Kyrie Irving argues with reporter over 'flat earth' comments

Kyrie Irving got into a heated argument with a reporter during All-Star media availability over his recent comments that the Earth is flat.

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Author pichy20013 ( ago)
y cant kyrie just make a trip into space and see the real truth

Author Baron 1999 ( ago)

Author Foewdysemm ( ago)
Illuminati confirmed

Author Eric Jennings ( ago)
We get it, you think its crazy that people care so much. However, if you're going to say something rediculous, and somebody asks you if you really mean what you said, just say yes or no.

Author Bruce828 ( ago)
kyrie ur a dumb ass

Author Hubba Bubba ( ago)
I'm a Kyrie fan but earth is flat? Na

Author Jo Do ( ago)
Who the fuck is Kyrie Irving?

Author Christian Bacud ( ago)
Earth is flat!!!

Author adfstuff ( ago)
Not only is he incredibly stupid but he was also a serious asshole to the reporter.

Author Verbal Kint ( ago)
As wise man once said "It looks flat to me."

Author Leena G ( ago)
Yes, the earth is a paper plate flipping from one side to the other around the sun.

Author emmanuel valdez ( ago)
Who else is from Ryan Higa

Author car9melo ( ago)
fukin dumbies dont see that he obviously knows its round
hes making a point about stupid media

Author julio guzman ( ago)
the earth is flat

Author noteuser15 ( ago)
lol how my dude get so defensive haha

Author 3hsanur_C Atl ( ago)
Why doesn't he just answer !!!

Author Xavier Washington ( ago)
Its funny cuz its dumb asf

Author Lone Wolf420 ( ago)
Kylie deserves to die

Author Vengeance Games ( ago)

Author Sbaby The geek ( ago)
Him and trump would get along "fuck facts or being proved wrong!"

Author yammer haw ( ago)
If the earth is flat, how come no one's hit the frickin' wall holding the water in? hahahah... This is proof that just because you're a star athlete, movie star, senator, president, etc, it doesn't mean you have brains and common sense. It's unfathomable how many total sh#t for brains are loose on this planet in some way or another. I'd love to get the h#ll off this planet!!

Author Diego Duarte ( ago)
Has he never been on a plane... or a boat....?

You can see the curvature.... and there's a reason you don't fall off the edge of the horizon... This isn't news right?

Author San Diego ( ago)
what a frikin dumb ass. .. this is the result of great athletes that never study in high school, and never attend class in college, before moving on to pro sports.

YES KYRIE - if your are so fucking stupid that you think the Earth is flat.... its newsworthy, because you are a celebrity in the public eye

plus, this guy is way too cocky in the interview.... the championship obviously went to his uneducated head big time..... plus, he has that know-it-all attitude, like he's intellectually superior to everyone, even though he's clearly oblivious about many things outside of basketball.

just ANOTHER GOOD reason to hate this clown & his entire egomaniacal team.... hope they lose in East playoffs this year, and he doesn't even get back to the Finals

Author alex grizzly ( ago)
hahaah fucking dumbass!

Author Kendall's world Today ( ago)
I agree with Kyrie its who he believes

Author ceemastakilla v ( ago)
Kyrie is actually on a whole other level of depth, he's saying that what does it matter if I believe in this or that, it's the fact that there's more important things going on in the world that what I said is mainstream news, that's why he asks the reporter, " does it matter? Does it matter to you if I think the world is flat or I think the world is round?" And that's why he's laughing saying he thinks it's hilarious that it's actual news, because the reporter doesn't really give a shit in what he believes in, he's just trying to make that money, so even if he does believe in it being flat, which it's not , what does it matter? Just the power of believing in what ever you want to believe in is freedom

Author Alex Ander ( ago)
Go search on YouTube: Eric Dubay,Mark Sargent,Jeranism, Crrow777,learnofjesuitorder,Matt Powerland,Globebusters,Russiandvids...

Author austin harpold ( ago)
I'm pretty sure that he's saying all this just to prove that the media will get on the most irrelevant thing and make a story about it, instead of asking him any actual basketball related questions. Troll of the century

Author REGGIE wallace ( ago)
so then why say it? Lol

Author The Realist Nigga ( ago)
That is soo fucking shallow minded. No wonder your a basketball player, honestly thats only thing you can be good at (props to you your one of the best basketball player in the world however you should know basic knowledge man)

Author OtakuSnake ( ago)
His response was hilariously bad

Author Titty and Dolla ( ago)
Anybody seen the interview? I haven't but he seems to be mad because whatever he was talking about during the interview that he felt was important got ignored and everybody talking about this flat earth shit. I'd be upset too

Author Desiree Lawson ( ago)
yes daddy stand your ground

Author Andrew Gallagher ( ago)

Author Benjamin Lee ( ago)
lol why do people think he's dumb? Dude is more articulate and incisive than 99% of yall...

Author j cloud ( ago)
It matters to the controllers of our "system" that we all believe the ball lie. Yep...thats a biggie when us pea brains wake up to that whopper. Admiral Byrd told up there is a continent beyond the pole as big as America that no human has ever seen. Water is self leveling and does not adhere to a ball because of "gravity". If it did...we should be able to repeat those physics in a lab. Isn't that ridiculous to think we could?? Thats our very own scientific method. Those in charge of education don't get to throw away the science at will because it doesn't fit! Kyrie scores big for his courage against the MSM machine.

Author mlopez172068 ( ago)
maybe he should use his millions, and go back to school.

Author Ali Bahrami ( ago)
Too many idiots commenting on this. Kyrie doesn't think the world is flat he is just saying it to see if anybody would make a big deal out of something that silly and not important and it worked. Can't believe you guys think he is actually being serious.

Author Shampoo Fully ( ago)
Does it matter? No less than shooting a ball in a hoop...

Author Matt Shemshedini ( ago)
He is either attempting to be clever and make some point about media coverage or he's literally fucking with the media out of pure enjoyment. If he's trying to make a point on media coverage, it makes no sense...he's a noteable person in society sharing with the world that he doesn't believe a fact to be true. Of course you're going to get fucking coverage. You're not sharing your view or opinion on something, you're literally saying you truly think 2+2=5. Obviously that is going to be a big story; who df is that ignorant?

Author Zachary Parker ( ago)
The reason why it's so important and it's all over the news is because it does effect society. I, for one, don't want a misinformed world. In humanity, having an educated world, where facts matter, should be paramount in our process of growth.

Author Biodynamic Halo ( ago)
Does it matter no

Author EDO0003 ( ago)
Why even put much thought to what professional players say? Most are dumb as rocks and probably took strange courses while in school just to qualify to play.

The media should've brushed it off instead of replaying it over and over again.

Author Giordano Bruno ( ago)
Most people who accept that the Earth is in motion believe it is a proven fact. They do not realize that not only has the motion of the Earth never been proven, but by the constructs of modern physics and cosmology cannot be proven. Again, even modern cosmology does not claim to be able to prove that the Earth is in motion. In fact the very best argument for Earth’s motion is based on pure ‘modesty’ not logic, observation and experience. If anyone could prove the Earth’s motion, that someone would become more famous than Einstein, Hawking and others. They may all be fools but even they would not make such an ignorant claim to proof of Earth’s motions, and those who do so don’t realize just how ignorant of physics they really are! Before folks go demonstrating how ignorant they are, they should consider:

1. The relationship between Mach’s principle and relativity.

2. The relationship between Gravity and Inertia, and Gravity and Acceleration (and the paradoxes that exist).

3. Relativity does not claim to prove Earth’s motions, in fact it ‘dictates’ the ridiculous idea that motion cannot be proven.

4. Relativity proposes motion, it does not nor can it claim to disprove that the Earth is the center of the universe!

5. Only those who are ignorant of physics attempt to make arguments based on weather patterns, ballistic trajectories, geosynchronous satellites, and Foucault’s pendulums for evidence of Earth’s motions!

For all those ‘geniuses’ out there, not even Einstein would claim such stupidity.

Author Thomas Drummond ( ago)
When you start to move the issue from what you said to the effect it's having, you show you don't have much to back it up.

Author Don P ( ago)
this is satire.

Author David B ( ago)
its not hilarious that its news, its sad that people have to come back to you and ask you again for your dumbass 16th century opinion.

Author Dude Allude ( ago)
How can he ask us to care about what's going on in the world when he thinks it's flat? In order to talk about the problems of the world, one must accept facts.

Author Todd Cronin ( ago)
Flat earth is not a theory. It is a falsehood. It has already been proven false. Referring to it as theory lends it some value to science when it does not.

Author Todd Cronin ( ago)
Josh, the earth is round. it has already been proven. you are embarrassing yourself.

Author lateralival ( ago)
I'm certainly convinced - and has been since the age of 3 - that he's very wrong on this topic, but it's funny how he's being harassed by people who thinks there is an all powerful god, living up in the sky.

That is Just as crazy - in my humble opinion.

Author Natalie Rae ( ago)
This player is such an asshole to people doing their job. Yes it's news you're an idiot that believes something egregious.

Author Alex Pineda ( ago)
"Haha man I'm dead"-Kyrie Irving exactly how I feel.

Author Lemon G ( ago)
Ew he's so smug and stupid in this video....

Author Rumplestiltskin ( ago)
This is why he plays basketball. Why do people listen to drivel from sports stars and pop/movie stars as if they have any wisdom or special knowledge on any subject other than their own specialty.

Author Matthew Williams ( ago)
Kyrie, you are a god damn adult and unfortunately are a role model as well. Act like it. I know you don't believe this bullshit. So don't spout it to impressionable idiots. Be the adult, you fucking child.

Author Tyler Kearns ( ago)
This mf dumb. How he gonna say some shit like "we could talk about what I really believe." That's what they asking u twat, if u really believed that dumb ass shit coming out of you dumb ass mouth. It's important because kids listen to you and you're disputing a fact. U can have ur own opinion but not ur own facts.

Author D D ( ago)
The world is obviously flat, objects are not made out of atoms, water is not healthy, and we are obviously not humans but filthy raccoons.

Author Chris Ryan ( ago)
all nasa earth photos are Photoshoped, "because they have to be" says neil dehrasse tyson, the actor. and why are the continents different sizes throughout the years in these so called earth photos?

Author Fletch Creates ( ago)
Why would that not be " real news" that you think the earth is flat? You're famous and said something idiotic what'd you expect

Author John Crimmins ( ago)
The fact that he used the term 'revelance' instead of relevance should tell you all you need to know.

Author NiggardlyMexican ( ago)
it's the water he had as a kid!!

Author CabinetGenie ( ago)
Sherlock Holmes didn't even knew the earth revolved around the sun until watson told him. #woke

Author Mauricio Vivas ( ago)
Does he understand that young kids look up to him and hear what he says

Author jesse cannon ( ago)
The real question is why did Kyrie leave duke after only one season? He should have stayed the full four years with excessive tutoring. #4yearsbeforepros

Author PussGuttGeezer ( ago)
The fact he dodged the question is an indication that Kyrie recognizes the fallacy of his belief.

Author Mylo ( ago)
When Earth is really is Triangular Prism and all 6.9 billion people except you are asleep.

issa joke chill

Author m1ner135 ( ago)
I bet he believes in god too lol hahahah

Author Mike Hedrick ( ago)
Whys he so upset. "How could this be real news". You said it motherfucker. Yes it matters. You went to duke and your that fucking stupid.

Author Chef O' Jenkins ( ago)
It's Kyrie's own opinion just let it go

Author Samasoni Ahloe ( ago)
the earth is flat fuckers

Author Matt Youngblood ( ago)
hes trolling the reporter bad lol

Author Daniel ( ago)
kyrie low key just fucking with everyone

Author afordiam ( ago)
He's right and you all would see that too if you stopped parroting what we were all spoon fed by school and government owned media and actually did some open minded investigations and research. Same reason Pres Trump is defunding NASA. The American public is slowly but surely coming to the obvious realization that we aren't on a magic marble flying at over 2,000 mph, therefore our politics/govt spending has to evolve to match. Kyrie made a big mistake by speaking out tho. As you can see in this comment section people get super butt hurt when you try and take their magical spinning ball from them lol

Author Darth Fader ( ago)
He is the King of Trolls

Author Dariel Castillo ( ago)
I guess people don't understand that he's trying to prove a point.he saying why is what he saying so important when there are all these things happening in the world more important than what he's saying.People just think about that he said the earth is flat.

Author Kenneth Anderson ( ago)
Tha Erf is flat

Author roger dou7 ( ago)
man went to the moon, there is a space station. we have satellites
orbiting the earth so we can have cell phones and tv broadcast. Clearly
they should make basketball players finish school with good grades
before they sign them to million dollar contracts. He says it's his
opinion. So he's denying ALL the facts. So sad - STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS,

Author arkangel06 ( ago)
wants to say stupid shit but not get called out for it

Author k2gt5100psn ( ago)
these reporters are fucking dumbasses, they don't get why he said that. dumbass people in this world

Author Shalashaska 994 ( ago)
What an arrogant fucking twat. he has influence over who knows how many kids who look up to him, he can't say some ridiculous shit and get mad when he's confronted with it. He shoulda stayed in college a couple more years

Author Kwality Kontrol ( ago)
What's a revelance?

Author StephencurrythgoatIIV ( ago)
In the bible it says the earth is flat so for all you fake Christian saying it's round fix up and read the bible

the world is square

Author jmcsquared18 ( ago)
All you need to realize that humans beings are too stupid to think properly is to look at this comment section.

Author Der deutsche Adler ( ago)
Shut up and play ball!

Author Aidan Nelson ( ago)

Author The Pickles ( ago)
Like religion and faith, you can believe whatever you want, even if it's insane and ridiculous,

The man dribbles and throws balls into a hoop for a living, but questioning his view of the world is what reporters and his fans are more interested in. Just goes to show you, what a bunch of parasites we are as a species just to get the juicy little bits to feed on.

Author Hasani mike ( ago)
I love kyrie... but if you're gonna say something as a huge public figure like this, of course yeah they're gonna ask you about it. All he had to say was no I don't believe it's flat I just wanted to make a point that media pays attention to the dumbest shit, there problem solved

Author Velha Guarda Tricolor ( ago)
how dumb can TV reporters be?

Author edgar santiago ( ago)
you know why he doesn't answer the question, it's because he knows that's a stupid statement.

Author Mike Salimi ( ago)
Earth is Flat.. Look up Eric Dubay on youtube HISTORY OF FLAT EARTH AND WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

Author Carlos Betancourt ( ago)
He was fucking lying the entire time

Author SatanicLight ( ago)
Earth is flat. Well done Kyrie.

Author The Great Ape ( ago)
Lol being ridiculed by the media first weapon of choice by those evil people in power I wouldn't be surprised to find out k Irving ends up dead some where can't have a smart person making millions of people look into a flat earth society . I mean truely scientist should embrace the fact that people may think that the earth is flat and not ridicule them and make them out to be nut jobs because if it was not for that kind of thinking science would never have come about. I mean people would have laughed at the guy who thought one day we would be able to fly or one day we will be able to send a text message . We are all scientist in our own right so for a scientist to make fun of another guy for using his god given talent imagination and free thinking not to eat the shit that's been feed to him we are all individuals if we wish to think the earth is flat then so be it no need to get your panties in a twist live your life fuck of and let people think for themselves don't try force feed ur lies into us .

Author they're the vial ( ago)
just ride a fucking plane and look at the fucking horizon through the fucking window. does it fucking look flat?!

Author And you are but a thought ( ago)
Why is the reporter pestering him about that?? No offense but its like asking the landscaper of a hosipital what he thinks about a heart transplant a surgeon did on a patient... The question and the mans profession have nothing to do with eachother...

Author Thomas Nadaskay ( ago)
I love all these comment saying "the earth is flat...look it up." These idiots are telling me to go online and research the flat earth when anything said online can be fabricated by whomever. If there was no such thing as gravity how the fuck are we all not floating out to space. If the sun was 6000 miles from earth we would all be burnt to a fucking crisp. If you have a problem with what NASA, a federal organization, is telling you then just fucking move to Canada because the majority of people in the US are getting pretty tired of laughing at you flat earthers.

Author Nate Abel ( ago)
why has nobody found the edge of the earth ever, is it ∞ ? why are the
sun and moon a circle? what would be the motive for this incredible
scheme to have occurred? and by who? i don't feel very intelligent right
now engaging in this

Author multiyoisi mok ( ago)
every day i wake up and find more news that makes me lose faith in humanity.....sigh

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