WONDER WOMAN Theme / Music | Batman v Superman OST | Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL | HD

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    AXTØN 25 days ago

    Wonder Woman's Wrath - - Music / Theme | Wonder Woman (2017) ------- http://youtu.be/fctMc6SxVFY -------

    • Malefizia
      Malefizia 9 days ago

      Killer Bee I hope shes a wonder woman fan too and returns the favour ;)

    • Killer Bee
      Killer Bee 9 days ago

      thanks, I'm going to pummel my friends wife pear shaped fat ass to this music. Gonna make it wobble ((___)(___))/,

  • Ashok Babu
    Ashok Babu 2 hours ago

    2k dislikes for this... unbelievable people

  • martyna b b
    martyna b b 2 hours ago

    this song makes me feel so powerful, idk how

  • Eric Beard
    Eric Beard 2 hours ago

    When Wonder Woman came in BvS and that theme came on I was like "DAMN, I wish they had male Amazons on that island so I could pretend to be one!!!"

  • Terence chin
    Terence chin 5 hours ago

    i was here to test out my new headset sound quality :)

  • Dhiemas Erland
    Dhiemas Erland 6 hours ago

    its the first time i really like theme music from a movie , it soooo coool <3 , and i always repeat it in my music player haha

  • Dhiemas Erland
    Dhiemas Erland 6 hours ago

    its the first time i really like theme music from a movie , it soooo coool <3 , and i always repeat it in my music player haha

  • Glatix
    Glatix 6 hours ago

    Can we redefine feminism as "acting like Wonder Woman?"

  • kikolapersona
    kikolapersona 7 hours ago

    Im a simple man. I see Hans Zimmer, I click.

  • Laylla's Locker
    Laylla's Locker 9 hours ago

    Gal my love! <3

  • Cristian Reyes
    Cristian Reyes 11 hours ago

    I hear some of Superman's theme in there.

  • Pepe The Local Homeless Man

    I just listened to other Superhero's theme songs and just before they started I just said:

    *yep Wonder Woman's is definetly the best*

  • Peaches Ø
    Peaches Ø 13 hours ago

    Best theme song ever for a superhero. it's so intense and is just perfect for wonderwoman

  • Darius Delgado
    Darius Delgado 14 hours ago

    my dad ate one of my fries so to show him my distain i played this and stared at him menacingly

  • Lillie Brough
    Lillie Brough 16 hours ago

    Does no one else think about "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin when hearing this song?

  • HollywoodLego
    HollywoodLego 18 hours ago

    Batman v Superman was hyped up since 2013, everyone was excited for the "epic" fight between batman and superman, but when the movie finally came out, Wonder woman ended up being the best part of the movie. HAIL TO THE QUEEN BABY!

  • Monica DeRossette
    Monica DeRossette 19 hours ago

    I literally feel like I can do anything after watching this movie ❤

  • aaron silvers
    aaron silvers 19 hours ago

    I'll admit, due to DC being DC, I though they were going to screw this up like they always do. But oh my god Wonder Woman was absolutely amazing, this really gave me hope for future D.C. movies. If they see the support and criticism on Wonder Woman, hopefully they can use that to improve their movies on the future. If you haven't seen Wonder Woman, go watch it 😁

  • Mr Random
    Mr Random 21 hour ago

    i'm going crazy here... this first electro guitar or cello sound.. was this not used in an infected mushroom track too?

  • mrsarw
    mrsarw 21 hour ago

    Why isn't Tina Quo's name on here? She's playing the electric cello....

  • Pepe The Local Homeless Man

    I love Wonder Woman I think it was the best film I've ever seen. ❤️🔥😫👌🏻

  • Pepe The Local Homeless Man

    This is boss.

  • this is a robbery B〉*〉**〉〉*

    I jizz every time

  • deph
    deph 23 hours ago

    Best song ever

  • Ashish Rana
    Ashish Rana 1 day ago

    i am going to make it morning alarm ringtone.

  • Mustafa Shyekh
    Mustafa Shyekh 1 day ago

    awsome yaaar ....i hv heard it alot ....😍😍✌✌✌✌✌✌

  • Jackson Holmes
    Jackson Holmes 1 day ago

    wonder woman is an 11/10....pretty sure every guy agrees with me

  • Ruxandra
    Ruxandra 1 day ago

    This song is amazing like the movie.I love the first part when the song begins 💗

  • Phoe be
    Phoe be 1 day ago

    OMG This is badness

  • reversed music
    reversed music 1 day ago

    this music is so out of place in the movie

  • cocopunk1486
    cocopunk1486 1 day ago

    Hans Zimmer can do no wrong

  • Κυριάκος Μπαρέκας

    As a Greek guy I approve this!

  • BabbyKissy Saadiq

    this reminds me of me whenever someone forgets to take me to burger kinng

  • radioshu
    radioshu 1 day ago

    This MUSIC is POWER FULL In the scenes of fights she looks strong brave and to much ability wow I love that scene when she enters the tower of the enemies and she fight with they and they surrender she is amazing strong and beautiful ! in the WONDER WOMAN the Movie !

  • Super Ascended Sean Pazdera

    Smash Bros be like

  • Savvas Pap07
    Savvas Pap07 1 day ago

    I fucking headbaging so hard...

  • asreildremurr1234
    asreildremurr1234 2 days ago

    this song makes me pumped up!!

  • journeymanX
    journeymanX 2 days ago

    when you come home late drunk and your wife's at the door with a rolling pin

  • YinLungTsang
    YinLungTsang 2 days ago

    how did she get her sword back when it was destroyed by aries?

  • Michael Ashton
    Michael Ashton 2 days ago

    "Oh, a baby!"

  • VloggingViv
    VloggingViv 2 days ago

    I'm listening to this while studying and it makes the every psychological term im learning feel like the most important badass thing ever. highly recommend listening to this while studying A++ 10/10

  • abyss
    abyss 2 days ago


  • SAAM Kanal
    SAAM Kanal 2 days ago

    The DC themes are so much better than Marvel's

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 2 days ago

    So... Kick... ASS!!!

  • Don Zorrito
    Don Zorrito 2 days ago

    Mankind is introduced to the Wonder Woman 😱

  • colzbroeffect boss
    colzbroeffect boss 2 days ago

    they did a damn good job of making her badass in this movie.

  • dead memories
    dead memories 2 days ago

    metal as fuck

  • Zachattack1021
    Zachattack1021 2 days ago

    Superman's theme gives hope to the good people everywhere.
    Batman' theme ('89) strikes fear into the hearts of even the most harden criminals.
    Then there is this.

  • CodySaurus
    CodySaurus 2 days ago

    Coolest theme ever

  • Fnaf toy series
    Fnaf toy series 2 days ago

    Those is the best movie that I have ever seen aspashaly the theme song I love this video it is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luis angel hernandez vazquez

    Pinche intro chingon wey

  • Jose Romero
    Jose Romero 2 days ago

    No Man's Land scene is very inspirational and emotionally powerful that when Diana became Wonder Woman.I love it...

  • LexureaXBo
    LexureaXBo 2 days ago

    i didnt like the movie. in my opinion bvs was a better movie. but her ost'sjust blow me away

  • Homework Radio
    Homework Radio 2 days ago

    Such a great theme song, reminds me of Batman (Tim Burton)

  • Twisted Legacy
    Twisted Legacy 2 days ago

    Everytime I hear this, I become a Greek goddess

  • HelloMemes69
    HelloMemes69 3 days ago

    Probably the only good thing about WW film...

    • shishu c
      shishu c 2 days ago

      HelloMemes69 Wtf you talking about

  • Sarah Robinson
    Sarah Robinson 3 days ago

    Girl Power!!!!!! the movie was F***ING awesome and loooove the music.

  • ૨Yαท
    ૨Yαท 3 days ago

    porra tu ouve isso e arrepia

  • Camuska
    Camuska 3 days ago

    Movie was very good. Soundtrack was incredible, from main theme to ending.

  • Michael Salazar
    Michael Salazar 3 days ago

    Rip Steve

  • Moonlight Serenade Apparel

    so much better than Batman/Superman

  • Stella Gagnon
    Stella Gagnon 3 days ago


  • No McClevername
    No McClevername 3 days ago

    The best workout music!!

  • Wesley Elder
    Wesley Elder 3 days ago

    but i thought Hans zimmer was done with these superhero movies???????

    • Ciya Feju
      Ciya Feju 2 days ago

      Wesley Elder he is but this is from a while ago

  • Willhelm Von Nosferatü

    i love this song but 1 prefer gal gadot <3

  • Damla Bekirov
    Damla Bekirov 4 days ago

    J'adore ce morceau 😄

  • Twinkycat's kitten games

    who's a marvel fan but still enjoys this?

  • PeSBuS
    PeSBuS 4 days ago

    ! türk aranıyor !

    PAULETTE B 4 days ago

    luv this theme music!

  • Nigel Fletcher
    Nigel Fletcher 4 days ago

    Why's her armor shaped like that?

    She's more epic than men that's why.

  • トシチカ
    トシチカ 4 days ago


  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway 4 days ago

    Don't get me wrong I loved the movie and I love the soundtrack, but it sure as hell does not fit in with the movie. I was expecting a bit more "liberty and justice" national romantic theme. There is literally nothing about the soundtrack that fits in with Wonder Woman during ww1.

  • Динарочка Ахмадиева


  • vixen768
    vixen768 4 days ago

    Wonder Woman was so good I almost thought it was a Marvel movie

    ZAN NOUVELLES 4 days ago

    It is his favorite -money- #ChupaKids

  • Derick Lynch
    Derick Lynch 4 days ago

    116K of those views were me to get through the week.

  • Ryan Fox
    Ryan Fox 4 days ago

    Sorry, I loved that scene

  • AnonPseudonym E.
    AnonPseudonym E. 4 days ago

    The Superman/Doomsday heat vision battle + the music at 3:09 was legendaryyy

  • Tan Catherine
    Tan Catherine 4 days ago

    I like the song alot

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who kinda hates this theme... like the drums are great... but that screechy part is just fukkin annoying to me, like the theme builds to such a high point and then just crashes with this "WEEWOOWEEWOO" part, I dunno, just me I guess.

  • Sunarii
    Sunarii 4 days ago

    Gal Gadot did such an amazing job as Wonder Woman!!!!!!

  • Mustafa Ali
    Mustafa Ali 4 days ago

    love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Deniz Gökberk Koçer

    jon snow vs nights king

  • Nightly Dreamer
    Nightly Dreamer 4 days ago

    How do I only now realise that this is composed by Hans Zimmer?!? Loved the music in Interstellar so so so much, and now I get why I like this one a lot as well!

  • Your real dad #Finessemykidsfor18years

    Damn near nutted when this played and gal gadots fine ass popped on screen

  • Κωνσταντίνος Μπρέστας

    2.150 adverse vote...
    Why guys?

  • Carlos Eduardo Campos

    Muito foda isso!!

  • Jorge Antonio Arreaga

    WW: Where were you all night

    Batman: I was fighting off mr freeze all night babe I swear

    WW: uses lasso

    Batman: I.....c-cracked A COLD ONE WITH THE BOYS

  • Jorge Antonio Arreaga

    And to think batman hooks up with Wonder Woman 🙄 the envy

  • Ognyan la
    Ognyan la 5 days ago


  • airbrat
    airbrat 5 days ago

    What a powerful theme. Wonder Woman or not , this is simply amazing.

  • Mason Woods
    Mason Woods 5 days ago

    gal gadot is damn near perfect, face of a goddess and a body with proper proportioned "features" (breasts and arse)

  • Tube mania
    Tube mania 5 days ago

    credit goes to hans zimmer for this extraordinary theme

  • awesome Dude
    awesome Dude 5 days ago

    This music made the battles in the movie 10 times better

  • Ameila Anderson
    Ameila Anderson 5 days ago

    This is the most badass theme song in the D.C. But then again it has to go with a badass character like Wonder Woman best D.C. Movie I have ever seen/best movie I have ever seen I have seen it 3 times already😜

  • averythesuperhero
    averythesuperhero 5 days ago

    Hans, I love you and your music, but this song doesn't really fit the character or idea of Wonder Woman. I know you will never read this, and that I'm writing this for pretty much no reason, but I just felt like I had to. Cheers!

  • Animal Specifier
    Animal Specifier 5 days ago

    Lol, The scene where batman discovers actually shows in this movie, great movie i might say! They must've planned it out.

  • Babyyoshi309
    Babyyoshi309 5 days ago

    The Wonder Woman movie was freaking amazing!

  • Jan Susara
    Jan Susara 5 days ago

    Sounds like Deshi Basara - The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer

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