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Author enanotorpedo (7 years)
vaya mierda

Author Robson Nascimento (6 years)
Gostei muito das dicas, obrigado Saulo. Robson.

Author Jon Nakaishi (2 years)
I speak English too guys

Author castawayyachts (6 years)
Good job Saulo Rick Port Clinton OH

Author cypsation (7 years)
uuhhh in what way?, do you know who he is?

Author Martín Suárez (5 years)

Author Aleksandr Valitov (7 years)
smart lol

Author vovinamer2003 (7 years)
no he doesnt

Author Leanwithitrockwithit (8 years)
Saulo Ribeiro's a legend

Author John Ralph (7 years)
even basic judo stuff has to be explained clearly. unless judo guys just
know the material before they start?

Author Renato Lemos (6 years)
Camaradas Saulo e Leonardo "Batatinha", quanto tempo , espero que estejam
bem ! Um abração . Renato Lemos ... vulgo RATOEIRA !!!

Author H4I2I2EE (6 years)
"whats the difference between jiu jitsu and jujitsu?" Yeah, they are just
different spellings of the same word. I read somewhere that the
J-u-j-u-t-s-u spelling is the closest to how it is actually pronounced in
Japanese. Jujutsu is the art developed by the Samurai and this video is
specifically about Brazilian or Gracie Jujutsu. These days a lot of people
erroneously call it Jujutsu without specifying cuz I think in Japan the
word Jujutsu isn't necessarily synonymous with ground fighting.

Author adisphere (7 years)
saulo is a amazing teacher, him and his brother come to my club, and they
know things that most only wish they knew

Author JZotyrell (7 years)
his just talkinnn ,,

Author kempobrad (7 years)
guitars and jujitsu, great combo! good luck with both.

Author castawayyachts (6 years)
I saw him fight in Toledo and he kick the guys ass in 30 sec. I got my blue
belt from him.

Author paul newton (2 years)
Toronto BJJ

Author John Fulton (7 years)
uhhh it says who he is that doesnt take away from the fact that he talks
way to much

Author Dylan Dean (5 years)
Saulo is the man

Author pope8888 (5 years)
saulo is awesome!!!! im a left handed person so its natural for me to do
the left lead, i wish could train with saulo

Author ULTRATAI (6 years)
Same thing but spelled differently.

Author cypsation (7 years)
Yeah it says who he is, but do you really know who he is? The guy is making
sure the viewer is understanding simple mechanics, If you don't understand
those seemingly insignificant mechanics, you can't execute the moves
properly. I bet you watch ufc and think takedowns and submissions are as
simple as applying them. If you have any knowledge you should know that
simple details like this help you technique significantly.

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