Meet QVC Program Host Lisa Robertson

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Lisa discusses the hectic pace at QVC, traveling, and napping as a hobby.

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Author daher00 (2 months)
She so Beautifull & respects for her & family.

Author Ed Camp (3 years)
Lisa is boring!! shes try so hard being funny but it dont work i wouldnt
buy thats she trying to sale!

Author R Perry (5 years)
Should have been Ms. USA or even Ms. World.

Author ladyvee7110 (5 years)
Lisa is my second favorite host on QVC. Not only is she a good host and
presents well, I think she's very down-to-earth despite her glam
appearance. She's a cut up and doesn't take herself too seriously. Anyone
who thinks Lisa is full of herself doesn't know what they're saying and is
jealous. I like how she interacts with everyone on the show, from the
models to the callers. Lisa has a great personality and is beautiful on the
inside and out.

Author 4wheelerDJ (4 years)
Lisa "literally" needs to be retrained. She's been "literally" awful the
past couple years.

Author 4wheelerDJ (4 years)
Lisa used to be QVC's best host, but now she "literally" has a verbal OCD
problem that makes her "literally" hard to stomach. What's her problem??

Author gladitsnotme (4 years)
Lisa & David are my favorites. I wish I had cable tv so I could watch them
again; nothing better than wasting time by zoning out to QVC!

Author Jonathan Figh (1 year)
seems nice

Author littleblackhonda (4 years)
She's adorable. Witty and sweet.

Author Kharn526 (2 years)
Proof that older women are way more beautiful then younger ones.Dam she is

Author mso9 (5 years)
she looks exactly like actress vanessa angel from the movie "kingpin"

Author prettygirl53147 (2 years)
I used to like Lisa Robertson a LOT, but now I think that she is not the
true person she was in her earlier days. I guess thats what "fame" does to
you. She is totally into herself. She also looks like she has had some
botox treatments. Hopefully she will change her on camera hard look to a
more softer appearance.

Author cylinder4ify (4 years)
Lisa you look great in HD

Author StraightFashionMan (3 years)
I love Lisa! She's so gorgeous!

Author StraightFashionMan (3 years)
Lisa is an awesome, beautiful, chic, fabulous woman! I love her so much!

Author maaretdesigns (4 years)
Hello. Have any of you seen my new Jewelry design???

Author shane4896 (4 years)
Lisa looks really beautiful today.

Author adelle1939 (4 years)
well sorry, but I watched your golden girl on friday night with B Makowsky
and she made a total fool of herself,,,I was surprised that they didn't
take her off,,she was horrible,,,,rude & jumping in front of
Bruce,,,grabbing the handbags off the models,,,& put 5 of them on
herself,,,,,she acted like she was on something and it wasn't good,,,,,I'm
shocked she didn't get fired,,,,,,I don't like her,,,,thats my message

Author bearcatpride (5 years)
She's the only reason I watch QVC

Author gladitsnotme (4 years)
Lisa & David are my favorites. I wish I had cable tv so I could watch them
again; nothing better than wasting time by zoning out to QVC!

Author Rory1127 (5 years)
Lisa is a class act and a wonderful host. She thoroughly explains the items
she presents. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I love her sense of humor.

Author rose14673 (3 years)
I think she is the most successful sales person I've ever seen..has very
strong techniques of selling. She is not as sincere as she tries to present
herself to be. She seems a perfect fit for QVC, and is very smart in
connecting with different audiences with different budget. One time, while
she was selling Dooney and Bourke bags, she almost demanded that bottle of
Coke to be brought up to her and she took a sip right there in front of the
camera and I thought that was very unprofessional.

Author rayray2451 (4 years)
is this a channel on tv or something?! can someone please like tell me what
channel cuz i wanted to watch something!!

Author StraightFashionMan (4 years)
I love Lisa! I love watching her on QVC! I love her because she is so
beautiful, chic, and fabulous!

Author Masonictoaster9 (3 years)
Nice lady.

Author AquaBach11 (3 years)
I love Lisa!!<3

Author ShidaMJB (3 years)
Am I the only one that noticed, every time Lisa kicks off a TSV @ midnite,
it always sells out. She's the best!

Author Rebecca S (4 years)
She is gorgeous, smart, witty, and the best host on QVC, she can sell
anyone anything.

Author LAWRENCE SPECK (3 years)
She is very pretty I would marry her

Author getoutofmyway01 (1 year)
I don't think she's had work done.. Some of us do age well.. believe it or
not. :)

Author Calvin Cash (2 years)
famila rodriguez niglioni mausoleo en isla verde .... oon the record livwe
laast weeken show i do not remember ..... etc...

Author chrispompano (10 months)
"More than a woman.....!" THE BEE GEES (:-P

Author theteal123 (3 years)
lisa has a pretty face, but she is so tacky. she needs a stylist

Author cathy broz (2 years)
I so agree with you

Author t8rt0t (5 years)
I like Lisa and I think she is really pretty but I think Lisa loves her
self too. Have you ever noticed every time she is on the air and is talking
you can see that she is looking at her self through the camera.

Author Rebecca S (4 years)
Gorgeous, talented, smart, funny...this lady has it all! And she can sell
anyone anything. Love her

Author ndoor33353 (5 years)
hello there

Author caramelking2000 (5 years)
3 hours of Boners per day, Thanks Lisa.

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