How To Quickly Get a Six Pack

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  • Today I show you how to quickly get six pack abs. This incredibly fast six pack building technique will completely transform you in just 20 days. Always wanted a six pack but struggled to get one? Not anymore! This video will show you everything there is to know about obtaining six pack abs and keeping them for good. You'll be surprised at just how quick & easy it is - Best part is you don't need a gym membership! You can do everything you need to in the comfort of your own home. This method works for both men & women - So what are you waiting for?!? Get training!

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    Oro 1 hour ago


  • Maayanthemege 20000000

    Sup yo me

  • AalayahStar Games
    AalayahStar Games 5 hours ago

    1:27 Best part.

  • Deo Chandra Jha
    Deo Chandra Jha 1 day ago

    madar chode pagal hai ka re

  • VideoGameFan15 The Autistic Sword-Swallower

    HowToBasic is actually a guy in a parrot costume?


    EXOTIC BUTTERS 1 day ago

    so the guy eating all of the bad stuff got diabetes basically at first like wow

  • Reese Williams
    Reese Williams 1 day ago

    how is it humanly possible to eat that much I want to know

  • J de G
    J de G 1 day ago

    i did this and it did not work :'(

  • Surinder Sekhon
    Surinder Sekhon 1 day ago


  • Jean paul ramirez


  • PhlyGamer
    PhlyGamer 1 day ago

    who eat like that eeeeuuu

  • Douglas Gomez
    Douglas Gomez 1 day ago

    Amazing workouts guide “suza great plan” (Google it) that can surely help you burn those horrible belly fats and build Six pack abs. The instructions as well as guidelines are very easy to follow and understand, I acquired Six pack abs in short time. This guidebook is really informative and I suggest everyone to utilize it too.

  • Marica Miller
    Marica Miller 2 days ago

    Ummmm........ Ok

  • Evan Taylor
    Evan Taylor 2 days ago

    I wonder if his method actually works

  • Alistair Vigier
    Alistair Vigier 2 days ago

    Wow this was dumb

  • Sleepy Scorpio
    Sleepy Scorpio 2 days ago

    Great tutorial, the end makes it very clear.

  • Tyzek
    Tyzek 2 days ago

    I'll tell you for real how to get one. Do 100 situps each day (preferrably at the same time each day so your body gets more used to it)
    eat healthy food with proteins (chicken and fish has a bunch of protein), as protein is the building blocks for your body.
    sleep (if you don't sleep you will just destroy your muscles even if you train really hardcore, because when you train it actualy rips up your muscles and while you sleep it rebuilds them stronger, so if you don't sleep it will just make you weaker.

    Do all these things each day, it will only be hard the first one or two weeks then you get used to it.

  • Trinity Buckley
    Trinity Buckley 2 days ago

    I need this

  • Cameron Overshiner
    Cameron Overshiner 2 days ago

    this could actually work

  • Chuck David
    Chuck David 2 days ago

    wow this works !!! i follow the video now i am shreded as fuarrrkkkk !!!!!

  • GRUNTS2013
    GRUNTS2013 2 days ago

    I came here thinking it was legit...what the Fuck

  • Juli Evans
    Juli Evans 3 days ago

    ok hes just shoving food in his mouth like he ain't chewing he's just if agreed

  • Gaurdians Hope
    Gaurdians Hope 3 days ago

    if you look close at 1:14 you can see that his 6 pack is fake

  • Moist Doritos
    Moist Doritos 3 days ago

    So powerful...

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  • XymeX Cs:Go
    XymeX Cs:Go 3 days ago

    I'm Gay

  • StritnumsedyrsGaming

    0:16 I really want to be this guy.. 💩

  • Paika ZeBaka
    Paika ZeBaka 3 days ago

    i feel so bad for that man..

  • Kaido
    Kaido 4 days ago

    the "I have bad genes" starter pack

  • TheOwlMan Gamer
    TheOwlMan Gamer 4 days ago

    How is Andy still alive after making this?

  • Alaina Tso
    Alaina Tso 4 days ago

    At 1:24 -- 1:29 it looked like he was humping the thing

  • Matteasu
    Matteasu 4 days ago

    I knew I'd found out how to get a six pack here! Thanks guys!

  • Yash ubale
    Yash ubale 4 days ago

    aabye jadeee geende sand apne ma ki chod aisha

  • Alfred Ace
    Alfred Ace 4 days ago

    I laughed so hard when basic comes running in and knock s out the coke bottles. Like if you agree

  • Arado Ar234
    Arado Ar234 4 days ago

    so they say 80% of abs are made in the kitchen how come my wife isnt shredded?

  • XsFamiliar - Roblox,Monster Legends, & more!

    best thing to do, if someone is addicted to eating make them eat healthy stuff

  • Player Gamer
    Player Gamer 5 days ago

    We use the same ladder at football camp

  • SRB Entertainment
    SRB Entertainment 5 days ago

    haha starting was awesome 😂😂

  • SRB Entertainment
    SRB Entertainment 5 days ago

    haha starting was awesome 😂😂

  • Leo Vu
    Leo Vu 5 days ago

    How to basic's video are so unsatisfying

  • Shinjan Saha
    Shinjan Saha 5 days ago

    Are there bad effects on making six pack for a 13 years old boy?Will making six effects on height for a13 years old boy?Please reply me from HowToBasic.

  • Bri L
    Bri L 5 days ago

    I was hoping I find a video with no eggs

  • gihgb I gvuggj
    gihgb I gvuggj 6 days ago

    fuck you

  • Muhammad K
    Muhammad K 6 days ago

    How this man eat all of that

  • Pishory
    Pishory 6 days ago

    I mean, up to 1:12 was normal...

  • QuadrupleBackflip
    QuadrupleBackflip 6 days ago

    Is that Gerard Way?

  • Panda boy gamer
    Panda boy gamer 6 days ago

    This ones kind of normal

  • ᴄʏʙᴇʀ ʟᴜɴᴇ

    mannequin X fat man.... I ship it.

  • Eline Buis
    Eline Buis 6 days ago

    the big question is: WHERE DID THAT LEG GO!!😱!!😱!!


  • Emre Oynuyor
    Emre Oynuyor 6 days ago

    thanks for nothing

  • Jegat Johann
    Jegat Johann 6 days ago


    AXE GIRL 6 days ago

    fat ass fuck u waste of food poor African people

  • Lily
    Lily 7 days ago

    The intro is literally me 😂

  • ben novajk
    ben novajk 7 days ago

    Finally a how to basic's face reveal

  • Pakorn Imsamran
    Pakorn Imsamran 7 days ago

    Ехсellent Рrоduct!! Cоuldn't get any bеttеr thаn, grеat job ON. I've gооооnе thru 2 tubs and havеeee gainеd 20lbs оf musclе. Its mixes gооd аnd thаnks fоor the updatеd sсoooооооp, wау еasiеr to add to a shakеr nоw.

  • Gem Sports
    Gem Sports 8 days ago

    Me every morning

  • latiosGamer
    latiosGamer 8 days ago

    how to basic has Diabetes

  • Ear Rapes T^T
    Ear Rapes T^T 8 days ago

    HowToBasic is a fucking parrot

  • Ashley Emery
    Ashley Emery 8 days ago

    I find this Six pack abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) really excessive. To reduce your weight and make your belly six-pack it`s very useful book I think. I almost shed Three pounds weight with in 10 days. It`s very useful to me, I have got Six pack abs following this guide step-by-step. I myself strongly suggest the book.

  • redpipe cider
    redpipe cider 8 days ago

    how to get diabetes

  • Skunner
    Skunner 8 days ago

    gerard way?

  • SomeGuyWhoplaysTetris

    Store Clerk: Why are you buying so many snacks
    Me: Uhhh Im having a party

  • random Nation
    random Nation 8 days ago

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  • BoomerangBobi
    BoomerangBobi 9 days ago

    i would liek to see this person gunned down by eggs

  • Edgar V
    Edgar V 9 days ago

    Wow the motivation 😪

  • Beastmode Activate
    Beastmode Activate 9 days ago

    Very inspiring

  • Gustoso Silva
    Gustoso Silva 10 days ago

    ganhou um inscrito br parabens

  • ororor31
    ororor31 10 days ago

    So much effort in every video!

  • smiley killer
    smiley killer 10 days ago

    idubbbz filthyfrank

  • George Jog
    George Jog 10 days ago

    Did u know wasting food is bad if im how to basic im gonna give to homeless my money

  • yogesh luckshetty
    yogesh luckshetty 10 days ago

    dafuq did I just watch

  • Scrumpy
    Scrumpy 11 days ago

    howtobasic is a parrot, EXPOSED

  • NexlawLegacy
    NexlawLegacy 11 days ago

    I was expecting to see him with a six pack not fighting a person in a bird suit...

  • Mihajlo Milisavljevic

    He probably is thinking: O M G I have a perfect idea!!! goes to his mom and dad, eats them.

  • andrei angeles
    andrei angeles 11 days ago

    its not a how to basic vid if theirs no egg

  • Shining Sara 45
    Shining Sara 45 11 days ago


  • Elaine Bri
    Elaine Bri 11 days ago

    This is friggin funny

  • Gil Gutierrez
    Gil Gutierrez 11 days ago

    Ok so I thought this was serious then it's by how to basic

  • Anton Heinig
    Anton Heinig 12 days ago

    Try not to laugh

  • Jared E.GAMER
    Jared E.GAMER 13 days ago

    that's him

  • Tiffany Shepherd
    Tiffany Shepherd 13 days ago

    why do have a manican on you

  • SnoopmaiL gfunk
    SnoopmaiL gfunk 14 days ago

    why he look like sausage (sniperwolfs bf)

  • OP-tripple-OG
    OP-tripple-OG 14 days ago


  • OP-tripple-OG
    OP-tripple-OG 14 days ago

    That fat guy is howtobasic

  • mr swooplett
    mr swooplett 14 days ago

    how to basic is a bird. so that's how he gets all those eggs

  • Ilja Suoniemi
    Ilja Suoniemi 14 days ago

    1:26 rape

  • Elijah Ervin
    Elijah Ervin 14 days ago

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  • Ennis Cayton
    Ennis Cayton 14 days ago

    I`ve got a similar dream of every other guy on earth - having 6-pack abs for good. I discovered this guide “suza great plan” (Google it). After 8 weeks of everyday 30-minute exercise at home, I was able to 5.5% body fat, lost 34 pounds as well as got Six pack abs.

  • Douglas Gomez
    Douglas Gomez 14 days ago

    This particular abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) is worth a try for guys who would like to get 6-pack abs but have not attained the goal after attempting several techniques. I carried out daily exercises shown by the guide and I got 6 pack abs as a result. The to 13 Ab plans provided in this book are really helpful.

  • //FireBanditGaming
    //FireBanditGaming 14 days ago

    I bet a shit load of people got tricked

  • Name
    Name 14 days ago

    i fell bad and good for the fat guy cuz he ate alot and he had to workout and its hard

  • left_wrist_god_
    left_wrist_god_ 15 days ago


  • 風見幽香 {レ}
    風見幽香 {レ} 15 days ago


    KAMI KHAN 15 days ago


  • OtAku aNd aNimE FrEak

    Lol am I the only one that thinks his password is eggs😂😂😂😂

  • Hate And anger
    Hate And anger 15 days ago

    That just look weird 1:28 👀

  • Jadyn Nicole
    Jadyn Nicole 15 days ago

    Trаinеrs are calling this new supplemеnt stаck "thе ultimаtе sterоid аalternаtivе" bесааuse of the ridiсulоus rаtе that men taking it arе paсking on musclе and shrеdding fаt...

  • Yeva Volkova
    Yeva Volkova 16 days ago

    Do you have an eggs' fabric ?

  • Carman Gaming
    Carman Gaming 16 days ago

    That guy is sexy

  • Zach Baho
    Zach Baho 16 days ago

    How to basic eats biscuits

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