Kyrie Irving argues with reporter over 'flat earth' comments

Kyrie Irving got into a heated argument with a reporter during All-Star media availability over his recent comments that the Earth is flat.

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Author The Great Ape ( ago)
Lol being ridiculed by the media first weapon of choice by those evil people in power I wouldn't be surprised to find out k Irving ends up dead some where can't have a smart person making millions of people look into a flat earth society . I mean truely scientist should embrace the fact that people may think that the earth is flat and not ridicule them and make them out to be nut jobs because if it was not for that kind of thinking science would never have come about. I mean people would have laughed at the guy who thought one day we would be able to fly or one day we will be able to send a text message . We are all scientist in our own right so for a scientist to make fun of another guy for using his god given talent imagination and free thinking not to eat the shit that's been feed to him we are all individuals if we wish to think the earth is flat then so be it no need to get your panties in a twist live your life fuck of and let people think for themselves don't try force feed ur lies into us .

Author they're the vial ( ago)
just ride a fucking plane and look at the fucking horizon through the fucking window. does it fucking look flat?!

Author balikati ( ago)
never knew kyrie was a republican

Author And you are but a thought ( ago)
Why is the reporter pestering him about that?? No offense but its like asking the landscaper of a hosipital what he thinks about a heart transplant a surgeon did on a patient... The question and the mans profession have nothing to do with eachother...

Author Thomas Nadaskay ( ago)
I love all these comment saying "the earth is flat...look it up." These idiots are telling me to go online and research the flat earth when anything said online can be fabricated by whomever. If there was no such thing as gravity how the fuck are we all not floating out to space. If the sun was 6000 miles from earth we would all be burnt to a fucking crisp. If you have a problem with what NASA, a federal organization, is telling you then just fucking move to Canada because the majority of people in the US are getting pretty tired of laughing at you flat earthers.

Author Nate Abel ( ago)
why has nobody found the edge of the earth ever, is it ∞ ? why are the
sun and moon a circle? what would be the motive for this incredible
scheme to have occurred? and by who? i don't feel very intelligent right
now engaging in this

Author SoulReaper361 ( ago)
clearly he knows he has no evidence to back up he's claims so he's dodging the question. he's right to be a idiot in this country that's all.

Author multiyoisi mok ( ago)
every day i wake up and find more news that makes me lose faith in humanity.....sigh

Author BlagenLogin ( ago)
How come we have the same night sky every night if we are orbiting the sun, spinning? Why does the horizon always look flat no matter how high you go?

And if you didn't know, the glass and lenses in planes and cameras is curved slightly which creates the illusion of a curved horizon.

And I know you guys have heard flat earthers say all the images from NASA are fake and CGI.... it sounds ridiculous, but you do have to admit, all those pictures and videos come from one source.

And I'm pretty sure you guys have heard of the moon landing being a hoax. You can find a lot of footage that are either bloopers or extra footage that show how they faked it.

What if I told you that the moon landing was only there to prove the earth was round?

It's crazy and it's incredibly hard to believe because we've all been taught the earth was round since birth.

And there are some flat earthers out there that are ridiculous on purpose to make the rest of the flat earthers unbelievable, so if you're ever researching into this. Just have an open mind and be reasonable when you take in information.

Author BlagenLogin ( ago)
I hope you guys know that they're having people who sound stupid come out as flat earthers so nobody takes it seriously.

If you have an open mind, I highly suggest you go look into it yourself.

Author Joe Xa ( ago)
are black people really that stupid?

Author Christian Colossus ( ago)
Maybe he should've paid attention in school... You can't fake stupid.

Author Adrian Jaimes ( ago)
If the earth is flat then explain how days and seasons come about.

Author DevilsDesign ( ago)
The earth is totally flat. Just turn on google maps.. do u see a round map appearing!? no, you have a 2d flat image on your screen. Just try building a wall.. do you have to adjust calculation for the curvature of the earth!? NO YOU DONT!! Stay woke!

Author Dave Underwood ( ago)
The Illuminati (globalists) are putting shit like this out there for 2 reasons. First, a distraction and second, to study people and their reactions. In this retarded are people, and how far can you take the retardation. It's just a PSYOP, so don't take it too seriously. Lol

Author MastaMonkey ( ago)
Stay strong man! Fuck these idiots that scorn you. The Earth IS flat!

Author thejollyjumbuck ( ago)
I think Shaq is trolling, but this guy is serious.

Author Guy Best ( ago)
Haha! Why do they care if a basketball player believes that the earth is flat? Shouldn't they be asking questions about basketball? They can't let it go because they are really questioning their own belief. They blame their own questions that, they themselves asked on the fans. "what about your fans?" The fans want to see him score points. That's it!

Author Ozymandias ( ago)
Lol even if it's flat that doesn't prove your stupid god, the main reason people say it's flat is for retarded religious reasons which make no fucking sense, you will die and be forgotten about, there is no heaven or hell you are just a piece of shit walking around

Author AI913 ( ago)
Trying too hard to be cool Irving. Confirmed stupid dumbass.

Author MemesrDreamz ( ago)
The sun is flat to then bois oh jeez how we revolvin around dat bitch?

Author We Are Legion ( ago)

Author Nicholas Floyd ( ago)
If the world was flat that would mean I would weigh 50lbs in Antarctica due to gravity and the center of earth. Still like you Kyrie.

Author missed information ( ago)
he probably got a call from freemason to stfu!!

Author ekMo ( ago)
shouldn't brainwashing serve a purpose? tell me exactly why there would be a need to lie about the shape of our planet.

Author Sie Xin ( ago)
Why don't I see the clouds move at all on google earth after 24 hr if the earth is round?

Author Томас Эйхорст ( ago)
stupid fucking nigga!

Author Bode B ( ago)
This reminds me of how Sherlock Holmes is really smart but he doesn't know the order of planets in the solar system. Watson mocked him for it but his response was "Why does it matter?".

I think what Kyrie is trying to say is that as a professional basketball player, what difference does it make whether the earth is flat or round? If he realized that the Earth is actually round, will he change his basketball game based on that information? No it's irrelevant to his career goals and ambitions that's what he's trying to say.

Author Todd Cronin ( ago)
I am amazed at the commenting on here. The message is based in absolute ignorance (belief that the earth is flat and NASA made moon landings in a studio) and peoples inability to communicate a message in written form. Did any of you go to school? seriously, your writing is atrocious.

Author Giordano Bruno ( ago)
Many people will be shocked to know that to this day, every single scientific experiment ever devised to show the alleged motion of the Earth has failed to do so (or given evidence of the opposite, that the Earth is indeed motionless) and every attempt ever made to measure the alleged curvature of the Earth has failed to do so (or given evidence of the opposite, that the Earth is indeed flat).

Author C ( ago)
bruh i get what hes doing but not smart when u have TONS of underdeveloped fans who will believe everything they hear.

Author catshavesouls ( ago)

Author Coos Oorlog ( ago)
This is what happens when you play basketball at school instead of studying.

Author Creepy Craig ( ago)
what a fucking idiot

Author jason menzie ( ago)
world flat point blank period.

Author Meek Jahye ( ago)
the man is correct. you travel east to get to china. you dont start digging in the ground

Author Robert Lee ( ago)
what the f u c k

Author Moist bagels ( ago)
Kylie is right, also the sun is just a myth NASA wants you believe, it's actually just a really big flashlight

Author Nicky C ( ago)
I want my refund from NASA!!!

Author MagnificentXXBastard ( ago)
The fact that the US, supposedly a first world country, has in 2017 quite a large amount of people who legitimately believe the world is flat speaks volumes on the quality of your education system and cofirms the stereotype of the dumb american worldwide.

Author Caesar Vespasian ( ago)
LOL Nigga you were born in Australia, it was Fall there when it was Spring in USA LOL This nigga is trying so hard to change the subject to making it about the media when the media's actually doing their job this time, early entry from college nigga should have stayed four years, Duke is a good school na? LOL

Author Snow Monkey ( ago)
No, what's hilarious is the fact that you really think the world is flat. What an idiot!!!!

Author King ( ago)
Kyrie podcast: the best example of flat earth proof is the Bedford Level Experiment. In short, this was an experiment performed many times on a six-mile str-

Reporter: The earth isn't flat. Kyrie, you are a fucking idiot.

Kyrie: I could go on and on about this but it's an unpopular so can we move on? Why does is matter what I think?

Reporter: Because, you have millions of fans and they want to know every facet of your fucking life!

Kyrie: OK, but why the flat earth? Nobody gave a shit about my podcast till I said the Earth was flat? This is obviously the media's tricks to portray the educated black man as a fucking joke. I will say that indirectly, though, because if I don't, the masses will see me as a fucking idiot AND a conspirator, too.

Reporter: Hah! Whatever you say, Kyrie. We love you man, but stick to basketball!

Author Слобода Или Смрт ( ago)
When you look at the sky at night you see the moon that is round and at day you see the sun that is round too and all the stars are round shaped you can go to any observatory and see that any other cosmic body in our solar system is round shaped you can actually see this, now why the hell would earth be round?

Author Online ( ago)
What a dumb motherfucker.

Author snatch muk ( ago)
Look, everybody just chill. Kyrie believes the earth is flat; but it doesn't have any revelance over his life.

Author zain Chau ( ago)
I love this guy. Who gives a shit what ppl belive. Get to know them and judge them by their actions.

Ppl are so dumb thinking he actually believes the earth is flat. It is a point. Chill out. We all know the earth is round for goodness sakes.

Author NothingIsImposible09 ( ago)
I think he is trying to prove a point. social media and modern news, is so reliant on ratings and views that they rather ignore real situations happening around the world. global hunger is increasing, catastrophic weather phenomena is constantly intensifying, mass animal die offs, etc. its crazy how we gets so hooked on what other people believe or think.

Author UXSpecialist ( ago)
the stupidity of these people is astounding. have we really regressed thousands of years in human knowledge after an internet meme took off? come on people, be smart... learn how to tell the difference between truth and fallacy pretty please

Author Dbeast300 ( ago)
"And thats all you took from it?" Yeah kyrie, a sudden burst of idiocracy from what seems like a normal person is pretty fucking suprising, next time i guess we'll just lower our standards.

Author Jose Maldonado ( ago)
Is this why he's bad at free throws?

Author David Vega ( ago)
Are u serious? This nigga dumb as hell....why couldn't he say whether he was joking or not ? Or whether he believes tht? My guess is tht costs him a lot because of the amount of stupidity that statement carried

Author No MAAM Last ( ago)
Kyrie is such an idiot. And now he wants to deflect and not acknowledge his statement of stupidity because he is embarrassed.

Author Carlos Corbin ( ago)
They believe the earth is flat because a basketball can't bounce on a round surface

Author eliezer cohen ( ago)
i believe u kyrie ure my favorate basket ball player i also live in cle

Author Randy o ( ago)
Lol sad that people believe this shit

Author hoveball ( ago)
dude is not happy about being called out on flat Earth, it's the All Star game you want him to ask you political questions?

Author Not A Sphere ASSHOLES! (NASA) channel ( ago)
you hilarious "brother"

why is it important to find out where we live ??? you a sad hueman kyrie
kep drinking your pesi and fucking white girls

Author Not A Sphere ASSHOLES! (NASA) channel ( ago)
LMAO good little slave boy working for his masters( ask andre about his MASTER)-- cause he has no brain or creativity to be anything else in "life" GODS world. I also know children who can put a spherical BALL in a hoop, you really put your god given talents to use " Brother"
but what to expect from a "man" who sells you and your children death drink called Pepsi - and what is pepsi corporate address? one world? awake yet? and the serpent tongue logo like NASA hmmmm awake yet...???

and since when you fools get taught that we live on a "round" you where taught a sphere a BALL like the BALL you put in a basket in your fake job NBA fixed league, lebron "KING" james was gifted two titles one by the devil POP and another by the DEVIL steph , passing the ball behind his back-- F ing around in crucial minutes of an NBA finals game lol get the F out of here little boy hmmmm almost as funny as "the chosen one" cam standing there in the super bowl watching the ball lay on the floor so he can give his masters what they want get payton a super bowl that his non athletic ass cant win on his own while he and NFL sit there and sell you and your families poison PIZZA, BEER to calcify your pineal organ ( make you stupid, zombie state, a sleeping hueman) they you need the Viagra to make your dick work after consuming all that shit for years lol.

and adam silver say he went to DUKE as well oh yeah like Kyrie duke blue DEVILS, let me say it again DEVILS

so adam they taught you at chicago law and duke that you live on a round not a sphere or BALL you know what balls are ADAM they been up in your face many uh time

or did you mean round like a quarter or a disc ???

roundround/adjectiveadjective: round

1 having a flat, circular surface, as a disk.
shaped like or approximately like a circle or cylinder."she was seated at a small, round table"synonyms:circular, ring-shaped, disk-shaped, hoop-shaped;

you f ing lawyers are scum with your word play you and barry obama

so sheeple keep worshiping those who poison your body and mind, and i will keep trying to pray for you without laughing

Author Borris Fly ( ago)
FACT: youtube is not the only source of education!
FACT: if your opinion about a red car involves you saying "what a lovely black car it is" then its not an opinion any more but pure artistic point of color blindness.

So lets begin with the things that also come with the flat earth theory.
1. Kyrie Irving (a supposed educated athlete..) doesn't believe the earth is a sphere. But if the Earth isn't a sphere, so arent the stars and other planets in the sky.
2. So... for Kyrie Irving the stars dont exist and also other spherical planets, moons etc. This is having big implications regarding "WHAT the hell millions of scientist are doing? All of those people working on those "fabricated" telescopes around the globe, passing all these false information to all the other millions of scientists and in conclusion brainwashing us with these false space exploration, imaginary quantum computers, fictional 4d printers, dreams of programmable matter etc. If that had made any sence at all, well imagine everytime Kyrie makes a buzzerbitter and a spooky silence of coolness is in the house of the Cavs.
3. Kyrie Irving doesn't believe the gravity is real cause it doesn't exist according to THE THEORY of flat fairytale book (stupid scientists who dedicated their life to find those gravitons and gravitational waves, that you found but its all lies according to Kyrie information of thruth...). Imagine a basketball game where are no coaches on the benches. For everybody at least for a while it wont be noticable. Of cource you can keep playing in a bizzare street basket mode. The game will still be called basketball. But if you remove this constant (coach) from the game, it will be an entirly different game dont you think? Kyrie quotes "Coaches arent real. The game was played from the beginning of the sport without them. I can prove it!"
4. Kyrie Irving doesn't believe quantum physics is real (physicists around the world make all the electronics work, cause thery are real). And now comes the tricky part. If he doesn't believe in that, then his iphone is just an illusion, his computer is a book, his car is a 350 real horses desguised as metalic supercar. All the science is based on the FACT that gravity is real, rotation is real, the stars are real, electrons are real etc.
5. Kyrie Irving is rich and can say, without conciquences, what ever the religionstonedlookalike headmouth of his come up with. And that is also a FACT or an observed truth.
6. Kyrie Irving with his epiphany of what our world looks like after 6000 years of human evolution (the Summerians = true FACT they existed. It wasnt just Jesus around flat earth all those years...) redicules millions of true professors and scientists around the world, not to mention the millions of kids that look up to him as a rolemodel, but when they grow up they want to be astronauts and not basketball players. Imagine their devastation when they found out the truth from Kyrie that astronauts, scientists in general are like Santa Clause... Let him speak. Kyrie Irving quotes "You ignorant people, look at you. You dedicated your life on a lie. Maths dont exist. Physics is made up by THEM, so that they can control you. Sorry I speak only for USA, cause THEM doesn't exist on the other side of the ocean. There, they had science for at least 3000 years and they dont have NASA to lie to them of cource of cource." Ntrinn Ntrinn phone ringing (internet was invented by physicists... sorry I will translate for Kyrie "internet was a creation of the magicians of the past". Sarcastic enough? WHO IS THEM, who started this 3000 years now, Kyrie? Who are those poeple who continue this lie? As your professions integrity dictates tell the truth to us the lied and the common fools.
7. Kyrie Irving is rich and famous. He has the means to travel around the world (something that we common people cannot do) where actual big Telescopes are and look through the f*cking glass and hopefully his mind view will actually have an alignment with his eyes view. And then post his experience, with his iphone or samsung or whatever device physicists invented, to facebook or twitter or whatever similar scientists or just brilliand minded people from MIT or from their garage have invented. Now that I'm thinking more clear he can buy a telescope, the best there is or he can order a really big one just to prove him wrong. I cant imagine the look on his face, when he'll find out that the people that have been working there, some even their whole life, are not conspirators, but actual scientists who have been observing other planets and stars in the cosmos.
8. "Kyrie Irving is the worsed player in the NBA.... if you ignore pass, drippling, rebounds, shooting and defence skills. For shooting he developed his own technic called blindluck. He believes its the key of basketball evolution.". If you do not believe me, make your own research and make up your own mind about this issue.(for sure there will be a few videos proving me right in one or two things-maybe from shaquin a fool or something. That doesnt make my assumption a fact. I have to look more isn't that right?) In the year 2017, where information is practically instantaneously available, where you can learn and study everything without ever leaving your home (thank you theory physicists), people exist dismissing our evolution as a species, keeping only the part of science that suits them, contradicting science facts with belief.

Someone with a degree of education wouldnt be so easy to persuade that the earth is flat just by watching videos in youtube. For centuries people wrote books and advanced mathematics, physics and chemistry trying to explain the mysteries of our universe, but then again... for Kyrie its all a conspiracy, trying getting us smarter. If more and more people like Kyrie choose to believe an illusion that the earth is flat and dismiss science then the world will get definitely dumber. And closing from nofx:
...the industrial revolution
has flipped the bitch on evolution
the benevolent and wise are being thwarted, ostracized, what a bummer
the world keeps getting dumber
insensitivity is standard and faith is being fancied over reason...

Author ACTruitt ( ago)
4d chess by kyrie?

Author Harta Kurnia ( ago)
According to my theory, if the earth is flat then all the girls titty would be flat and your balls would be flat. Do you really want to live in that kind of world?

Author ZestyOmelet ( ago)

Author Ahmed Osman ASMR ( ago)
the Earth is dick shaped, this is why we fucked up

Author Andres 0615 ( ago)
If the planet is flat why don't I fall off the end? Why can I get on a plane in California travel east and eventually reach CALIFORNIA!!!!! He is just looking for attention
Doesn't he have enough money to go up and check for himself?

Author Todd Cronin ( ago)
I have read the book. What is your point? Is this some way to demonstrate your intelligence that you read and recommend a book?

Author ACGotClout ( ago)
Kyrie sound like a feminist in this vid

Author jo Bo ( ago)
My fuckin science teacher is making us watch this and he was calling kyrie stupid. Smh. couldnt do what kyrie ever has

Author Chris Ryan ( ago)
If we weren't brainwashed into thinking the earth was round a young age, we would most likely think it was a flat plain just by seeing our surroundings.

Author Nelly Gribble ( ago)
I feel like Kyrie is high

Author Pdubz21 ( ago)
The earth is flat? is fake?..there's no other planets? is wrong w/people? Close minded! So that's means everything is two dimensional huh...what about the fact that when you go outside & look up you can see near by planets or how a couple billionaires are putting the finishing touches on their commercial outer space flights ships?? Think about it. Go to a space Observatory, buy a telescope!

Author robert egle ( ago)
Someone got triggered. 😂

Author Ez Money ( ago)
The Earth is Flat

Author Tttt Lll ( ago)
Kyrie seemed mad, probably because he was the roasted on social media, now he's to embarrass to answer the question, that just show how insecure he is, man up and say, "YES I Believe the damn world is flat, anymore questions?"

Author James Harden's Nappy Ass Beard ( ago)
why is the reporter on his line about it,if the nigga think the world is flat than that's his fucking opinion and perspective,these reporters really do ask to get punched in the mouth smh.

Author Caleb Thompson ( ago)
kyrie maybe you should finish the rest of the three years at college

Author Chandler Hamilton ( ago)
Those who truly believe the earth is flat have no idea what the concept of gravity is. That's just one thing, but then there is the fact that if the earth were flat, there'd be only one sunset and the entire planet would be night or day altogether. These are just a few things that totally dismiss flat earth theorists.

Author Victor Walston ( ago)
what did they teach him at Duke university??

Author Allen Beneli ( ago)
What a moron...everyone knows the earth is rectangular

Author john dellatto ( ago)
uh yea it is pretty good news. Most of us don't care about basketball or you but it definitely satisfies us when news tells us about the idiots who believe in a flat earth.

Author TROLL ( ago)
Kyrie officially a MORON

Author KVPD ( ago)
USA Today and the rest of the legacy media are exposing themselves as the bottom of the barrel that they really are. Report on child trafficking or advances in technology or new geological discoveries. USAT: "No. We want to harass a sportsperson over a throw away coment he made. We want to to destroy him and antagonize him because we are all losers at our jobs".

Author KVPD ( ago)
Troll of the year award for 2017 goes to Kyrie Irving.

Author Rob Armstrong ( ago)
Coriolis effect???
It either exists or it doesn't. You cant have both!!!
We are taught about the coriolis effect in school. We are shown a short video of 2 people standing at opposite sides of a merry-go-round. One person throws the ball straight to the other person and the other person is already past the point of where they were. The ball cannot be caught because the merry-go-round keeps spinning and the ball (now free of the earths rotation) still goes straight.
This teaches us that the earth moves under objects that are detached from the earths surface. Simple and understandable. We are taught that it applies to everything. It would have to. It can NOT be a selective effect.
The entire premise of the coriolis effect, from a meteorological standpoint, is that the earths rotation "UNDER" the atmosphere causes weather patterns! If we are subject to that same atmosphere and "stuck" within it, then the earth would rotate eastward faster than we can fly! Simple.
If we catch a flight from west to east at the equator, with the earths rotation, as we are taught, then we would never make it to our destination because the earth supposedly spins at over 1000mi/hr at the equator and the average passenger jet goes 500mi/hr. If we travel east to west, against the earths rotation, we would be traveling at a combined speed of 1500mi/hr toward our destination. That is only if the earth is spinning. Which it is NOT!!!
Some people will argue "we fly in the atmosphere that is bound to the earth". If that were true then the coriolis effect would never exist. There would be no need for it. Never would have been considered or taught in our education system.
Coriolis effect either exists and effects everything that leaves the earth surface or it effects nothing.
The lies are pushed through our endocrine/media/education system.
The lies are propagated perpetrated by the free masons/bankers/science.
My education taught me that the coriolis effects all things detached from the dirt surface of the earth. Baseballs, arrows, bullets, missiles and airplanes all fall into this category.
If the coriolis is a REAL THING and not a lie taught in school, then the earth would be spinning faster than an eastbound flight and you never reach your destination!!!

Author XxToSausyxX ( ago)
Im a big fan of kyrie honestly

Author XxToSausyxX ( ago)
And let kyrie be himself damn. It's really not that funny. And don't be laughing when kyrie does the same thing to stephen curry in the final. Maybe that we'll teach ya something atleast

Author XxToSausyxX ( ago)
Kyrie is not wrong actually because while we are transporting to other places with are vehicles where just going straight we don't go around like a barrel or something. So he is not wrong. Kyrie might be telling facts that ya don't understand

Author Camron Vaughn ( ago)
let my boy kyrie be kyrie thats my fav b-ball player

Author Andrew Shearn ( ago)
why does everyone think he's being serious when he says earth is flat

Author Ale Bundy ( ago)
Dumb ass

"Everybody wants to know, do you believe this." Everyone? Really? He must have had a busy week doing interviews for that statement to be true.

Author Hermit ( ago)
hes got more guts then any of you. hes a hero to me

Author *Y O U G R E E D Y D I R T B A G* ( ago)
lol watch hardcore cavs fans defend him and say the earth's flat.

Author sunny ( ago)
Unfortunately Kyrie is not intelligent enough to do good satire because this is just retarded. I'm going to assume for the sake of argument that he's trolling, but this is terrible satire. He is a high profile NBA player so if he says he thinks the world is flat, I'm not sure why it's surprising that sports media would cover it. It's an absolutely retarded thing for someone to say, and if a famous athlete says it, of course someone will report on it. His point that there are other issues in the world that needs to be covered is silly as well, because other news sources do cover other topics besides the fuckery of NBA players, its just sports media that have no choice but to cover it. Whether he's trolling or not, Irving is not a smart guy.

Author Night Rider ( ago)
*Its news because we are astonished a grown can be SO STUPID*

Author emailjwr ( ago)
this comment section has me deeply deeply scared

Author Daniel M ( ago)
So fucking annoying when people dance around questions like this. This clown should be a politician.


Author eren jeager ( ago)
my girlfriend is flat

Author Msrquis Webb ( ago)
Kyrie just whu

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