PART 2 of McGregor Vs Mayweather Trash Talk

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  • Austin Stout
    Austin Stout 2 hours ago

    This fight is nothing but two huge names coming together to make a ass load of money. Will there be a real fight or is it just staged to give both fighters millions of dollars, both organizations millions of dollars, and to create a 50-0 "legacy". This fight is a joke and is nothing but a scam.

  • Drisha Otto
    Drisha Otto 12 hours ago

    my fist is bigger than his head? ok but his money is longer than your dick😂😆😆

  • workingqwc
    workingqwc 12 hours ago

    mma is gathering lots of idiots as fans. They problably came from wwe to support some lesnar, mc punk, and batista. Now, it looks like they all are supporting conor now. Those idiots are going to destroy everything that is real..

  • Mal Galloway
    Mal Galloway 17 hours ago

    you fucking douchebags thinking that little scumbag will beat mayweather.

  • Loki Castro
    Loki Castro 1 day ago

    Floyd is a bitch!! the only way you can get this lame to fight is by his rules and under his conditions. Of course he was going to take this fight, he wants more money and attention. If that nigger thinks he's so bad why doesn't he fight UFC style?? McGregor has the balls to fight that piece of shit in a boxing fight but Floyds bitch ass will never accept a challenge to go all MMA fight. That bitch is all talk.... and yes! this garbage floyd lost the fight to Manny.....

  • Viper SRT
    Viper SRT 1 day ago

    No contest! Floyd knocks him out early and goes home laughing. McGregor goes home to call Ronda Rousey for support.

  • Marco Marolla
    Marco Marolla 1 day ago

    Floyd will win by unanimous decision, or Connor will knock him out

  • Julian Gaspard
    Julian Gaspard 1 day ago

    This is the stupidest thing ever. Only something to entertain fans. McGregor said it right, give the fans what they want. The most impressive thing they have done so far is actually hype and talk this up to the point that networks and commissions have actually seen the dollar signs and jumped on for this. There is no way that any parties involved in making this fight happen actually think that this is anything more than making money. Anyone thinking that this will actually be a fight is just delusional. Even Connor knows that, if he has any fighting knowledge, which he obviously does. I am an MMA fan, and depending on who he is fighting, a Connor fan. But there is NO WAY he can box with ANY professional boxer, much less Mayweather. He does not even have a 'punchers chance'. 49 other professional boxers didn't have a punchers chance. Now had this been a 'stand up' fight, with Connor being able to use any stand up techniques, Mayweather would not stand a chance. But can't we be honest and admit that this is a circus?

  • Nunya
    Nunya 1 day ago

    Connor talks about is skills. Floyd brags about how much money he has and how much of a boss he is.

  • XPLOSIVE2025
    XPLOSIVE2025 1 day ago

    what beat is tht @54sec? shit go hard asf!

  • Ameesha Gill
    Ameesha Gill 1 day ago

    i hope McGregor fucks up the wife beater. Mayweather is a piece of fucking shit and i hope he gets fucked on

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 2 days ago

    If this fight happens and I pay my money. I'd better not see Mayweather bounce round the ring until it's over like that Pacman fucking shitty fight. Straight for the fucking jugular soon as that bell goes off.

  • frosty1982
    frosty1982 2 days ago

    Conor is very clever he is going to make big money with one fight only.

  • Ricky Prak
    Ricky Prak 2 days ago

    Floyd wins in the ring and McGregor wins in the octagon

  • antonina so
    antonina so 2 days ago

    They should be fighting at wwe. This is a big show.

  • Jerohn Deen
    Jerohn Deen 2 days ago

    They both gon swing at each other at the same time and no punches are gon be landed or neither one they they both gon pass out like senior citizens lmao!!!

  • Martin Roco
    Martin Roco 2 days ago

    maidana fuck the two....maricas

  • Shahril Mohd
    Shahril Mohd 2 days ago

    mcgregor fight with glove on? bet gonna be a big clown WWE show. MMA id now MME

  • Pre Retcon Beyonder

    imao conor got outboxed by nate diaz he has no chance aganist one of the best boxers of all time

    J GOTTI 3 days ago

    FUCK YOU MAYWEATHER a fucking greedy nigger Irish MCGREGOR will eat you fucking greedy African scum

    USMC HUNTER 3 days ago

    McGregor Floyd is going to kick your ass right back to that fairy country you come from.

  • Mathami Yazing
    Mathami Yazing 3 days ago

    would love to see conor get carried away by the fight and kick mayweathers head of in a boxing match

  • Michael Tsolis
    Michael Tsolis 3 days ago

    it all about the money.

  • Thepump
    Thepump 3 days ago

    If the best boxers in the WORLD can't beat mayweather how will Conor.
    Most of you just get excited with the hype Conor brings.
    I sincerely hope Conor is not seriously hurt!!

  • USAFPOLfreak1978
    USAFPOLfreak1978 3 days ago

    I hope McGregor beats the woman beater Mayweather! But I could careless about this pointless BS.

  • rudy lopez
    rudy lopez 3 days ago

    McGregor doesn't know about boxing but Floyd don't know about ufc so either way none of the fights are fair but McGregor will fuck Floyd up

  • Robert Barden
    Robert Barden 3 days ago

    Floyd new Connor was there, he started panicking and lost what he was saying. He's worried about connor

  • Issey Miyake
    Issey Miyake 3 days ago

    You better not let me down Conor! FREAKIN TALK THE SHIT OUT OF HIM


    Maltesers were never my friend - Floyd Mayweather

  • bloodcorpse gamer
    bloodcorpse gamer 3 days ago

    oh yeah Floyd you were the one that started talking s*** about the UFC you should slip into the UFC ring for talking s*** back your f****** mouth up

  • bloodcorpse gamer
    bloodcorpse gamer 3 days ago

    Floyd shut the f****** and unified one f****** division you won't be the best bro Triple G is going to beat you he almost got every belt just one

  • Adonai Elohi
    Adonai Elohi 3 days ago

    just give them what the Foook they wunt!

  • Erebus
    Erebus 3 days ago

    "real fight" with a referee
    All fake. You're brainwashed. All of ya.

  • Akhtar Mohammed
    Akhtar Mohammed 4 days ago

    thumbnail photoshoped soo bad smh

  • dthreadjr
    dthreadjr 4 days ago

    you know what I think I think they're both going to throw a punch at the same time and knock each other out

  • Ret1173
    Ret1173 4 days ago

    Interesting that I haven't heard Mayweather trash talk and claim he's going to win the fight in any of these videos....he's busy talking about Conner not being his own boss and needing to make the fight happen. Hmmmm...

  • Jonas Bylund
    Jonas Bylund 4 days ago

    Floyd if you think you can REALLY beat connor, then meet mr. McGregor in the ufc/mma ring, and then we will all see who will win lol

  • Mikhail K
    Mikhail K 4 days ago

    What will be the rules. Just boxing or each fights his own style? If just boxing McGregor is 100% done. If rules are mixed I would still give much more chances to Mayweather. I am not a boxing fan but it is the most effective ass kicking skills ever. Just another level.

  • Ace Williams
    Ace Williams 4 days ago

    I want McGregor to whoop him, but I want him to beat him MMA style.

  • islamn03
    islamn03 4 days ago

    Everyone keeps saying floyd needs to go to the octagon to fight Connor..... let's not forget it was Conor who kept calling him out of retirement. Floyd has dominated his own... maybe Conor needs to do the same and fight khabib instead of avoiding him like the plague

  • ruby rumi
    ruby rumi 4 days ago

    can't wait to see donor knocked up and out.. lol he a bihh..

  • Joseph Kelly
    Joseph Kelly 4 days ago

    Malteeser with eye balls lol

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones 5 days ago

    He's gonna beat him then take his dag

  • cq121212
    cq121212 5 days ago

    The boxing community should study/spectate ALL striking martial arts. Don't be surprised if Conor KO's Floyd. We have seen in MMA many world class strikers get owned at their own specialty by evolved and well rounded MMA fighters. Examples are (and feel free to watch/go look up):
    Mark Hunt v. Junior Dos SantosTravis Brown v. AlistIr OvereemPat Berry v. Lavar Johnson Tyron Woodly v. Stephen ThompsonFrank mir v. Cheik KongoFrank Mir v. Cro copGabriel gonzaga v cro-copJon jones v. Alexander Gustafson Wanderlei silva v. Dan Henderson Brendan Schaub v cro copFedor v. Andre arlovskiMax halloway v. Jose aldo Dustin porier v Joseph Duffy Anderson silva v. Chris weidman Chris weidman v. Lyoto machidaOvince st. Preux v. Shogun Rua Chuck Liddell v rampage Jackson Kelvin gastelum v vitor belfort Robbie lawyer v. Melvin manhoef Hisaki Kato v. Joe schillingMartin kampmann v. Johnny Hendricks
    This is just a list at the top of my head. But many fightsers evolve. They are ALL pro fighters. People act like Conor will be a fish out of water. Conor throws hands for a living too. He's world class. All I'm saying is don't be surprised.


    after listening to mc Gregory run his mouth i want to see him dead

  • Roger Autry
    Roger Autry 5 days ago

    It's going to be embarrassing for Mcgregor

  • Nexus Randy
    Nexus Randy 5 days ago

    Weather don't need money Conor can talk all that but he need that money

  • Felix Ortega
    Felix Ortega 5 days ago

    this fight is a joke

  • P. Salazar
    P. Salazar 5 days ago

    Did Floyd say "typed" and "faxed"?

  • Jimmy Sturridge
    Jimmy Sturridge 5 days ago

    Colin is a whopper

  • Love Arizona
    Love Arizona 5 days ago

    MuGregor #200,209,475 "you fuckeeeen"

  • N1k 5m1TH
    N1k 5m1TH 5 days ago

    I cant wait to see Mcgregor get his fake ass accent wanna be fighting lil ass knocked out he is average at best.... lil chode

  • Westside Tech
    Westside Tech 5 days ago

    Joke of a fight. This a boxing match

  • TerrorVII
    TerrorVII 5 days ago

    lol thats not mc gregor you fools in the beginning thats someone was acting and sounding like him

  • alcanline
    alcanline 5 days ago

    Poor Mcgregor, i dont know why he doesn't just stick to mma.. doesn't he realize he's getting played.. he will be mayweathers first knock out in 7yrs.. this is all about Mayweather getting to 50-0, then Connor McGregor.. I hope they pay the man well and his mma career doesn't get affected by it..

  • Amp
    Amp 5 days ago

    How dumb are people this whole thing is fishy. I bet it's a staged fight. We've seen loads of those. This is just a cheap way for them to make money. Connor McGregor has no loyalty to the sport of MMA and is selling them out in order to make himself some retirement money.

  • Efren Baluyut
    Efren Baluyut 5 days ago

    hey floyd mothefucker why dont try to fight mcgregor in mma if you really wanna fock is face you really know floyd that if fight conor in ufc gonna die ashole ahahahah

  • Efren Baluyut
    Efren Baluyut 5 days ago

    you motherfucker floyd you are not entertaining the fans wanna money that why you wanna fight ashole you gonna losser on this fight mothefucker you are not a real fighter you are a gambler ahahaha fuck your face ashole

  • Missdeeinspired
    Missdeeinspired 5 days ago

    I hope he kick mayweather stock up think he a billionaire ass

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 6 days ago

    oh McGregor? I love watching you in the UFC... but your gonna lose to mayweather.🤕😖

  • Brian C.
    Brian C. 6 days ago

    Always bet on black God did not make these other cultures to be better then us in any sport lol 😂

  • Hemi Cuda
    Hemi Cuda 6 days ago

    Floyd is a dead man

  • K W
    K W 6 days ago

    McGregor probably needs "psychological" intervention if he believes he can beat Mayweather. So sad...

  • Average To Best
    Average To Best 6 days ago

    Mcgaygor doesn't sound like he's Irish, he sounds like he's faking the funk.

  • Argon Dargon
    Argon Dargon 6 days ago

    both idiots.  bs guys.  these are the worst  typa guys in the world.  talking bs.  uneducated. making dirty money.  they were no good for anything else so they tried to be tough and fight.  couple of idiots.  cant learn nothing from them.  in the gladiator days, these fighters would be executed after the match because of their useless life.

  • Cod Father
    Cod Father 6 days ago

    I'd love to see the look on connor's face when he loses. All that trash talk

  • Cod Father
    Cod Father 6 days ago

    Never knew Connor was racist 3:06

  • Robert Nastase
    Robert Nastase 6 days ago

    Come on guys, let”s be honest. Mayweather has fought against the best boxers of the time and managed to run them all over the ring. McGregor doesn”t have the stamina to chase Mayweather 12 rounds. Mayweather will win on points by running and from time to time connecting a punch, just like he did with Paquiao

  • Nunyun Bizz
    Nunyun Bizz 6 days ago

    "No white boy can beat me." - Floyd Mayweather Jr.

  • John Alvar
    John Alvar 6 days ago

    I hope they make a fair fight I mean fight with all the technics and not fight just a boring bosing fight that way gayweather will win let them go full fight and McGregor will destroy him.

  • VeganLynx
    VeganLynx 6 days ago

    both little midget bitches with big mouths , ,

  • Mike w
    Mike w 7 days ago

    floyd just keeps saying he's a fighter if he's a a fighter have floyd step in to an octagon with conor

  • Reggie Muhammad
    Reggie Muhammad 7 days ago

    Sign the contract you drunk Irish fag !!! Drunken bitch devil ! Cursed leprous F boy

  • Phasma Dark
    Phasma Dark 7 days ago

    I think Floyd Mayweather can never hurt Conor McGregor with any thing. I think Floyd Mayweather will not have a chance to ice skate away from him like he has done in the past. We are talking about a man that gets kicked in the head V's a man that gets punched in the head. I feel that it will not go into the 6th round. Floyd Mayweather will get

  • Paul Gramaje
    Paul Gramaje 7 days ago

    Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer of all time. period. TBE 49-0.

  • sweetbounty
    sweetbounty 7 days ago

    Floyd is smaller much smaller frankly he's little bitch...

  • Manuelito Amparo
    Manuelito Amparo 7 days ago

    McGregor monster vs gayweather coward!!!! stop boxing gayweather you only keep running inside the ring, that's why you win.STOP BOXING PUSSSSY!!!!

  • NK ANoNyMouS JuT
    NK ANoNyMouS JuT 7 days ago

    Easy. McGregor would win in the Octagon. And Mayweather in the squared ring.

  • Chris_ Albo
    Chris_ Albo 7 days ago

    dat irish accent😂

  • nathanschnelker
    nathanschnelker 7 days ago

    He talked the same trash before the Diaz fight, lol😂

  • Raymundurag
    Raymundurag 7 days ago

    Floyd will be defeated in the Octagon not in the ring! Mayweather has the right to demand the contract. Take it or leave it. Mayweather doesn't need the money, McGregor does.

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson 7 days ago

    Flyod mayweather by Ko

  • Willi McDaniel
    Willi McDaniel 8 days ago

    boxing is dead, well not quite but it's a win win for ufc. Dana white knows what he's doing

    KONCRETE SOLDIER 8 days ago

    Mayweather will always be the biggest pussy in boxing history... This punk don't fight nobody fair n square n only fights when he has the edge n advantage!!! McGregor win or lose deserves a rematch in the OCTAGON!! BUT PUSSY MAYWEATHER WILL OBVIOUSLY REFUSE LIKE THE BITCH HE IS!!!

  • MrHappyBollox
    MrHappyBollox 8 days ago

    "He's a Malteser with eyeballs." Okay, McGregor wins the trash talk contest. However, in a boxing fight, Mayweather would ruin him for all time, I'm certain of it.

  • need gta money thanks

    Fuck flyod

  • Genius News
    Genius News 8 days ago

    How much is Dana White make off this?

  • ricardo gonzalez
    ricardo gonzalez 8 days ago

    but when the fans said, Floyd is afraid of a rematch with Pacquiao, he doesn't offer a contract.

  • World Capital Group Trading

    I put 2k on conor and back 12k

  • Craigs List
    Craigs List 9 days ago

    Mayweather doesn't need the're broke asshole!? McGregor would fu$k you up!!! Mayweather would never step into the MMA world with McGregor...he's just a boxer and a boxer only. Even just boxing alone, McGregor, would be an even match with Mayweahter's old-ass.

  • Ramon Tisdale
    Ramon Tisdale 9 days ago

    connor i like u..but your gonna get the shit kicked out of u..hes on different level ..reslly connor49 pro boxer tried who trsin at just boxing.they couldnt best him ..shit they couldnt hit him

  • F C
    F C 9 days ago

    this reminds me of that scene from bman vs sman. the guy in the long hair is the douchebag lex Luther

  • Frederick Compton
    Frederick Compton 9 days ago

    If the idiot, McGregor wants to fight, Floyd said simply sign on the dotted line! (sign the contract) The idiot, McGregor, cannot beat Floyd Mayweather in a pure boxing match!

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson 9 days ago

    this is about to get ugly for floyd

  • John Mc
    John Mc 9 days ago

    McGregor knows he won't win it's just for the money

  • kirknaz nuqui
    kirknaz nuqui 9 days ago

    fuck off....its like wwe...better to watch sponge bob....what a drama....

  • sven trogrlic
    sven trogrlic 9 days ago

    Mayweather has more Money...McGregor has more Words

  • Jayte Odones
    Jayte Odones 10 days ago

    floyd is scared😂😂

  • Victor Yanez
    Victor Yanez 10 days ago

    Floyd knows that if in that confrontation Floyd stepped up to conner Floyd would get owned. no more cocky Ness for floyd. in a real fight conner would fuck you up floyd and you know it!

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