spycam owttto

this is one of the swedish "Owttto" series. Ver yfunny if you understand swedish and have a good sense of homour..

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Author blackpager (8 years)
lol, girls usually dry their pussy b4 they zip up. LOL

Author jonas131000 (5 years)
i dont understand swettish fag

Author kiwinzboy (7 years)
this is the dumbst vid on youtube

Author Audibert76 (7 years)
Drug of video.

Author defendant420 (6 years)
twisted sister lol

Author jerrysknob (4 years)

Author Martin Stjernfeldt (5 years)
Detta e ju lysande =)

Author JTobaco (3 years)
@spongebob4411 you mean sec.

Author Dan. E (4 years)
@ourworldvideo fucking no shit 20/20 hein sight

Author TheEgg185 (4 years)
i see no piss or shit.

Author Rakim Lamar (4 years)
@spongebob4411 51 min ?

Author tuumasthomas (4 years)

Author Koosha Hosseini (5 years)
swedish humor, sweds are only ones who laugh at these

Author Julie Marannes (7 years)
elle ne s'essuie même pas beurkkk! She doesn't wip herself!berk!

Author Heidi Connolly (5 years)
wow u cant shit and do laundry at the same time woot

Author arcdc5 (5 years)
what the fuck you dont wipe and u are a man?

Author killerfuzz12345 (7 years)

Author niga6000 (6 years)

Author Mauro Dini Junior (5 years)
fuck you..

Author Payton Helm (6 years)
HAHAHAHA!!! You dont wipe???

Author xtremwizard (5 years)

Author Harry Potter (7 years)
That was fucking Gay

Author Jesper jönsson (7 years)
DON´T YOU FOLKS UNDERSTAND THAT IT´S FAKE! The "Girl" is a man...and if you
understand swedish and know about that character, you´ll find it funny

Author superspeed71 (6 years)
hahahaha you crap beside the washer and dryer :P so you could shit and
clean ur clothes at the same time:P

Author Ingvild Ørland (5 years)
du har dårlig humor ... ingen som synes det er morsomt vel? Jeg er fra
Norge, skulle ikke tro at humoren var veldig forskjellig da..

Author ourworldvideo (6 years)
this is so fake

Author lymcky (6 years)
This is a spoof... in real life it's a nightmare for some women who's
toilets are audio & video wired.... It's an epidemic

Author elusuario989 (5 years)

Author Oscar Andrade (6 years)
Y donde esta el mojon?

Author lordy421 (6 years)
lol obviusly fake but who the fuck has there washing machine there!!

Author Big Mack (8 years)
l o l eller vad

Author Angel Mass (4 years)
The toilet next to the washing machine. Classy.

Author pipiluyoz (7 years)

Author jesusnagstring (6 years)
whats sad are all the captain obvious' that feel the need to comment: Its
fake... No shit. What give it away?

Author Jesper jönsson (6 years)
OK, no puedo español, por lo que esta fue casi una pérdida de tiempo, mi

Author jackzylde (7 years)
lol great prank vid

Author kale033 (4 years)
some people came here because we search for newest spycam gadgets, so not
everybody here is a pervert, But im sure 95% here is a pervert like

Author Tokyoikan (5 years)

Author Jesper jönsson (7 years)
haha! are WE idiots!? It was you who searched on spycam, you perv!

Author biroltoprak (7 years)

Author Jonny Monty (4 years)
i know this is fake but it was sorta funny. . . . . . HaHa

Author Jesper jönsson (7 years)
haha you sickos really search after "spycam"

Author Jesper jönsson (4 years)
no, because the world is filled with sick people

Author pLjjjJI (7 years)

Author SamWilder1 (6 years)
He needs help!

Author biroltoprak (7 years)
only idiot tape there self while there taking a visit on the shithouse!!!!!

Author Lexxipoohalways (6 years)

Author ChillaChillaXD (7 years)

Author Josseph Víctor Lara Naranjo (5 years)

Author powxpurplexx (4 years)
Is it wrong if this gave me a boner.

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