News 100 | 1st April, 2017 - India TV

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  • Manju Verma
    Manju Verma 1 month ago

    Bhai modi ji ap SuLtan ho hr dil ki kony ma hndusathan rhty h jai maa durga

  • Uttam Behera
    Uttam Behera 1 month ago

    nice work

  • Ashish yadav
    Ashish yadav 1 month ago

    Ashish yadav

  • Yogesh Varan
    Yogesh Varan 1 month ago

    u people had time to report about celebrities and news from other countries ,but u can not spend 5 sec to talk about the farmers protesting in new delhi .#shameonyou

  • Neha Bhati
    Neha Bhati 1 month ago

    Please exclude the Bollywood part.

  • Mukesh Gurjar
    Mukesh Gurjar 1 month ago

    diyal gujjar

    VIJAY KUMAR 1 month ago

    Hindustani jindawand modi yogi zindabad jay shree ram

  • MSN
    MSN 1 month ago

    Many stupids here are saying zindabad for what they dont know!!

  • MSN
    MSN 1 month ago

    Ex chaiwala is troubling people with tuglakish restrictions on cash withdrawals, but Malya will not be afected.

  • prince kumar
    prince kumar 1 month ago

    thank you modi ji

  • prince kumar
    prince kumar 1 month ago

    thank you modi ji

  • rishikesh burma
    rishikesh burma 1 month ago

    Har _2 modi Ghar_2 yogi Hindustan zindabad

  • Ramlalbairwa Bairwa
    Ramlalbairwa Bairwa 1 month ago

    jai hindostan

  • Salman Mohd
    Salman Mohd 1 month ago

    ha modi g Garibo ka kya hoga

  • r21061991
    r21061991 1 month ago

    arrest azam khan and send him to jail for 50 yrs

  • Jitendra Patil
    Jitendra Patil 1 month ago

    What the hell India TV is? Alia bhat is on vacation and enjoying there. Is that a National news to be broad casted??? Leave Alia alone when she is not doing films and let her enjoy her vacation.

  • s yadav
    s yadav 1 month ago

    bhai aap ke trh hr muslman smjta ki bikas sbko chahiye

  • Abdullah Azmi
    Abdullah Azmi 1 month ago

    Hindustan zindabad modi yogi Zindabad

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