Tefal Clipso Control Pressure Cooker

Sales information on the range of Tefal Clipso Control Pressure Cookers. Explains benefits and uses of the pressure pan

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Author drive1786 (4 months)
I am so all over this as black Friday is sooo not over :)

Author Mehrdad Naderi (8 months)
why do you call it tefol, it's pronounced tee-fal

Author MrPlanx (3 years)
@Annie1962 - Teflon is NOT carcinogenic. That's a pile of horse manure. The
material is completely inert, even at extremely high temperatures. It does
not dissolve in acids, or by enzymes. If it can't be absorbed, then it
can't be carcinogenic. As for the other post here regarding Teflon wearing
out - yeah, if you put it in the dishwasher. Treat it gently and it will
last for many years. I have a pressure cooker I've used in a restaurant
environment for four years now that only has SLIGHT wear.

Author MrPlanx (4 years)
These are nice, BUT ... (1) not teflon inside, (2) very hard to find for
sale outside of the UK, and (3) cost $200-250 when you do find one. If you
forget about the timer, you can get a teflon lined pressure cooker the same
size for less than half the price. I urge anyone buying a pressure cooker
to get it teflon lined.

Author quit4tv (1 year)
vrey nice

Author Annie1962 (3 years)
Just bought one, they're SS inside, not teflon. Not only that but 'teflon'
has been deemed carcinogenic and is not used in the vast majority of
cooking equipment.

Author wingzofsteel (4 years)
@MrPlanx I respectfully disagree. My experiences with teflon lined cookers
is that they never last. In every case, I have had to replace my Teflon
cookers with non Teflon. Over time, the Teflon wears thin.You have to ask
yourself also, where does the Teflon go when it wears out? Having said
that, I must ask you about your point. Outside the issue of quick cleanup
(with the Teflon still intact) I see no other reason why, but I readily
admit I learn something new almost every day. Cheers.

Author k.t terefe (3 years)
were can i order?

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