PART 2 of McGregor Vs Mayweather Trash Talk

PART 2 of McGregor Vs Mayweather Trash Talk

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Luke OSheaLuke OShea (3 hours ago)

ChristianChristian (4 hours ago)
So if Conor beats floyd, are you saying McGregor would be one of the best boxers out of all the present fighters now? I think not he would get smoked by pretty much any top 10 boxer easy money.

we all know what these suckers are gonna say when they ultimately loose "he ran like a headless chicken". logically when u challenge a champ you basically saying i have studied you and i can deal with your way of play. you don't loose and complain about what you knew going in..mark my word thats what gonna happen.

Cisco MatadorCisco Matador (8 hours ago)
Once again only people that do not know about boxing purchase this type of fights. Professionals boxer fans know that Floyd is going to win and once again will be a boring fight, you all know why.

Apple CoolApple Cool (20 hours ago)
"he's a malteser with eyeballs"

James AlexanderJames Alexander (23 hours ago)
did mayweather ever do the contract?...i know McGregor did.

Smegul14Smegul14 (1 day ago)
Personally I think Floyd would win he's quicker with the punches that's where the knockout lays and with the jabs and the head movement i don't Connors gonna get him but mainly it all depends which ring they get in.

Rodrigo BolecheRodrigo Boleche (1 day ago)

Kenny Mines JrKenny Mines Jr (1 day ago)
I don't want this weak ass fight to ever happen​.. I want them to talk trash do interviews and talk more trash. this will be the greatest Fight PROMO OF ALLLL TIMES... this is history😂😂😂😂. if Conor does ok Floyd will be his promoter.. Rocky Creed shit

Sgt. Lincoln OsirisSgt. Lincoln Osiris (1 day ago)
Maywhether should thank whatever God he believes in that it's gonna be boxing rules and not MMA. I've done both sports for over 15 years and they are two different animals.

Conor_McgregorConor_Mcgregor (1 day ago)
malteaser with eyeballs. har har har har I said that?

Ilja KhananIlja Khanan (1 day ago)
where on youtube can i find the entire press conference you see between conor and floyd?

MikeMike (1 day ago)
In the octagon, McGregor would fuck Floyd up, in the boxing ring, not a snowball's chance in hell. No way in hell I'm paying for that pay per view.

Jursi PesonsJursi Pesons (1 day ago)
mcgregor said most people dont know shit about fighting @4:25 , well mr conor ill tell u this mayweather is the one who dont know fighting he will just jab u and run around and win by decision hahaha

Bryan BowerBryan Bower (1 day ago)
He signed the fookin contract... now put all ur money were ur mouth is and you sign the contract Floyd.....history in the making!!

glenn millerglenn miller (1 day ago)
Photo shop and click baited to death that was an impersonation

Robert MatthewsRobert Matthews (2 days ago)
In a boxing match, Floyd will win. In the Octagon conor will win. It's like Schumacher asking rossi to compete in F1, or vice versa. Pointless.

Darren SumnerDarren Sumner (2 days ago)
Connor made the mistake when he brought racism into his rant, because that's all it is, it's the oldest advertisement in the book. Mayweather isn't the type of man who's affected by psychology before a fight, McGregor's​ mouth will be closed by Mayweather's fist when the fight happens, McGregor isn't even in the same league, obviously it's all about the money because it won't be about victory for the Irish man.

Alex MoranteAlex Morante (2 days ago)
only reason why mayweather did the fight for the WWE against the Big Show was because it was fake 😂😂😂

Adam JaimeAdam Jaime (2 days ago)
I can't wait for this fight to not meet expectations.

Paul MccharmlyPaul Mccharmly (2 days ago)
The bit at the start isn't actually Connor

twatterdy8twatterdy8 (2 days ago)
if his not his own boss please tell what you mean

Jesus LopesJesus Lopes (2 days ago)
all it takes is one solid punch on Mayweather s face and that's all she wrote

Myster NobodyMyster Nobody (3 days ago)

Toney fastToney fast (3 days ago)
McGregor is going to get his ass kicked

nichrossinichrossi (4 days ago)
I have conquered UFC he says.. lol.. he has not fought the top 5 feather and lightweight contenders yet.. was gifted direct title shots.. zero title defense.. U call it conquer.. we call it staged and fake shit..

Jesus HernandezJesus Hernandez (4 days ago)
bunch of sell out garbage. I'm sure Mayweather is paying for this garbage entertainment and is gonna get a huge profit off this.

Darius ShermanDarius Sherman (4 days ago)
Floyd your not a fighter your a pussy. Conor will beat your ass even with your boxing rules.

ThePraisedOne 18ThePraisedOne 18 (4 days ago)
I'm not a big Mayweather fan, BUT
There were sooooo many fighter saying they'll beat May, but never did. So, McGregor is a UFC fighter, May has never went up against that.

I hope this fight happens.

Game BeastGame Beast (4 days ago)
Conor will shred Floyd

OmarOmar (5 days ago)
There is no way McGregor will catch Mayweather. He will run for 12 rounds, trow a few punches and win by points. People don't fall for this.

jason davenportjason davenport (5 days ago)
Conor could not beat floyd if he was blind folded.and thats the end of it.'In boxing'

lloyd claytonlloyd clayton (5 days ago)
so whos lying

johnny feverjohnny fever (6 days ago)
this fucking irish twat is gonna get his ass fucked,its the only way to shut his fucking big soda bread eating irish pee hole

BuHzaRRoBuHzaRRo (6 days ago)
will it happen??

Fane ValentoFane Valento (6 days ago)
I really think people underestimate mayweather.. he is lightning and Gregor isn't. BUT, hand to hand mayweather wins and will always win. All out no rules, we would have to see

CPTZK11CPTZK11 (6 days ago)
hes a malteser with eyeballs LOL IM SLEEP

pat sabalapat sabala (6 days ago)
Mayweather is a cunt

Alonzo Osuna GomezAlonzo Osuna Gomez (6 days ago)
i wouldnt pay for anything floyd is in all he do is run and duck swing one time

Rick SanchezRick Sanchez (7 days ago)
We need to set a Give-a-Little page to get this fight to happen. Make it the first crowd-sourced fight purse.

Tony MuzianoTony Muziano (7 days ago)
fuck the chicken conor mc chicken and floyd both hate both of them conor is fucking over rated he got got tapout by nick diaz nick diaz so shut the fuck off conor u pussy you got chocked the fuck out like chicken by diaz plus he is too chicken to fight khabib Khabib Nurmagomedo cause his boyfirend fat fuck corrupt dana white doesn't want his chicken mcgregor to loose khabib easily beat conor like chicken and become the ufc champion but fat fuck dana white didn't make it happend cause he knows really well there is no fucking way he can beat khabib fuck ufc its becoming more corroupt and scripted like wwe

RealTruthsRealTruths (7 days ago)
A malteser with eye balls haha

N RAN RA (8 days ago)
even if floyd wins under boxing rules he still losesbecause in mma he would be done in the first round and mma is real combatcompared to boxing.... facts are facts...

B. NaturalB. Natural (8 days ago)
The bottom line is......... Flyod is making him rich not the other way around!!!!! Mayweather is UNDEFEATED!!!!! Go black man Go!" Float like a butterfly sting like a bee,.. rumble young man rumble".

mainguy29mainguy29 (8 days ago)
Lmao Connor doesn't stand a chance lmaoooooo. Heck his sparring with average dudes boxing, he gets spanked lmaoo

Shang TsungShang Tsung (8 days ago)
If it was boxing Floyd would win by decision. It it was MMa fight Mcregor would stop him.

EntrerPrimeEntrerPrime (8 days ago)
Floyd is so scared. Connor is a real fighter and could demolish him anytime in something approaching a real fight.

Betho VhenBetho Vhen (8 days ago)
such a pussy floyd when he gets on the octagon then he can say hes a real fighter

Dann VascoDann Vasco (9 days ago)
😂floyd, just hug... and run away...
you got this, youre the best at it...
hug and run away...
hug and run away... who cares if its a boring fight, you already made the money... connor is a bad ass fighter but again all the favor is at your side... hes out of hes element, all you gotta do is put in a couple of punches, hug and run away... at the first sign of an exchange you clinch and run away... until connor gets exhausted, even the judges be at your favor...

emer Nobemer Nob (9 days ago)
floyd is not a figther not a warrior .he is a runner and scared to lose! people in world to see is loserrrr......conor is a warrior good figther MMA home of warrior!!.

Akash Alex RailyAkash Alex Raily (9 days ago)
dont challenge boxer because boxing is a real fight ... did u ever saw? that someone fight in mma style on street ?

Jay-R GeronimoJay-R Geronimo (9 days ago)
mayweather is gay sucking dick of mcgregor...

tug lifetug life (9 days ago)
man.. these dudes just need to agree that winner takes all!

Erwin MaticErwin Matic (9 days ago)
This is happening. They've set out the bait and the fish are biting.

Jimmy JJimmy J (10 days ago)
I love to watch Connor McGregor and I think that Floyd Mayweather is a pussy with No Heart... but Floyd's defense, footwork, hand speed and experience at evading power punches will be too much for Connor to overcome. Floyd will run, dance and jab his way to a boring win on a Unanimous decision just like he did to Manny Pacquiao...   or even worse for Connor , Floyd will land so many punches he cuts Connor's face so badly the Doctor stops the fight and Floyd wins on a Technical Knock Out.

boxing? mcgregor got no chance. he just want the money contracted, greedy fuck, why not sign for 50 mil? this is like 10 times your net worth. he knows he will lose and wants more money for it.

M3rd3r RipM3rd3r Rip (10 days ago)
In the octagon Floyd would be like " why are you kicking there's no kicking where I'm from

Antonio CerviAntonio Cervi (11 days ago)
mac gregor inly stands 30 seconds in front of mayweather

shernigzshernigz (11 days ago)
So many Mayweather dick riders. Mcgregor is gonna give him a fight. Shouldn't really doubt Mcgregor

Christian VanceChristian Vance (11 days ago)
Im so ready to see this fight

Phil VargasPhil Vargas (11 days ago)
Everyone know you bought canelo floyd! 😂

EMTEEEMTEE (11 days ago)
"Malteser with eyeballs" Floyd automatically lost with that comment

Carlos BlancoCarlos Blanco (12 days ago)
McGregor is mayweathers worst nightmare

Isaiah OnealIsaiah Oneal (12 days ago)
this will not happen unless Floyd gets 500,000,000

jasen2340jasen2340 (12 days ago)
mayweather is baseball player tryin to go to football. nigga you crazy.

jasen2340jasen2340 (12 days ago)
bitch ass mayweather just gonna do it for $ and claim his loss is not notable in his career due do to McGregor is mma

Wolfie RapsWolfie Raps (12 days ago)
Will this fight really happen bcuz Floyd is a boxer and Connor is a bitch

Troll_Face 2GamingTroll_Face 2Gaming (12 days ago)
interviewer:Floyd says he's down to do the fight but--
Connor:Floyds a bitch
interviewer:I know that
lol had me laughing hard😂

P AvelinoP Avelino (12 days ago)
Funny thing is Connor always talks shit about making everyone else money but he needs Floyd for the money now?? What a joke!

yeahdatsmeyeahdatsme (12 days ago)
all hype and you will regret paying for this. They would have to put a monster undercard together to make me pay bc the main event is garbage

Josue MartinezJosue Martinez (12 days ago)
Mayweather would school mcgregor for lunch!

Torey pudwillTorey pudwill (13 days ago)
You can see the fear in mayweather's eyes.

kikemex68kikemex68 (13 days ago)

Mike BloodsworthMike Bloodsworth (13 days ago)
my money's on McGregor

Joe Joe DondoJoe Joe Dondo (14 days ago)
these niggas just trying to get calls money and y'all goin to give to them to

Joe Joe DondoJoe Joe Dondo (14 days ago)
he said he dominated UFC and Floyd dominated boxing but Floyd ain't lost a fight bitch

Joe Joe DondoJoe Joe Dondo (14 days ago)
Nate Diaz put them hands on Conner. Floyd will fuck him up in the ring

jeorge mamingjeorge maming (14 days ago)
floyd wins in a boring boxing match but floyd should stop saying he is a fighter because he is not. floyd is a runner, a hugger, a cheater, and nobody wants to see floyd vs mcgregor in a boring boxing match its a waste of time, waste of money. floyd should stay in retirement boxing world doesn't need him.

jose josejose jose (14 days ago)
mcregor is gona get knocked out lmaoff!!!!!!

Jorge Flores merinoJorge Flores merino (14 days ago)
Un gran respeto para los 2 pero sería mejor que fueran 2 peleas una de boxeo y una en la octagono y ya veremos a quien le destrozan la cara!

A big respect for the 2 but it would be better if they were 2 fights one boxing and one in the octagon and we will see who will destroy his face!

Jb MontesJb Montes (15 days ago)
when is the fight? i cant wait TO SEE FLOYD TAP OUT! 😂

Cory ChizmarCory Chizmar (15 days ago)
for a little guy Conor can really hit hard Af! Anyone that's been in the cage with him can admit that at least. But Floyd is also a technician of hand to hand boxing and wouldn't dare test one of his punches. oooh another great factor to all is the Gloves!!!! They would play a big part into the fight as Conor is predominantly used to using Martial arts style gloves. So in all honesty they should use mma style gloves with boxing rules to make everything in Even playing grounds. But I highly doubt they could even get that approved so it'll be a boxing match forsure.

Michael WilliamsMichael Williams (15 days ago)
Floyd is a nobody, he's never fought anyone in there prime he's very clever, he fought Manny 2 maybe 3 years too late for Manny he's boring to watch and he can't hit.All facts.FFS Amir went the distance when Connor connects he's gone and you Americans can bitch all you want.Easy demo job.

hapehape (15 days ago)
it looks like floyd is about to cry

Michael WilliamsMichael Williams (16 days ago)
Floyd you talk shit McGregor will destroy you.

Elow KayinaElow Kayina (16 days ago)
Conor mc gregor, m not scared of you too. mf!!!!!!

Devon CooperDevon Cooper (16 days ago)
McGregor isn't even the best in mma

Nikki Jayzel ValdezNikki Jayzel Valdez (16 days ago)
floyd is a bitch he got afraid to fight conor into octagon because conor will bring flyod into toilet hahahaha flyod you cant fight because you dont have manhod

Jimbo TelegraphisJimbo Telegraphis (16 days ago)
I would fight them both at the same time for free and F them both up.

Trevor TrevorTrevor Trevor (16 days ago)
Now mayweather is taking to much he was scared for pacman

SooowoooSooowooo (16 days ago)
Mayweather beat this big mouth bitch up and show his pussy fans that boxing the best sport in the world

Mart AlexMart Alex (16 days ago)
can't wait for this fight... mcgragor is the warrior ... other guy is the opponent ... WTF... Mcgregor wiiiiiiiiiiins ... hell yeah... 💀🔫😁🔫💀🔫

215Sage215Sage (16 days ago)
here we go with this shit again Floyd just like manny

dmadril8474dmadril8474 (16 days ago)

Mr MarucciMr Marucci (17 days ago)
u gotta fake conor in this video dipshit

Oliver KalamataOliver Kalamata (17 days ago)
Irish people probably don't see a lot of black people.
Just wait till you have to fight one, lmao...

Gordon BennetGordon Bennet (17 days ago)
"he's a Malteser with eye balls".... Lol

rizalde roquerorizalde roquero (17 days ago)
all of u are fuck. put them in sex contest..first to reach orgasm by hands..winner

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