The Lizzie Borden House - Q+A

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  • Was that really a voice saying “help me” at the Lizzie Borden house?


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    Lizzie Borden
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    Cartoon Zombie
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  • Crazy fox Dogs
    Crazy fox Dogs 15 hours ago

    SHANE:wow that's some strong wind
    RYAN:Shane that was not wind that was a ghost

  • Phantomchick
    Phantomchick 2 days ago

    I can't help but notice the titles of the books behind them....Brisinger, The Vampire Armand, and one called Satanic Verses lol that's hilarious xD

  • Mikayla Chandler
    Mikayla Chandler 3 days ago

    anybody else see the gold book "satanic verses"

  • Kylie Dreitzler
    Kylie Dreitzler 3 days ago

    I watched all these episodes in one day and now I dont know what to do with my life

  • Camilla T.
    Camilla T. 3 days ago

    the help me sounds like an owl hooting!!!!

  • ludohuntist
    ludohuntist 3 days ago

    can factor in to her changing because her room may or may not have been on the floor the guest room was but if it were then she would have more time to change and then get back downstairs

  • ludohuntist
    ludohuntist 3 days ago

    Well Lizzie could have changed her dress but if it was red then wouldn't the blood have blended in, unless the white part of the dress had the blood on it then yes she would have changed, but how can someone take the handle off of an Axe that quick then wash it of and then go back to the exact place she was before and on top of that murdering her step mom

  • Mangle Fazbear
    Mangle Fazbear 4 days ago


  • L a r i s s a
    L a r i s s a 4 days ago


  • Xxken DavisxX
    Xxken DavisxX 5 days ago

    I'm a #rynosaur

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else 5 days ago

    5:22 had me cracking up because it's basically what Ryan's been doing when he sees shadows and hears whispers

  • Kendra Sorenson
    Kendra Sorenson 5 days ago

    I am part of both clans!!!!!!

  • Liam Sturgill
    Liam Sturgill 5 days ago

    For all those people who make the ghost: appears Shane: it's a shadow things, well apparently your wrong

  • Cymba McReynolds
    Cymba McReynolds 7 days ago

    I thought it was the radiator too. All the apartments I've lived in had them so I'm used to that sound

  • Bailey Peikert
    Bailey Peikert 8 days ago

    ok bit the fact that you did the rhyme is probably what trigger the feedback (scientifically) if goes from two voices in unison to science and the recorded would have a hard time with that. thats why it happened after the rhyme both times

  • Pikachu Girl
    Pikachu Girl 9 days ago

    I am a #Rynosaur.

  • PastelWings MSP
    PastelWings MSP 9 days ago

    "Help me"
    Shane-it's a floorboard dude

  • Bryson Boone
    Bryson Boone 9 days ago


  • Yasaman Asghari
    Yasaman Asghari 10 days ago

    Go team #RYNOSAURS lol

  • Emily Berry
    Emily Berry 10 days ago

    Shane's problem is that he wants ghosts to act a way that they just don't act XD

  • Caridad Torres
    Caridad Torres 10 days ago

    They should use a ouija board next time to see wat would be Shane insight on it. Who agreees?!!!!!

  • Ameera Brown
    Ameera Brown 10 days ago


  • PastelPunk
    PastelPunk 10 days ago

    I think the ''help me'' sounds like a child.

  • MagestyGamez
    MagestyGamez 11 days ago

    *Is silently fangirling because she sees her favorite book behind Shane* Don't mind meh..I know this isn't relevant but stiiillll
    Also..Buzzfeed you are amazing--Don't stop doing what you are doing! Buzzfeed Unsolved is awesome as well, and you guys are hilarious! So yeah...

  • Charlotte Odger
    Charlotte Odger 12 days ago


  • BooksMusicAndSarcasm

    so if some of us are #rynosaurs, are we a specific type of dino, like maybe a pteRYANodon?

  • Dương Phạm Nhật

    Okay someone better come up with a ship name, cause this Ryan and Shane thing is too frickin adorable I can't even

  • MashGaming
    MashGaming 12 days ago

    Anyone else think the "help me" sounds like a cat?

  • TBiggie 27
    TBiggie 27 13 days ago

    When Shane is impersonating Ryan's voice it sounds like Ben Wyatt

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 13 days ago


  • Justanotherfangirl x

    HaViNg sAiD ThAt

  • Kristine Soria
    Kristine Soria 14 days ago


  • Josephine Tran
    Josephine Tran 14 days ago

    Shane won't deny his eyes but would deny his own ears 😂

  • The Family
    The Family 14 days ago

    Shane I like your glasses

  • Emotional Chromosome

    Does Shane and/or Ryan have their own YouTube channel?

  • AmyChuax
    AmyChuax 16 days ago

    Ryan so cute

  • Diego Villagomez
    Diego Villagomez 17 days ago

    Shane gets thrown across the room
    Shane: it's just gravity

  • Taz Ketchum
    Taz Ketchum 17 days ago

    I don't know why I'm finding it so hilarious that theres a jodi picoult book on the shelf behind them

  • SINGING Fruit
    SINGING Fruit 18 days ago

    There is a picture of Lizzie Borden in our theatre. Under the picture it says "don't move or touch picture." The last time it was moved, a boiler exploded. Creepy😀

  • zaveryz
    zaveryz 18 days ago


  • BLAIRT 6
    BLAIRT 6 18 days ago


  • Emma Watts
    Emma Watts 18 days ago

    #Rynosaur or uh.... #PWAFOG there..... ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  • Sanny Cat
    Sanny Cat 18 days ago

    I think the 'help me' from the "ghost" definitely sounds like a woman's voice. She sounds like she's sort of begging from the tone of her voice. The way it sounds like she's not too distressed in a way that she might be screaming it. Like she's been begging for a long time and is losing hope. But it easily could be someone outside pulling a prank. Because chances are, no one would have a good reason to be saying 'help me' loud enough so that they could here. It also sounded like there was an echo.

  • Katelyn Brodnax
    Katelyn Brodnax 19 days ago

    I hope you NEVER stop doing Buzzfeed Unsolved!

  • Liam H
    Liam H 19 days ago

    The 'help me' just sounds like a bird cooing like calling that hard evidence is a joke lmao

  • Eloise Williams-Mart

    #PWAAFOG for life, haha. I'm actually acting in a web series at the moment and our latest episode is based around going to an old Pioneer Village and the characters seeing an apparition. Purely because I believe in not only ghosts but spirits, my director decided to write in that my character was as sensitive as I am. Needless to say I was very happy as she believed the situations I'd been in and stated she believed in the supernatural too! Thought I'd tell Ryan haha just to back you up hun! X

  • Walamas
    Walamas 21 day ago

    Lol! That abbreviation spoken out loud sounds like something from a Kung-Fu movie when the dude punches.


    That or a fart that sounds like a question.

  • Tropical Deer
    Tropical Deer 21 day ago

    I bet if Shane had to do an episode alone he would be terrified

  • Anonimuse Lost
    Anonimuse Lost 21 day ago

    Who is watching this while fasting?

  • Little Einstein
    Little Einstein 23 days ago

    Shane makes it funnier

  • Arin Nya
    Arin Nya 23 days ago

    i just noticed brisingr in the background. i loved that series xD

  • Eva D
    Eva D 23 days ago

    please do the lalaurie house

  • Haley Wink
    Haley Wink 24 days ago

    That "help me" sounds a loooooot like an owl

  • 01emercado01
    01emercado01 24 days ago

    Name a more iconic duo than Shane and Ryan, I'll wait. #Rane

  • Double D
    Double D 24 days ago

    #WheresTheWheezingRyan 😞😞😞😞

  • sione siaki
    sione siaki 24 days ago

    Must have replayed shanes impersonation of ryan way too many times :P

  • Amine Weeabo
    Amine Weeabo 24 days ago


  • Mya Benson
    Mya Benson 24 days ago

    Ok so in Canada on our Netflix their is a show called the Lizzie Borden chronicles is mmm Curious wether the us has that show as well?

  • PixelKittenNyaaa
    PixelKittenNyaaa 24 days ago

    Rynosaurs vs Shaniacs

  • lunablackruby
    lunablackruby 25 days ago

    i feel like i'm the only one who wants a list of every single book behind them :(

  • colby stegemann
    colby stegemann 25 days ago

    easter island please

  • weightycarlos
    weightycarlos 26 days ago

    6:33 Shane just wheezed 💘

  • The Official Cracker Man

    Me in the fillpines
    Trust me.

  • Mia Lyn
    Mia Lyn 26 days ago

    Who are you? A Rynosaur or a Shaniac??????????

  • Charlie Clougherty
    Charlie Clougherty 26 days ago

    Am I the only one who doesnt hear the "help me"?

  • EviePanda
    EviePanda 26 days ago


  • tom
    tom 26 days ago

    I love the "Satanic Verses" book directly behind Ryan

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 27 days ago

    Y'all should test ouija boards see if there real or not like see if they actually work

  • Naomi Jaroslaw
    Naomi Jaroslaw 27 days ago

    SHANEIAC for life!! love this series

  • Karthik Ram
    Karthik Ram 27 days ago

    Just to be practical here, the "help me" part is just conformational bias :)

  • Sweet!
    Sweet! 28 days ago



  • Denia Juarez
    Denia Juarez 28 days ago

    Going back from "the spontaneous human combustion of Mary reeser" to understand the joke XD

  • Ataya Coles
    Ataya Coles 28 days ago

    anybody eyeing that bookshelf too? some of my fav authors are up there. Paolini and Piccoult

  • Pastel Rebel
    Pastel Rebel 28 days ago

    there is danosaur and ryanosurz I'm both

  • Asia Hill
    Asia Hill 28 days ago

    0:47 that really sounds like a person. but from outside? how?

    • Asia Hill
      Asia Hill 28 days ago

      could it be saying "help me in"? or "count me in? " I dunno...

  • Sarah Pinheiro
    Sarah Pinheiro 28 days ago

    Ryan: Having Said That

    Shane: HaViNg sAiD tHaT

    ( Inspired by Moon Child )

  • Julia chang
    Julia chang 28 days ago

    Ryan ur so HOT

  • Elisha C.
    Elisha C. 28 days ago

    Yo you guys would make so much money if you guys left buzzfeed and started your own channel.

  • Icey
    Icey 28 days ago


  • Maria Ramos
    Maria Ramos 28 days ago

    I love this!!!😂❤ Shane and Ryan best buzzfeed duo ever!!!! Hope this stays like this forever!!

  • Maral Ganbat
    Maral Ganbat 28 days ago

    This is Shane 😐
    Shane can't wheeze
    One like=One wheeze

  • Connor Reynolds
    Connor Reynolds 28 days ago


  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith 28 days ago

    I love Rynosaurs, but you should have gone with something ghostly like.... apparitions + Ryan = apparyans 😂

  • #TeamBrishly
    #TeamBrishly 28 days ago

    there should be a bromance competition like Ryan and Shane vs Adam, Steven, Andrew Vs try guys

  • Gowtham Abhinav
    Gowtham Abhinav 28 days ago

    Hi Guys! Why don't you do a story on North Sentinel Island? If possible, enter it :D

  • Olivia Spotswood
    Olivia Spotswood 28 days ago

    I think the "help me" was probably some kind of old house creak to be honest

  • Rits idk
    Rits idk 28 days ago

    Create a youtube channel only for this show guys cmon "Buzzfeed Supernatural" or something!! It's time

  • ying t
    ying t 28 days ago

    I am both a shaniac and a rynosaur!

  • infinite xD
    infinite xD 29 days ago

    i want those books in my house. i want that library.

  • Yunakura
    Yunakura 29 days ago

    why not ryniacs? or too similar?

  • It's Gnat!
    It's Gnat! 29 days ago

    0:14 Behind Ryan...
    "Satanic Verses"
    I am feeling mixed emotions...

  • RuthlessMind
    RuthlessMind 29 days ago

    Lmao that satanic verses book behind Ryan

  • Engie Productions
    Engie Productions 29 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed the "Satanic Verses" book right next (to the left) of Ryan...

  • Ariane Mahmoud
    Ariane Mahmoud 29 days ago

    Can you guys please play the ouija board at a haunted place like a suicide bridge

  • The Paige Account
    The Paige Account 29 days ago

    Honestly if this ends or one of them leave buzzfeed I'm un subscribing

  • The Paige Account
    The Paige Account 29 days ago

    #Rynosaurs 😂😭 dead

  • Cici Chocoholic
    Cici Chocoholic 29 days ago

    I mean I don't believe in ghosts. I'm a #Shaniac😂

  • Alena Coleman
    Alena Coleman 29 days ago

    I wouldn't even hear "help me" if Ryan didn't put the words help me under it

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