PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2017 — Enjoy the video.
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Like A Boss People Are Awesome 2017

People Are Awesome 2017 The Best

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2017 Best of sport HD

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME Compilation 2016

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Runtime: 7:3
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Author B55P55 ( ago)
very poor scenes!

Author aron dociqi ( ago)
hey everyone watch erisplays

Author Diabolical Insolence ( ago)
Thank god the GoPro was invented

Author цолмон цомко батжаргал ( ago)

Author CaptainSkillzGR ( ago)
roses are red
violets are blue
I came for thumbnail

and so did you

Author Riku Dey ( ago)
Roses are red
violets are blue
I came here for the booty
& so do u

Author jose luis Vittar ( ago)

Author so sassy ( ago)

Author Eric Troll ( ago)
whats the sport name at 3:31

Author (Cheeze) Nicha Pornvaragorn ( ago)
😎 😎😎😎

Author Hoyang Tamang ( ago)
awesome and the music wow its different yessss

Author Hoyang Tamang ( ago)
awesome and the music wow its different yessss

Author FoodFreak ( ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue, I clicked for the thumbnail and so did you

Author Miro 3run ( ago)
what is first song.?

Author Da Phoenix ( ago)
1:23 there dirty motherfuckers

Author Guy Unknown ( ago)
Are humans awesome because of big tits and ass?

Author Sangpuia Sailo ( ago)
whats the name of the first song....

Author chir pitboul ( ago)
gives me the name of this songs plz

Author Blong BIG ( ago)
its. life

Author Nawazish khan ( ago)

Author TOP10XTREME ( ago)

Author Apelius ( ago)
Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
We Came For The Thumbnail
And here it is

Author Marcelo Padilla ( ago)
ñ pm p.m

Author massanti madunigang ( ago)
wtf are the random ladies for?

Author Stefani Ruiz ( ago)
People are okay, lol.

Author Tyler Nolan ( ago)
Who else clicked because on the picture?

Author Ezzy ( ago)

Author Kaatins ( ago)
6:59 you came here for this.

Author Micah San ( ago)
If you thought this was a porn video, hit like 😂

Author gltr ( ago)
stop using ass thumbnail for clickbait. Gonna keep downvoting these.

Author Yuka akuY ( ago)
4:55 the video shut off cos the kid felt down c:

Author SENSEI-Panda ! ( ago)
We all know why we clicked on this video.

Author Karabiyik3 ( ago)
Of course im not here for that women

Author BloodyFish13 ( ago)
Dafuq is a womans arse doin' in thumbnail

Author harry west ( ago)

Author bangmeister2012 ( ago)
Some people you mean. Most arent

Author ONLYsounds ( ago)
very awesome

Author Don't Touch My Phone ( ago)
+1:28 Look closer. Nip Slip

Author Venni Blomberg ( ago)
Interesting how a best of a year can be made 3 month into the year. We are living in exciting times arent we?

Author Ryan M. ( ago)
Omfg the thumbnail is the definition of clickbait.

Author Sergey Eremeev ( ago)
awesome... right.. screw this world if this is awesome

Author Marky Polo ( ago)
Stupid people die early. Or harm others. Avoid them!

Author CS:GO Andrew ( ago)
it's fucking insane!

Author khan salim ( ago)
This is one video...that does not have boobs in thumbnail but it does in the video....

Author penguirl720 ( ago)
Nice change from all the fail videos! What is the music?

Author The Unyc ( ago)
First song??

Author Idk Idk ( ago)
Just for everyone to know, 1:24 was the best one

Author Winslow Wilson ( ago)
Amazing that some people need to do things like this. The majority who try, end up failing, I've seen the other videos. Life then becomes more terrible when you're in a crippled state. Life is a long road for most people. Risking the well being of your body is not worth it. Time is going to put enough challenges to it. The Universe is always ready to reach out and strike when one least expects it. Why tempt fate ?

Author MrJJhawk ( ago)
One of the worst PaA montages I've seen....

Author Videler ( ago)
Do people not like the titys or something, look at the dislikes

Author Dennisaurous Rex ( ago)
Guy does triple back flip off a cliff - eh that's good. Girl in bikini waves & smiles at camera - that's effin' awesome!

Author TJ Worker ( ago)
people could be awesome. But, this video really doesn't show awesome. But, a little better than a circus!

Author V.I.P Senpai ( ago)
0:53 To 1:13 is it just me or is he fat?

Author Abdurrahman Toprak ( ago)
What is the first song name?

Author fungJX ( ago)
Am I the only one to get into this because of the Girl?

Author Toni Suikki ( ago)
"People are awesome"
*Shows a random bikini girls*
wtf XD

Author Anton Tietz ( ago)

Author Aniruddh Sharma ( ago)
I love that thumbnail girl

Author Anthony pease ( ago)
Just happy to see someone compile something where people aren't getting maimed in attempt to show off.

Author Salim Dilmohamud ( ago)
fking music fks everything up

Author Abad perez ( ago)
People are stupidity and a danger to themselves!

Author Jacob Tissington ( ago)
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I came for the thumbnail, and so did you...

Author Hacker23PRO ( ago)
first song ??

Author Jevaux Gallardo ( ago)
What's the title of the music?

Author Kyle West ( ago)
Anyone have a link to the first one? I can't find it.

Author The Unyc ( ago)
First music?

Author Fz Nz ( ago)

Author Samir Morris ( ago)
this should be called people are retarded 2017

Author oscar cubero ( ago)
no people are just stupid

Author oscar cubero ( ago)
were is the thumb nail

Author All Cat Kings ( ago)
my human slave love tat ass

Author Bob Boberson ( ago)
It's like a giant GoPro commercial.

Author Farrux Eraliev ( ago)
good life i love life

Author Chris Martin ( ago)

Author xfoxy 9 ( ago)
awesome video

Author Hellrizer USA ( ago)
666k subscribers. Welcome back, my liege

Author black cat ( ago)

Author mustafa no02 ( ago)
illuminate 666k

Author Ndx ( ago)
3:55 Kuala Lumpur

Author Lizz ( ago)
666k subs omg illuminati comfirmed

Author DangerDod _ ( ago)
1:23 I want that

Author DDynamite is awesome ( ago)
I bet u clicked on the vid cuz of the thumbnail......

Author chantal veronneau ( ago)

Author Clark ( ago)
So glad people are still making these videos.

Author Arturo Almeida ( ago)

Author Theknotman1964 ( ago)
Brilliant best on youtube by far

Author Dan02 ( ago)
1:08 i thought that guy died

Author Janusha ( ago)
In all these videos, there are men doing heroic things, and women with no clothes on just standing there looking pretty in slow motion.

Author Adol Freak ( ago)
For all who are looking for the first song. "Its different"-shadows feat miss mary

Author Miller Anthony ( ago)
love it thanks

Author Kukubi77 Naorem ( ago)
nice song

Author XPYCT HUK ( ago)
дибилы, снегоход то нахуя разбивать

Author Glenn Mand ( ago)
it's different. shadows is the song

Author Creepy Kid ( ago)
WHY YOU NO PUT SONG INTO DESCRIPTION. Can anyone tell me the name of the first song? PLS?? xd

Author Eduard Avetisyan ( ago)

Author Abdoollah saiyan ( ago)
fuck clickbait

Author Minetoutong ( ago)
you came for that 7:01

Author christdragon ( ago)
It doesn't take any skill to jump off a cliff. Just balls.

Author Mohamed Younous ( ago)
I saw ass and clicked!!!

Author ARMEN PAPYAN ( ago)
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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