If the Earth stopped spinning

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  • KeirrCabales Gaming
    KeirrCabales Gaming 23 hours ago

    if the earth stopped spinning it is true that the wind is 1000mph but when your inside earth it is not thats because the earth spins 200kp18secs so the strong wind is under control and normal speed.

  • Portgas D Ace and Savannah

    1:30 is when all the One Piece fans out there freak out

  • Chrominoid Pro
    Chrominoid Pro 1 day ago

    Moral of the story


  • Kirinin Kiri
    Kirinin Kiri 2 days ago

    How does the earth's spin created the earth's magnetic field?

  • Ole Gunner Solskjaer

    Can someone explain why the winds?

  • Top 1Percent
    Top 1Percent 3 days ago

    TLDR; Earth will become another barren planet in the solar system.

  • Cartoon Production
    Cartoon Production 3 days ago

    You guys rather comment then watch the video? Lol

  • yeni soediro
    yeni soediro 6 days ago

    judgement day is real :'(

  • Taco Belllover
    Taco Belllover 6 days ago

    So basically if the earth stops spinning we all die! Great! 😁👍👌

  • XCEL Music
    XCEL Music 6 days ago


  • Ti_Da_ Tyeger
    Ti_Da_ Tyeger 6 days ago

    long days alot of water kinda sounds like Noahs flood 2 me

  • Sara Dickson
    Sara Dickson 7 days ago

    thx earth ur doing gr8

  • Destiny Hunter
    Destiny Hunter 7 days ago

    basic answer we will all die

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny 7 days ago

    What if you go under ground? Will the cosmic rays and stuff affect you?

  • FemaleIntrovert
    FemaleIntrovert 7 days ago

    So it wouldn't be pleasant. Good to know.

  • Chris Gavidia
    Chris Gavidia 8 days ago


  • Alhatoun Al Ansari
    Alhatoun Al Ansari 8 days ago

    So Earth had one continent (Pangaea) before, is that bc the Earth used to spin slower?

  • Original Recipe
    Original Recipe 10 days ago

    hmm... seems fun...

  • 123ALIN321
    123ALIN321 11 days ago


  • RithIsland HD
    RithIsland HD 12 days ago

    wait but if the population becomes 0 who updated it to be 0....

  • Ebonie Leigh
    Ebonie Leigh 13 days ago


  • GamingElectro 6430
    GamingElectro 6430 13 days ago

    Short answer...

    we all die

  • Ace Fulbright
    Ace Fulbright 13 days ago

    Does anyone know the soundtrack?

  • I like Cheese
    I like Cheese 13 days ago

    Chuck Norris slapped the earth and look what happened

  • quantibles /Ballisticly


  • Hybrid Kamatis
    Hybrid Kamatis 14 days ago

    Keep that earth spinning like a fidget spinner

  • Bear-ly
    Bear-ly 15 days ago

    What happens if the earth starts to spin the other way?

  • Lim Chun Xuan
    Lim Chun Xuan 15 days ago

    I hope that after earth stop spinning I’ll fly all over the earth for free !
    Little crazy... heheh

    • Lim Chun Xuan
      Lim Chun Xuan 15 days ago

      Everybody’s comment be like
      Wtf r u crazy
      We need lifeeeeeeeeee bruh

  • I ASK ,
    I ASK , 16 days ago


  • Hi it's Screwie
    Hi it's Screwie 16 days ago

    Then why do I keep hearing in love songs about the earth stop spinning??

  • Ramona Martin
    Ramona Martin 16 days ago

    мy dad ѕaιd тнaт ιғ тнe earтн ѕтopped ѕpιnnιng we woυldn'т noтιce вc we donт ғeel ιт ѕpιnnιng ѕo ι donт ĸnow wнaт тo вelιeve

  • bottle miku
    bottle miku 17 days ago

    as long if theres humans on Earth, the Earth wont stop spinning

  • Kara Umphrey
    Kara Umphrey 19 days ago

    All of the facts in this are wrong. For starters how can day become night if the earth isnt rotating! Thats just one of them!!!

  • Chelsea Javan
    Chelsea Javan 19 days ago

    *if the earth stopped spinning*

    Me: easy we all die.....

  • Thạnh Phước
    Thạnh Phước 21 day ago

    I watching this in 2017 :v
    and this is Onepiece earth~

  • Dew Gamer
    Dew Gamer 21 day ago

    Only 5 words : the end of the world

  • bot 12
    bot 12 21 day ago

    No life

  • adlan danish
    adlan danish 21 day ago


  • User 1
    User 1 21 day ago

    You spin me right round baby right round like a

    KEEPMOVN 21 day ago

    what if flat earth stop spinning its stupidity?

  • KastrakanaDraws
    KastrakanaDraws 23 days ago

    now this gave me a new light in thinking some spinning shit is still valuable not like those fidget spinners

  • Slow Start
    Slow Start 23 days ago

    at least we'd already be dead from the first stage

  • mamatha gowda
    mamatha gowda 23 days ago

    first of all if it stops rotating how would a day and night exist ?
    We are day and night 'cause of rotation and seasons 'cause of revolution
    If earth is stopped half part would be dark and half facing towards sun bright

  • mamatha gowda
    mamatha gowda 23 days ago

    Earth is not just concentrated with American continent to advertise everywhere !

  • pengored6 gaming
    pengored6 gaming 24 days ago

    I hate this style of animation it reminds me of go animate

  • Griefer Gamer Sports

    Earth is our savior. Cuz of spinning and being Earth

  • King To Ng
    King To Ng 24 days ago

    1:49 population not 7 billon is 0

  • Aashish Bharadwaj
    Aashish Bharadwaj 25 days ago

    There is no such thing as centrifugal force.


    the true religion is just Islam when judgement day come sun will rise from the west just check out authentic hadith's

  • LifewithEricka
    LifewithEricka 25 days ago

    thats harsh

  • Lip Fairilu
    Lip Fairilu 25 days ago

    What if Earth is tilted as Uranus

  • Toasty
    Toasty 26 days ago

    If the earth stopped spinning, we wouldn't be thrown 1,000 MPH because the gravity on earth isn't effected on how earth spins
    or how earth moves. It is effected by the mass of the earth! But mostly everything else is a good prediction

    KILLER_GUY _FIRE 26 days ago

    a huge catastrophe when a earth stops spinning

  • Kevin Kerr Ramirez
    Kevin Kerr Ramirez 26 days ago

    helpfull, funny animation,

  • sam song
    sam song 27 days ago

    Wow this was very interesting and got me thinking 💭

  • Mystical Ecstasy
    Mystical Ecstasy 27 days ago

    My science teacher for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, back in primary school, always boasted that if the earth stopped spinning we would simply fall off. Guess that fat fuck was wrong.

  • Greek American
    Greek American 27 days ago

    Why does gravity become strongest at the poles?

  • Foefoe Da baws
    Foefoe Da baws 27 days ago

    Wait if everyone died how did they edit there population level

  • katherine
    katherine 27 days ago

    i always thought time would freeze lol

  • joannaz
    joannaz 28 days ago

    But HOW would the magnetic field fade?

  • Bobbo Ruiz
    Bobbo Ruiz 28 days ago

    im gay

  • Bobbo Ruiz
    Bobbo Ruiz 28 days ago


  • pNoy jourNz
    pNoy jourNz 28 days ago

    See they shown u the truth because the bulge is GONE yay it's stopped but what wait wait oh gosh

  • pNoy jourNz
    pNoy jourNz 28 days ago

    This just mind fucked you if u didn't catch the fucking retardness they push

  • iNioiiviiaiNie
    iNioiiviiaiNie 28 days ago

    What a sad ending with a happy music

  • 卂Ꮆ ᴘʟᴀɴ绳一༻遊

    What if you were in the water when the earth stopped spinning?

  • Htc Dezire
    Htc Dezire 29 days ago

    really informatic and useful,if real.

  • God
    God 29 days ago

    the earth is flat you retards NASA stop lying to us

  • TheRepty818
    TheRepty818 29 days ago

    There would be no chance for human life. If I'm not mistaken there was life in the oceans before we had the magnetic field and ozone to protect life on earth.

  • BriaPrettyPup
    BriaPrettyPup 29 days ago

    it would be as windy as god farting and...OwO what's this?!

  • befikir teferi
    befikir teferi 29 days ago

    In simple terms we're fucked

  • LGunchained
    LGunchained 29 days ago

    Well, wouldn't you immediately be placed in an unstable orbit that would decay rapidly? You're not really floating, but making the highest sky-dive ever.

  • Dw Dw
    Dw Dw 29 days ago

    If the world stopped spinning there's only one answer

    You're fucked

  • Polaris Canada
    Polaris Canada 29 days ago

    Reunite Pangea

  • Slightlyinsane m8
    Slightlyinsane m8 29 days ago

    Didn't Randall Monroe already make a comic about this

  • Johnjohn Studio
    Johnjohn Studio 29 days ago

    wow 30 days at night??

  • Sidhivi Raj
    Sidhivi Raj 29 days ago

    can I know which software do u use for making videos

  • Matin Naqshbandi
    Matin Naqshbandi 29 days ago

    Don't know how Muslims believe the Sun will rise from the West and people will be alive in that time XD

  • jordan johnson
    jordan johnson 1 month ago

    In short, earth would become our moon.

  • EpicXiphos
    EpicXiphos 1 month ago

    would the force of gravity feel stronger without centripetal force helping to pull us outward?

  • SigPi
    SigPi 1 month ago

    Thank you so much for NOT mentioning gravity, I can't count how many people state, for what ever reason, that gravity would be affected.

    Gravity is determined by mass, the Earth not spinning would NOT send everyone flying out into the cosmos.

  • Joel Brainard
    Joel Brainard 1 month ago

    Correction, some life would be fine, however we most certainly wouldn't be fine.

  • Kenny Simeone
    Kenny Simeone 1 month ago

    Well that was depressing lol

  • Alban G
    Alban G 1 month ago

    stab the gills,....gills will eat finger then shark eats you

  • Ivan Jakšić
    Ivan Jakšić 1 month ago

    why would everything start flying eastward?

  • amazingrets
    amazingrets 1 month ago

    so day n night still happen?

  • Hanna Takahashi
    Hanna Takahashi 1 month ago

    if the earth rotated the other way???? ; )

  • tomit0w
    tomit0w 1 month ago

    the happy music makes it creepy

  • Dead In its Tracks
    Dead In its Tracks 1 month ago

    Why should gravity be strongest around the poles?

  • NX berry
    NX berry 1 month ago

    So... im guessing it won't be a fun time?

  • kim taehyung 's wifeu

    the background music is cute😂😂😂

  • Tales Of A Penguin
    Tales Of A Penguin 1 month ago

    If the Earth is flat, then why is the Sun round ???????????????????????

  • Tales Of A Penguin
    Tales Of A Penguin 1 month ago

    I'd tend to say Earth is round, but I never had a good proof of it, so I can't say I know it's round or flat I gues..

  • Keturah Sandoval
    Keturah Sandoval 1 month ago

    thank you God for keeping our planet spinning.

  • Leroy Boll
    Leroy Boll 1 month ago

    1:33 damn that looks like the earth from one piece, maybe if earth stops spinning one piece becomes real? pls?

  • John Eilf
    John Eilf 1 month ago

    the bible says the earth is not spinning, so I do not think its spinning. (:

  • Julian J.
    Julian J. 1 month ago

    The earth is spinning 16000 MPH just saying

  • 프셰
    프셰 1 month ago

    How it's made: candy

  • Dankle K
    Dankle K 1 month ago


    • Geld
      Geld 1 month ago

      earth is round

  • krishna siddhartha
    krishna siddhartha 1 month ago

    Hmm, legit

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