hours ago

    On this episode of Ship IT- Michelle and Jordan


  • Emma Stallings
    Emma Stallings 16 hours ago

    *"Massage fact, I just got my period"*

  • jithesh sudhakaran
    jithesh sudhakaran 17 hours ago

    @2:15 my dad mistook me watching lesbian stuff..😬

  • Opal Opal
    Opal Opal 1 day ago

    That face at 8:23

  • Piggy_one
    Piggy_one 1 day ago

    The only problem with me getting one of these is that I would probably get a boner

  • Aaron Eslava
    Aaron Eslava 1 day ago

    Michelle: Wow!
    Masseuse: Wow

  • ReigningHeet
    ReigningHeet 1 day ago

    2:20 - 2:30 look like they had sex went to sleep then woke up to talk about how good it was

  • Apple Tech 1
    Apple Tech 1 1 day ago

    What happened at 8:11?????? Scary

  • Red
    Red 2 days ago

    10$ Dog vs 1000$ Dog

  • Ismael Raymundo
    Ismael Raymundo 2 days ago

    Do a 1$ bleach vs 100$ bleach

  • JopS z
    JopS z 2 days ago

    Yey feminism "and the jacuzzi for the woman"

  • Simone Pineapple
    Simone Pineapple 2 days ago

    "Best Thai massage in town" lmao like only

  • Dubby the Shrug Lord

    0:35 honestly the middle picture looks more expensive

  • Rickson Marquez
    Rickson Marquez 3 days ago

    Who are those people in the backseat?

  • Anika Hill
    Anika Hill 3 days ago

    Do worth it makeup or worth it cars

  • James Latini
    James Latini 3 days ago

    "Having amazing once and a life time experiences so you don't have to"

  • Angelina Sohm
    Angelina Sohm 3 days ago


  • ThePet Heaven
    ThePet Heaven 3 days ago

    Four seasons in Britain is a nursing home for the elderly who need special care. E.g Damentia, Parkinson's

  • Woold5421 '
    Woold5421 ' 3 days ago

    Sports games

  • Mucho Aloha
    Mucho Aloha 3 days ago

    These bitches are nasty.

  • Tamás Viola
    Tamás Viola 4 days ago

    honestly i need to work for buzzfeed i would be like i have a good idea i try the most expensive massages foods spa's vacation spots... and you give me money to do them lol.

  • Serenity113
    Serenity113 4 days ago

    Ok what is up with 8:10? lol I've gotten massages before and the massuse never did that! lol

  • Lathan Smith
    Lathan Smith 4 days ago

    Happy ending?

  • JosoHg
    JosoHg 4 days ago

    Do you also get a happy ending

  • xRogerDatxxx
    xRogerDatxxx 4 days ago


    • xRogerDatxxx
      xRogerDatxxx 4 days ago

      reminds me of when Harry breaks his arm 😂

  • Cole Richardson
    Cole Richardson 5 days ago

    i wanted to work at buzzfeed but they told me i had to be lesbian :/

  • Jonathan Ngo
    Jonathan Ngo 5 days ago

    Both these hoes left Buzzfeed.

  • Gary Richter
    Gary Richter 5 days ago

    Half the price you paid for the 4 hands massage was for the name 4 seasons. It should be a good but less at a non-hotel spa. But they are really really nice

  • potlovingchef14
    potlovingchef14 5 days ago


  • Jinxes Vixen
    Jinxes Vixen 5 days ago

    that's their job ? 🤔 how can I apply ...

  • John Philipp Krois
    John Philipp Krois 5 days ago

    Wow.. these girls couldn't be more annoying..

  • Silly Jew
    Silly Jew 6 days ago


  • duckie leebrowwski
    duckie leebrowwski 6 days ago

    A 40$ bj is a 40$ bj

  • Matt1bee
    Matt1bee 6 days ago

    I'm thai

  • Claire Finn
    Claire Finn 6 days ago

    I love Jen❤️

  • Mars Billy
    Mars Billy 7 days ago

    leave these 2 girls alone, let me massage them

  • Happy Lion
    Happy Lion 7 days ago

    Ask about the "Happy Ending"

  • Danielle Reimers
    Danielle Reimers 7 days ago

    As a massage therapist, those therapists with the painted nails -really- bug me considering how so many schools tell you how unclean that really is. It actually grosses me out.

  • DietGokuri
    DietGokuri 7 days ago

    That Jew with the big nose distracted me.

  • Squishies23 Lola
    Squishies23 Lola 7 days ago

    5:06 what was that sound?

  • p0612n
    p0612n 7 days ago

    9:08 "I think seafood is also my winner"lol
    BTW it's if you have subtitles (English auto-generated) on.

  • MsZephyra
    MsZephyra 7 days ago

    I guess watching is better than nothing... I've needed a good massage for so damn long... 😞

  • YataMirror
    YataMirror 7 days ago

    8:13 I be in that

  • Ally Cat
    Ally Cat 8 days ago

    If you don't look like you've had sex after a massage it wasn't done right I always look a mess

  • Lionel Lynch
    Lionel Lynch 8 days ago

    Happy ending

  • your father
    your father 8 days ago

    fucking pornhub, i will never look at a message place as i used to before

  • Luca tele spalla
    Luca tele spalla 9 days ago

    i wanna work for you after this,test massage is a great work XD

  • Pretty boy
    Pretty boy 9 days ago

    I saw an asian place for 25 an hour. But for an extra 100 they offer something else. Also when people get massaged & have a relaxed face, I call it freshly fucked. Hahaha

  • Victory Sampson
    Victory Sampson 9 days ago

    Creepy Blue Baby Sculpture had me shook, for real.

  • Rodney Hill
    Rodney Hill 9 days ago

    Start the video at 2:26 and it seems awesome

  • Autumn Bentley
    Autumn Bentley 9 days ago

    is this the bon appetit video?

  • Chara Dreemur
    Chara Dreemur 9 days ago

    Why the jacuzzi for just the female

  • Lela Guyden
    Lela Guyden 10 days ago

    I want to watch greys anatomy after this for some reason

  • Maria Centeno
    Maria Centeno 10 days ago

    I have that blanket Lol

  • Ashley Thrashley
    Ashley Thrashley 10 days ago

    $10 Outdoor Adventure vs 500 dollar (or more!) Examples like Whale Watching, Ziplining, Hiking, Swimming etc.

  • Lost Alien
    Lost Alien 11 days ago

    The one with glasses is SLIM THICC

  • Josh Jonathan
    Josh Jonathan 11 days ago

    why is the jacuzzi only for women

  • Emil Wiberg
    Emil Wiberg 12 days ago

    Free porn vs brazzers

  • Oeyvind oeyri
    Oeyvind oeyri 12 days ago

    $ Trampoline vs. $$$ Trampoline

  • Antonis Mamais
    Antonis Mamais 13 days ago

    what if you get a boner while the massage?

  • bacca warrior53
    bacca warrior53 13 days ago

    at 00:32 tell me if someone see if you combine the two name to gather

  • William Randestad
    William Randestad 13 days ago

    89$ hooker vs 1000$ hooker next?

  • White Peony
    White Peony 13 days ago

    Do a HAIR REMOVAL video! One for each type: waxing, laser, shaving, ect.
    Each razor has a different quality ok? >.>

  • Abbee Stegasaurus
    Abbee Stegasaurus 13 days ago

    I would honestly love to see worth it busses

  • Alejandro Mejia
    Alejandro Mejia 13 days ago

    i have a crush on that asian girl haha

  • Drew Collins
    Drew Collins 13 days ago

    Lol who are these two? I don't know them. Are they stunt women?

  • jiri stastny
    jiri stastny 13 days ago

    eeew I left autoplay by mistake while i was taking a shower and landed on this buzzfeed crap

  • Ms. Kesslers vlogs
    Ms. Kesslers vlogs 13 days ago

    my turn!

  • Ronald Rogers
    Ronald Rogers 13 days ago

    That $490 massage looked so comfortable, I got relaxed and zoned out too...

  • Karli Banraz
    Karli Banraz 14 days ago

    CHIROPRACTIC massage
    SPA massage ...BOTH THERAPEUTIC ???

  • Karli Banraz
    Karli Banraz 14 days ago


  • 챙trash
    챙trash 14 days ago

    Cheap bed vs Expensive bed

  • Andre' Cross LMT, CNMT

    As a professional Massage Therapist I always encourage client not to compare but rather give into the moment to allow your body to communicate it's present needs. Though Massage Therapy is a science there is also a significant component of art and individuality. Comparison, oftentimes leads to dissatisfaction when in reality what is being compared are polar opposites.

  • Abbie Roberts
    Abbie Roberts 14 days ago

    If you've never had a thai massage..... do. Seriously, it will CHANGE you.

  • Moto1987
    Moto1987 15 days ago

    Why would the Jacuzzi be women only?

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze 15 days ago

    For $490 i guarantee you that double massage came with a double fingerbang

  • Melanie Sartorius
    Melanie Sartorius 15 days ago

    Cheap cars vs really expensive cars

  • Zoe Becker
    Zoe Becker 15 days ago

    oh this was done on my birthday. lit

  • Jess Macdonald
    Jess Macdonald 16 days ago

    8:11 is she wearing panties

  • Roxella Ortega
    Roxella Ortega 16 days ago


  • Ellie Arnold
    Ellie Arnold 16 days ago

    I ship Them XP

  • Sentanyl3
    Sentanyl3 16 days ago

    The chick with the glasses looks like she needs those trucker arms massaged.

  • Tiger9302
    Tiger9302 16 days ago


    XINYU ZHANG 16 days ago

    In 8:10😂 looks so dirty🤣😅

  • Charles Lo
    Charles Lo 16 days ago

    $30M LMP1 race car vs $500K GT3 race car.

  • A.K Venu
    A.K Venu 16 days ago

    this remained me of PHOEBE from FRIENDS when rachel finds out she is a measus phoebe acted out as Swedish measus DIED LA7GHING

  • Rohan Singh
    Rohan Singh 16 days ago

    $30 hooker vs $1000 hooker

  • omar Irizarry
    omar Irizarry 16 days ago

    Whe they slapped them on the back, I simply lost it!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • simply lana
    simply lana 17 days ago

    I though she said Worth It moustaches...

  • Wittle Waltz
    Wittle Waltz 17 days ago

    Eric and Kelsey deserve this more

  • Fishy Turtle
    Fishy Turtle 17 days ago

    whats a period

  • bonnie
    bonnie 17 days ago

    This video gave me the idea to buy a massage for my mum and now I'm the favourite child, thank you buzzfeed!

  • Mickey DeVe
    Mickey DeVe 17 days ago

    the neck...and the feet.....AT..THE...SAAAAME...TIME.....bup bup bup bup bup bup bup bup if your mother only knew

  • Linda
    Linda 17 days ago

    the last massage reminds me of Katy Perry's Bon Appetit music video.

  • Monkey Monster101
    Monkey Monster101 17 days ago

    Do a blow out

  • Mork Zockorborg
    Mork Zockorborg 18 days ago

    Gross... did anybody see the string hanging out?

    • Dev
      Dev 16 days ago

      Mork Zockorborg breaking news grown man is scared of tampons

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